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Friday, November 25, 2022

Mind and behaviour

How to understand a man ?

It does not mean how to understand a male person. It does not refer to the gender. How to understand man is how to understand a human being. Human is nothing but his mind. 

What is mind? ( Not brain, it is physical. Mind is theoretical)

Mind is abstract. It is like walking. When you are walking you can see walking. But when you stopped walking can you see walking? No, you can not see walking. Mind is just like that. That is why I said that Mind is abstract. How to understand the abstract mind?

Our thinking is mind in other words Mind is nothing but our thinking.  

Does it have a form? Mind has the theoretical form  the doctrines or theories. ( It is also the philosophy.) Can we see the theoretical form of the mind? Yes. The theory of the mind prepare senses accordingly. They are displayed in behaviour through actions. 

Mind depends on philosophy creates it own policy like a business man. A business man may have the philosophy of making maximum profit by selling fake or low quality goods (RD denim offers Jeans pants for Rs 100/-  Birseli water bottle, AKG head phones) or He may also have philosophy of making average profit  by selling good quality goods. His business policies like giving a bill, giving a warranty card and maintaining customer relations depend on his philosophy. 

మన మనస్సు సిద్ధాంతరూపమైనది - మనమెటువంటి భావాలను నేర్పితే అది దానికను గుణంగానే స్పందిస్తుంది- మనస్సు ప్రతిస్పందనగా ఇంద్రియాలను తదనుగుణంగా ప్రవర్తించేలా చేస్తుంది. అది ప్రవర్తనలో చర్యలలో బయటపడుతుంది . ప్రవర్తనని బట్టి మనిషి మనసు ఎటువంటిదో అతడు లేదా ఆమె ఎటువంటిదో చెప్పవచ్చు కానీ ప్రయోజనం ఉండదు. ఎంత చెత్త పనులు చేసే వారైనా  తమ పాలసీ లేదా ఫిలాసఫీ ని  ఉన్నతంగా చూబించుకుంటారు.  ఏదైతేనేం  థియరిటికల్ మైండ్ ని చూబించడం సర్వసాధారణం, అత్యవసరం .  

 "ప్రజలకోసమే జగనన్న"   "ప్రజలకోసమే చంద్రన్న" చంద్రన్న కానుక"    "జగనన్నకానుక"

For example The government policies are all about vote capturing. The government offers freebies , divides people into castes and links all benefits to the caste. Does any government accept its philosophy? " 

Most students read only text books only before exams. They say that want knowledge and they say that they respect knowledge. Do they accept that they are in certificate hunt?

Journalists or Newspapers or TV channels display their policies in their captions. Truth is our breath, we live for truth, we stand for people. we are people's voice and so on and so on.

I love my mother tongue Telugu somebody told me. I told him the news of  my Telugu Novel Bharatavarsha receiving World record. He felt very happy and showed great excitement. I asked him to share the news on his Fb wall. He never spoke with me again. 

I recently met a group of 30 childhood friends in Whatsaap. We all studied together in elementary school. They talked about friendship so well. Nobody cared to read my world record Novel Bharatavarsha. I have sent them the four page synopsis but nobody responded. I have asked a highly placed childhood friend to write a feedback. After asking several times he said I can't write in Telugu. He is a Telugu medium guy who studied with me. 

We love our mother tongue, We love knowledge, we love our friends , we love our country. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The spirit -27

It was 2.00 AM Laxmi was mooing. Then cried the baby cow. The bleat was  not normal it was trying to communicate some emotion. The calf engage in repetitive crying. Vidisha was awakened by the bleating of the calf. She got off the bed and came out of her bedroom and walked to the entrance door.   Seshachalam was fast asleep in his room. Everything was silent. She gathered courage and opened the door. The breeze was cool. She saw Laxmi and her baby were on their legs - dozing. ( only for deep sleep cows lie down)

Vidisha was walking  to the well Seshachalam was watching from behind. The sky was just star-lit. There was no moon in the sky. It was dark out side. Vidisha peeped into the well. and started walking towards the backyard. Seshachalam came out of the house. Vidisha walked towards the cowshed. Her mother appeared with a smiling face.  Her spine shivered. Her heart skipped a beat. She walked two steps nearer. She vanished leaving Vidisha in dismay. 

Vidisha stood there and looked around - found nothing except darkness. Hardly had she turned back when her father ran into his room. Vidisha walked to the entrance door while watching around at the door she ran into her mother. She felt that  someone has dashed her. She came in and closed the door. Her father coughed and twisted on the bed. Vidisha lay on the floor in the living room. Her gaze was fixed on the ceiling.  Seshachalam came into the living room calling her " Hum.. hum ha... Hum ..hum ..ha...They are drinking rum, smoking cigar. Hum.. hum ha... Hum ..hum ..ha. laughing at the witch house. They are rolling out in woods.  The hunters want his head. The hunters want his blood. Hum.. hum ha... Hum ..hum ..ha. Their death is waiting on the road.  Ha hha hha hha!!!!" Vidisha was singing.  Seshachalam  was frozen in the living room with his eyes fixed on the wall clock.


Simhachalam phone rang several times before he picked up the receiver from his bed. He sat on the bed and saw his lungi slipped off his wait. He was semi nude. He turned his head and looked at Michelle. She was nude. He was listening to the voice while looking and her beautiful body" They must finish him. Lest I should finish them."  " He put his mouth to the receiver and said "Don't worry. It will be done but I got  him terminated from his job. I don't understand why you are so serious" "He kidnapped my daughter." The voice on the phone was emotional." OK. Our men started.  you will hear the good news by tomorrow." 

 Michelle was aroused by the talk. She found herself nude and pulled the blanket over her body. Simchalam pulled down. She sat on the bed covering the blanket again. Simhachalam gave one more peg to her lips. 

Sim: Please one more  

Michelle: I never drank so much.  Don't force me to drink more." 

Sim: Ok, Then. I too don't drink, Your beauty is enough to give me the kick!

Michelle: You are the demon among men!

Simhachalam: But you are Apsara 

"I want my land." She said firmly 

Simhachalam: I want pleasure. Take what you want. You want money?" 

"I want nothing but land" she repeated. 

Simhachalam: ----------------------------------

Michelle: I am gong to be engaged soon. Leave me!

Simhachalam: Our friendship will continue only until you are engaged  

Michelle: "Friendship? Your shitty friendship. I am the victim.


The people of sabbavaram gathered around three dead bodies on the road at 8.00 AM.  Seshachalam was among the bystanders. He was doubtful when Vidisha was singing the previous night about their deaths. They was killed by a truck. somebody said. Seshachalam  was so tired as he was sleepless. He was taking Vidisha  to the Raghavendra hospital. He did not go to the doctor he returned home. The road was waiting for their death. it is true but who are they? why did the road kill them?  He had no answers to those questions. 


The lecturers saw Syamala coming out of the Telugu department with her lunch box. Physics Lecturer Kameswarrao and Botany lecturer Krishnaveni smiled at her. The first class after the lunch was physics She directly went into her class room. She put the box on the table and sat next to Vindhya. The bell rang and the students started coming into the class room.  The commotion is increasing by and by. Symala was drowsy. Kameswarrao  started the class.  He explained the Niels Bohr model of hydrogen atom. Her friends who  saw Syamala sleeping tried to wake up. They were very apprehensive about the consequences because Kameswarrao is damn strict a lecturer. But luckily he did not see Syamala as he spent of the time drawing the diagram of Atom. Vindya pinched Syamala. Syamala woke up and saw the lecturer. " Who proposed the theory of hydrogen Atom model?" His metallic voice sounded rough.  Syamala was frightened. She did not understand anything. To ease the question he asked again " Is it Bohr? " Yes sir bore sir , Physics is utter bore sir!" The class broke into laughter.  The bell rang. Kameswarrao went out and Chemistry lecturer Parameswarrao came in with Chaitanya. He was drawing something on the board. Why did you not come to physics class? asked syamala. Why are you taking lunch in Telugu department with Rameswarri? asked Chaitanya. She is not leaving me during the lunch break. She is spoon feeding me on her lap. said Syamala. 

Thank God She is leaving you for classes. The chemistry lecturer is not leaving even for the classes. He is taking me to his classes and to the staffroom. He tied me to him.  What a pity! What a pity! Where has Nandini gone! You became sick after she ran away from home." said Vindhya.  " She ran away and she is safe! We got caught as we could not" said Chaitanya and Syamala. The bell rang. The chemistry class is over. Paramewsarrao has come to chaitanya and caught him by hand. Telugu professor Rameswarrai was coming. " Syamala come to the staff room once" She called. 

 Syamala said " I have next class madam" she said. Look Syamala, today before you go, tell me if Nandini had told you anything. Where did she go? A girl running away from home is not a small thing." They were walking ahead. Chaitanya and Vindhya were laughing watching them from behind.  "See how clever the professors are they rubbing Syamala and me to get the truth" said Chaitanya. " yes, they are rubbing on the wrong side." Said Vindhya. " Men are fools! He.. hee.. hee" laughed Chaitanya thinking that he commented the professors. " I am afraid you are a man" Said Vindhya. Chaitanya was dazed. 

"She was disappointed when she knew that the Telugu teacher left the college. She was distraught  when she came to know that he was sacked she broke her heart when she learned that she was used as a pan in the game.  She told me that she would teach her father a lesson for conspiring against an inspiring teacher, after all he is her lover." said Vindhya. Oh! She must have told you where she has gone , please tell me." said Chaitanya.  " I can not trust you , You will tell the Chemistry lecturer that hurts her very badly. She feels total betrayal" said Vindhya.  " You know what dangers are awaiting a girl who ran away from house,  in this vile world?" Chaitanya attacked Vindhya with logic.  Don't worry about her safety , I have told Bharatavarsha where she has gone." said Vindhya at the same time Syamala came to her and said " If you confide in me tell me where she has gone?" 

Vindhya looked at Chaitanya. He understood that she wants privacy and moved away. 

Vindhya " She has gone to her Kakinada friend Sundari." 

Syamala: You mean the famous kuchipudi dancer whom our college invited and felicitated on the last year annual day?" 

Vindhya: Yes , She is Nandini's friend.

Syamala: So Nandini is in Kakinada? 

No, She is in Hyderabad with Sundari who got a chance to dance in Navya art Productions"

Navya Arts Naidu and Kashyap are very famous. Wonderful!

Naidu and Kashyap are lechers. They are the infamous duo. They are danger not wonder

our Nandini is in danger too because they are living in the same apartment. 

How do you know all these things?

Sundary gives me three online dance classes a week. 

 How long the shooting will go? What danger comes in her way? Will Nandini come back ?

I am not a foreteller, I don't have divya shakti. I have told Bharatavarsha he has sent a girl to Hyderabad to save her from danger and bring her back as soon as possible.

He should have gone himself or he should have sent a man!

You are too intelligent Syamala. You are a genius! She has to live with her in her place. 

Syamala was convinced with Vindya but Chaitanya was not. From a distance he was watching their conversation. When the conversation is over he came to Vindhya and said " I have a straight question , I want the straight answer, when you can't trust men how did you trust Bharatavarsha? Isn't he a man?" 

"He is not a man. He is a gentleman." cut short Vindhya. Chaitanya was dazed again.


Gadiraju Palace is the  spectacular beach palace, a15 minute walk from Kailasagiri Park.  The luxurious hotel on Visakha beach is an elite space with  unparalleled aesthetics. It is the place for grand weddings, great exhibitions  and product launches. It resembles Meenakshi palace in Mysore. 

In the 25,000sft Convention hall  Alekhya homes launches a new venture. It is also the property exhibition show. The city mayor lighted the lamp and started the exhibition. Several developers, stake holders and new reporters participated in the show. The lights were turned off in the big hall. The video of the township was shown to nearly thousand audience sitting in the large hall. 

 Later the lights were on. "We have already started construction of Yakshini township spread across 30 acres near Bheemili " said Sundar the Chairman of Alekhya homes. "We can hope to start allocating the apartment  by March next year,” said Alekhya the director of Alekhya homes. 

"We've opened a website and started e booking also. We will float bids for the commercial spaces only after the residential part is completed. We will we invite applications for civic community sites, and then e-auction the commercial sites." Said the marketing Manager.

Factors like delivery rate, location of the projects developed, after-delivery services,  on all these parameters  Ahalya homes  is the best. said the Mayor. 

The meeting was over. Alekhya, Sundar, Adya, Syam  Grace and Timpany sat one side of the ten seater table. Shivani developers chairman Teja and his wife Shivani. Margaux and her husband were seated on the other side of the table. The lunch was being served.

Alekhya introduced Grace and Timpany to Sundar. Adya introduced them to her husband Syam.  Margaux and her husband to all. "He is alloy steel manufacturer Deshpande " 

Sundar: What do you do Syam? 

Syam: I have a microbrewery.

Alekhya : You have to take property Syam

Syam: I will try. but what is the price?

Sundar: The price begins at 50 lakh.

Alekhya : Grace what about you?

Grace:   I will ask my husband. 

Sundar: Did you not invite her husband?

Alekhya : He is very reserved. 

Sundar : Mrs. Timpany what about you?

Adya : She is the wife of a shoe mart owner. He suffered a loss and closed the shop.

Adya said to Alekhya. Alekhya said the same thing to her husband. 

Sundar : If she is financially not doing well , It's ok. Her sister Grace has a big company. Her husband is the biggest acqua culturist.  We can count on her. 

Alekhya: You started the company in my name and gave me  the position of a director.  

Adya: Grace's husband started her business with his ex wife's name " Meenakshi exports"

All people laughed. Timpany and Grace were taken aback. 

Teja: He must have started the company before he married Grace. 

Adya : No after his marriage with Grace he started Meenakshi exports"

All the guests laughed again. The sisters felt like slapped. 

Sunder quickly stopped laughing and said " Ok, stop laughing. Who knows she will be the CEO of the company. Alekhya "She was not educated enough to be the CEO. 

Sundar looked at Grace and Timpany. Grace was felling small but Timpany looked proud.

She looked at Adya and Alekhya and said "I will offer something bigger  you can ever ask" 

Everybody was surprised to listen to Timpany's words. "What is the cost of the Yakshini project?" She asked. Alekhya and Adya were shocked at her audacity. " It is 100 crores." said Alekhya. " I will take the entire venture" said Timpany. This time all people broke into laughter. Timpany and Grace walked away. 


Anandalnilayam Garden. Basava, Kesava, Agastya, Manjusha sat amid flowers. It was a colorful moment. The master of the day who set the sky ablaze is tired and retiring to the western horizon. The sky was aglow with his orange light. White clouds  drifting lazily in the gentle breeze. In that colourful moment Kesava was playing Mrudanga  looking at the sky. 

"Is there a grenade blast in the sky?

 or a colourful smoke bomb?

Are they colours god's moods?

Lo! the clouds spread all over the sky

Are they really clouds or thick cotton balls?

The sun isa fire ball or a brandy drop 

burning down the throat of sky." Said Basava. 

 Agastya" Basava you have a tree in your heart. It is the beautiful poetry" 

 Basava " Yes! poetry without rhyme scheme" He laughed at himself.

Agastya " you are a pandit of blank verse" 

Kesava began playing the gentle beats gradually he reached rapid beats and played Mrudanga groves (combined effect of beat and rhythm) on Mrudanga that surrounded the garden of Anandanilayam. Basava and Agastya are transfixed to the beauty of sound.

"You have chosen the path of music. You have gone very far." Said Basava. 

 "You have magic in your fingers. You are a Maestro" Said Agastya. 

Kesava was unmindful of the comments he is totally immersed in the groove. He produced a mrudanga loop with unparalleled gusto for a few minutes. Finally when he stopped Munjasha came into the garden with tea. "Is it Druvatala or Aditala?" asked Basava.

" The clouds and your verse enthused me. The music I played is groove. The Mrudanga loop is wave of rhythm which is the response to the inspiration. Are you inspired by clouds? asked Agastya.   

"Why not? Cloud inspired Kalidasa. It is the chief element in his literature Meghadhoot. So is it the chief element in my Rhythm. Clouds have the beautiful symbolism.  They charge our heart with emotions." said Kesava. 

Wow! Kesava  what happened to you? you are describing the beautiful symbolism of clouds?!  Do you have Nephophilia (love of clouds)?" said Manjusha. All the friends laughed.  "Have you stolen your Guru's heart? " said Agastya.

"Why stealing his heart ? His heart is here. He left his heart here and went away." said Kesava showing Varsha's latest poems.  Agastya took the book of poetry and opened it. It was full of hand written poems. He started reading the first poem.

Solitary Poet

Oh solitary poet in the  gloomy graveyard

why hangest here  for a  promenade 

The night is cold and the scene is dreadful 

Why is the smile on your lips so wistful?

Screeching owls squawking rooks 

flickering flame  all hopes in wrecks

what of your fame that reached apogee

why wanderst thou like a refugee

Abundant tombs, withered wreaths

souls sauntering without sheaths

This is what remains when life ends

No one  ever death transcends

Too short is life's window

Bygone is all but a shadow

When Agastya finished reading Basava said "The astounding spray of emotions. He imparted sweetness to melancholy. Manjusha brought tea into the garden a while ago. She was only waiting to give them tea overhearing the poem. She said looking at the sky " 

It is the cosmic art exhibition 

presided over by the sun

relaxing after day long run

It is the visible manifestation 

of the invisible force 

the golden verse of the universe

"Cosmic art exhibition is a nice word. said Manjusha. "Where is Varsha? we have come here to invite him to farewell Raghava who is leaving for Bangalore " said Basava.

 "He went to the art exhibition. I mean Vidisha's art exhibition." Said Manjusha.

 Neither Basava nor Agastya understood what she meant. They looked puzzled. At the same time Malini was seen coming out of the door with her childhood friend Damini. They were walking towards the gate. Malini was giving a send off. Manjusha said " Lakuma's mother Aruna is coming tomorrow. Lakuma has left home.  It causes concern to my mother. The second concern is Vidisha who is not normal. The third was Varsha who is going about Vidasha. His poems reveal his heart and his experiences.. before Manju stopped Basava said " You mean the solitary poet is his experience?" Agastya said " He must have gone to the grave? If so why did he go?"  " Vidisha was going to grave my brother Varsha and her father both followed her. " said Manjusha. "What Raghva said was correct." said both Basava and Agastya. What did he say? asked Kesava. 


It was an ordinary house in Madhuravada , housing board colony. Savitri is on tape bed.  Timpany ( Tejovathi) and Gayatri ( Grace) were at the bedside.  "Amma , please come with me to my place. While I can take care of you in my palace why should you endure this hardships in this old age?" Said Grace. Savitri did not speak. Timpany said "She will not come to either of us because we are not settled in life"  " uh! settling in life is too small a word. I am filthy rich." Grace gave an anguished cry. 

Savitri saw her daughter in distress and began to tell her " Do you know why you are crying?" Grace looked surprised. " You don't know nor your sister (Tejovathi) knows. Grace looked bewildered.  Savitri smiled and continued...

" Look Gayatri, ever since you married I started living in the charitable old age home. You and Tejovathi have asked me several times to come with you. I never opened my lips though you have asked me several times. Gayatri you think that Tejovathi is not rich so if I don't go to her it is okay for you. But you don't  for sufficient reasons. 

I am not in thirties like you. You are searching for meaning of life in money and status. You are searching for satisfaction in luxuries.  I am  neither looking for money nor luxuries at the age of 70.  I want to discover the meaning of life in  peace and penance. I need loneliness for freedom for repentance. 

My young age was taken over by troubles because I married an uneducated man who spent most of his life as lorry cleaner.  He became a driver but his joy was short lived. His death left us in the lurch. The Christian missionaries helped us but took advantage of our poverty and converted us to Christianity.  My middle age was taken over by fears. I was afraid of your safety and your future.  

I adjusted my self to Christianity reluctantly. The missionary died.  Looking at Grace Savitri said "She ( Tejovathi) married three times no marriage stood for her. The three husbands are the same. This is the third marriage he has financial acclivity.  

Tejovathi dissolved in tears.  "No one was financially strong." 

I was in the Christian old age home until a week ago but I was not happy there. She said and suddenly stopped when she saw a young man with coffee. He has an interesting face , brilliant eyes and a cheerful voice. He placed the coffee flask on the table and offered coffee to all.  He said " Amma why did you stop telling." 

Who is he said Tejovathi looking at the young man of 25 years  " He is joseph" said Savitri.

I am joseph Venkateswarulu.  I am an irreligious man. Religion is an occupation to me. 

Who are you what are you doing here? What happened to the old age home?  asked Tejovathi.  "He came three days ago to this place. He does not know anything." said Savitri.

I am a servant of  Anandasadan. Off course people call me manager. The missionary old age home was closed  a week ago for want of funds. For two days 40 members of the old age home stayed under a tree here. A kind hearted man saw these people and shifted them to a four storied building. said Joseph Venkateswarulu. 

What is this house ? why is my mother here?  asked Grace.

This is my quarter. I live in the near by village. You mother wanted to live alone. There is a temple in the opposite street. She spends her time in the service of God.  Since I don't live here your mother is here.  said Joseph Venkateswarulu. 

Who's the kind hearted man behind this Anandasadan? asked Grace

His name is Bharatavarsha. Said Joesph Venkatswarulu. 

Bharatavarsha is a familiar name. His name is familiar in news paper , radio and television said Grace. "He is reconverting the old age people into Hindu dharma." said Savitri. 

Have you gone back? We have no problem we can bear Hindutva. said Grace.

"But I can not bear Christianity." Said Savitri sharply. Grace was startled. 

 Savitri smiled and said "That's why I want to be here." Grace was struggling to understand. 

Look Gayatri your lives are lawless (disorderly without peace) but you need some time to realize and accept the truth. your heart has hopes. you have the age. you have bodily needs, I have  spiritual needs. Don't worry. go in your way. You can visit and go. Don't cry for me. 


Psychiatrist Rajendra looked at Seshachalam “The patient's mental state examination (MSE) score was 17/30. She showed no bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, or finger tremor. She has no emotional problems. MRI revealed bilateral parieto‐occipital and mild left temporal cortical atrophy.  CT perfusion showed decreased cerebral blood flow in the bilateral parietal and frontal regions. CSF showed no abnormality.” 

Seshachalam had a terrified look. Vidisha sat beside her father. “Nothing to worry about. She is normal.  she has hallucinations due to sleeplessness and weakness. 

He looked at Vidisha and smiled " Eat well,  sleep well. Don't think too much. Do meditation and when use the sleeping tablets." He later looked at Seshachalam and said " No spirits , no predictions , nothing. 

The road death of the three people" stammered Seshachalam

Doctor: It is a mere co incidence. Don't bother about it. 

When they were about to go doctor's assistant came in. The doctor asked him have you found it? His voice showed anxiety. " No sir , I have searched for your car keys everywhere. I have searched in madam's desk, pharmacy , even the operation theatre. I don't think you have brought they keys to the hospital. You must have forgotten at home!

The doctor got very angry " I came by car to the hospital." His assistant was dazed.

Vidisha : The yellow shirt patient who came to see you has taken it.  

Seshachalam : How do you know?

Doctor : Ha hha.. hhaa. This is called hallucination. 

While he was laughing a man wearing blue shirt brought the key and gave it to the doctor.

The Assistant : You said yellow shirt? Doctor is correct. It is hallucination!

Blue shirt man : My brother came to hospital. He picked up your keys on your table thinking that they are his car keys.  He has asked me to hand over the keys to you. 


Ferdowsi - Kalhana

 ఫిరదౌసి 940 ప్రాంతంలో తౌసు అనే పట్టణంలో జన్మించాడు. చిన్నప్పటి నుంచి అతను చాలా గ్రంధాలు చదివి, మంచి జ్ఞానాన్ని ఆర్జించి చక్కని కవిత్వపటుత్వము, భాషాశైలి అలవడ్డ తరువాత షానామా అనేగ్రంధం వ్రాయడం మొదలు పెట్టాడు.

Ferdowsi was a historian-poet comparable with Kalhana who wrote Rajatarangani. Ferdowsi's  Sha-nama is analogous with Rajataragini because Sha-nama presents the valour of Persian kings like Rajatarangini. 

Rajatarangini ("The River of Kings") is a metrical legendary and historical chronicle of the north-western part of India, particularly the kings of Kashmir. It was written in Sanskrit by Kashmiri historian Kalhana in the 12th century CE. Sha-nama is the national epic of Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan written during  977 and 1010 CE

షానామా అనగా రాజుల చరిత్ర అని అర్ధము. బాహిరీ-తాఖ్ రబ్ అనే పార్సీ వృతాలలో 60,000 పద్యాలతో కూడిన గొప్ప ఇతిహాస గ్రంధాలలో షానామా ఒకటి. షానామా పలు ప్రపంచదేశ భాషలలోనికి తర్జుమా చేయబదినది కూడా.

ఫిరదౌసి షానామా వ్రాస్తున్న విషయం దేశంలో వ్యాపించింది. అతని కావ్యం విన్నవారంతా ఆతనిని సన్మానిస్తూ ఉండేవారు. ఈవార్త కొంతకాలానికి గజనీ పురసుల్తాను మహమ్మద్ ఆస్థానంలోకి కూడా ప్రాకింది. భారతదేశం మీదకి అనేక దండయాత్రలు చేసిన గజనీ మహమ్మద్ ఫిరదౌసిని తన ఆస్థానానికి రప్పించేడు.

సుల్తాను ఆస్థానం చేరే ముందు అక్కడ ఒక విచిత్ర సంఘటన జరిగింది. గజనీ పట్టణముబైట ఉద్యానవనంలో అతనిని ఆంసరీ, ఆస్ జాదీ, పరూఖి అనే ముగ్గురు ఆస్థాన కవులు కలుసుకున్నారు. పల్లెటూరి వానివలే కనిపిస్తున్న ఫిరదౌసిని నీవెవరని ప్రశ్నించగా నేనొక కవినని అతడు బదులు చెప్పాడు. వారు ఆతనిని పరీక్షంచ డానికి షక్ అనే అంత్యప్రాసతో కూడిన పద్యపాదములు తలాఒకటి చదివారు. పారశీ భాషలో షక్ అనే అక్షరంతో ముగిసే శబ్దాలు మూడుమాత్రమే ఉండగా నాల్గవది ఫిరదౌసి చెప్పాడు. అప్పుడు వారు ఆశ్చర్యపోయి ఫిరదౌసిని ఆస్థాన కవిగా నియమించారు.

సుల్తాను ఆస్థానం ప్రవేశించి ఫిరదౌసి తన కావ్యంలో కొంత భాగాన్ని వినిపించాడు. అతని రచనానైపుణ్యానికి సుల్తాను ఆస్థానమంతా దిగ్భ్రాంతి చెందింది. అతనిని అందరు ప్రశంసించారు. సుల్తాను సింహాసనం దిగి ఎంతో గౌరవంతో షానామాను తన ఆస్థానంలో ఉండి ముగించమని కోరేడు. ప్రతిపద్యానికీ ఒక సువర్ణ దీనారు ఇస్తానని వాగ్దానం చేసాడు. సుల్తాను కోరిక కాదనలేక ఫిరదౌసి సమ్మతించాడు.

ఫిరదౌసి తన శక్తినంతా వినియోగించి 30సం. శ్రమించి గ్రంధం పూర్తిచేసి సుల్తాను చేతిలో పెట్టాడు.సుల్తాను తన వాగ్దానం చెల్లించుకోకుండా సువర్ణదీనారులకు బదులి వెండిదీనారులు కొన్ని సంచులలో వేసి పంపినాడు. ఫిరదౌసి ఈ అవమానం సహించలేకపోయాడు. అవమానంతో క్రుంగి ఇతరౌలకు చెప్పకుండా గజనీ పట్టణము విడిచి వెళ్ళిపోయాడు.పోయేటప్పుడు ఒక దుప్పటీ ఒక కర్రమాత్రం తనతో తీసుకున్నాడు. అప్పటికి అతని వయస్సు 75సం. దాటినది.

వెళ్ళేముందు తన ఆవేదనని తెలుపుతూ కొన్ని పద్యాలు వ్రాసి సుల్తానుకు పంపాడు.  దేశ చరిత్రలోవలె వాజ్మయంలో కూడా గజనీ సుల్తాను అపకీర్తి చిరస్థాయిగా నిలిచిపోయింది. ఫిరదౌసి దేశ సంచారం చేస్తూ బాగ్దాదు .కొంతకాలానికి అతని స్వగ్రామం తౌసు చేరుకున్నాడు. సుల్తాను హిందూదేశం ముట్టడి ముగించి తన పట్టణం వెళ్ళిపోతూ మార్గంలో ఒక శత్రువులకోట ముట్టడివేశాడు. ఈవార్త తెలిసి కోటలోనివారు ఫిరదౌసి ఒకప్పుడు వ్రాసిన "నీకంటే గొప్ప చక్రవర్తులు ఎందరో ఈప్రపంచం నుండి వెళ్ళిపోయారు నీవెంతకాలం ఈదండయాత్రలు చేస్తూ ఉంటావు అనే   ఫిరదౌసి అపఖ్యాతి పద్యాలను  సుల్తానుకు  వినిపిస్తారు.

సుల్తాను సిగ్గుతో ఆముట్టడి విరమించి ఫిరదౌసి ఉనికి తెలుసుకొని గజనీ పట్టణము చేరిన తరువాత తొలివాగ్దానం చేసిన ధనం కంటే అధికముగా రాయబారుల చేతికిచ్చి ఫిరదౌసికి పంపించేడు. కానీ ఫిరదౌసి రాయబారులు తౌసు నగరం చేరేసమయానికి మర్త్య లోకం విడిచి వెళ్ళిపోయాడు. ధనరాసులతో రాయబారులు తౌసు పట్టణములోనికి ఒక ద్వారం గుండా ప్రవేసిస్తుండగా అతని మృతకళేబరము మరొక ద్వారం నుండి కదలిపోయినది.

Such great poets and writers are plenty in our country but there are no such memorials to glorify them. The cinema halls are there to glorify the actors and their children but they are cemeteries of our culture.

Ghalib and his Gazhals

Ghalib (dominant) the pen name of  Mirza Asadullah Beg Khan. He was the preeminent Urdu and Persian- poet  born in 1797 during the last years of the Mughal Empire. Ghalib, the last great poet of the Mughal Era, is considered to be one of the most popular and influential poets of the Urdu language. Today Ghalib remains popular not only in India and Pakistan but also among the Hindustani diaspora around the world.

Parents :

Mirza Ghalib was born in Kala Mahal, Agra into a family descended from Aibak Turks.  His paternal grandfather, Mirza Baig a Turk. He had immigrated to India from Samarkand during the reign of Ahmad Shah. 

Theme of Gazhal 

A ghazal commonly consists of five to fifteen couplets, which are independent, but are linked – abstractly, in their theme. It is very similar to the Petrarchan sonnet whose central theme is estrangement  in love or eternal desire unfulfilled.  

Ghalib's Gazhals 

At the age of thirteen, Ghalib married Umrao Begum in accordance with upper class Muslim tradition. After his marriage he settled in Delhi. In one of his letters he describes his marriage as the second imprisonment, the initial confinement was life itself. The idea that life is one continuous painful struggle which can end only when life itself ends, is a recurring theme in his poetry. One of his couplets puts it in a nutshell. 

Sunday, November 20, 2022

Yakshini- 26

It was dusk when Bharatavarsha came to Seshachalam's house with priest. The house in the fields. The house that once looked so colourful is now lonely and pale. It looked like a tomb in the graveyard. As they entered the compound they saw Seshachalam cleaning the ground around the cowshed. Inside the shed there is no trace of ash and burnt rafters." You are a quick man" said Varsha. Seshachalam stopped brooming and lifted his head . He saw Varsha and the priest. An empty laugh showed up on his lips. " Vidisha has cleaned everything. She is sleeping in the same place where her mother lay dead." His voice blurred. He dropped the broom and said " come on," he said in a feeble voice and walked to the front yard. He showed the fibre chairs to the guests and sat in a fibre chair. The priest saw his sad face and swollen eyes. 

The Priest actually went there to discuss the Ceremony. He looked at the sorrow ridden, emaciated face and sickly appearance of the bereaved man. Having understood that Seshachalam has not recovered from the shock yet the priest narrated stories from Hindu Puranas that explain  death is inevitable. He explained that the whole world is Maya created by our own ego and advocated the philosophy of detachment. Seshachalam's eyes are filled with tears. The priest sang the verses from Geeta and said life never ends it is only the body that ends. Ahalya passed away while her husband is alive. Such death is considered great by Hindus and is most coveted by Hindu women. 

A muffled cry was heard from the bedroom. Varsha understood that Vidisha was in her bedroom. He went into the kitchen and quickly  prepared some tea and gave it to Vidisha who is lying languidly on the bed. Come out and sit in the chair, the priest has come." He said. After much persuasion he brought her out of the room. 

Varsha gave tea to the priest and Seshachalam. Vidisha and Varsha sat in the chairs with tea cups in hand. Seshachalam  asked with a feeble voice " Does she go to heaven? 

The priest : Immediately after death, the soul that comes out of the physical body. It is vaporous thumb-sized structure (linga sarīra) which is immediately seized by two servants of Yama, the god of death. They carry it to their master for a preliminary identity check. Yama will decide if she has to go to heaven but it is good to donate a cow. If you donate a cow that will help her cross Vaitarini. 

Vidisha : will she take birth again? Is the birth and rebirth cycle true? 

"The basic instruction in Bhagavad Gita is that when death comes, all our subtle desires dissolve in our mind, and that mind carries us to a new body. Just like the air carries aroma of a flower from one place to the other, the subtle body carries the soul from one body to the other" said Varsha. 

Seshachalam: What ceremonies must be performed in karmakanda ? Is it enough we perform the 12the day ceremony?  

Priest:  The entire Karmakanda must be performed without leaving any ritual. These souls are powerful. Some souls are evil too. They can haunt people and even take revenge against those who troubled them when they had human form.  By performing Karmkanda we can make those souls stay away from you. The reason behind cremating the dead body is some souls  stick to the dead body and don't leave  until get peace.  Burning of the dead body means there is no vessel left for the soul to stick in.

Seshachalam has agreed to the list of ceremonies suggested by the priest. Bharatavarsha asked priest to leave first as he has to talk to Seshachalam in private. The priest has left.

After the priest leaving Vidisha has gone in. Only Varsha and Seshachalam were in the front yard. "How can this poor man meet all the expenses. He had appendectomy and paid the hospital bill." Bharatavarsha thought he pulled out a pack of currency from his kurta pocket and offered it to Seshachalam " Please keep this money to meet the expenses." Seshachalam refused to take the money but Varsha insisted on taking it. " You can return when your business is good." He said. Seshachalam took the money.   "Be brave you have a daughter whom you should console and don't forget that our entire family  is with you." said Varsha and rose from the chair " The whole town says that Bairreddy set fire but the police want evidence to arrest Bairreddy." said Seshachalam.

Varsha: Don't meet the S.I . Meet the Superintendent who visited the crime spot.  

Seshachalam: How can go round him my son?  I can not go to Visakhapatnam to meet the S.P.  Look at Vidisha. She is half dead. She is sleeping in the cow shed and going into fields for three days. She has hallucinations. I don't know what happened to her mental health? She says that she sees her mother in dreams. I am worried about her. 

Just then Vidisha was going out. She was walking as if somebody is taking her by hand.  She crossed the compound of the house. Bharatavarsha and Seshachalam were puzzled because It was dusk when Vidisha left home, she was walking into the fields. They both followed her. She was walking towards the graveyard. 


Mahendra nilayam Kaluvuppada: DM sat in a cushion chair at the huge glass window of his bedroom  and was watching the beautiful sunset. Grace was hanging around his neck. He caught her nose and looked into her eyes naughtily. " How slender is your nose!" He said. His eyes turned to her breast. Grace is wearing a sleeveless , low neck peach purple halter dress. The dress revealed her hot curves and bulged breast. He pulled her into his lap and kissed her on her neck. His fingers are dancing on her body. He began playing with her breast. "Look! the sun is setting in the hills.  How beautiful it is! Don't miss it." said Grace. "The sunset is eternal , youth is short and desire is shorter  before desire sets man must quench his lust." DM replied. 

Grace: Umm! enlightened man is enlightening me with philosophy. 

DM: Romantic philosophy

Grace : Theory is good. 

DM: Aren't the practicals good?

Grace: Yes, they are!  Since a few days the game is good.

DM:  That is the power of Yakshini, not the power of medicines

Grace twisted her mouth three times and said  "Maybe Yakshini or maybe medicines A woman wants power of man.  What is special today? You came early from the office? 

DM: You said the game is good , Let's make it better. 

I heard that your son came to office today. 

Yes his exams are over. What will he do? I wonder who is passing all this information?

Grace pushed him on to the bed and kissed in his ear rubbing her rotund breasts to his chest I have my own ways of getting what I want. she said  while passing her hand on his thighs.

DM put his hands around her waist and pulled her onto him. Grace moved on to him easily like a jockey mounts the horse. " Why are you spoiling by offering him money?"  

Darling I saw him buying second hand books on the road. His interest in reading is amazing. We have to appreciate  and encourage it.   Today many young people can do it!

You are giving him more money and car. He is so lavish these days! 

Are you going on foreign trips?  I am giving you more money. Why should you object to small things? This is his prime time of his life. Let him enjoy. 

You are giving me money. I have given you my life. I am your life partner. said Grace.

Look Grace, the game stopped and the war began. Don't spoil my mood, please. 

"Come on! Who stops your game my darling" said Grace and passed her hand between his thighs and said " So stiff! I like it"  "Haaaaaa!" DM moaned " "You have to make me the director of the company. said Grace. Haa! Ratipriya swaahaa ! said DM. The game began. 


The production assistant held the clapper board before the camera lens. Take 5 Scene 10. He hit the clapper bar down. " Start Camera... Action!" shouted the assistant director. 

Keerthi stood on the spring board of the swimming pool. She is in black bikini. It was a crane shot. The crane was at the same height of the pedestal. The camera was showing her from foot to head. After 30 seconds the camera rose high and she jumped into the water. She was swimming in the water while the camera was recording from the top angle. The hero who was in the other end of the pool came into view. He was in shorts and transparent sleeveless white vest. He was dripping wet and watching her. He started swimming towards the heroine. They met each other in the water. The camera was descending down slowly. 

They embraced each other. The hero put his hands around her waist. The part below him got hard and touched her between her thighs but it was under water. Keerthi felt uncomfortable.  There they stood for a minute and swam towards the other end where there was another dolly camera. They climbed up. Keerthi acted shy and was running away. He pulled her by hand. She came back forcefully and dashed him. Her breast hit his chest like a train bogie hits another.   He hugged her. She felt the heat. It was touching her. She pushed him and moved away. "Cut... Cut" shouted the assistant director. Look Keerthi you have spoiled the 5th take. The sun light matters to us. Look the sun is going down. Can you do this scene? If you can not tell me. I will tell the director" said the assistant director. 

Keerthi was tearful and stood helpless. Give me 5 minutes gap. I will never give you the chance. The assistant director left the area. The production office assistant, an old man  came to her" I will control myself" said Keerthi. "No, don't control. Show natural emotions.  While shooting most romantic and sexually charged environment this is normal. You have to totally involve , never try to control. Your total involvement can result in a very steamy love making session between the two actors. If you try to control you will fail again. 

Both male and female actors understand these things occurs  during the filming of love scenes. If you look at the Hollywood scence,  several actors including james bonds had to deal with arousal problems. Any resulting arousal on set is professionalism. They adjust and get on with the job. Sean Connery turned up the heat while kissing bond girl  in a famous love scene in the barn with some intense lip locking. In The world is not enough Pierce Brosnan and Denise Richards had red hot sparks  ignited by kissing scene In Octopussy Roger Moore Maud Adams  had a session of steamy love-making. Michael had the same problem during a passionate love scene with drew Barrymore." 

The production assistant held the clapper board before the camera lens. Take 6 Scene 10. He hit the clapper bar down. " Start Camera... Action!" shouted the assistant director. This time it was a success. 


The production assistant held the clapper board before the camera lens. Take 2 Scene 12. He hit the clapper bar down. " Start Camera... Action!" shouted the director. 

Keerthi looked frightened at the camera. She stood at the heap of sand in an old abandoned Bungalow which is in open fields. She stood in a white shirt with buttons (which they called night slip) that barely covered her thighs. 

In front of her there is the camera and the entire unit. The villain's shadow was shown on the glass window. He opened the window pane and entered the living room. Keerthi looked at the camera and screamed.  "unbutton the top." shouted the Assistant director. Keerthi did not hear. "Open the breast, open the breast." He shouted again.  She pulled the shoulders back. The top button opened up exposing big awesome cleavage. " This is what makes Kashyap crazy about her." said the light boy to the gaffer ( a man who handles the mechanical side of the lighting in a movie set).

Then came the villain into the frame. His eyes were lustful. There was a subtle change in the lighting. The camera moved close to him. His close up was drawn. The lighting became red. He laughed wickedly at Keerthi. White light was showing her figure. He licked his lips wet looking at her breast.  Keerthi was panicked. The villain guffawed. Then she tried to run  but the villain caught her by hair before she had jumped and dragged her back. He trapped her in his hug. Keerthi twisted like a fish out of water. He pushed her on to the sand. She sat on the heap of sand and was trying to resist the villain with her hands. The camera angle lowered showing her thighs. The area between her thighs was also visible to the camera. There was no panty. The villain pushed her down and mounted on her from. Keerthi stopped acting and got up. Cut shouted Kashyap.  It was nice. He said and went away without telling anything to anyone. 

Keerthi was walking to another building that is some 200 meters away. Where there was a another shooting. She was walking as the distance is not much. There were bushes all around. A violent man came from behind and pushed her. She fell on the ground. She fell on the green grass.  He was getting  rough with her. She understood it was not a rape scene but real rape. She kicked the man with legs punched him in the face but no avail. He pressed her down to the ground. He mounted her from behind. She bit him, dug nails in his face. She struggled with him for almost half an hour and later gave up. He had the penetration between her thighs and did it for 5 minutes. She was raged with anger, she was humiliated and finally she was raped in the broad day light. 

Kashya appeared in the spot. He came there from the bushes. "I didn't wan to act your humiliation her rage, I wanted you to feel, not to act, the rage and humiliation."  said kashyap. This is shot with a hidden camera. The scene is natural and splendid." Said Kashyap.  I hate you. I will sue you " said Keerthi and left. 


Police Barracks, Suryabagh was unusually busy on that day. On the orders of the  Commissioner of Police, his office prepared the list of 386 rowdy sheeters in Commissionerate limits. The Commissioner was conducting  a counselling session to the rowdy sheeters at Commissionerate office. The police barracks grounds were full with rowdy sheeters and land mafia from the city and from the neighbouring villages who are occupying land of poor and assigned lands by creating fake documents. 

The commissioner was in  uniform in the sprawling police grounds.  several police officers and men in safari suit stood behind him. A hundred gangsters and criminals were presented before him. Nagireddy was third in the first row. He was standing right in front of him.

"If you don't stop your activities the police would slap the PD Act against you. Take it as last warning. I have warned you two times before and this is the last warning. No question of tolerating you further. Special teams have been formed to monitor your activities." After giving a general warning to all , he talked to each member of the land mafia and took the personal details. 

" I am from Sabbavaram right hand and personal assistant to the MLA. I am a God loving and God fearing man. I have a church in which I preach the word of God. I am innocent." said Nagireddy to the Commissioner. "where is your brother Bairreddy?" asked the CP. Nagireddy was shocked. "He is not here sir, he is in  Hassan, Karnataka. He is getting spoiled by rowdy friends. So I have sent him for studies log ago

I know all your criminal activities. Apart from the land settlements you are in several other criminal activities."  The CP raised his voice and reddened his eyes. " No sir, somebody has given you wrong information. " Shut up!" He shouted. "You are harassing women. I know your history. Take it as last warning, use this last chance or go to hell." The CP concluded "who did not attend the counselling, should attend before concerned police officers within three days."


Rk beach is filled with a large crowd as usual. The shore was dry and the wind was forceful.  Basava, Agastya Raghava and Sandeep sat on the shore looking at the large water sheet. The setting sun has illuminated the water sheet which thrills the entire crowd. There is a big ship on the water line, at the horizon. There are several small boats are underway and some are astern.  The people chill themselves in the cool waters of the sea. The children are building sand castles on the shore and some children are playing with sea-shells 

Raghava: Why females are not allowed in cremation?

Agastya: unmarried women especially virgins must not. This is because the virgin girls can easily attract ghosts and evil spirits.

Raghava: Are there spirits? Is soul and spirit the same?

Basava: These are things that are non-material, but they are real. They are “inner” and an “outer” of nature. The soul's focus is more on individuality regarding the inner life. The spirit's focus more on supernatural contact.

Agastya: Why are you asking all these things? 

Raghava:  Unable to control her grief Vidisha has gone to the graveyard, you know what happened …

Sandeep: Raghava, you said you are not in the town. How do you know?

Raghava: Yes, Yes…I was not in the town for several days. 

Sandeep : Raghava, I know that you have not gone anywhere. I know that you have met Bairreddy. Tell me the truth. I won’t tell anybody trust me.

Raghava: You have never told us why you are meeting Bairreddy, have you? 

Sandeep: I could not tell you because it involves a good family. 

Basava : All families are good families. Tell us the truth!  

Sandeep: Every family is a good family is only a lie.  Only liars can say that they have a good family in spite of not having one. I don’t have a good family. I love good families. I am crazy about good families but my father is crazy about money.

My father has earned well in making movies but lost four times as much as he earned. He lives in Hyderabad thinking that he is making movies. He lives in a unrealistic world visiting our house in the forest bungalow road now and then.

Agastya: I must say that I don’t have a family. My father ruined his family. I recently discovered the great ancestors, the thought of my great grandfather pleases my soul. How nice it is to have a good family. Without family life  is like living in a house that has on wall.

Basava : Oh! I am born in a middle-class family. My worries are all financial. I never even thought of good family or bad family. I am just looking for a job. 

I don’t want a job. I want to start a start up company in Bangalore. 

Why don’t you start a company here? Why in Bangalore?

Raghava: I have a friend in Bangalore who helps me. He knows about setting up a company.  I don’t want to be here. The police came to my house. They are asking me about Bairreddy.  I don’t want to involve in his case. I’m leaving for Bangalore Sandeep you too can come with me. 

Sandeep : I must be here. I have an obligation.

Raghava: I know your obligation is love. Who is she?

Sandeep did not speak. Basava laughed and said “How long can you hide the truth? Agastya said “Ok, leave it! Raghava, when are you leaving for Bangalore?

Just in few days. Said Raghava. “Before you move to Bangalore we must have a party together” Said Agastya. 


VISAKHAPATNAM: Odisha high court granted conditional bail to Simhachalam the ex chairman of welcome group of companies in connection with a chit fund scham that has opened branches in Odissa and collected crores of money from people for various finance schemes promising high returns. 

Penchalayya: I think you are the chairman of the welcome group?

Simhachalam: I have made my wife the chairman. 

Pen: Politics are great! You are very wonderful! After collecting the money you made your wife the Chairman but can MLA or MP be the directors of a private firm?

Sim: An MLA or MP can be director in a company - private or public limited company.  They can be partners in firms too. 

Pen: Any way you are lucky you have got the bail. Why did you come to me?

Sim: Don't say It is luck. It is bad luck. I had to deposit 30 lakhs for the bail with two sureties of one lakh each. Now I need 50 lakhs money as a hand loan. 

Pen: ha hha hha I am not a stupid to give a hand loan to a politician knowing pretty well that it can not be collected back. Have you forgotten how you belted me in my MVP colony church? 

Sim: Sorry Penchalayya that was my folly. you came for the land that day. Today you can take the land. Any day the land is yours. We should profit by each other, what do you say?

Pen: That land is already mine. I have been helped by another politician. 

Sim: you have a planted a big cross in the Narasimha temple land perhaps you want it!

Pen: How did you guess so exactly?  but I can't give you more than 30 lakhs.

Sim: Such land occupations can not escape my notice. I have not guessed. I know it. Yhat land is 50 acres it will not come for 30 lakhs. It costs you one crore. Don't say you have not got the money. You are rich enough to give ten times more. 

Who don't know K.P Yohannan from Kerala ( Asia's one of the richest pastor net worth 175 million US dollars), Paul Dinakaran from Tamilnadu ( 2000 crores)  Satish Kumar is the founder and pastor of Calvary temple (which is the worlds biggest church  built in 292 acres in Hafeezpet area.  It has the biggest congregation of 2.5 Lakhs. He began preaching in the streets.) and you.

Pen: How much one acre costs ? asked Penchalayya greedily

Sim: One acre costs 4 crores. I doubt you have already reached that level. 

Penchalayya's face became like a fused bulb. I have reached one tenth. I wish to be like that.

Then give me one crore and take100 crores. said Simhachalam. 

I want the land with documents. Can you create a documents?

We have land  expert Nagireddy. He create fake documents first later later threatens the land owners and grabs it. It is all a process. I will look after everything.  Penchalayya went away.


"Nagireddy"Simhachalam called out. Nagireddy standing outside the MLA residence came in and stood in front of Simhachalam.  Simhachalam said " Land work - one lakh."

The CP has warned me of slapping PD Act at this time if  I involve in land settlements. So I have stopped land settlements.  said Nagireddy. 

Ha hha hha laughed Simhachalam. If you do on your own it is a risk. If you do it for me, I will take the risk. 

I am not educated but I know about police cases and arrests and bail. I heard that police can arrest a habitual or notorious offenders and  keep him locked in jail for a period of one year. if you give me the bail he will arrest on some other case. The CP is strict. 

You brainless man,  don't talk like a foolish fellow. I have the brains. I have the power. I will clear that CP problem for you permanently. will you do it?

Nagireddy kept staring at him. Simhachalam kept laughing like laughing Budha. How can you clear that problem ? That is the question in his looks.

Simchalam guffawed for a while and said, " I will get him transferred tomorrow!"

Nagireddy recovered from the shock and said " I will do it I need  a small favour from you.

I know you want Bairreddy not to be arrested, even if he is arrested you have no problem, I will appeal in the high court?  Nagireddy did not understand he looked dazed.

looking at the confused face of Nagireddy Simhachalam giggled and giggled. Nagireddy , brainless Nagireddy! know your status  you are a goon. Don't try to compete or contest in elections. In local courts the lawyers charge 30 to 50 thousand per hearing for the criminal cases. Bharatavarsha is behind the case.  He is jobless. Lawyer Panchali is his strength. It is difficult to win this case as there are no eye witness for the cowshed burning case.  Even if she wins  Any person convicted on a trial held by a Sessions Judge  on a trial held by any other Court in which a sentence of imprisonment for more than seven years has been passed against any other person convicted at the same trial may appeal to the High Court. Nagireddy still did not understand he stood like a statue and he was at the wits end and remained as a dumb spectator. 

High court lawyers charge 3 to 6 lakhs per hearing for criminal cases. How long a jobless man fights. said Simhachalam. " But he has a job he joined in Samata college. Simhachalam laughed again you know what I am going to do? He asked. 

Nagireddy smiled with relief for the first time. " but you have to do a favour for me. I don;t ask" said Simhachalam. " No need the English girl will come running to you."


Keerthi got off the car with his lawyer As the driver opened the car door.  They both entered the Navya Art Production office at Banjara Hills. The Production manager, Assistant director and production assistant ( responsible people for film production ) who work under the producer cancelled all their appointments and were waiting for Keerthi.  Madam , please be seated said the Production manager. Keerthi and her lawyer sat at the round glass table. There are four orange chairs around it. The Production manager and the assistant director also sat in the remaining two chairs. 

 A van came and stopped before the office.  Keerthi saw a few journalist stepped out of the car . They came and sat on the sofa. One of them turned on the camera. The production manager and assistant director said to him " Please don't shoot. This is very private." 

Sir this is about a film going to be released next week. It is also about a legal case." said the journalist holding the video camera. " Let us do our duty" said a still camera journalist. 

Keerthi looked at the empty glass cabin. " The producer has not come yet. He is on the way." said the production manager.  Let me tell you one thing madam  the rape scene in the day light,  in the open fields was not our plan. Since the rape scene in the bungalow has not come well Kashyap planned it with a hidden camera. 

But without telling me how can he plan it like that? 

It is wrong , that is why we are feeling sorry for that. Sharanstone was asked to act without panty in basic instinct. She wore a shirt up to her thighs and sat in the chair while the camera showed her vigina to the whole world. She was told that if she wears panty it would reflect light and will be clearly visible in the film. 

She trusted the words of  director and the film cameraman isn't it cheating?

Where is Sharanstone without the scene in basic instinct. In Innocent blood Anne Parillaud is shown naked. In many Telugu movies the heroines expose their body. exposing is very simple madam. 

At the same time a tall man with the Director Kashyap entered the office. The production manager stood up and greeted them. He said to the lawyer " He is Mr. Naidu the producer and her is the director Mr. Kashyap.  Two chairs were brought by the staff. Naidu and Kashyap sat.  The lawyer said "It is not exposing it is complete naked. Her shirt was pulled off. She was totally nude lying on the ground. A  man slept on her back naked. And did everything. It is not called shooting. It is called rape?

" I am not a legal expert like you but I think you can not call it rape in the real sense because there was no penetration. Ask her was there penetration? " asked the producer. 

Keerthi felt embarrassed. Are you feeling uncomfortable? asked the lawyer. " I am feeling ugly said Keerthi. "The director was so brutal.  I was hurt like anything.  Why should he take a shot like that?" Finally tell me what you want  "You want money compensation?" said the producer. just then a group of women dashed into the office and started shouting slogans against the director demanding the full naked scenes be deleted" 

The producer Naidu started shouting at the office staff. "Who allowed the women here? please go away. We will se everything in the court" He said. Kashyap said " We are not going to delete the scenes." There was loud mouthing and panic. 


The entire video was watched by Kashyap and Keerthi in Tajbanjara suite. Keerthi your action in the producer's office is mind blowing. Our movie "Love is never cold" is a grand success. It is fetching beautiful collections to the producer." said Kashyap.

I wonder what is left in the movie after deleting the rape scenes! You haven't showed the preview. You asked me to wait for a few days and watch it after hearing the success story. I doubt you have not deleted the rape scenes?  said Keerthi jokingly.

There is something called Censor board. Don't forget it. You want to see the film now? said Kashyap. Keerthi laughed sweetly and said "I trusted you and will trust you forever. You have sent that head-strong Srilakshmi away from shooting besides giving me a good role. That is why I have even signed that I have acted in all the scenes with full consent."    

Kashyap kissed keerthi. That night she had dinner with Kashyap and reached home late. 

When she went to her flat in Jublie hills her friend who works in the editing department was waiting for her.  It was 12.00 PM when she proposed to watch the film. " What happened? Anything serious? Hasn't he deleted the rape scenes?" she asked her friend. 

He has deleted the rape scenes but used a a low angle in all the scenes where you were wearing a loose shirt without panty. All the romantic scenes are like ...... " She stopped.

Tell me Keerthi asked her. " See for yourself" She played the CD. "Is it the movie I acted? It feels like watching porn. What a nasty film? What a cheating! She remembered Srilakshmi. Tears were rolling down her cheek.