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Thursday, April 22, 2021

Eternal - poolabala

10. Second Prime  - (AA BB rhyme)

Oh!  lovely newborn rose

your tender petals froze

in winter snow, who knows 

How  the snow bite goes 

Silently you bore the brunt

Of your sickly conjugal stunt

for long you clung to the cactus bush

And lived like a lifeless mush

You have seen many a season 

Now came your love season

But the cactus called it treason

that caused your heart a lesion

Love is a blithesome spring

no matter how old or young

all flowers in meadows sing 

and swing with graceful zing

your beauty shines supreme

in verdant lawns by the stream

you enjoy your second  prime

merrily singing nature's rhyme

God from heaven kissed your petals

He lifted you from off the metals

Your bare desires are  so divine

In His hands your delicate virtues shine

His golden dew falls on your golden hue

That's makes you youthful primrose new

9. Delicate mirth  (AA BB  rhyme)

How many bonds thou art set around my heart

No lady in my life is as cherished as though art

How many hopes thy words have brought

They shake my heart  in loneliness apart

Thou art angel to whom my hopes belong

Thine image rich n splendid my life prolong

To make thou art my bride is my pride

For which though dost cried like a child

Thy moon light promises in my mind linger

Oh!  the moonlight increases my hunger

Thou art the form of ever delicate mirth  

Thy company literally makes my life worth

8. If it deserves  (AA BB rhyme)

I loved. Yes, It's you I loved 

I am sorry  I can’t say it aloud

you too loved me. I am proud

but sorry people are so crude

Their mouths are hunter’s bows

Their words are poisonous arrows

Don't ever go near their shadows

They bring all sorts of sorrows

When two people love, all are judges

they come up with all sorts of hedges

holding in mind persistent grudges

Their mind from tradition never budges

Once I the people questioned

they shot at me arrows thousand 

They shot arrows and arrows  

until they brought us sorrows

Later I questioned the God

The clouds soared heavens roared

Arrows of lightning struck me down

A thunderous peal of laughter shown

The storm bared its teeth thereafter

For every love God isn't the guarantor 

If it deserves give your heart your shoulder

 If it deserves let it not suffer and smolder

8. Hitler's Heaven ( blank verse)

Hitler told Himmler 

Jews must not die simply 

they must die in agony. 

Load them in freight cars

Coat the floors with quicklime

which gives excruciating burns. 

said Himmler to Hitler. 

Freight cars came onto tracks 

They called freight cars final solution

but disguised it as mass deportation 

to the east. Deportation means death.

A top secret known to Hitler and a few.

The rest think that it is resettlement

The windowless cattle wagons 

the freight cars are frightening cars

were awaiting  the innocent jews

who knew not it was their last journey

Mass shootings , sending to ghettos

Forcing to concentration camps

All are synonymous to slow death 

The fastest being slowest freight train

No windows, they  move  slowly 

No food and no water literally 

Suffocation and body burns kill

It is a slow journey into hell 

when the train arrived at the camp

everyone was  already dead. 

7.  Eternal Hatred  (AA BB rhyme)

No one knows why he hated jews 

No one knows the origin of his views

Historians too seldom have clues

But like venom he hated the jews

As an artist in his early life

He had drawn many a beautiful picture 

But turned himself into a gristly butcher

He was committed to anti-Semitism 

More  horrendous than Vampirism 

When he was soldier Germany lost the war

It’s believed one lac Jews were false in war

They fought for their father land – Poland

He later got into politics in Deutschland

He never promoted violence against jews

He rather anti Semitism in mind infuse

With his oratory skills he spread it like fire

He was as crooked as general Dyer

When he came to power  he did his best

Most Jews were banished at his behest

In the Second World War he realized his dream

of exterminating Jews with his holocaust scheme 

6. Whore - Housewife

The public called me public woman

they publicly blame me to defame

but privately covet my body and fame

I am the wife of the bastard who lost 

his beautiful daughter in drunken bet 

He is the inheritor of the stupid  king

who betted and lost his wife in dice 

I am the mother so helpless and dumb  

could not save the girl child in womb

I am the failed mother who killed son

without giving him timely medicine 

I am the woman who never weeps for the stars

I might have slept with a man who deals in stars

for my husband who wants a chance in films

not enough love and sleep, I quench master's whims

I am the woman who could not offer 

on the alter for the vindictive gods but suffer

They call me with names whore bore and more

They love sex, demand woman do it as chore

They can not call me Kunti or Draupati

They cry for nonexistent chastity

Can not treat me like Anasuya or Ahalya

They call themselves rationalist, o yeah!

 They are free thinkers but call me whore.

 In the game of man I am a pan

 I don't need a villa and a sedan

 All I need is a life without strife

I just  want to be a housewife.

5. Enlightened 

Hindu Christians 

Christian Hindus

Indian Muslims

Friendly enemies

They live closely apart

They are partly together

wholly exist in their holes

and try to prove others fools

Each want others to be enlightened

They can't their own mind understand

Alas! mother tongue and mother land

don't appeal to them but they appeal

 to each other to love and learn

what they neither learned nor loved.

They can't themselves at least change

but  hope the entire world to change

4. The Tigress and the rain drop  ( blank verse)

At the break of the day the hunter party 

began with drums and snares to catch

birds , boars  rabbits and weasels

They usually travel in labyrinthine paths

In the equatorial evergreen forest 

They move like ants in narrow paths

playing  the mystic rhythm of drums

The hunter party reached the riverside

The most crafty of all  laid the jaw trap 

with a hunk of bleeding flesh with strap

A naive tigress  the jungle resident

Unsuspecting of dangerous precedent

stepped  on the jaw trap and caught 

The tigress grasped her folly

The hunter caught her jolly

The party netted the tigress

It was neither a boar nor a rabbit

Catching a tigress is not their habit

The tigress was bleeding in the trap

But she has not lost all her hope

The played violent. the drums blared

The tigress is confused and stared

They poked her with sharp spikes 

Chocked her in net until sun set 

The clouds moved over head

The first rain drop fell on her head

The tigress  at once her fears shed

She growled with all her strength

And struggled her way out, at length

The hunters have lost their strength

The tigress escaped into the green forest   

But she still has the trap in the leg

Prodigious injuries austere tragedies 

villainous captivity and nasty calamity

Is all over. The hunter party has gone!!!

The tigress has the clear hope

One day she can throw the trap

She fondly remembers the rain drop

3.  Fairies hunt   ( slant rhyme )

Since long my senses insist

to find if fairies really exist

I set out on the witch hunt 

On dark and frightening night

The serpentine belt squealed

The lusterless olive jeep moved

The tyres are young and strong 

The yellow lights cut through fog

I have neither permission nor privilege

Perhaps searching for fairy is sacrilege 

I passed the brook, drove towards east 

The jeep was cutting through thick mist

There is neither house nor farmland 

 I reached wilderness, it is a waste land

The  veil of woods afar seems grand

In the headlights appears like a fairyland 

 I drove straight in the freakish weather

Of the frightening night I saw the crooked 

Wooden house with a rocky fountain in front

In fraction of second a creepy feeling crossed 

my mind that many a time I avoided the castle

I dreaded to enter when I visited last winter

Something eerie glows in the dreary castle

A mellifluous soprano voice! is it a throstle!

Is it my beloved friend Farrago Francesca ?

Pity!  I couldn’t my lips open and ask her!

Why Fernando do you deserve a fairy?

 My questioning conscience looked scary 

I kicked open the creaking wooden doors 

I wandered fearlessly in the empty rooms

Sweet Francesca my heart your hand woos

I have n't found fairies but vanquished fears

If you ask me to wait for you I say cheers

I have the eternal hope I can wait for years

2.Her memories  ( AA BB rhyme)

I was walking  the vista

remembering the fiesta 

amid the charming blue hills

watching the nature's thrills

I was climbing uphill 

Down there I see a windmill 

The foot paths are winding

The trees are spellbinding

Slowly the sun lowered 

The heavens rumbled 

The clouds gently poured

The rain I always adored

Up in the sky the clouds brewed

Her sweet  memories rained 

Her memories are sweet first time 

They are sweeter every time

Her touch still feels and fills thrills

1. Eternal  (slant rhyme)

I close my eyes and wonder

What if my eyes close for ever

And  never see the dawn

What if I am forever gone

My bones turn into dust

That flies in the air falls in the river

On the peepal tree under people’s feet

Where is my presence what is the essence

Of my verses do you give me curses

Who am I ? a crumpled picture of shattered dreams?

How long can I stick to your fading memory?

How long can you my verses admire

when your dreams drown in quagmire

 you and I strolled in the cool amber

full moon night in yellow splendor

There the wind my songs chant

 the stars your memories haunt

I am monumental, verbal and eternal

In the blowing air and flowing river

Far away from the loathsome world 


  1. O my god. Really heart touching feelings. No words.

    Your verses gave me blesses
    I admire to your verese life long
    Sorry sir. I changed some of your verses

  2. The Corona ends soon. Life springs back. Desert becomes forest. we ride in wet lands. cheers!!!

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  4. Nice poem on Memories.Some memories are so sweet and never fade away from our heart. Sometimes they gave us rebirth.
    Nicely described the nature also

    1. "Some memories are so sweet and never fade away from our heart." Thank you for your response.

  5. O my god hunting for a fairy! Really it is scary. Rhyming is superb. Although you used some tough vocabulory I learned meaning of some new words understood the concept and logic. Once again I am telling this poem is also in international standards

  6. You are blessed to enjoy the beauty of the verse I am blessed to enjoy your beautiful........ feedback

  7. Hi Sir,
    We are privileged to know you.
    This is beautiful work. Google some of the words:)

    1. Thank you Paramesh for leaving a response. Enjoy reading more poems and stories

  8. The tigress and raindrop
    really a beautiful story
    Very inspirational
    With single raindrop the tigress gained strength and courage.I feel that really I saw a courageous tiger.

  9. I love the Tigress and so I presented the courage, struggle and pain of the Tigress with beautiful language and imagery set in Rainforest. Is it of international standard?

  10. Enlighten: Sarcastic and Bitter truth
    Whore and housewife:Really heart touching.
    If it deserves: It is really a bitter truth.

  11. 9th poem is really in international standard.Nice feelings

  12. Second prime: Very very motivational.It gives new life to the readers.

  13. Eternal Hatred : The entire life of Hitler in just few crisp lines with great rhyming. Beauty lies in those few words used as metaphors to describe the emotions .... like in " like venom he hated the jews"..Yet another great work in describing the intents and emotions

    1. How beautifully you described you feelings while writing feedback. It has intense beauty of your emotions it sounds like a poem. Thank you anonymous.

  14. Great sir.తెలుగులో ఛందస్సు నియమాలను పాటిస్తూ జాతి పద్యాలను రాయటమే కాక ఇంగ్లీషులో కూడా పద్య నియమాలను పాటిస్తూ రాస్తున్నారు.First time I heard the word AA BB rhyming and learned something new.👌👋🙏