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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

The new tune -43

 Visakhapatnam - National highway

Bharatavarsha is behind the steering wheel and Nandini is sitting beside him. She leaned her head on Varsha's chest. Her phone rang. she has cut the call. The phone rang again. She has cut the call again. Varsha was amused " Why don't you answer the call. You are free now." Said Varsha. 

Who said I am free. I am very busy. It is my private time and I am playing with my man. 

The phone rang again. Varsha saw the number. It was Syamala. He said the same to Nandini.

Nandini said " Disgusting! Syamala wanted to come with us for shopping. I refused. so now she is disturbing me. It is vindication. Devil, sadist." and took the call. " What is so urgent?!" She shouted. 

Syamala said " You mother is feeling bad about your outing with the groom. Talk to her.

Paidamma : When will you come back? Where are you going?

Nandini : Amma , this is too much, I told you before leaving home that we are going shopping.

Paidamma : Come back early, If anything goes wrong all will question me.

Nandini: Who are the ALL? 

Paidamma : ALL means all . All means the world. 

Nandini: Understood AMMA, give the phone to the world.

Paidamma : World?

Nandini : Yes, the world standing beside you and bugging around your ears.

Paidamma gave the phone to Syamala. Syamala was laughing. Nandini was irked.

Nandini : Syamala? Rascal,  Stop your mechinations. I am going with the man I am engaged with. You can't disturb me when I am with my would be consort. 

Ramya: You had talks yesterday. The engagement is day after tomorrow. 

Nandini : You little imp. You are there by her side. I could n't guess. You two together can't ...

Syamala : We can disturb you even on your first night. Ramya has a strategy for that..

Nandini : What do you want? 

Ramya : That is a good girl. Buy us clothes.Two chudidars , a saree , lehanga and half saree..

Nandini : Go ask your husband , rascal.. 

She cut the call and said  "What a tatter! "  she looked at Varsha. He was not so cheerful.  The teasing call filled her with  joy and renewed her spirits. She laughed " This is the best day in my life." 

Bharatavarsha looked impassive to fun and laughter. He is rather stoic. Nandini was deeply perturbed at the grim countnance of Varsha. "What ails you? Why are you not cheerful? "  She asked him.

The car was going steady on the highway. Varsha looked through the window the traffic is increasing. 

Bharatavarsha: You don't know what fears subdued my joys. What duties are weighing heavy on my mind.  When I informed Sandeep about the engagement ceremony his response was mechanical.There is no enthusiasm. Do you know Manju went to Bangalore several times and spent with Sandeep. 

Varsha's voice became heavy and slow.  Nandini looked at Varsha . The funereal feelings are conspicuous on his face. Nandini was speechless. She was aghast. Soon she recovered from the shock and said " My mother and I are hell bent of Manju. She will be the daughter in law of Paidamma. I will be the daughter in law of Malini. Varsha smiled and said " I will go to Bangalore and Chennai. I will see through the three engagements." said Bharatavarsha. Nandini laid her head peacefully on Varsha's chest.


2. Narayana Chetty Street - T Nagar

Kumkum Agarwal  saw Agastya working in his cubicle. It was lunch time. Mr. Hu has gone for lunch. Are you happy ? 

Nandini leaned her head on Varsha's chest. She saw a black car and a white car crossed their car.