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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Letter to Telugu Association of London

Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you very much for your response. I never thought that somebody read my
letter as I received only an auto-generated reply. I read your Pdf magazine. It is nice.
Both Y.S.R and Chandra Babu appreciated TAL. Babu in his letter clearly mentioned 
that we have to pass on Telugu language to progeny in its pure and pristine form.
I have a point to make here. The present Telugu generation uses some kind of 
language which can hardly be called Telugu. I am not making a fine point. 
It is my anguish. Today Telugu is spoken in Andhra Pradesh with superfluous 
English words. For example: Use చెయ్యండి , Taste చెయ్యండి, నేను  like చెయ్యను.

I personally feel that they are vulgarians.  I have been a writer and artist and especially a lecturer for nearly two decades I have been watching Telugu spoken by students closely. Trust me, Telugu exists in this way today. I don't know about London but here in A.P the situation is very bad.

I wote a comdey(play) by name కంచర గాడిద  to highlight this unwanted development and  I have been performing it many schools advising children to use Telugu respectfully.  

One more dimension is Filthy language. The use of Filthy language in day to day life in every sentence is horrible. The Telugu cinema successfully forcefully and forcibly infused into the minds of Telugu people. Compare the dress of heroines of old and modern movies or contrast the language used by them. The language used by old generation heroes and heroines. There is prolific use of Filthy words like 
" నీయమ్మ" నీయబ్బ"  "దొబ్బింది" Heroines easily use these words. 

Cinema is a powerful medium through which we can educate people about our culture. I don’t mean that they have to make an entire film on culture. The French films are gentle. I watch French films. I am a professional French translator and German Teacher too. The gentleness and respect for language are extinct  in  Telugu  films  today .

The solutions are many.  I request TAL to look at the root. You need not move from London through your correspondence and influence it is easily possible. I am very sorry. I wrote to you for accommodation only to get a human response. But I got a humane response. Thanks for your courtesy. I have my students in London. I would like to meet in London in March. I will be glad if you reply to this letter.

Thank you,

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