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Friday, August 15, 2014

Our Independence - our intelligence

After 67 years of political independence, India could not achieve economic independence due to ignorance of people rather than the organized misgovernance and strategic plundering of India’s wealth and its resources by dynastic politics. Ignorance may be bliss but people basked too long in the bonfire of ignorance and turned themselves totally blind.  Nehruvian socialism spearheaded the nation into series of nightmares and finally pushed the country into a catastrophe. 

The fruits of his ideology are partition of the nation and Special status for Kashmir; this is his bounty to our country.  Yet people have not learnt any lesson from the seemingly biggest wounds.  They gave a chance to Indira who established autocratic government and drove the country towards emergency and seized the authority to rule by decree, by suspending elections and curbing civil liberties.  The Emergency was in effect from 25 June 1975 until its withdrawal on 21 March 1977.  What did the people learn from her regime? Nothing.

After the emergency, she won back with clear majority. The people honored her. They honored member after member of the family until Sonia took over the reins as a de facto prime Minister and set a puppet government.

With unchecked liberty whatever left in the country was looted until she became the 12th richest leader in the world. According to a report in the Huffington Post, Congress president Sonia Gandhi is richer than Queen Elizabeth. During her period India is rated as the most corrupt country with least security to women. People were agonized to see the unabated petrol prices and rapes. Of the umpteen blunders of the UPA government Andhrapradesh bifurcation has proved fatal for the Congress party. The party had to pay a huge price -   transfer of the power to an outsider Modi.  

 Narendrabhai Modi’s economic policies are proven in his own state.  His ideology may be different but his response on issues of national security and chaotic political conditions is same silence which Manmohan once offered. There are people both in politics and cinema who threatened the countrymen of dire consequences, made insulting remarks. No action has been taken against them.  At times Modi’s silence reminds us of Manmohan.  We see daily struggle of emotional facebook members in the Face book to defend the country and its honor but blind emotions don’t work.

We get emotional and moved whenever we hear patriotic songs.  When we hear someone speak against our country our blood boils. Why? Are we irascible? Don’t we have emotional balance like the people in the power? When the leaders in the power keep their cool land leave the country to rot and perish why should a common man or a face book member shoulder the responsibility and do the worry for the entire nation?  If our emotions are worth we should show them in our daily life by standing upright in our work, learning, driving and caring. 

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