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Saturday, January 28, 2023

The secret tales -36

747 flight theme restaurant in Old Mahabalipuram Road Chennai.

Diana, Angayar, Kumkum and Tanya sat at a table in the flight theme restaurant.

"Why should they have restaurants in flights. Aren't they expensive?" said Angayar

This is a theme restaurant. Every theme restaurant has a concept. A theme restaurant utilize architecture, decor, and other techniques, to create exotic environment. " said Kumkum

This type of  flight theme restaurants have come up in different parts of the country, Ludhina Hyderabad, Delhi , Kolkotta. People are crazy about them.  said Tanya. 

Now you look like a social teacher!!! said Diana and all others laughed. 

The waitress came and kumkum placed the order. The waitress had gone. 

They heard  a short verse from the opposite table. A boy of 24 with sharp eyes and bright eyes  was sitting at the table A waitress was taking order from him. They saw the boy was passionately telling the verse

"In the golden beams of the dawn

I saw the fawn dancing in the lawn,

I felt the cool breeze from the south

Oh! the delicious cake melting in mouth"

"Look at the boy. He is throwing the verse at you. " said Tanya to Diana

No, he is looking at the flight attendant girl ( waitress). said Diana. 

I think he is sick of telling verses. said Tanya. All the women laughed

The boy looked at them coolly. Their pleasant laughter stirred passions in him

 "when the beauty of the words haunt

the mind's of the men, all they want 

is to steal the moon from the sky

They must burn passions without shy

They want  a woman or some other source

that forms the beauty's force to trigger verbal course

that brings out a verse that can a tired heart nurse

a  poet is never sick all he needs is kick."

 The boy finished eating. The waitress brought him juice. He started sipping juice. 

"This restaurant belongs to same owner who runs Robots restaurant." said Diana. 

"Oh! Robots restaurant too! people are going mad." said Angayar. 

"Once people used to select restaurants based on the type of cuisine they served. Now ambience is as important as food." said Kumkum

Simple comfort and cleanliness are enough. People eat food or ambience? asked Tanya 

"Ambiance is a different level. It is to beat the boredom. Some restaurants have a unique location or are housed in a unique building. Variety is the spice of life." said Kumkum 

The waitress brought dishes and they started eating. 

After a while Tanya said " I saw Meenakshi selling imitation jewellery in the local train." 

Are you sure that you have seen Meenakshi? Is it a mistaken identity?" asked Diana

"Come on Diana! We worked together, sat side by side and ate lunch together"  said Tanya

"I am unable to believe that Meenakshi is selling local wares in local train. She could have joined some other school or college as a music teacher or joined some other job instead of selling things on local train. I guess she is hiding herself" Said Diana. 

"Your guess is correct but she is not hiding herself. She is hiding Vikraman.  I think she is secretly helping him." Said Tanya. "Why should she help him secretly. She can help him openly. I think, it must be a secret relationship." Said Diana. 



Poonamalle Hospital.  Varadachari recovered from the heart stroke. His mother Andal and his niece Kuruvanji, Iyer and Chettiyar and a few other local men were at his bed side. Varadachari smiled at his mother. She looked at her son compassionately and said " How are you? How did it happen?"

Varada: Now I am alright. Suddenly I felt a like a hot poker had been shoved in my back. I felt the push and pull from of my chest. At the same time, my mouth became unusually full of saliva. My feet and my hands became unusually cold. It was very odd. 

Angayar came in like a whirl wind.  Her facial feelings emphasize her fears and her voice her anxiety. " How are you? How did it happen?" She asked. Varadachari smiled.

Angayar: That is why I said not to participate in cultural  programs

Varadachari: The  pain was somewhat dull. I was walking  trying to understand what was happening. I was thinking it was something with my heart. I leaned on Kuruvanji. She took me to the house. Fortunately it is in the next street. 

Andal: I saw Kuruvanji bringing him home. I was frightened as he was  was behaving strangely. I understood that he needed a doctor.  I went to the temple office and asked for help. He was  brought here by ambulance. 

Angayar: Come on , let us go to Chennai. I will call the ambulance.  

The doctor came to Varadachari bed checked his heart. Now you are out of danger. You can go home but you should not do anything that causes stress. 

Varada: I am a dance teacher. 

Doctor: Stop dancing for a few weeks. Don't carry weights and don't do anything that excites you. Varadachari listened to him silently and nodded his head. The doctor turned to  Angayar " He should not do anything that excites him. Hope you understood" Angayar nodded her head.  She felt that she has the heart attack. Andal looked at her daughter in law she knows how it feels to listen to such news. Andal asked Angayar to stay for two days in ponnamalle but Angayar took her husband and came back to Chennai.


Scene 3 Baramati : Arunatara residence: 

Aruna, Lakuma, Sundari and  Tulasi are sitting in the lawns in the four season Vineyard resorts the stunningly beautiful location in Baramati. It is built in an ancient European fortress style.  Particularly Four seasons  reflects the fa├žade of campo dell' arsenale Venice Italy, the largest industrial complex in Europe  about fifteen percent of Venice.  It has some of the features of the largest palace of Versailles " the chateaux of Versailles the two incredible lions the chateaux of Versailles arrests the beholders' looks. 

The sun is shining brightly. Tulasi gazed at the blazing sun and said " Marvellous place. I am fortunate to be here" We are here to talk about the most important thing." Said Arunatara. The guests are enjoying a peaceful nature walk in the adjoining forest. Lakuma and Sundari are gazing at the swimming pool.  Kesava was looking at the green lawns. He was listening to the whispers of the grape vines. 

Aruna: How can you live in kakinada alone ? You have only one daughter. How can you live far away from her? You come back and stay with your daughter Sundari.

Lakuma:Mummy you lived away from me many years. Why can't Aunt Tulasi live like you?

Aruna: Lakuma,   you were away from me only during your studies. It was a compulsion because you were volatile. You were a dynamite. I did it to discipline you. 

Tulasi: My daughter is my world. but I can not adjust to the Mumbai city. I want to live in my village house. I have a beautiful kitchen garden. I look after my agriculture fields.

Sundari laughed and said "Amma agriculture fields are not kitchen garden. Don't mistake agriculture fields for kitchen garden.  Aruna and Lakuma also burst into laughter.

Sundari continued " When father was alike he could not look after the cultivation and so he stopped doing fields. Tulasi did not know what to speak. After a while she said " I spend time with my rangolis,  poojas, pots and plants. I want to live in my world and die there."

You said that your world is your daughter. I will marry your daughter to Kesava.  He is pious boy away from the modern trends. He  is quite an obedient to me and all elders.  He has no bad habits .....said Aruna. 

Tulasi was chocked with Aruna's love. She said " Don't strain yourself to explain about the boy. Just your word is enough. I am filled with gratitude for the help you have done. My daughter is your daughter. Any decision you take about her is highly acceptable to her and me. You are an MP -  a powerful person,  very rich too. Why do you consider poor people like us for alliance?

Aruna: I first regard myself as a human, then as a dancer then as woman not in the least I attach myself to a very temporary political position. I am a dance lover, but not a money lover. Money is a trap, money is fickle, good human qualities are  more important than money.  As Bhishma instructed Yudhistara in the fourth chapter of Shanti Parva, a human being can feel happy only when he gets bored and stops earning money.  Aruntara told the story of the brahman narrated by Bhishma, The story tells that the man who has no desire for money, who has restraint on lust and senses, can spend the rest of his life in peace. 

Lakuma got bored with such stories and pulled to Sundari to the swimming pool. They were walking to the pool. Kesava did not know whether to go.  Aruna said " Go with them Sundari is your friend." After Kesava had gone Tulasi said " Where are his parents?"

I must tell you a very important thing about Kesava. That is why I asked him to go.


Scene 4

Lakuma is volcano. She can erupt at any moment.  Kesava is a cool breeze.  The sight of Kesava  gives peace and that of Lakuma gives tension.  She added to my blood pressure during her studies. She was fascinated by cinema during her college days. I never thought that she could complete her studies but luckily she did. Still I have some tension about her because she is too dynamic and mono manic. She goes to extremes in the things she likes, be it stunt biking or cinema. 

Tulasi: Today  education doesn't connect them to history, literature doesn't connect them to culture  but cinema connects them to bikes, drugs, drinking , smoking  what not. And cinema became a universal culture. Don't worry once you get her married to a right person he will look after her.   

Aruna: It is not as easy as searching a boy for Sundari. 

Tulasi: God creates pairs. I think He has created Lakuma's pair too.

Aruna: How is Kesava and Sundari pair?

Tulasi: Physically and mentally they suit each other. 

Aruna: But Kesava is an orphan boy but he is like my son. 

Tulasi" Anyone who has eyes  can understand that. Your love and affection are unquestionable. 

I found him when he was six years old in Ballipadu.  His fostered mother a Devadasi told me when I went there for a dance performance. We hail from the community of courtesans. Our ancestors who were dancers in Moghul courts scattered from the north and went into exile under trying conditions. Some of them are settled in temples as Devadasis.  People misunderstand the community for prostitutes. 

I was still  acting in films by then. Arunatara shivered like a tender leaf when she remembered the past. " I only heard about vampires and lechers till I went to Ballipadu but I had actually seen them in that village. 

Like Ravana and Marichu brothers together hunted Sita with wicked treachery,  Kollai Gowda, Katta Gowda brothers hunted me on that dark deadly night. The very thought of it sends shivers down my spine even today.  I was just an upcoming actress with limited popularity but being a dancer I had a shapely body and my physical charm had been my enemy that invited many assaults.  

Men in our society never let go a woman with a well-proportioned body. That is why I insist  Sundari not to put appealing make up. Any way who are the Gowda brothers?

Kollai Gowda and Katta Gowdaya are vampires in human form.    They are laborers who had migrated from Karnataka. They , killed a landlord and collected money and gold from him and over time they did money lending  business. They committed many crimes and rose to power in a short time.  There is a saying in the world of money lending that interest is preferred to the principal, but for the Gauda brothers, we must read it as " female body is preferred to interest."

I was invited for a cultural dance program  which is part of the temple rituals was organized at the Venugopala Swamy temple  in Ballipadu village. I went there to perform I stayed in the guest house provided by the temple committee. The guest house was quite big and was in an isolated place. The program was over at 9.00 PM at night.  I came back to the guest house.  I was changing bolting the door. The brothers started knocking at the door. I did not open the door suspecting some foul play. They broke open the doors and came in. They demanded that I stay there that night. They offered ten times more money in exchange to with my body. I protested, cried and fought. They tied my hands and legs and pushed me into another rooms. They wanted to come again when the village sleeps. 

I was alone in the dark room for quite some time waiting at the door.  when the door opened I fell on them all of a sudden poking them with my hairpin and pushing them with both hands and started running.  When I reached the main road the street lamps are turned off due to power failure. I thanked God for keeping the power till I reached the main road. I crossed the outskirts of the village and got into fields. I was walking on the bank of the canal in the fields. I walked with profuse sweat all over. I didn't know how far I walked in that darkness.  

Suddenly I heard the foot steps in the stillness of the night. I felt somebody caught my hand. I was about to scream when I saw a  six year old boy with an oil lamp in his hands. Arunatara stopped for a while. Tulasi took a deep breath and sighed. It is like a movie happening before my eyes. Who is that boy? asked Tulasi. 

He is Kesava. said Aruna and continued. Kesava took me into a small hut on the bank of the irrigation canal. There was an approximately 70 year old woman called Charumati. She is quite an altruist who spent all her youth in promoting the ancient literary works through dance and forsook all her riches nurturing the orphans.   I saw an eight year old girl at the bedside. She was serving her mother with ut most devotion in her last hours. 

My fear vanished and in place of fear I had anguish. That night I had more anguish than fear. A Chance meeting of Charumati is a profound lesson on humanity. She is a personification of humanity and a symbol of sacrifice. She has set the highest example of nobility of service an unrecognised Padmasree who is not disturbed even after selling  all her gold and house for the sake of the society.  Even after reaching the hut, in her last moments her face was calm and peaceful. She felt some divine assurance that I or somebody would come to take care of her funerals because she had not saved for her funerals. That mid night she died. 

How powerful is the fate! Who am I? Why did I spend that night with her? I was terribly upset. I found a diary from her iron box. The next day I had to see through the final rites. Kesava lighted the pyre. Her sister Parvathi stood crying.   Charumati has a sister called Chandramati. Though she has not spared a penny for the final rites she took away the children.  

I sat in the bus and opened the diary but could not read. I started thinking about my life. My life was topsy turvy. I accepted the love of a director whose pursuit of film making has brought us into a bad financial position. The fellow passengers were talking about Chandramati. She has taken a house and some acres of land from Charumati in the pretext of saving for the children. When the bus moved I saw Kesava beside me. I don't know how to define the relation. I feel it is a divine relation. people may not trust'  Will you trust ? Aruna stopped. Tulasi went sobbing. "What relation you have with us? You have done to us more than Charumati has done to Kesava and Parvathi." She said. 

They hugged each other. "Children are coming! Come on quick wipe your tears." said Aruna


Scene -5

Thoraipakkam is a beautiful area. Said Agastya. Who wants the beauty ? It is quite close to my office. Cognizant Technologies is quite close to our flat. I can go on walk. said Basava entering the new flat. Basava and Agastya entered the newly constructed flat. 

 Agastya and Basava entered the bedroom. Agastya put his bag in the cupboard and sat on the bed. Basava was putting the boxes in the kitchen and living room. "Thank God. It is a fully furnished apartment. We have everything including the gas stove and geyser" said Basava. " But you don't have the most important thing." said Agastya. 

Basava: What is it? ;   Agastya: Bike. It is very important to go out. 

Basava: My father wanted to buy but I refused him and took the flat near the work place.

Agastya: Uh! first when I came to your house you were fighting for the bike with your father. When you wanted he did not buy. Now he wants to buy you don't want it. 

Basava: That is life. 

Agastya: You became too cautious about spending money. 

Basava: Do you know how much is the rent? It is 20,000 rupees with an advance of 1 lakh. 

Agastya : It is an economical 2 BHK, not luxury apartment. Still you must be happy.

Basava:  I don't get Mahendranilayam ( Agastya's residence) for 20,000 rupees. My father is not a limited company chairman. I am more than happy with what I could get.  

Agastya : I am never sorry. This house must be wonderful for a beggar like me. Now have forgotten Mahendranilayam and Dakshinamurthy. 

Basava: But don't forget Meenakshi. I am sorry too , I don't mean to compare.

Agastya : Forget about all these things. Today is your first day. Go enjoy your work. 


Scene -6

Agastya went direct to Government hospital after finding out that Ragini is doing house surgeon. It was not easy for him to to meet Ragini but he took it as a task and met Ragini. Ragini is not vivacious  as before. She has lost all the enthusiasm and walking like a robot. Agastya greeted her. She has a staid face but she showed a little bit of surprise in her lack lustre place. "You are here?!" She said walking in the corridor. Agastya smiled " I just came today. My studies are over. I will be here." He said.  They walked to the canteen. 

They sat at a table and started sipping tea since Ragini has no time for breakfast. Her beauty is unfaded. Her hair is as healthy as ever. Her shape was intact. She has been calmed down by work.  At times she smiled at Agastya. 

What are you doing? asked Agastya though it is evident that she is doing house surgeon.

Ragini did not answer but smiled at Agastya simply. "How is your family?" She said.

Agastya was startled with that question but covered it up with a smile. He did not want to tell that he is in his friend's room. "Is your daily routine so hectic? asked Agastya.

Ragini: Not much. The daily routine of a House surgeon is 

Wake up at 6.00 AM. Get ready by 6.30. Reach the ward by 6.45. 

6.45–8.15. Sampling, discharge summaries, vitals. 

8.15–9 Academic class- journal club or mortality meet or seminar.

9.  1.30 OPD; 1.30- 1.45 find some time for lunch 

Agastya: You haven’t eaten breakfast too. You must eat double quota

Ragini laughed and continued "1.45- 4.30 Run around for getting USG, CT or MRI of patients. Complete your clinical notes. Give discharge.

Agastya: That's a hectic job. I think you can now get relieved.

Ragini continued " 4.30- 6.00 Workup your case/new admission."

Agastya: Oh! You will see new admissions the nest day Your job ends at 6.00 

Ragini laughed and continued. "6–7.30 Evening rounds."

7.30- 9.30- Finish pending work.

That’s how it has been till now. I usually get free by 9.30. 

Agastya was quite disappointed with Ragini. "Thank God, I haven't chosen Medicine."

"I think Sundays are totally meant for fun." Said Agastya 

Repeat the above for 7 days. OPD being replaced with rounds and more work on non OPD days and - no, Sundays! said Ragini and finished her tea. Agastya drank the last gulp and kept the cup on the table. They started walking in the corridor. "It's time for OPD." said Ragini. 

Agastya: What happened to your boy friends ?

"Aye! Don't be naughty!" Said Ragini 

Naughty days are gone I can not forget those naughty days. 

Ragini remained calm. "Perumallu is studying PG. 


Scene - 7

 Thalangu thaka dhiku .. Thaka thatikita Thom. 

Teyyam.. Tha thha ..  Teyyam.. Tha

Teyyam.. Tha thha ..  Teyyam.. Tha - third 

Sundari sat on the floor with Nattuvangam wooden stick  in her hand used by Bharatanatyam dance teachers. She is tapping  on the wooden base with the stick producing the rhythm for the dance. Vivek was practising the basic steps of Bharatanatyam. Lakuma was watching them from the glass window. She has  full view of the dance hall. She was watching Vivek dance. That is the sole purpose of living with Sundari in Mumbai. 

Swasthika  -- now -  show Swasthika  shouted Sundari. Vivek showed Swasthika mudra.

Teyyam.. Tha thha ..  Teyyam.. Tha Sundari continued. 

Teyyam.. Tha thha ..  Teyyam.. Tha - sixth. Vivek danced faster. 

"Bring the ara padmam towards your feet." said Sundari. 

Vivek lost his attention.   "Arapadmam ... Arapadmam" - shouted Sundari.

Lakuma was watching the Vivek's dance. Vivek looked at Lakuma. Lakuma smiled.

Vivek was showing Swasthika - He is out of the world. His attention was stolen by a pair of beautiful eyes. Sundari went near Vivek, took his hand into hers and changed the position of the fingers to Ara padmam.

This is Ara padmam. She showed to him. Vivek came into this world. Lakuma saw college girls coming into the dance hall. They are advanced learners coming to brush up their performance. She knows that Sundari is going to conclude Vivek's class. She came down to meet Vivek and stood at the statue of Bharatamuni. 

Sundari showed all the eight basic steps quickly. Vivek kept staring at her with bated breath, "The movements and symmetry of your body are arresting." Said Vivek appreciatively. 

Lakuma felt very uneasy when she found Vivek was watching her movements. She came to Sundari hurriedly and said " Kesava was on phone line. Go up and take the call." 

Sundari climbed up the steps and entered her bedroom chambers in the first floor. She found her mother speaking to Arunatara. She looked down and saw Lakuma speaking with Vivek. Lakuma's face was bright like full moon. 

Tulasi finished talking to Aruna and looked at her daughter. She sat on the bed and said " Sundari, come sit down." Sundari sat at her mother's feet and put her her in her mother's lap. Tulasi understood that there is something complex in her daughter's mind. What is the matter dear?" She asked. Sundari said " Amma, do you know why the boy is learning Bharatanatyam?" Learning dance is only a pretext to meeting Lakuma." said Sundari. 

Tulasi: So what? perhaps he likes her! Her mother also knows it. 

Sundari: You elders are highly unpredictable. You scold girls if they go after boys in college days. In fact Lakuma told me that her mother scolded her when she moved with boys during her college days. Now she is moving closer and closer. 

Tulasi smiled at Sundari: You sweet innocent girl! Don't get disturbed about Lakuma.  He likes that boy. I have been observing her. She likes the boy very much. Their relation is advancing but not without her mother's consent. 

Sundari took her head off her mother's lap. She got off from the floor. "Oh! This hot love is sponsored by two senior moms but mom one day I have seen a pistol in that boy's pocket.

Tulasi started laughing. She looked more pleasant while laughing. This is the first time she is laughing wholeheartedly after the death of her husband. She continued to laugh a few more moments.  Sundari was staring at her mother. 

Tulasi stopped laughing and said " The boy is dynamic detective. He plays with guns and bikes. He is the right match to Lakuma. When you find the right match your heart beats fast and your body vibrates. That is why Lakuma vibrates like fully tuned musical instrument at his sight.  Love is like a river running on full course. 

But when I see Kesava I don't have any vibration in my body.  Sundari was thinking to herself. Tulasi saw her daughter lost herself in thought and shook her. " I know what you are thinking. You both get knotted soon." Sundari went back to the dance hall. 


Scene -8

From Park Town to elephant gate exist a narrow and heavily congested street with tightly packed buildings with its culturally rich heritage and history.  It’s called Mint Street - a world wherein wholesale markets,  hardware stores, clothe shops, temples, eateries, pavement vendors, street hawkers  compete for space. 

Anthony, Vikraman and Meenakshi are taking tea in Raja tea stall. "This is the first step to your victory!" said Anthony. "Surrendering to police is not victory. We must win the case" said vikraman. " That is my responsibility" Said Anthony. 

"That is the greatest responsibility" said Meenakshi

 "You dragged him out of suicidal tendency. Filled him with courage."

 I can not believe that one day I will come out of case. said Vikraman. 

I never thought that you would come out of hiding but it happened. Your acquittal will also happen. said Lawyer Anthony. " Ok! Thanks you are giving hope" said Vikraman. 

"Thank Meenakshi. She is giving the hope." Said Anthony and gave Vikram and Meenakshi  the Plea of defence of the accused. They both started reading the plea in of the accused.

"We plead not guilty and claim trial."

We have taken no friendly loan from the complainant. The complainant is not our friend. There is no liability to issue any cheque.  We are builders. We bought an agriculture land belonging to Kutralam village, Tenkasi district. Our land was acquired by the government regarding which we have engaged Veerabadra Perumal and Purushottam Perumal as advocates  with regard to acquisition references.   After three months they advocates said that the government had granted land elsewhere. They said that since the land is of higher value the difference must be paid to the government. They opened saving account in the name of the accused ( Vikraman) on  the pretext of paying for the land and had taken cheque book and got signatures over certain cheques.

The relatives of the advocates Rajaratna perumal and Murugan Perumal visited Vikraman estates at Tide Park Chennai our lawyers asked for a flat as commission in the land purchase case.  Since they are not into land business and since I have not accepted to pay commission, I have paid only fees after the land deal and court case were closed.

But they have not returned the cheques. Regarding which we have made complaint. The account bearing the cheque in question was closed. The complaint Rajaratnam Perumal is in relation In the advocates colluded with them. The complainant has filed a false complaint case against us.

After reading the plea Vikraman stood up and said " I never wanted to see the world. You have saved a dying man in your arms like a mother, sent me to hospital, brought me out and Now sending me into the world. I am going to see the world. "  They started walking up to Anthony's car. 

Meenakshi walked with along the narrow mint street. "Once you  lived in palaces, walked on carpets, flew in jets, now you are walking in crowded streets." Said Meenakshi in a sorrowful voice.

Anthony : None of the luxuries have played any part in saving him. It is only the charitable acts that came to his rescue. They have pulled a human heart that worked for you. 

They reached the car. Anthony and Vikram got into the car. The car moved. Meenakshi stood waving her hand as far as she could see the car. 


Scene -9

Adayar Youth Hostel: Agastya removed his night dress loose cotton trousers and thin T-shirt. He wrapped a yellow Turkish towel and stood topless at the bed. His curly hair and fair complexion and thin figure is impressive. His hands are strong and chest was broad and strong. The black hair on his chest showing his manliness. He is putting tooth paste on his brush.  Suddenly a man darted in like a sparrow and said " Good morning brother." he said 

Agastya was confused. He looked around. The room was empty. There is none around. There are six beds in the large room. The man noticed that  Agastya was confused. He said " Brother no need to be scared. I am from your next room I came here for tooth paste. I lost my tooth paste. 

 Agastya smiled and asked him "Where is your brush?

The man said , " It is in my room. I have not brought it with me. 

Agastya: Sorry I can not give my paste tube to you. If you get your brush I will squeeze some paste on your brush. 

The man laughed and laughed and said " I appreciate your wisdom." Agastya looked at him in astonishment. The man said, " somebody took my towel and did not return last week." 

Oh my God ! Why are you here for a week? Are you a tourist?

Armugam: Here the rent is low just 50 rupees a day. 

Agastya was amused. " You are very interesting!" He said.

You too. replied Armugam. "I am not a tourist." He continued. " I'm Armugam from local. 

I was a French teacher and a tennis trainer in Nungambakkam Tennis academy."

Sounds good. I like French and Tennis too. I wish I worked like you. said Agastya.

A moment later they sound bad. I was a French teacher and tennis trainer. I lost both jobs.

Agastya was speechless for a while. He recovered slowly and said " You lost both jobs at the same time? How did you lose them?" Armugam uttered a long sigh." One lead to the other.  

Agastya looked more confused. "Tell me what  happened exactly?" He said. 

Armugam said " I treat both genders equally. That is the biggest mistake.  I was very helpful to the tennis players. When the tennis ball hit a girl on her chest I rubbed her chest. I did the same thing to gents, nothing happened. Is it a mistake to treat both genders alike?

Agastya : I like your company. Armugam : You like my company not me?

I don't like men, I like girls just like you. said Agastya. 

Armugam laughed aloud. " Why are you here Mr...? Tell me about you." 

My name is Agastya I am a penniless, homeless Engineering graduate. I cam out of my friend's room. He was a software engineer who works 16 hours a day and reaches home at mid night. He is killing himself everyday. He doesn't understand that now. I came here for his company not for food. I had to cook and wait for him until night. I waited on him over a week. 

Don't you have a mother and father?

"I went to my father two days ago. I could not stay with him because he had a second marriage. She is somewhat different.." said Agastya. 

You are just like me homeless. I parents died when I was young. My uncle brought me up. He shut the doors after hearing my achievements. I am in search of a job but I want to work like a machine.  I am more committed to life. 

Agastya: Me too. I want a light job. I don't like a software job. 

Wish you best of luck!!! Agastya.


Scene - 10

Come on let us go to the beauty parlour! From there we have to go to office. It is getting late. Said Timapani to Grace who was wearing a maroon saree.

"How am I?" said Grace looking into mirror.

"Why should you ask me when you have mirror in front of you?" Said Timpani

Grace understood that Timpani is morose. She laughed at Timpani and said “Mirror cannot speak. Our attire and look are to satisfy others." "Then go and ask your husband." said Timpani.  "He is an insatiable man." Said Grace. Timpani showed her wrist watch to Grace.

"Poor Sister, I am not getting late to office. Even If I am late nobody can question me because I am the director." Said Grace confidently.

Timpani: But I am not the director I am only the Head of the packing section. I must go.

Grace: I have told john to look after the packing section for this morning.

Just then the bell rang. A woman with a kit in hands entered with her assistant.

Oh! Beautician! Come in Grace invited them. Timpani was surprised. The beautician started makeup. It took an hour to carry out manicure and pedicure  when the beautician started facial Grace asked Timpani “ Why don’t you go for facial?”  “ At this age so much of make up?!” said Timpani.  "Not when you have age but when you have money you can think of fashion , beauty , luxury and joy. Last night too you did not drink in the party. You can not put your youth in Fridge, you have to enjoy.” Said Grace.  Timpani agreed to have facial.

After that they both reached Meenakshi exports and saw Dakshinamurthy working seriously in his cabin. He simply greeted them with a smile and continued to write something. " It's lunch time and your husband is working." said Timpani. "He is workholic!" Grace said to Timpani.  "Also alcoholic and sexholic said Timpani  to herself."  That is only after the office hours. In the office his focus is totally on work. If we talk about lunch he counts minutes and talks about time sense and work ethics. So let's leave him and go" said Grace and took Timpani into her room. 

The attender brought lunch. He was serving riceTimpani wanted to tell something. Grace observed that she wants and with an eye signal she sent the attender out. Timpani smiled and started serving curry to Grace. 

Timpani: I heard that his son came two days ago  to meet his father?

Grace: Whose son?  Timpany was angry. 

Timpani: Your son Agastya .

Grace:  Oh! Agastya?  He ran away. He won't come again. 

Timpani: Priase the lord. The credit goes to Jesus.

Grace laughed and said  " It is my hard work. I chased him"

Timpani: Don't you believe in Jesus? What did you do? How did you chase him?

Grace: I chased him with my looks. There is no role of Jesus in this. You know that we were pushed into the quagmire of Christianity by poverty. You also know that I never believed in Christianity. You remember you took me to Velangani mata for children? What happened? 

Timpani : So what do you want to say? You want to convert to Hinduism? Bharatavarsha is pulling people out of Christianity.  Go if you like. Many converts are retreating. They call it "Ghar Vapasi." But remember our pastor Yesupadam will die of heart break. 

Grace understood how Timpani was blackmailed by the pastor. She thought that it takes time for Timpani to understand Truth about Christianity. "Is he still calling you to go to church? Are you still going to church?" Grace asked her sister Timpani the unusual questions.

"The pastor doesn't call. He comes home if I don't go church just one week. Is your pastor not calling you. Aren't you going to church?" 

Grace laughed at her and said "I can not lie to you. I stopped going to church long ago. 

Timpani: Aren't you a Christian?

Grace: I am neither Christian nor Hindu. I am a human. 

Timpani: If you are human tell me what stopped you from going to Anandasevasadan and  serving mother?  How much you served her?

Grace: Are you asking me to divorce my husband? If you wish I will do it. 

Timpani was shocked with that answer. "Grace !!!! What happened? 

Sometimes we are pushed into helpless pisition by birth, sometimes by marriage. I have acquired poverty by birth, by poverty I acquired Christianity, by marriage I acquired a helpless daughter's position. What can I do now?

Timpani : Life is not in our hands. Birth is not in our hands. Marriage is also not in our hands because they are made in heaven. Life is irreversable. 

 "But marriage is reversible. Divorce can reverse marriage. When she thinks my marriage is a wrong marriage.  That is the only way to serve her. My humanity never stopped me from serving mother but my marriage. I am unable to break it." said Grace and eating quietly.

"You don't have to break your marriage or don't have to break your heart. I am there to serve her. That is why God gave her two daughters.  Last week I visited Ananda sevasadan. It is founded by Bharatavarsha. He is serving all mothers as his own. I think merely at his sight all sins break. Nothing can stop him from serving helpless. In Kali yug such people are rare.

Grace: His name is popular in media. Mother will be happier with a holy son than a sinful daughter. How is mother's health? Did she ask about me when you visited her?

Timpani: Mother's health is good. Doctors visit Anandsevasadan there is a periodical health check up in place.  She is passing her time peacefully in the hills. I attended  a function  there. They celebrated the inauguration of  solar power and water supply overhead tank. Good food, good sleep , timely medicines what else she wants. You don't worry about her.

Grace: My birthday is coming soon. This time I want to celebrate grandly

Timpani:  Also proudly.  Last year  you did not have any position in the company. Now you are one of the directors and the company went for IPO."  Just then John entered. 

John: Not only Grace became the director but also made you head of the packing section. 

Timpani: She made you theA.O.  Don't forget that. We must celebrate her brithday grandly.

Grace: Yes  Alekhay and Aditi must understand my position.

John: Parties are fast becoming multi-million affairs. Birthday bashes are fast moving from homes to stage managed, multi-lakh events. High class now party with a passion in exotic destinations, they uncork magnums of Dom Perignon worth Rs 50,000.  wedding anniversary-with Bollywood entertainment, dish out Rs 2 lakh for a pound of Italian white truffles  Matrix-themed parties that could cost up to Rs 1 crore a night. 

Grace : Only if I have the cheque drawing power, we can have party in that scale.

John : It is not so easy to get that cheque drawing power. Your husband has to incorporate it in the article of association. 

Grace : But he is not a fool to do it. 

John: He is not a fool, but a womanizer.  

Grace: Of course. But how can a woman involve his business dealings. He never allows  women to enter his office.  You know how difficult it had been for me to enter the company

John : It had been difficult I agree but you entered office right?

Timpani: She bacame a director too. 

John : In the same way a new beauty will enter. 


Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Challenging the limits of Brain

When the thrill of thrilling the audience thrills you it's a thrill to thrill the audience.
When mind can play with words,  words can not play with you. 

How do you understand the world? How many words you see? Which world are you in? How much your brain can think? Where is thinking taught?  Is there any certification for creative thinking? We use several vehicles to travel but the journey of life.

Brain is the vehicle for the journey of life 
                       Students of DPS, ICON, NALANDA , KENDRAYA VIDYALAYA  24-01-23

The students and children filled the hall with claps. some students came to me to express their happiness. I never imagined that there could be such a great response for the students. 

 I work in Scotspine International school. I applied for the leave. I felt my leave to the school is justified. I was thrilled when the teachers said that the speech was amazing  

A memory of the Girl child's day -24th Jan 2023

Monday, January 23, 2023

My festivals 2023

People do things they like in their leisure.  Festivals offer good leisure.  Some people visit shrines. Some people visited relatives to strengthen their relations. Books, Roads and Social work,  are my relations. I have strengthened my relations with  them during Sankranthi festival.

Blood donation

Repairing and clearing road ( at night)

Printing the first volume of my novel

And shopping with my  wife at Sonovision

Sunday, January 22, 2023

Meenakshi and Chennai Aunties -35

Meenakshi was contemplative. She is looking at the busy traffic through the window of her house in Sowcarpet which is the oldest landmarks in Chennai. In his book Madras Rediscovered, Chennai city chronicler S. Muthiah writes that the diamond and silk merchants arrived from Gujarat in the 17th century  gave the neighbourhood the name  Sowcarpet. It is a crowdy area where  one can not move around in vehicles.  Meenakshi is lost  in wistful thoughts. 

"Wistful thoughts are thieves that steal our moods." said Rodrigues Anthony to draw the attention of  Meenakshi. Meenakshi  offered him chair. Anthony sat in the chair. He looked into the deeply sunken eyes of Meenakshi.  Madam you are looking at one side of the coin. I mean you are looking at one side of the case.  Look at the case from the other side and relax. There is a way out. No need of hiding.

Meenakshi: It is a cheque bounce case. He has to pay 50 lakhs. In India law is very strict in cheque bounce cases. Two years of imprisonment and double amount as penalty. Sometimes it is both. 

Anthony: I heard from Ramachandran that here is something fishy about the complainant.    I have read the interview published a Tamil newspaper before he went to underground.  He has to come and tell the court the facts. He is hiding in frustration. Hiding or fleeing can not solve the problem.

Meenakshi: It is a temporary measure until he is capable of solving the problem. He is very sincere. When his three real estate projects failed. There was no market. He had to return the money to the buyers as he could not complete the projects. He used all his resources to complete the projects. He even sold the school building and Vikraman estates. Finally he could complete.

I can understand the struggle. I can help him if you want. I can arrange a sound party to 

Meenakshi: He approached many renowned realtors. But it was of no use. Nobody can help because the entire real estate has suffered a loss of 1 lakh crores. 

Anthony: Anyway it is great that he has completed the projects.  If not tomorrow he can sell them , the other tomorrow. The market will not be mute for ever. Look at life from that perspective life looks  colourful.

Meenakshi: No, It is not great. He says that it is a big blunder. He lost crores. You are saying that tomorrow comes. But no one knows when that tomorrow comes. He has to wait. He constantly thinks over the blunder and loss of money.  You are asking to look at life from different perspective. Yes, we are doing it. Vikraman was in Tenyampet the most expensive area in Chennai, I was in near Tidel park in Taramani  Now we are in Sowcarpet a crowded commercial area almost a slum.

Anthony: I am very sorry. Your time is very bad. But I can give you hope. Look though it is a bustling commercial area  narrow streets the vintage buildings the diamond and silk merchants, The artists and artisans add a different dimension. 

What dimension is there in this case? please read this. said Meenakshi and gave Anthony a sheet, It was court notice. Anthony started reading the notice. 

                          IN THE COURT OF Metropolitan Magistrate AT CHENNAI

               (Presided Over by VEDANTAM VENKATARAMANA)
                          CT CASES/622113/2021    
Through Police Station Officer T.Nagar, CHENNAI
(Proceedings abated on 15.03.2021)
VEENA AMMAN, APP for State}: 
ANTHONY Rodrigues Advocate for VIKRAMAN
CT Case 622113/2021              Dated 15.03.2021                              Pages 1
Offence punishable under:  138  of   Negotiable Instruments Act.   

Version of the complainant:

1. The complainant and the accused persons had good family relationship. The accused persons had approached the complainant in the year 2019 for getting friendly loan amounting to Rs. 50,00, 000 lakhs. On 24.06.2019, the complainant had given a friendly loan to the accused persons amounting to Rs 50,00,000/- and the accused persons had assured the complainant to return the same within 6 months.

2. The accused persons in discharge of their legal liability had issued a cheque bearing no. 765883 Ex. CW-1/A on the same date i.e. 24.06.2019 to the complainant drawn on Punjab National Bank, T. NAGAR, CHENNAI . The said cheque was presented by the complainant in November, 2019 with its banker UCO bank which got dishonoured with remarks "Account Closed" vide return memo dated 14.11.2019 Ex. CW1/B which was received by the complainant on 16.11.2019 Thereafter, the complainant had sent a legal demand notice dated 08.12.2019 to the accused persons which got received back with report "recipient is out of house" and "refused" respectively.

3. Upon failure of the accused to make payment of the cheque in question within the stipulated time of 15 days, the complainant  filed the present complaint u/s 138 of the Act.

4. The complainant examined himself in pre-summoning evidence and after considering the complaint and entire documents on record, summon was issued by this Court against the accused on 19.10.2010.                


                        Notice against the accused:
 CT Case 622113/2016                                      Dated 15.03.2022      

 Following notice was framed against the accused on 15.10.2021: 

"It's alleged against you VIKRAMAN NAMAKKAL  s/o NARASINHAN  NAMAKKAL that you in discharge of your liability issued a cheque bearing number 765883 dated 24.06.2019 in the sum of Rs.50,00,000/- in favour of the complainant RAJARATNA PERUMAL, which on presentation was dishonoured and returned unpaid due to the reason "Account Closed". The Legal Demand Notice dated 08.1.2022 was issued to you to make the payment within the stipulated period of 15 days despite which you failed to make the payment within statutory period and thereby committed an offence punishable u/s 138 NI Act read with Section 142 NI Act and within my congnizance"

"This is the same court notice which I have  read twice. What is your purport in giving me the same court notice again and again." asked Anthony.  " I will be too glad to listen if you talk about law than art and philosophy." Said Meenakshi.

What is the use of talking about law here. I will talk law in the court but Vikraman should stand. He should attend the court. If he is innocent and so the law is with him. 

But he has no money. Once 50 crores was easy for him, Today it is impossible to him. He has not even 50,000. How can he pay 50 lakhs? Life became empty to him. There is no one to stand for him. I have decided to stand for him. Lawyer Jairam was asking him to settle the money because in  cheque bounce case the law is very serious in India.  

Forget about Jairam. Now I have taken up your case. Where is Vikraman? 


"The children went on a ride in Vidisha's car and Nandini's car. They get back in the evening. We can take a nap or have a chat" Said Aruna sitting on the bed.  "It is better we chat than to nap  but no childhood stories.  Somebody tell the stories of adulthood." said Damini jovially sitting on the other bed and looking at Malini mischievously. "What stories I can have? I was married when I was eighteen and my husband was a soldier who worked mostly at boarders. He visited family during holidays. Aruna worked in films. Perhaps she can tell such stories." Said Malini sitting on the bed beside Aruna. Aruna looked at Malini angrily. Malini " Tell your filmy romance for Damini." Malini winked at Damini and said teasingly. Aruna got off and beat Malini on her back " Rascals you both are teasing me and you want to listen to my romantic stories in films?"

Malini : Ah! Aruna , what is this rough handling?  You have beaten me hard and it hurts. I know understood how Lakuma got the quality of kicking everybody. 

Aruna : I entered films with dance roles. My film career was limited to a decade.   I became heroine in four films at the fag end of my career. You know what  romantic stories I have.  My Romance is all with the director who wooed me, loved me and married me and made me a mother. 

Savitri came in to the room to take some bananas. On  hearing their words she took bananas went back hurriedly.  Damini leaped from her bed and brought her in. " You're speaking personal, let me go. I will come back after giving the fruits" said Savitri and went away.

"See what she thinks of me!" Said Aruna. Malini and Damini laughed

Damini: Aruna you went to college. Tell me about your college life. Any love, romance?"

Aruna:   Aye! Damini I am a college drop out for marriage. Joined in films Don't you know. That is why I was worried about Lakuma's education. With your discipline She swam across her youth, the dangerous part of a girl's life. 

Damini: Aruna , that credit goes to Malini. Varsha took pains in getting Lakuma out of the spider web of stunt biking and film acting. He tuned her mind to literature. All she needs is more care and love. I gave her. She is my daughter. I have two daughters Lakuma and Manju. 

Aruna : Where ever we begin we end up with children. We can not even think of romance. 

Just then Savitri entered the room to rest for a while. Malini invited her to sit beside her. 

I heard all your stories I am blessed to meet and sit with you. You have brought up your children in such a way that the world can be proud of. This is what many mothers could not do. I could not do. 

Malini felt light and said to Aruna " Tell me about Lakuma."

Aruna: Like you have two daughters , I have two daughters Lakuma and Sundari.

Damini : I have no children while you have two daughters each. 

Malini : Why Manjusha isn't your daughter?  She feels your motherly love. She is closely knitted to your heart.  Aruna: At times Malini is angry with her but Damini is never angry with her. 

Aruna: We all have daughters. It is great to have daughters like that. 

Malini : It is great only when we see that they are settled in life. Aruna , you have given life to Sundari, when she was aiming at film career. You saved her from rough weather. 

Aruna : She can not live alone there in Mumbai. Tulasi wants to go  back to Kakinada. She was unable to adjust to the city life.   Lakuma is there now with Sundari.  I must plan to marry Sundari. It is difficult for her to live alone there. How long Lakuma can be with her. 

Damini : You are thinking like a mother. I too want take car of Manjusha's marriage. I too must have the pleasure of a mother. 

Savitri : A mother who love all children as hers. hat is what makes a mother great mother. Every mother is not great.  I see great mothers here. My mind got rid of all the ruckus of my past life  stored in it. It  is all washed off seeing people like you leading meaningful lives. It is a great fortune and near moksha ( deliverance).  Savitri and touched the feet of all the mothers there.


Poonamallee is a small town 21 kilometres to the west of Chennai, gets its name from its flower fields. Poonamallee means beautiful flower gardens.

“Oh! It is quite fragrant like its lands.” Said the weaver bird that has just finished making a beautiful nest - Round, cozy nesting chamber hanging to the palm tree.  

Good work for seven days, at last you have built a beautiful nest said Parrot looking at the nest. “It must be appealing to a female bird , if no female bird likes the nest he will destroy and build a new nest.” Said Robin and started giggling.

Why the hell are you giggling? the weaver bird raised its voice.

The Robbin was quiet. This turned the Parrot angry. He asked the same question.

Robbin: He must wait for his female partner, no one knows when he finds one.

Parrot: Why waitinat g the nest. You are new to this place, let us fly over the fields and the town. I will introduce some important and interesting heavy with a sweet fragrance.

Weaver bird:  It looks like there has been a snowfall in the area.

Robbin : Look there are a hundred women plucking the flowers

Parrot : There are hundreds of men loading the Jasmine flowers into mini trucks.

Weaver bird : Oh My God !

Parrot : Yes , they travel all over the world and enthral millions of men and women. These flowers are exported to perfume manufacturers abroad like Christian Doir, Pacco rabban.

Robbin: They (Christian Doir, Pacco rabban) are Paris perfumes.

Weaver bird : How do you know that?

Robin : The other day a girl from Paris came to these fields to see originof the perfume in her hands. She dabbed the perfume fondly on the farmers, women in fields and men at trucks very affectionately.

Weaver: What a wonderful feeling.

They flew over the plucking women to the trucks as there was a commotion.

The men at the trucks: If you sell the flowers in less than three hours from the time they are plucked, you can make good money since the fragrance lingers for a long time. The buyers prefer such flowers.

Parrot: Often such is the rush to reach the flower marts after the blossoms are harvested an hour or two past midnight that road accidents are frequent.

Weaver bird: Oh! It is a pity!

They flew to sunflower fields. They are larger than the jasmine fields and brighter than the marigold fields. “Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!” cried the weaver.

The fields full of bright yellow blooming Sunflowers, standing tall on their bright and large green leafy stems, set against an awesome landscape and a clear blue beautiful sky, attract us. They beckon us to stop and spend some memorable time with them.

Weaver bird : Why do you call them Sunflower.

Robin: Because they depend on the Sun.

Parrot: All creatures and flowers depend on the sun. Then why are they not called Sunflowers. There is a story behind these flowers.  

They sat on the branch of a tree looking at the beauty of the flower field and the parrot began saying the story. “The name Sunflower is an exact translation of the flower’s Greek name, ‘Helianthus’. In Greek ‘Helios’ means Sun and ‘Anthos’ means flower and hence Helianthus and Sunflower in English. And according to Greek mythology there are a few interesting stories providing the origin of Sunflower. And all these stories are about a beautiful girl Clytie and the Sun God Apollo.

The water-nymph called Clytie fell in love with the Sun God Apollo. She was so much in love that she would sit on the ground and stare at the Sun all day long. And as the Sun God never cared to notice her, the other Gods took pity on her and turned her into a flower (Sunflower). Her legs became the Sunflower’s stem, her face became the flower and her golden hair the petals. And even now, Clytie in the form of Sunflower continues to watch her beloved Sun God’s movements throughout the day, from Sunrise to Sunset.

The fields are lovely and the stories are interesting said the weaver bird. 

The town is more interesting said the Parrot. Then they flew towards the town.  


"Poonamallee  found in Paranthaka Chola’s inscriptions. The history of the town dates back at least a thousand years." Said the parrot. The birds began their journey, heritage tour early in the morning. They were flying over the girls’ high school. The weaver bird stopped at the girls’ high school. He parched on the roof of the school and started staring at the girls.

Parrot: Stupid weaver bird. Don’t stare at the girls.  

Weaver bird: Tell me something about the school. I want to listen. 

The parrot started saying  "The sprawling campus was once a garrison that had barracks and stables and was also used as a prison and infirmary. this campus was the place where the Madras Regiment was stationed. the stables here had close to 400 horses. The famed Poonamallee Arab horses were bred here. Look at the fragmented inscriptions on stones in the campus that belonged to the Chola period.

Robin: How do you know all these things. 

Parrot: I heard all these things when a tourist guide is explaining to tourists. There are two inscriptions. This  Chola inscription  belongs to Rajendra Chola and another to the Vikrama Chola period. 

From there, the tour proceeded to a small temple in which the locals worship an ancient sati stone. “Although, for them, the sati kall (sati stone) is Lord Muneeswarar, 

"A little away from the temple is St John the Baptist Church  built in 1818." The tree birds sat on the Church steeples.  They saw the railway track and the market from there.  "In a short distance from the church we see a decrepit looking building " said the parrot. Yes, it  looks a bungalow." said the Robin. "The humble, single-storey, house was once called Doris Lodge, constructed before 1854. It was later sold to a local dance teacher Adumayil ( dancing peacock) whose great grand children live in the house today." 

"Are you a parrot or a professor?"  muttered the weaver bird

From Doris Lodge, they head to Panaiyathamman temple located on the main road.   They saw the interesting sculpture on the temple. The parrot  lectured on the  details. The weaver and the Robin closed their ears.  Later they flew to the Mosque that lies a short way ahead. They landed on the minarets of the mosque.  "This Mosque was built in 1653  by Rustam, the son of a Golconda courtier named Dhulfiqar,"  said the parrot. His companions looked pale like ghosts. "It was the first Indo-Saracenic style mosque in Tamil Nadu. " The parrot added.

"Can we have a break and have some tea?" said the weaver bird. 

"There are more heritage spots." said the parrot.

"I thought that we can see the whole town in an hour."

"NO, it is impossible. It takes at least one day" said the parrot.

"With a parrot like you it takes a week." Said the Robin.

They flew from the mosque towards a church. "This is the Wesley Church built in 1900." 

 We can not land here said the weaver and the Robin. The parrot looked at them just as a teacher would at back benchers and continued its flight. The two birds followed.  

This is the Mary Magdalene Church built between 1816-1819 and finally I conclude  the tour with the cemetery that dates back to 1795. said the parrot sitting on the branch of a Sahilendra tree where a grey backed Shrike perched.  The shrike greeted the parrot. 

Is it a tourist spot? shouted the weaver angrily. 

stay cool, It is for your rest. said the parrot. 

"Do you know when people rest here?" shouted Robin angrily.

"Don't worry there are just two spots. The ancient Vaitheeswaran temple with its interesting sculptures of women warriors on the mandapam walls. The Hindu Primary School  built in 1895." said the Shrike and vanished into the veneer air. Perhaps after touring with the parrot it became a ghost. 

Robin: Oh! The grave is the oldest in Poonamallee 

Parrot: No, I said that the mosque was built in 1653

Weaver bird: Oh! The mosque was the oldest. 

Parrot: No, you are absolutely wrong! 

He paused and posed like the most intelligent fellow. The robin and the weaver bird hated the parrot. They looked angrily at the parrot. " You arrogant rascal" they cursed him secretly.

Parrot: Vaitheeswaran temple dates back to 1000 BC is the oldest. No one is older than Shiva on this earth!!! Parrots are respected for their knowledge. 

"But you did not say that earlier" said the weaver bird.

"I don’t say everything. Did I tell you to stop at the girls’ high school?" said Parrot

"Naughty parrot!" said the weaver. "Bloody parrot!" said the Robin. 

"There is a huge crowd and commotion in the temple? Let's see what it is" Said the Parrot.


Devotees from different parts of south India came to Vaitheeswaran Temple in Poonamalle. They were moving around the temple complex. Some people are gazing at the five tier temple tower. Some people are talking about how they got cured by the healing power of Lord Vaitheeswaran. 

The tourist guide was talking to a dozen foreign tourists who came to see South India. 

You have come  to Poovirndavalli  (the  place where jasmine was cultivated) to see the flower fields. You have seen the scenic beauty of the flower fields and the commercial aspects  but  here are the precious historical and cultural aspects of this place. Here lord Vaitheeswaran (Vaidya + Eswaran) is regarded as the “God of Healing”. Devotees believe that prayers to Lord Vaitheeswaran can cure all ailments and also brings mental peace and relief from hardships." 

The district collector was talking to the temple committee head. There were a dozen people around him. He was reviewing the preparations for the cultural event slated for the next day. He was accompanied by local government officials and officials of the Revenue and other government departments.

How are the preparations going on? asked the collector. The local government authorities gave an update on the road repair work and water supply. The head of the temple committee said “Colouring the tower, lighting, barricades building is completed.”

He was the key person looking after the mega cultural event to be organised at the historic temple of Vaitheeswaran to mark the government’s three-day celebrations of the Tamilnadu government.

What about the stage building? He asked. “The stage construction is underway. Rangaswamy Iyer was overseeing the stage construction.” Said somebody pointing to the place where the stage construction was progressing.  The collector was walking briskly to the stage. All the officials were running behind him.  

The district administration has lined up a series of programmes including rallies and felicitation ceremonies in different parts of the district.  The cultural event titled “Vaitheeswara Vaibhavam” will see a galaxy of artists who perform cultural programs on the sprawling premises of the historic temple complex dating back to the  first century. 


The sun set in the hills near Anand Sevasadan. Arunatara switched on the master switch. All the solar lights turned on  at once  filling Ananda sevasadan with bright light. All men and women clapped. The valley was filled with sound of claps.  Varsha saw the light in the eyes of the senior citizens. " I never thought that Varsha would get light into the Anandashram so soon. He filled the valley with light " said Malini.  " He filled our lives with light." said Savitri. Malini felt proud of her son. Her friends felt proud of Malini. The pleasure of such recognition is the essence of life. 

Later Aruna tara cut the ribbon to long shed auditorium. It is actually meant for dining. said Varsha while stepping in. All the senior citizens sat on the carpets. Manjusha moved close to Vidisha. Nandini felt uncomfortable. The boys congratulated Varsha. Varsha felt shy and was unable to respond or resist.  Kesava understood Varsha's embarrassment. He took the Mrudanga and started playing. His long hair was dancing on his back while his fingers were dancing on the Mrudanga. The rhythm of Mrudanga surrounded the valley. Aruna fondly touched his long hair. "Will you come with me to Bombay?" said Arunatara. Kesava nodded his head. " "will you tie knot to the girl I show." she asked.  Kesava blushed like a girl. 


Chettiar walked up to the place in the temple complex  where  men are relentlessly working to build the stage. Chettiar was followed by Mudaliar, the municipal commissioner of Poonamalle and his men. The stage building was over  and the decoration work was in progress. 

Chettiar : O Iyer , Ithu enna, innum ninkal kattamittal  sey kiri rkal? 

O, Iyer what is this? Are you still doing the (stage) construction work?

neram parttu, velai ceyya vendum. (  You should watch time and work.)

Iyer :  Vaayi mudu. ( shut up)  Itu en velai illai. ( This is not my work.)

Mudaliar is Chettiar's friend was appalled to see the rough comments of the great personalities. A non IAS newly appointed as the commissioner of the small town by the Tamilnadu state government. He brought local crafts men to help Chettiar  who was entrusted to look after the preparations for the three day celebrations.  Mudaliar's men were equally shocked to hear their comments. 

Chettiar and Iyer laughed at each other. 

Chettiyar told the shocked Mudaliar' He is my childhood friend Ramaswamy Iyer is the best known choreographer of Tamilnadu and exponent in the field of Bharatanatyam. He is the spirit and energy  behind the success of many classical dance blockbuster Tamil movies. He is the legend who transcended the gaps between the theory and the actual dance and created his own style.  

Iyer said to Mudaliar : I am  poor dancer with rich dance background, without any awards and positions. But Chettiar ( money lender community of TN) is rich by birth, a land lord with a palace in Poonamallee. He was Deputy Auditor general who was equal to sitting supreme court judge.

Chettiar: Adi ellam ippodu solladey.    Iyer: En varalatai solla mudiyumaa

All people came out of shock. They admired and enjoyed their friendship and affectionate conversation. Mudaliar said, " Here are our men to help the decoration work . They will look after the work. you can relax. He walked with his men towards the stage. Chettiar and Iyer sat in the temple mandapam and started reviewing the dance programs. The temple committee  head Rangarajan came with his assistant  who brought wooden chairs for both the versatile personalities.  Several dance teams participating in the mega cultural event are coming to the mandapam to show their performance. 

Iyer and Chettiar sat side by side in the chair and Rangarajan stood beside them. municipal commissioner Mudiar also came at stood at the corner of the huge mandapam. 

The first group started their performance. A beautiful tall gold complexioned girl of 21 and a dark complexioned tall well built boy of 24 are accompanied by their middle aged teacher. He brought a pen drive and plugged it to the music system and started it. 

 Dheem thanana thom... Dheem thanana thom ... The boy and the girl started dancing. The song was so melodious. The steps were so rhythmic and the facial feelings were so romantic that the spectators could neither turn their heads nor blink their eyes.  

It is srikrishna kalapam  dance repertoire in praise of Lord Krishna (in his avatars). Iyer appreciated the dance. That group has gone. Next came another group that performed 'Kalinga Mardhana' and later another group performed 'Ravana Mardhana'. Chettiar who was a good connoisseur of dance was thrilled by the group dance. "Wonderful dances from   the two great epics the Mahabharata and the Ram ayana" said Iyer. Later shiva tandavam was performed by another group. 

The stage decoration was completed before the last dance began. Mudaliar told the news to Chettiar and Chettiyar told Iyer.  The last program was Rasaleela. The teacher came with a group of students. 

A group of ten girls stood around a handsome chap whose body is coated blue. He has a peacock feather on his head and a flute in his hands. The ten girls are in bright multi coloured sarees wrapped tightly around their bodies and gold ornaments in all over their body. 

They began the dance as the speakers started singing the Hindi song. Sabhe poolon ka dhadhakan hein. Bol Radha Radha krishna.." The dance began with slow jumping steps of Kolatam in which there were sudden frisks and breaks. The dancers got more cosy. They showed more passion than necessary or acceptable.  Chettiar was surprised while Iyer was shocked but he did not express his displeasure. 

All the dancers went away. Chettiar and Iyer and Mudaliar walked to the fully decorated stage.

Chettiyar  asked Mudaliar : How is the dance?

Mudaliar : It was wonderful 

Chettiar laughed and said " You liked it?"

Mudaliar said " You don't like it?"

They performed it like a folk song with modern cinema movements ours is traditional"

What is wrong if they do some folk and insert some modern cinema movements?

Iyer : What is Raslila of Krishna? Raas Leela is the story of universal love. it is the eternal bond between Krishna  and his devotees. A universal truth that masculine and feminine energies floating in a sea of love and the devotion is Raas Leela. 

Still Mudaliar did not understand what is wrong with it. Iyer was confused as to how to convey.  Chettiar laughed and said " Mudaliar, if you go clean the roads and drains in place of  sanitation workersworkers what is wrong , the work is done. 

It is below the dignity and substandard even a clerk in my office will not do it." said Mudaliar.

"So, the Rasaleela performance is substandard." said Chettiar. The three laughed wholeheartedly.

"What should we do?" asked Mudaliar. "We have to arrange another program." said Iyer.

"How to arrange it in such a short notice? we have time only this evening." 


The day break looked very special to  Buchamma and Sarraju couple. "This is the last day to Basava's life in Visakha." said Buchimma giving a cup of coffee to her husband sitting at the window of the bedroom. He took the coffee cup and said "The long awaited day has come. I never thought such a day would come into our lives.  Basava has been successful in securing a job in a top-noch IT company." Buchamma sat beside him on the chair and said " How do you feel?" Sarraju has no words. He knows his son is leaving for Chennai. His eyes became wet. Buchamma put her hand on his shoulder. Even she has the same feeling. 

They sat at the window of the bedroom and started watching the twilit, the faint light in the sky. They heard the distant sound of  clarinet. Basava likes clarinet. He sat in the hall listening to the clarinet. He was absorbed in the song of the clarinet. Ramya entered the bedroom and looked at her parents sitting dull. She became sad. "Daddy! why are you sad?" she whispered. 

This is not sadness my dear. It is a kind of happiness. I feel the same when I send you to your in-law's house. Every father and mother cries. They are tears of happiness. 

It is a different kind of happiness. 

with a tinge of pain makes a mess  

 The fears prick like thorns

 when you want rosy career. 

No room for fear look at your career

You have to walk the long road alone. 

Keep you heart like a stone

Basava's voice sounded heavy. Buchamma understood how far Basava can think. 

How deep is the thought and how quick is the word. How sweet is the expression. This is what all people can not express. In the association of Malini's son you have seen the world and yourself clearly. said Buchamma. 

Chandana: Yes, one can see the world with eyes but can read and express only in words.

Basava:  If thoughts are  children. They must be expressed like mother delivers babies. Like a barren woman who can not produce children barren minds can not produce ideas. Like sick mothers can not deliver babies some people can not express ideas. Unexpressed ideas are like dead children.  

Buchamma couple  visited Sampath Vinayak temple at Aseelmetta.  Buchamma cooked traditional foods for the guests for lunch.  There is a deluge of happiness.  They kept their clothes as simple as possible and their hearts as fresh as possible. Agastya, Raghava, Sandeep, Nandini, Malini, Manjusha, Varsha came to the feast. Vidisha could not come. Nobody waited for Vidisha like Manjusha. I am afraid Vidisha has a problem wit her father. What a sweet girl! said Manjusha.

 What a car is jaguar! said Ramya.  "But I have t return it."  said Majusha. 

"Don't worry Manju,  ask your brother to marry Vidisha. Then you need not return the car." said Buchimma. "Nandini has a Mercidez car, If she gives that, Varsha will you marry her?" said Raghava

Nandini is worth more than the cars. She is invaluable and what she has done is immeasurable. 

all looked at Nandini. Nandini kept quiet. "Why don't you tell what you have done?" asked Sandeep.

I know Nandini has published Varsha's books.  said Malini. 

"But do you know my visitors bought most copies and read the books." Said Vidisha who came late.

The lunch was served on the banana leaves with traditional food. After a sumptuous meal when they were about to part Nandini said to Vidisha. " You can buy but can never read the book." Vidisha showed a red face to Nandini. Nandini was not frightened. She was very casual  "Uh! You are not Amma to me remember."  

Everybody thought that there would be a war.  Basava predicted a verbal clash  to avoid the last moment predicament  he said " Arunatara took Kesava to Bombay.  I am taking Agastya to Chennai." Said Basava. "I am taking Sandeep to Bangalore" said Raghava. 


Iyer stood under the peepal tree, closed his eyes. He was thinking seriously beating his forehead with open hand. He is wearing white Dhoti and Kurta. There is a white mantle cloth on his shoulder. Chettiar  Mudaliar are wearing lungis. They stood beside him. They were restless because they could not  finalizing the last program.

"Why are you contemplating too much. Let us go to Chennai and bring somebody. said Mudaliar 

We don't want somebody. We want a good dancer. said Chettiar. 

How can we get good dancer in hours? said Mudaliar.

"We want a talented dancer." said Iyer.  

The parrot sitting on the branch right above Ramaswamy Iyer darted down and pulled his mantle ( a small piece of white cloth), caught it with his beak and flew away. He dropped it on the roof of the next street. Iyer was nonplussed. You rowdy parrot! said Mudaliar. Chettiar ran into the next street.  The mantle was lying on the tiled roof of the house. Chettiar entered the gate of the compound wall. He saw a young girl dancing in the compound. Iyer and Mudaliar also entered the compound and stood behind Chettiar. The girl stopped dance. Chettiyar said " The parrot brought the kurta and dropped it on your roof." The girl ran into the house and called a tall man of 40. "I am Varadachari." He introduced himself. He has long hair up to his shoulders and  horizontal vibhuthi marks on his forehead.  From the cut of his gibs they understood that he is a dance master. 

Baby what dance are you doing? asked Chettiar.

She is a little girl learning dance. said Varadachari. 

What dance is that? asked Iyer.

Kutrala kuruvanji said Varada.  Iyer was immensely pleased with his words. " Why did it not strike to me? It is such a nice traditional performance. Kutrala kuruvanji was never performed before in any of the places where he was the judge. He saw the traditional dance only once when he was a beginner. 

He looked at the girl. She must be some 16 years old. She has beautiful face, two big almond eyes, slender wait and agile foot. The diminutive form of Sri mahalakshmi. Iyer asked for water. Varadachari's mother came out with water. The three sat on the raised platform in front of the ancient house. Chettiar  told Varada why they came. Varada started training her vigorously.  Thus the divine setting for the last program was done by the God sent parrot. "The little girl was chosen by God himself." They thought


Kutrala Kuravanji is a classic Tamil language poem composed by Thiri-gudara-sapa Kavirayar around 1600 - 1700 CE. It is about a young girl who dreams about romantic love of Lord Shiva, manifested as Kutralanathar, a hero dwelling at the Kutralam temple in Tamil Nadu.

Fortune teller predicting union with Lord Shiva

Vasanthavalli living in a small village in Kutrala.  Her friends start talking to her about the glory of Shiva. Vasanthavalli is attracted to Lord  Shiva and starts dreaming about Shiva as her lover. Vasanthavalli seeks advice from the fortune teller, who predicts her union with  Shiva is possible. Vasanthavalli is delighted with the prediction. She jumps with joy. The joyous dance of the young girl is presented by Kuruvanji as the last item of the three day program. With blithe spirit bubbling joy, with  light foot and agile movement, Kuruvanji looked like a running fawn, flowing river, flying bird. She mesmerized the audience. 

In the dazzling light, on the beautifully decorated stage Ramaswamy Iyer and Chettiar hugged and thanked Varadachari for training the girl in such a short time while a big throng of audience comprising scholars, dancers, politicians, cinema choreographers. 

Iyer said " Kuruvanji's has brought the heaven down to Poonamallee by fulfilling the three basic components Natya (the dramatic element), Nritta ( movements), Nritya (expressional component i.e. mudras or gestures). Varadachari was in amazement. 

The Vaidheeswaran Temple committee  congratulated Kuruvanji on presenting the epic poem on Lord Shiva very vivaciously. The sea of audience  applauding from time to time reminded the noise of the sea. They were quite excited to see moon like face of Kuruvanji.   The Culture and Art minister of Tamilnadu felicitated Varadachari for brining 1600 CE Tamil literature back to life. 


Varadachari was overwhelmed with joy not because he was felicitated but because his niece (sister's daughter) came to the lime light. Kuruvanji touched the feet of Iyer later while touching uncle's feet he felt acute pain in the chest but he managed to get off the stage with the help of Kuruvanji.