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Monday, May 16, 2022

Night - sonnets

 The quiet night

walking alone in the quiet street at night 

filled with silence and  glimmering light 

the eyes can not path clearly comprehend

darkness spreads like blanket till the street end

the glimmering stars look like sediments 

in the cup of sky , the night's ornaments

dark clouds emit deadly sparks of lightning

across the sky, I see the distant hills whitening

the flood of white light the houses reveal

that look like statues in museum with white veil

my mind locks my legs  the silence heart chosen

in the night's deep peace remain frozen 

The treetops begin swaying in the breeze

My heart began singing  with ease

Friday, May 13, 2022

The Colours of the Earth - Sonnets

         1.The River

The river bears the boat along

the flower hears the bee's song

The fishermen nets in water throws 

Fish or crabs only the God knows

The fish net  in the river water remains

until the apple sun from the sky resigns

When it's dark the boat reaches bank

the tired boats men the river thank

In the river..

The blue sky  flutters like curtain

the silver moon dances like Spartan

the fish come on to the surface

and dance looking into sky's face

Night 's for sleep everybody knows 

The river never sleeps it flows and flows

 2.The Air and Flowers

Air loves flowers not for their colors

Air can't see but feel their collars

Air can touch their slender stalks 

Air can kiss their tender lips

 The air on gardens is slow and gentle 

 Air and flowers are so sentimental

when air throws them a gentle glance  

 The colorful flowers bow and dance 

Air brings gifts from far away France

Flowers hug air and send it to trance 

Air brings flowers showers from sky

The flowers get wet and shrink in shy

            3.Leaf  or flower

The two sat by the pond in a lofty garden

One is a warrior and the other is a woman

Oh! Sweet lady your heart got harden

The smile on your lips, where has it gone?

Oh sweet lady! You left your smiles to the flowers?

Your silence my heart stings and senses devours

Look at the beautiful birds listen to their sweet songs

Don’t you want to dance with me oh my heart longs

Oh sweet lady look at the leaf and the flower

Both got wet in the afternoon shower

Love is a shower, feel its great power 

Why don’t we spend one more hour?

Oh great warrior look the sky gets dark

Since morning we sat in this park

The black clouds are drifting leeward

the doves and cows are homeward 

Enough we are amused cuz love has the power

It is high time we moved, you can't get leaf and flower.

          4.My death

I know

my last days are drawing near

I have neither regrets nor fear

I had  my sinews deeply grilled

I had my mind thoroughly tilled

About pain I never complained 

with it unconscious intimacy I gained

I had all my promises fulfilled

And I had already all my life lived

Death's unknown intricacy

doesn't go beyond literacy

If death comes I never decline

 In death's hands I can recline

before I breathe last

I wish to see who fondly  stands 

with all my books in his hands

      5. In Delhi

It was many years ago

when I lived in Delhi 

I met a man called Ali

whose strength I don't know

but he maintained a big pomp

though his actual profile is low

It's aggrandized by his bungalow

he walks as if walking on ramp

He uses extravagant vehicles

To show his life rich and lavish

with his manners odd and peevish

he terrifies his men and kills

He is a jobless man with all ills

He trains people on job skills


At midnight the dull thumping sound grows

As if somebody is running on the terrace

The weird sound a gristly entity shows

Every night the growing sounds scare us

A young  man said  it must be ghost  

most people said ghost is a trash

the ghost might  roast us like a toast

heard some voices quivering in a flash

Let us tonight awake and observe

people who looked bold resolved

who can that decision subserve 

when people are not involved 

Ghost doubt reigns nights still 

Ghost fear sustains light thrill

        7.Young People

A common man at  a young  age 

has neither thought nor courage 

people don't on their own think

true! they can't their feelings ink

They can't worthy books read

Nasty films their minds feed

their narrow mind is feeble

yet they think they are noble

some poets might look old

they are fearless and bold

but they are to cinema sold

Alas! Old is no more gold

They made the great literature cold

The youth has gone into foreign fold

      8.I am a Stengun

My poem is no fun, it's a word gun

when you've the reading begun

Think that the firing has begun

remember that I am a stengun 

whose target isn't man but mind

with each bullet you can clearly find 

that you with knowledge tightly bind

remember it is highly  refined

wise men willingly show their dare

knowledge can not wise men scare 

stupids bullet proof jackets wear

but my gun never at them stare

I dare wear the gun to share

the rare things readers care

     9.Love in graveyard

Under the barren boughs of sorrow

she stands in the graveyard of her mind

she grieves the death of something

she long abandoned, and remains as dumb-thing

She lived with a half surgeon

He made her half mad and half virgin

she wonders what is the ceremony about

how long should she wait, she has a doubt

She can wait, but all she hopes is shade

She waits for which she goodbye bade

She thinks that people don't invade

If she in the mind's grave stayed

Don't at the grave cry 

Love will never die

           My Heroine

When my life was pretty harried
She has bent low and me married
Time has seen us man and wife
She entered in the adversary of life

Like ordinary women she has no concern 
for I how much I earn but she is stern
ordinary woman might think it danger
But she is simply the game changer

In the early days of our marriage
Violent winds shook our carriage
I had my irrevocable appointments 
She'd incontrovertible commandments
With such a mismatch in temperament 
Marriage could only be an experiment
Still I wonder how she stood by my side  
Though I couldn’t much to her provide

we started as Simple man and wife 
after two decades we became life in life
but at first my marriage was delicate tomato
with growing love and trust it became a potato

Many people capture their marriage in photo
Not photo can like poem tell the story in toto
Love and trust like plants don't grow over night
They need time to become trees and reach height 

when I in her absence ate a chocolate
she closed the gate, I could not negotiate
I took time to learn she was vigilant 
I thought that she was somewhat different
Even slight deviation in plan made her indifferent
She hissed like a snake she is so belligerent 
I never thought she walks the troubled aisles 
But surprise! She traveled tortuous roads for miles
Miles and miles she traveled with smiles 
And never got vexed with my job trials
Several times I have the boats changed
And shuttled between ports, we were estranged

Most violent weather could not us deranged
Is it God, who has this marriage arranged?
Her name (varalu) spells boons, she stands apt 
to her name given by mother as an epithet

Gradually she rewarded the greatest boon 
She swam the sea during typhoons
Later we celebrated several honeymoons
As a writer I created many a heroine
God has created my life's perfect heroine

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Royal flames - sonnets

   1.The Vase

I saw a bright and beautiful vase

I saluted its royal look of a king's mace

It is all set to beholders please 

Its  gaudy colors can heart seize

I fixed my gaze on the table at the window

My conscience is gripped by a mute shadow

Are you like the vase cried my inner voice

To please the world is not your sole choice

If  I don't the wicked world please  

O God, It will certainly me tease

Through the window I looked at the trees

Tree the living thing that never flees

The living truth from root to fruit

not tinsel vase but living tree I salute

      2.The Cow 

Lo! Here is a white cow 

grazing in the meadow

while the sun shines above

oh the cow her heart full of love

She has no money to make

From the world She's nothing to take

jealousy can't touch her or shake

she's honest even when the earth quake 

Neither politics nor power is her need

She is far away from human greed

All she want is shelter and  the feed

she is nobler than noblest in deed

A cow is far better than a doctorate  

A cow is greater than a noble laureate

               3.The Crow

There is the crow on the almond tree

He looks at me with a crooked eye

Me a dim wit can’t his greatness agree

Until I  saw with my mind’s eye


I called him stupid while he is intelligent

I blamed him a thief while he is mischievous

While he remember human faces for years

Humans think crow bad omen, shiver with fears


Who knows crows like parrots can speak

They the humans in loyalty shake

They  a crow for a thief take

He is wiser than men for god’s sake

For they live in large families

While humans are breaking families 

             4. The Ant

In the park near my house I ambled  

Oh!  a tiny soft creature I trampled 

but never bothered though it was mangled  

because it is a tiny ant so I scampered 

who cares the tiny insignificant ants

they've neither minions of law nor grants

Ants hide behind walls, under the rocks,

beneath piles of logs, between the cracks

They underneath the objects in the soil nest

they work and work all the time but never rest

In the night you can't see them walk 

but wonder, they can see you in the dark

killing an ant is fun and you need no gun 

But ant is systematic and second to none

    5.The tiger and the man

On the fringe of  a rain forest

Where greenery swells at its best

where tranquility dwells in its chest

A man with a gun with face fiercest 

entered while the wild animals rest

unsuspectingly on the forest's breast 

The baby deer swims without restrain

in the limpid lake by the mountain

Two alligators fell after the swimming deer

 the deer moved quickly with morbid fear

the alligators weren't hungry they let her pass

with insatiable hunger the man isn't that class

The man pulled the cock and shot at the tiger

the markets need her bones for man's vigor

the tiger escaped but he did not let it pass

He threw in her way poisoned baited carcass

And poisoned the water in the shallow pool

where she drank and died, man is not a fool

     6. Wildfire

 Hill-fire  Hill-fire  Hellfire

Animals are in dread n dire

cried all animals trapped in terror

tried in vain to escape the horror

wild fire wild fire cried the ranger

shouted at firemen to stop the danger

ranger ranger what a danger

we try to save the boar and sambar

Tiger elephant  where do you go

wild fires rage, when wild winds blow

no gun no bullet with just a cigarette 

we set fire to  the  forest velvet 

your  titanic tusks go to royal castles 

Your royal bones go to china without hassles 

          7. Royal Flames

Why building  the biggest forts

bringing stones of finest sorts

Why digging into earth's deepest parts  

 building world's tallest posts

 killing nature that gives you food

 felling trees that give you  shade 

 How crazy you everything invade

 What laws have you obeyed

Look at List of kings who licked dust

why do you crave for the world's best

Behind Egyptian Pyramids lies Royalty 

Behind the Italian Colosseum lies cruelty

Dog's loyalty is better than king's royalty

Stop the wicked games stop the royal flames



Monday, May 9, 2022

French German students on ETV

It happened in 2022.  The same thing happened in 2019. 

Eazy foreign languages French and German students spoke on DD Saptagiri way back in 2019. I remember Mrs. Ewa  from Poland and other five Indian students  who spoke in a row in Vijayawada Doordarshan Studio on the occasion of New year 2019. Off course I too had the opportunity to speak along with my students.The video is still available in Youtube.   It was a great joy. By then I never guessed that I a time will come for me to speak on ETV but the time has come. 

Why Etv visited Vanukuru?

After three years yesterday on 8th May 2022 Etv visited Vanukuru recognizing my record achievement of writing 60 books in 6 languages and my service to village students. Now I am teaching vanukuru Gosala and Madduru students who are learning French , German and Spanish. 

Vanukuru French student speaking on Etv

How long did it take to reach this position?

I started visiting village schools in 2012 and I am continuing the practice even now. I stated writing in 2008. I am still continuing the practice.  It took enormous efforts, sleepless nights to reach this position. 


 Is Teaching free to village students something great?

No, it is neither great nor an act of charity. It is an act of widening my heart along with mind. Learning languages enlarges mind but teaching free or serving enlarges heart. I want mind and heart both. 

Now I am teaching French and German to the students in Vanukuru a village near Vijayawada. I thank the parents for sending their children and Etv for showcasing  my work. 


Sunday, May 8, 2022

వణుకూరు పిల్లలకి ఉచిత ఫారిన్ లాంగ్వేజెస్

మే 8 2022:  నేటి  ఆదివారం వణుకూరులో  విదేశీభాషల బోధిస్తున్న  పూలబాలని ఈ టీవీ బృందం కలిసింది.    వణుకూరు , గోశాల విద్యార్థులకి  ఫ్రెంచ్, జర్మన్, స్పానిష్  ఇంగ్లిష్ వంటి విదేశీభాషలలో ఉచితంగా శిక్షణ ఇస్తున్న పూలబాలను,  అతడి  విద్యార్థులను ఇంటర్వ్యూ చేసింది.  పూలబాల ఆరు భాషలలో చేసిన  రచనల గురించి, వణుకూరికి చేస్తున్న సేవలగురించి  తెలుసుకుని ఒక ప్రత్యేక కార్యక్రమం రూపొందించింది.  


I am teaching French to the students in and around Vanukuru and Gosala. I think it will help them in future in their job search apart from improving their mental abilities such as cognition and memory.


Many a man in ignorance lurk  

Life works only when you work

Every one the simple truth knows

but he the care and caution to air throws 

and his life in self indulgence goes

to play with time is to life abuse

no one can the truth refuse

Oh! one can the time reuse

yet  many people are very strange 

they can't their ways change

they're trapped in the world's glitters

Alas! their life goes into litters

For those helpless, I my time spare

knowledge is the  weapon in life's warfare

There are many people who can not work for their lives. I will work for them.  Village children can approach me for learning language skills. 

Books in 6 foreign languages - Etv

I need not say much about my social work which consists of repairing roads, free teaching  and writing useful books and distributing them to students. I want to help the society at least in a small way. I have been doing this without any business motives since 2012.

 Etv came to know about my work and proposed a television Interview. I never thought of an interview. I thought they would publish an article in the newspaper. They fixed this Sunday's  program  a week ago (last Sunday.) Since then I started printing  many of my old books, framed my certificates and awards which were left in huge neglect. I shuttled between vijayawada and Vanukuru 2 to three times a day. My work made me restless and tense. But It gave me huge satisfaction. With out this interview I would not have seen the valuable things which I tossed in dust long back. I could present all the books I have written in the six languages. Thanks to Etv.   

Sunday, May 1, 2022

Live Stream Anthology - 15 poems

Live stream Anthology

1. Cheer up my Friend

Up! up! cheer up my friend

Yesterday was not the end

you just learn to transcend

you are my beautiful friend

up! up! cheer up my friend

come out of the sad feeling

why are you to them kneeling

They'are your charm stealing

It comes with simple peeling

Sad thoughts are like dark spots

Right now remove the nasty dots

For sure you need a great healing

Better feeling, comes with peeling

why do you look so glum?

what is the strange scum!

come on! you are n't a nerd

Oh! your heart is a sweet bird

up! up! cheer up my friend

Listen to the throstle yonder

Her melody is a great wonder

It isn't really worth to squander

Your life for someone's blunder

Oh honey bee don't lose the key

Embrace nectar with glee!

2.Love on Train

My world is just plain until I met her on the train

I saw her wicked curves they burned my nerves

Her body looked like sugarcane I couldn’t sustain

The sweet pain worked on my brain like cocaine

She boarded the train at Bhopal

I guessed she was going to Nepal

The train reached the station at seven

She got in like manna from heaven

In Jhansi I coolly climbed up the upper berth

And gazed down to find hot hell on earth

The train at soft pace runs towards north

From the blouse her bulged bosom bursts forth

The train reached Agra I felt I swallowed Viagra

Her sexuality augments unknown acrophobia

Her perfect personality garnishes her sexuality

But I am afraid it tarnishes my personality.

Just after an hour the train stopped at Mathura,

I saw her black mascara in the flames of aurora

I cannot anything think or my eyes ever blink

For sure into the whirlpool of her beauty I sink

 Her oblique looks like bullets never misfired

Many a time they have my heart pierced

In her jade eyes there is something weird

I wonder how her feminine energy steered

 My masculine energy to ecstasy

Green, red colors swirl in the sky like rainbow

 The rare spectacle brought us to the window

She spoke soft, tête-à-tête using love lingo

She looked like a siren, my burning desires run

The sluggish train, on the bridge stopped again

 We saw Yamuna river and forgot all the strain

We threw coins sitting side by side on footboard

We are absorbed in the fun but never got bored

Finally we reached Delhi she looked odd and smelly

She ran towards her hubby who stood with a baby

The train journey was a beauty pageant of past

She forgot and showed the talent to be nonchalant

She is nett but I bet she is a coquette

Her sexuality covers up her venality

Oh! My wife in wait too what a tragedy! 

what a banality!! what an ultimate fatality!!!!

3.Facial Symmetry 

Her face is as bright as day light 
Her heart is as dark as winter night
Her face is pretty she is so gritty
God! She is nitty, her acts are so dirty
Still her beautiful smile you admire
Because it sets your desire on fire
How benign is her broad face
You align with her upturned nose
Her large brown eyes are so nice
But stay away if you want peace
How lovely is her facial symmetry 
If you fall in love you go to cemetery 

4.Kick me out of your heart

Kick me out of your unwilling heart

I may from the apex of love fall apart

Let the stones of truth into me pierce

Let my pain n agony touch your ears

I trust that you might live alone in joy

After the dainty bonds of love destroy

My blood should speak the truth

I wish it should your heart sooth

For your peace the God I pray

The flood should the love wash away

Let my soul mingle in the light

Let my face be out of your sight.

5.December Deluge 

A chance meeting with her in October
I remember, that I was still a floater
But she was sober and gave her number
O My God ! I checked if I were in stupor

October is Hilight, it is a romantic Pilot
Perhaps it’s tolles allude to a future collide
But I’m afraid it’s a charade played by God
Because I trust my destiny is a bit skewed.

In November I remember many a damsel
I met who had cast a huge romantic spell
All their faces like a film reel pass my mind
What a phantasmagoria! what a euphoria!!

In the beginning it’s all a honey cascade
Passing time exposes the masquerade
in the end  each damsel blasts a bomb shell
Where is the serendipity!  Oh! What a pity
 Romance ends in piety!!

It isn’t a platitude I know my destiny is skewed
It’s the plaintive attitude that have I construed
After many beautiful chances it precluded
I remained secluded albeit lust me hounded

December deluge is the eye witness
To my romantic fitness 

6.The Bridge

The bridge is where I always hang
It’s where the sweet love bells rang
It is where the wet primroses sang
And I forget the hunger pang 

It is where the winds whisper
The azure sky seems crisper
It is where two hearts unwind
It is where the love is enshrined

The bridge is where I always hang
It’s where art from my heart sprang
It’s where bodies thong, hearts twang
Later in memories they boomerang

Lo! Beyond the bridge lies a world
Where sweet dreams get unfurled
It’s where you scream and I scream
Together we eat yummy Ice cream
That always makes the love extreme

The bridge is where the lovers kindle
Their hopes to save them from dwindle
It’s where two souls meet their sweet goals


The hidden prowess of the tigress
A libido that goes beyond credo
I‘ve seen a real damsel after ages.

Divine December Pristine fourteen
You gleam on my realm forever!!! 
Love is love when it's mutual and factual
Love isn't love when it's platonic or sadistic 
Love is realistic, not mystic and surrealistic
Love needs body and nobody says its bawdy.
Love breathes passions and promises
Love lives in dreams and in schemes
Love doesn’t mind losses and gains
Love rebels frets and repels regrets 
Love brings strains and recounts refrains

Making love is what keeps it in tact
without that there’s no love in fact
love is poorly realistic without that act
when love is platonic it's purely sadistic

When I touch your stuff it’s just enough
that my buff gets twitches and itches
my bouncing libido pounces and jounces
and trounces and we remain victorious

Darling, take me tight into your arms
Mangle me till I get the thunderstorms
Strangle me with your hot charms
Give me the love that I long longed for

8.The Director

The director creates the characters

And drives them on the time line

Of ignorance to a secret destination

A long march into oblivion

From one dark cave to another.

Pain and tears, loss and fears

Are like deep gloomy craters

Some get tumbled into craters

Some can climb up, some cannot

They get stuck in the middle

But for sure both their end – the oblivion.

When the doubts and difficulties delay the march

Duty is the whip  the director cracks on the backs

Duty is the whip which everybody obeys

Some gets a lash some gets trash but one gets

his quota until he obeys.

When frisking and raving disturbs the march

He uses a piercing tool to create wounds

Insult and worry are the wounds that control

And quells the revelers and make them travelers.

He gives unlimited work and limited joy

A little happiness now and then to heal the wounds

Tomorrow is the greatest medicine

He pulls the characters with the rope of hope

Into the bright future – the oblivion

9. Moribund

She came from the family of bourgeoisie

In the middle age she reached her apogee

She hugs her weekends in pubs and clubs 

She is a metro sexual drunk on success

So often she kisses herself with mobile

Narcissism and hedonism are her style

She drank education more like a potion

For a posh life she took it like poison.

She is nestled in western culture

She loves exposure in haute couture

For her marriage is simply a rupture

She thought consort is a spoil sport.

Her big bazookas are firm and rotund

She is jocund but her mind is moribund

She has a fat ass she wants any jack ass

A dumb ass who slogs gets more bucks

The bimbo long kept her marriage in limbo

She finally chose a senior in her bureau

She’s pragmatic, never minded age hiatus

What matters to her is the financial status

Two years they had beers with cheers

They had honeymoon every Sunday noon

But when his work is double he fell in trouble

His libido sank he admitted it, he was frank

She demanded it, she said marriage is no prank

For him the game seems like a hobgoblin

but she demands it, she was a knob goblin

He said he was neither nineteen nor a machine

He couldn’t long defend soon came the end

The wedlock came to a deadlock, who cares?!

10.Queen of Guns

 She is the queen of guns, she is full of guts

She plays with any gun and it's a simple fun

Her push makes the game go great guns

She wants more and more bun the buns

She's anonymous, autonomous lady killer

She always dons low cut denim jeans

that show her splendid round moons.

their charm evokes love monsoons.

Oh! the man in you swoons 

Their liquid motion evoke goddamn passion

Her knee high boots augment her booty

O My God! she is untamable beauty  

She is the home made gun she's the shank

Oh! Thunder chunks -Oh! bun the buns

She is the lady killer her name is revolver

she's a resolver, romantic thriller gives a chiller,

she is so chic , she is so quick.  

she has the drive she wants to drive 

she plays with daggers but loves the guns

she is ultimate in wielding  the revolver

she likes cocking the hammer , squeezing the trigger

she never misses the aim she is meant for the game

she looks chic  she is quick she loves the pique

She is the queen of guns, she is full of guts

She hates shotguns who twiddle their thumbs

she has stunning looks, and bouncing globes

She is lady killer, she gives you chiller

She has the sacred hunger

She is an acrid hunter.

she plays the game of love

with the passion of a gambler

She is insatiable lover

ever ready for a new encounter 

she has ceaseless vigilance

she's hostile with virulence

Her passion has a tinge of pungence

finally she has a bit of belligerence

Missiles in her smiles, cannons her eyes,

she does the staking  before love making 

She is the queen of guns she is a queen of hearts.

10.Where the mind is full of fear

Where the mind is full of fear 

and the head is held low 

Where the knowledge is unimportant 

and world is stolen by internet  

Where people survive as groups 

in social media where words come out 

from preposterous chat by impostors

where ceaseless prowling stretches its arms

towards abduction where thinking 

is permanently damaged  

Where logic ceases and thinking dies

where education has no meaning

where personality succumbs to hero worship

where caste thrives and  corruption flourishes

where religion rules the senses 

where  tradition serves the purpose of exploitation 

where the mind is led forward by politics 

into ever shrinking thought and faction,

 into the nation of half alive zombies

 my father,  my country has awoken.   

      11.Love is Sacred

when God wants to visit you think sharp

Oh baby! don't bother about make up

when love visits you, don't shy away

don't bother, put the clothes away

don't hate if you are stripped naked

Let God enter and keep you painted

God is not a word to enter the mind

It's an experience for the body to find

Good if you give your mate the date

Don't worry, let your mate be  intimate

Don't keep the God at the gate 

discover Him with your mate

don't you ever my word terminate

you can't find Him separate 

12. My Honeymoon

I drive slowly on the night of rain

Ogling at her sweet mane

we nibble love and drink nectar

we pass through dusk and the sweet pain

the vermilion sky melts into purple and orange shades

and my car glides through the glades

the bizarre breeze, thunder, flashes

- the rain begins. it fills night air with aroma

And continues without a period or comma

the sky is a wonder! The moon is splendour!

with pita pattering drops rain kisses flowers.

the tender red flowers turn redder with shy

green leaves turn greener. The nature is wet and naked

She leans her head on my shoulder

In her sweet breath I smoulder

that makes me frenzy in silvery swoon

No more I can write about my honeymoon

13. Summer morning

On a summer morning

The sun rushes to his duty

much early in the morning

For the working class it's a warning

Girls go out in veils to save their beauty

The politicians after polls go to Ooty

The rich people take a bath at the beach

but for the poor it is out of reach

so in the work place they take a sweat bath

cursing the sun's wrath

14. Howdy

Howdy vivacious lady

don't be moody

villainous men are shady

sometimes the sky is cloudy

and sometimes life is dowdy

the heart you trusted is steady

Love is as deft as homing pigeon

and as strong as religion

15 National on Gallows

O India what a terrible fate is hanging over thy neck

The whole nation seems like a ship going to be wreck

Millions of daily cases in metros in news do sight

How far thy children sick in hospitals can fight? 

The hapless children in hopeless system take last breath

 The fearless doctors render helpless and embrace death

O India where is thy great wisdom where is thy glory? 

Why thy honesty and tall culture are treated so airy? 

O time! How the atrocious greed of corrupt people shallows  

The soul of the nation and bring the whole of the nation to gallows