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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Shepherd girl who became France Education Minister

Once a shepherd girl - who tended goats and fetched water from the well - Najat moved to France and faced the real world full of opportunities as well as struggles. The Moroccan girl who had no proficiency in French. Her father who laid strict rules for his daughters - no boys and no nightclubs till the age of 18. As a result, the girls surrendered completely, themselves to studies

Najat got the opportunity to pursue higher education with the prestigious Institut d’études politiques . This set her on the path winding the political landscape in France. Najat worked two jobs to take the financial load off her parents while pursuing her Master's in Public Administration.

Najat's political career began with her joining the Socialist Party as an adviser to the mayor of Lyon. She later ran for elections and won the seat of the Councillor. She served as the Minister of Women’s Rights, Minister of City Affairs, Minister of Youth Affairs and Sports.  In 2012, she was appointed as the Minister of Women’s Affairs by François Hollande, the then Socialist president. She became the official spokesperson in Hollande government.

The nasty response of French Muslims.

No one likes if you want to do good. That is what exactly happened when she Najat started her work in the most important position. When Najat became minister for women's rights in Hollande's cabinet, French Muslims had high hopes – sadly they have been disappointed when she voiced against burqa and supported burqa ban when sarkozy introduced it. (When President Hollande refused to overturn the "burqa ban" he was commented as awkward and insensitive.) She not only articulated her country's most pressing contemporary problems, she took the bold first step to solving them. When she pledged to "see prostitution disappear" working girls in Paris have accused her of trying to drive a relatively well regulated industry underground. Several protest marches and demonstrations were carried out. Muslim in France saw her as a threat to their beliefs and life styles. Even the haters targeted her with sexiest comments. She was accused of wearing lipstick and there was a row on her black bra that a tiny portion of the bra lace is visible.

Everybody demands change but the moment you start changing they throw stones. Intrepid people like Najat are not deterred by stones. She has proved that if education can take you to France your determination and inner strength can make you education minister.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Lifestyle in Pune - Girls, Sex and Philosophy

What do the people of Pune say about the people of Andhra?
How the girls of Pune enjoy their life?
What philosophy does the city and people manifest? 
96 hours of time, Rs 30,000 a dozen autos. 3 cars, 4 buses, 2 flights and a train.
Seamless interactions and Endless observations.
There is something new exciting in Pune , in its people and their culture. 

The tree cover in Pune is 100 times more, Pune with its vast gardens , beautiful parks, clean roads looks like a city situated in a big park. Once upon a time Bangaluru was garden city. Now it is no more a garden city. Today Pune must be called the garden city. Pune deserves the sobriquet " the garden city" The population of Pune is 34 lakhs in 2017. Pune is five times bigger than Vijayawada. (The size of Vijayawada is 61 kilometers. The size of Pune is 331 kilometers.) Roads as well as buses are rarely crowded. I have not found politicians flex banners. After travelling the length and breadth of Pune. I have found three or four flex banners. There is a difference between the people of both cities in mindset as well as life style. similarly there is a vast difference between the politicians flex banners and posters too.   In Andhrapradesh politicians flex banners are common. Every 10 feet there is a poster of the C.M which depicts his insecurity " You should come once again" one can not see such nasty mean self propaganda posters in Pune. The four posters I have seen are of some inauguration or Invitation for a new social or devotional program.  

When you look at  the people in Vijayawada their lives seem more miserable than the desperate politicians of the state.  Majority people lack individuality. Their lack of individuality is clearly seen on their cars and bikes. The cars Vans and bikes in Vijayawada have stickers that show caste or a cinema actor. It is nauseating to see the mean spirited people and their imbecile ( slave) mindset. I have seen hundreds of cars bikes no caste tags as in Vijayawada. Not a single auto has cine heroes posters. We find self respecting people compared to family slaves in Andhrapradesh

If you look at girls women and men the differences are clear. In Japanese Okayama park and in Viman nagar I met several girls. The girls are very broad. Their broad mindedness is conspicuous in their behavior. They spoke with us as women in 50 plus do. Took our photos in different angles. After great roaming I discovered nice friends of all ages. Girls offered friendship without hesitation. Gentle courtesy and individuality minus coquettish exhibitionism are found in girls which are absent in most of the girls in Vijayawada.

We reached Pune CTS on 1st November 2018.

We stayed at Treebo niraali Hotel in Hinjewadi behind Wipro

Streets and busy roads are covered with trees
                                                              The view of a busy road
More trees less vehicles fewer people 
Tranquility in the city - eating alfresco ( out in open)
Eco friendly Electric bikes for hire
Diwali is top festival - some trees wear colors
Spiritual fragrance of jabled Philosophical society 
Trees all over - You discover yourself in a forest
The city sunroof - the tree cover keeps sun off

   On the way to Shirgoan the replica of Shiridi temple

Highway is tinted with Gold, Marigold
The Charming beauty of western ghats
yes, Pune is incredible

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Mr. Vaddikasulu - the man with matchless devotion

Mr. Vaddikasulu who is a student of matchless devotion. He has learnt German earlier and can speak fluently.  Look at the tattoo on his hand. A German tattoo on a Telugu boy's hand?!  The tattoo reads " Ich bin genug". What does it mean?  It is means "I am enough."  There is a moving story behind this tattoo of course.

Nevertheless German tattoo underscores his love of German language. It also shows that learning is the sole agenda of his life in sharp contrast with men of modern generation who are after luxuries. He works in a bank but has abnegated all comforts for the sake of learning. He lives in a hostel, goes to places on foot. ( although he can buy a car and house). My Japanese language advanced in his company. Although I was able to speak Japanese, the Japanese script remained inaccessible to me until two weeks ago. Today I am able to listen to Japanese and answer the questions written in Japanese script. It is ideal to write a blog about vaddikasulu and by all means it is worth reading.

Happy Diwali
7th Nov, 2018