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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Poolabala , the writer with Elite writers

I spent a few hours on Friday the 31 May 2019 at the inaugural ceremony of an International school at Suryapet.  I am one of the invitees. I've the opportunity to meet new people and spend good time.

Election Commissioner R.P. Sisodia, film writer Teja, the Superintendent of Police and Sri Venkatareddy the Chairman of the International School and several other elite. 

Normally I have no jaunts ( pleasure trips) At first my trips are oriented towards learning like " trips with my students" a short car ride or city round trip aimed at practising French or German or some other foreign language. Secondly my trips are for sharing knowledge. sometimes i travel to a different place to participate in a seminar to speak about foreign languages. This is professional. It is not entirely fun, there is duty involved in it. Thirdly my trips are only participation in a ceremony. This serves as a mood changer.

I have the best opportunity to meet elite on 31st May 2019. I was  Physically and mentally in a different state. Going out of routine is like going out of Orbit.
 R. P. Sisodiya Election Commissioner Telengana is also a writer like Poolabala

This is the book written by R. P Sisodia.

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