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Friday, August 19, 2022

Bharatavarsha -11

The morning haze covered the city of Destiny like a blanket. The sun rays gently lifted the morning haze; two winged visitors , basking in the warmth of sun parched  on a high on the rocky creek that lay at the shore. The visitors are Great knot and her baby listed as an 'endangered' species.  It has its breeding habitat in Tundra in northeast Siberia. These friends went to the different coasts in southern Asia.  It is warm here.  said the mother knot.  off course, but we are alone here.  we should have gone with our friends. replied the baby knot.  "They went to the undisturbed stretch of the Kakinada  beach but I love this city." While the mother bird was speaking ... 

A journalist was waiting patiently as he zoomed his lens on the birds, waiting for the "perfect" shot. The mother bird saw the man behind the bush. The mother bird said fly and fluttered her wings, soon rose into the sky the baby flew along with the mother. Flying close to mother the baby wondered " oh! this huge rock looks like Dolphin." "Oh ! come on my dear, this hill is  called the Dolphin nose. 

Oh beautiful city of destiny

Once witness to the British tiranny 

oh Jewel of the east coast

How many beaches you host?

Dolphin nose  what a hill

that offers wonderful thrill

Oh dolphin shaped rock

India's oldest dock

You had witnessed the war

in eighteen o' four (1804)

Between British and the French

Let's fly over the city until Lunch

Dolphin's nose is a huge rocky head which is 174 meters high and 358 meters above sea level. The powerful beacon of the light house set on this rock at sea directs ships 65 km away. In 1804 British and French forces fought the Battle of Vizagapatam near this hill. Visakhapatnam has the coast line of 135 km that hosts several beaches. The city is surrounded by beautiful villages and green fields. The two Great knots flew over the "City of Destiny" and the "Jewel of the East Coast" renowned for being home to the oldest shipyard in all of India. They have watched the plethora of manmade wonders and in the evening they were flying over the municipal auditorium


As it is getting darker and darker the electric bulbs hanging on the Municipal auditorium were shining brighter and brighter. The auditorium stole the look of a dancer with curvaceous body. It was enticing the beholders like a nymph with the lips of bimba fruit and lotus eyes. The interior of the auditorium was so spacious that a foot ball ground could be fit in that. With red carpets , beautiful wall panels with rich designs and lighting the interior is vying with the exterior. The soft red carpets are rendering people barefooted. craving for the touch of the carpets some people are walking barefooted on the carpets. Even the sofas near the dais look like they belong to the Sri krishna devaraya's royal court. The chairs are not ordinary . they are designer chairs. Nothing is ordinary there because the auditorium hosts an extra-ordinary programme with extraordinary men.

The auditorium was filled with men of letters , poets, writers and scholars. They all came with their families , wives and children, One can imagine how interesting could be the program? How talented is the man who is going to take their interests? The hall was filled with people sporting multi-coloured gear. They are sat in the relaxed setting. The hall looked like a tulips garden with people in gear.

One hand the television and visual media reporters , print media journalists and politicians are waiting for the beginning of the literary program as if they were waiting for the climax of a suspense movie. On the other hand the a few wastrels who entered the auditorium for pass time were spending by noisy talk. The worst of them all who has the face of a thief prowling in the temple in a bid to steal the idols of God was talking loosely. The young men in the group were engaged in nasty prattling and awkward grinning.

Basava arrived at the auditorium in white traditional dress. All his friends attended the dramatic literary discourse where the real life scholars appear on stage to play the roles of great poets of the court of Sri Krishna devaraya.

The thief -face drew nasty comparison between Telugu and English underscoring the beauty of the latter. The comments did not escape the ears of Basava who sat two rows behind him. He fired like a gun " who is this colonial ghost who is unworthy of worthy words demonstrating his worth with worthless talk." The thief face became dazed. Basava saw him and fired a second round " The thief face lost his face and became faceless, when you talk baseless you become faceless. Basava's friends were flabbergasted with series of rhetorical reproaches. Basava has a paradigmatic change in attitude and manners. They looked at his clothes. He is wearing traditional white dress. He looks like pearl.

The time was about be 6 O' clock. The Literary Drama that mirrors the court of the famed Hampi Vijayanagar King whose love of literature flickers like a flame through the history , whose contribution to literature is unparalleled, whose encomium on Telugu still flow like a perennial river in the hearts of Telugu people, is about to begin. Bharatavarsha whose poetic prowess made rounds in the visual and print media has drawn the attention of noted celebrities to the program. The front row was filled with the media reporters with cameras on stands to record and telecast the program. It shows the significance of any program. After the media in the first row seated were Bharatavarsha's mother Malini, Varsha's sister Manjusha, Malini's friend Damini, Basava's sister Ramya and her friends.

Behind them Agastya , Vidisha, Kesava Raghava, Bairredy were seated. In the third row seated were Basava's mother and father Buchhamma and Sarraju, Vidisha's mother and father Ahalya and Seshachalam, "The comely Basava was unable to sit calmly." said Vidisha. " Yes with his attire and satire on miscreants he looks like an authentic scholar of Telugu." said Manjusha. Bunny looks very funny in this attire said Raghava. " No more I am Bunny , I am the spirit of Shiva and the son of Bucchamma I am Basava" It was an amazing scene for his parents.

The curtain rose showing the stars of the night. The eight poets in the court of Krishna devaraya appeared in seated in old styled court seats specially made for the program. The King was also present in addition to the eight. "This is a concept drama is named after the king's court Bhuvanavijayam which had been popular in 1952 strikes back" said a journo to the camera man. suddenly following the signal of Bharatavarsha Basava and Kesava got on to the stage. The two stars disappeared from the clouds of audience appeared on the stage.

The program has to be introduced to the audience. Basava started addressing the audience. No sooner did he start speaking than the mike got mute. somebody on the stage said " call the electrician he will correct the mike" Basava yelled in a language hardly in the reach of the ordinary. It is the grand old Telugu language of the olden days. "Basava unleashed" shouted Agastya. He is least expected to speak in this language. The rhythmic classical beat of the language tinged with humour sounded like " I came dashing on to the dais wearing a new dress to address the audience, but I can't. Come like lightening to redress mike problem. Remove the mess and bless the program. The Electrician came like a lightning and adjusted the mike with lightning speed.

Basava began speaking "Bharatavarsha a renowned scholar and in Telugu and masters in History rose to fame by dint of hard work is organizing this Literary program which had once shone like a diamond. He ready to bite the bullet for glorification of his mother tongue which has been extripated by media by its own people. I bow to the noble soul the president of Telugu Literary Organization Mr. Paidiraju. It is a great opportunity for for scholars and greater opportunity for the lovers of Telugu to feast their ears and the greatest opportunity to dilettante and dabbler like me to stand beside the towering fame of Telugu Bharatavrsha. Scholars presence is always a motivation. It is an inspiration that drives away ignorance. Long live Telugu!!! Victory! Victory !! Victory!!! to Telugu.

Hardly had Basava finished than the astrology scholar, Pandit Chandrasekhar adumbrated the concept of Bhuvanavijayam . In 1952 a wealthy man called Anjaneyulu had the idea of a hosting the grand literary discourse of of the Royal court of Srikrishna devaraya. He chose real time great poets to represent the 8 jewels (poets) of 16th century instead of drama artists. Renowned Telugu poets of that time period Viswanatha Satyanarayana were invited to participate in that program. High court then justice acted as the King. Unlike the drama artists the poets came without make-up and without script. The script was needless because they were poets themselves and the discourse was extempore.


Friday, August 12, 2022

ముంగిట్లో ముత్యాలు - కేథరిన్ మదోక్స్

 ఆ సరస్వతీ దేవే   పంపిందా లేక  ఆ సరస్వతే వచ్చిందా అని ఎంతో అపురూపంగా అనిపించింది.

ఆమె అమెరికన్  అయినంత మాత్రాన గొప్ప విశేషం ఏమీలేదు 

90 పుస్తకాలు వ్రాసిన ఒక గొప్ప రచయిత్రి అది చాలా విశేషం.  

నేను 60 పుస్తకాలు వ్రాసిన ఒక రచయితని  అని గొప్ప గా చెప్పుకోడానికి 

అవకాశంలేని ఒక గొప్ప విశేషం. 

 200 సోనెట్స్ తో కూడిన  "ఇండియన్ సోనెటీర్స్"   అనే పుస్తకం వ్రాసాను. ఇండియన్ సోనెటీర్   కి ముందుమాట విదేశీ ప్రొఫెసర్   చేత వ్రాయించమని  ఇక్కడ ప్రొఫెసర్స్ ముందుమాట వ్రాస్తే దానికి అంత  విలువ ఉండదు  అని విదేశీయులు చెపితే నే భారతీయులు వింటారు అని సెంట్రల్ యూనివర్సిటీ ప్రొఫెసర్లు కూడా చెప్పేసిన తరువాత. నేను ఆలోచనలో పడ్డాను, కానీ వాగ్దేవి ముంగిట్లో ముత్యాలు  కురిపించింది. కేథరిన్ మదోక్స్ నా సొనెట్స్ కి ముందుమాట వ్రాస్తారు.    నాకు ఆమె ఒక యూనివర్సిటీ కంటే ఉన్నతంగా  కనిపించారు.  

Thursday, August 11, 2022

Millionaire American Author of 90 Books


Poolabala with Ms. Catheryne Maddox and Mr. Kumar

She is 80. She is from Michigan. Her name is Catheryne Maddox. She visited my village home today. She loves books . She is a writer herself. She has written 90 books.  She can't speak or read Telugu.  She stepped into my study and saw my books in the shelf and touched them gingerly. She carried them in her hands as if  she were carrying a baby.  She wanted to have my magnum opus  Bharatavarsha. She wanted to keep it in her shelf.  She was so happy while receiving  Bharatavarsha.  She went to Afghanistan to serve some poor people with whom she had only internet friendship if love comes from the bottom of the heart people behave like that. She spent an hour in my house and left lasting love. 

Today's students

 Whenever I find any interesting news I immediately translate it into French and German

I also want to my students to do the same. But unfortunately students never think of doing such things.  They don't even read such things written in blogs. I want to tell them " If you have rich ambitions it is not enough because rich ambitions fail with poor activities" 

If you only attend the class is it enough? 

Remember your language skills correspond with your activities. 

L'aéroport de Donakonda sera à nouveau réutilisé !

20 décembre 2014 L'aéroport de Donakonda, construit et utilisé à l'époque britannique, est resté inutilisé pendant plusieurs décennies. Cependant, le gouvernement prévoit de remettre cette piste d'atterrissage en service en la réparant.

Des agents de l'autorité aéroportuaire de l'Inde ont visité cette bande vendredi et ont vérifié le bâtiment de l'aéroport, le système de signalisation et la piste.

Ils ont dit que la piste d'atterrissage est en bon état et peut être utilisée après réparation. Le comité soumettra très prochainement un rapport détaillé au Centre. Un aéroport à Nellore ou Prakasam est prévu de longue date. la rénovation de la piste d'atterrissage de Donakonda est envisagée pour cela.

Flughafen Donakonda soll wiederverwendet werden!

20. Dezember 2014 Der Donakonda Airport, der zu britischen Zeiten gebaut und genutzt wurde, lag mehrere Jahrzehnte ungenutzt herum. Die Regierung plant jedoch, diese Landebahn durch Reparatur wieder in Betrieb zu nehmen.Beamte der indischen Flughafenbehörde haben diesen Streifen am Freitag besucht und das Flughafengebäude, das Signalsystem und die Landebahn überprüft. 

Sie sagten, die Landebahn sei in gutem Zustand und könne nach der Reparatur benutzt werden. Der Ausschuss wird dem Zentrum in Kürze einen detaillierten Bericht vorlegen. Ein Flughafen in Nellore oder Prakasam ist seit langem geplant. Dafür wird die Renovierung der Landebahn Donakonda in Betracht gezogen.

Donakonda Airport which was built and used during the British times was lying unused for several decades. However the government is planning to bring this air strip back in to usage by repairing it.Officials of Airport authority of India have visited this strip on Friday and checked the Airport building, Signalling system and Runway. They said the airstrip is in good condition and can be used after repairing. The committee will be submitting a detailed report to the Center very soon. An airport in Nellore or Prakasam is on cards for a long time and renovation of Donakonda airstrip is being considered for it.

Friday, August 5, 2022

les chansons de la ville


l'eau est tranquille                          The water is tranquil 

l'air sans manile                             The wind has no shackle

la colline est miracle                      The hill is miracle

 c'est ma ville                                  This is my city


la ville a beauté et vanité                              The city has vanity and beauty

repose-toi quand tu es fatigué                       rest yourself when you're tired

regarde pas la vanité                                      don't look at the vanity

regarde les belles collines                             look at the hills , the beauty 

qui sont calms et crystalline                          they are clear and quiet

ce qui se cache derrière                                 the silence behind them 

plaît toi pas  la verrière                                  bewitches you not the shop windows

on peut voir le silence                                   one can see and feel the silence

il t' enveloppe de bienveillance                     that envelops with all its kindness

ça touche le coeur                                          the city touches the heart 

de chaque spactateur                                     of every spectator with heart

alors on sent l'amour                                      one can feel the peace 

on peut voir le silence                                   in the silence and beauty

il enlève la turbulence                                   that removes turbulence 

pour chaque spectateur                                 clams the mind of the beholder

la ville montre son coeur                              so sweetness of scenery 

ce qu'on voit c'est l'amour                            the warmth in the tranquillity 

la ville m'a béni avec la chance,                   the city blessed me with good luck

et le don de l'insouciance                            and gave me a unforgettable kick

en y pensant mon coeur danse                     If you trust you can have the tryst 

3. Le fleuve 

je ne suis pas bleu , c'est mon eau.              I am not blue it is my water

excuez moi, ce n'est pas moi.                      excuse me , it is not me

le ciel est sur moi tombé                              the sky has fallen on me

la terre m'incombé                                        I belong to the earth

le ciel toujour m'a effleué                             the sky is very superficial 

il toujours change les couleurs                      He changes colour                          

il est beau pussiant mais inconstant              He is powerful but inconsistent

la terre est gentille est constant                     The earth is kind and consistent

j'ai la gentille terre élu                                   I have chosen the earth                

mais mon eau est bleu                                   The sky left in me his blue          

je ne suis pas bleu , c'est mon eau                 He tampered with body 

excuez moi, ce n'est pas moi                         but excuse me the body is not me   

4. Aved mes Yeux

 Regarde l'image avec mes yeux

les maisons ressemblent caïeux

le ciel est immanse mais un  papier

la colline doit aveuer

qu'il est tombé déchirant le ciel

venu inattendu comme un courrielle

une grande pierre comme un géant

géant parmi petits hommes , 

grand pierre parmi  petits pierres

Look at the picture with my eyes

the houses look like pebbles

the sky is immense but a paper

the hill must confess

that it fell tearing the sky

came unexpected like an email

a big stone like a giant

giant among little men,

big stone among small stones

L'histoire derrière le nom Indra keeladri. 

The story behind the name Indra keeladri 


 La montagne Indrakeeladri est le centre sacré des pèlerins abritant le temple le plus célèbre de la déesse Durga. Indrakeeladri Mountain is the sacred pilgrim centre  housing  the most famous  temple of Goddess Durga. 

Yaksha du nom de Keela méditait sur la déesse Durga. Satisfaite de sa pénitence, la déesse apparut devant lui. Keela lui a demandé de rester dans son cœur pour toujours. La déesse Durga l'a béni en disant que son désir serait exaucé après avoir tué Mahishasura dans le Kritha yuga et l'a transformé en une montagne avec la rivière Krishna coulant à ses pieds. Selon son aubaine, elle a résidé sur cette montagne sous la forme de "Mahishasura Mardani" avec huit bras après avoir tué Mahishasura. Lord Indra et tous les dieux du ciel sont descendus pour l'adorer. De cette façon, la montagne est devenue connue sous le nom d'Indrakeeladri. On pense que Shiva avait béni Arjuna, le grand guerrier du Mahabharata sur cette montagne. 

A Yaksha, his name is  Keela,  was meditating upon Goddess Durga. Pleased with his penance the goddess appeared before him. Keela asked her to stay in his heart forever. Goddess Durga blessed him saying that his desire would be fulfilled after her killing Mahishasura in Kritha yuga and turned him into a mountain with River Krishna flowing at its feet. As per her boo n   she resided on this mountain in the form of "Mahishasura Mardani" with eight arms after killing Mahishasura. Lord Indra and all the Gods from heaven descended to worship her. This way the mountain came to be known as Indrakeeladri. It is believed that Shiva had blessed Arjuna, the great warrior of Mahabharata on this Mountain.

Dans l'Indrakeela, il y a plusieurs temples taillés dans la roche. Ceux-ci étaient censés être à l'origine d'anciens temples, mais au fil du temps, ils ont été complètement ensevelis sous les débris. Lors de l'extraction, ils ont été révélés et les temples rocheux ont été préservés en tant que monuments protégés. Il y a dans le temple une excellente sculpture en pierre, qui contient sur ses quatre faces l'histoire de Kiratarjuneeyam. Chaque année, Vasanta Kalyam est jouée devant la déesse Durga et le seigneur Malleshwara.

In the Indrakeela there are several rock-cut temples. These were supposed originally to be ancient temples, but during the course of time, they were completely buried under debris. When quarrying they were revealed, and the rock-out temples were preserved as protected monuments. There is in the temple an excellent stone sculpture, which contains in all its four faces the story of Kiratarjuneeyam. Vasanta Kalyanam is performed to Goddess Durga and Lord Malleshwara every year. 

5.La chanson de ville

Dans ma ville  il ya un flauve il ya un flauve 

et au bord de la flauve il ya un coteau

et sur ce coteau qu'est ce qu'ilya ?

il ya un grand temple oui un grand temple  la mere de ville 

mais ces pas tout mais ces pas tout  car il ya aussi  

des arbres et des collines , des collines

des usines et des piscines des piscines

des marches ,  des magasins dans la ville                         

un aéroport pres de la ville , pres de la ville

mais ces pas tout mais ces pas tout  car il ya aussi 

des forts et de grottes ,des grande routes

des pont et des survol , des survols 

des cinémas et des parque, et des parque

mais ces pas tout mais ces pas tout  car il ya aussi 

des botiques et des hotels des hotels

des colleges et des ecoles des ecoles

dans toute ecoles , dans toute ecoles

mon école est attrayante , mon école très brillante

et nous sommes des étoiles des étoiles

les temples taillés dans la roche sur la montagne

depuis des siècles qu'ils restent haut à la compagne

ça semble étrange d'entendre la légende derrière la colline

Je veux  tout le mond quelque minutes passer à câline 

6.Les beaux rêves de mon pays

Tout le monde a  envie de l'argent

j'ai envie de la vie

je suis un garçon 

je chante des chansons

ce sont les beaux rêves de mon pays

ils ont des histoires des  homme honnête, courageux

comme des soldats, des professeurs  de mon pays

pas de vedettes pas de celebres 

ils ne sont pas la gloire de mon pays.

savez vous à quil  appartient le pays

Ils sont poètes, ils sont vedettes

Ils sont des savants du mon pays

Et quelle tristesse sur la planète

la tele montre seul les vedettes

tout le monde a  envie de l'argent

j'ai envie de la vie

je suis un garçon 

je chante des chansons

ce sont les beaux rêves de mon pays

pas déchets des médias

Monday, August 1, 2022

భారతవర్ష లో కథలు

 శ్రీనాథుడు , గౌడ డిండిమ భట్టు , ధూర్జటి కాళహస్తీ శ్వర శతకం , వసుచరిత్ర , గ్రీకు పురాణాన్ని పోలిన  పీ  బీ షెల్లీ అరితూసా అనే ఆంగ్ల పద్యం  దానిని  పోలిన విశ్వనాథవారి కిన్నెరసాని పాటలు, ఫ్లాబో అనే ప్రెంచ్ రచయిత వ్రాసిన  మదాం బోవారి , టాల్స్టాయ్ వ్రాసిన వార్ అండ్ పీస్  అన్నకేరినీనా , షేక్స్ పియర్ సొనెట్స్  

భారతవర్ష లో సాహిత్య కథలు -1

చందాల కేశవదాసు  తొలి తెలుగు నాటక కర్త, తొలి సినీ గీత రచయిత, కవి, గాయకుడు, హరికథా కళాకారుడు, అష్టావధాని, శతావధాని. నాటకాల్లో మొదట పాడే పరబ్రహ్మ పరమేశ్వర అనే గొప్ప కీర్తనను, ఆంధ్రదేశమంతటిని ఉర్రుతలూగించిన భలే మంచి చౌక బేరము పోయినన్ దొరుకదు అనే పాటను రాసినది ఈయనే. 

శ్రీకృష్ణతులాభారం నాటకానికి చందాల కేశవదాసు 22 పాటలు రాశారు. ఈ పాటలతో నాటకాన్ని ‘మైలవరం బాలభారతి నాటక సమాజం’ వారు చాలాసార్లు ప్రదర్శించారు. ఈ పాటల్లో బలే మంచి చౌక బేరము, మునివరా, కొట్టు కొట్టండిరా అనే మూడు పాటలే పైడిపాల రాసినట్లుగా సినిమాల్లోకి ఎక్కాయి.  1935, 55, 66 సంవత్సరాల్లో తీసిన మూడు సినిమాల్లోనూ ఈ మూడు పాటలున్నాయి. 

కేశవదాసు కుమారులు కృష్ణమూర్తి... రామానాయుడు మీద ఖమ్మం కోర్టులో కేసు గెలిచిన ఫలితంగా 1966లో సురేశ్ ప్రొడక్షన్స్ వారు తీసిన ‘శ్రీకృష్ణ తులాభారం’ సినిమా టైటిల్స్‌లో కేశవదాసు పేరు చేర్చడం జరిగింది.

భారతవర్ష లో చరిత్ర  కథలు -2

కథానాయకుడు భారతవర్ష ఇంగ్లిష్ వారి గొప్ప సంస్కృతిని పొగుడుతున్న తన ఆజ్ఞాన  మిత్ర బృందానికి కళ్ళు తెలిపించడానికి చెప్పే కథ 

7 వ హేన్రీ  కి  ఇద్దరు కొడుకులు. పెద్ద కొడుకు ఆర్థర్ చిన్నకొడుకు 8 వ హేన్రీ. పెద్ద కొడుకు కి బాగా కట్నం పుచ్చుకుని  కేథరీన్ ఆరగాన్ తో వివాహం చేస్తాడు . వివాహమైన ఐదు నెలలకే ఆర్థర్ చనిపోడంతో , మావ గారే కోడలిని ( కేథరీన్ ) వివాహం చేసుకోబోతాడు. వియ్యకుండు తో చివాట్లు తిని తన చిన్న కొడుక్కి  ( 8 వ హెన్రి )ఇచ్చి వివాహం చేస్తాడు . 

8 వ హేన్రి కి 10 ఏళ్ళు ఆమెకు 16 ఏళ్ళు అందుకే పో ప్ ఒక ఐదేళ్లు ఆగమంటాడు.  5 ఏళ్ళ తరువాత వివాహం జరుగుతుంది. వివాహమైన తరువాత  మగపిల్లలని కన లేదని ఆమెకు విడాకులు ఇవ్వాలని చూస్తాడు.  అప్పటికీ అనుమతి ఆలస్యం అవుతుండడంతో చర్చ్ లను నన్నరీలను మూయించి చర్చిపై రాజుదే అధికారం అని ప్రకటించి తనకు తానే అనుమతి ఇచ్చుకొని ఆన్  బోలియన్ ను వివాహం ఆడేస్తాడు. ఆమె కూడా ఆడపిల్లని ( ఎలిజబెత్ ) కనడంతో  అక్రమసంబంధం , దేశద్రోహం అంటగట్టి తలతీయించేస్తాడు 

ఆరుగురి భార్యలని వాహం చేసుకుని , ఇద్దరికీ శిరచ్చేదం , ఇద్దరికీ విడాకులు ఇవ్వగా ఒకామె ( జే న్ సెమూర్ ) పురిటిలో చనిపోతుంది. చివరి కి కేథరీన్  పార్ అనే మరో ఆమెను చనిపోయే ముందు చేసుకుని రాజ్యాన్ని ఆమె హస్తగతం చేస్తాడు. నిజంగా ప్రేమించిన వాళ్లకి మగ సంతానాన్ని ఇవ్వనందుకు శిరచ్చేదం చేయిస్తాడు . ఆర్థర్ పెళ్లి కి అతడి వయసు 7 సంవత్సరాలు , హెన్రి 8  పెళ్ళికి అతడి వయస్సు 15 ఏళ్ళు .

బాల్య వివాహాలు వరకట్నాలు మగపిల్లలని కనన్నందుకు మరణ దండన అని ఇంగ్లాండ్ రాజకుటుంబాల కథలు చెపుతాడు

Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Grand Success

                 Success needs no explanation. 

Bharatavarsha is a Success