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Sunday, February 27, 2022

Second world war -5

Agastya and Varsha looked at the sky. The sun is sinking behind the eastern ghats. The horizon is lit up. The vermilion shade is gradually turning grey.  The sweet singing birds are trilling melodies sitting on the branch of the guava tree. After a while the external noises stopped.  Outside is enveloped by tranquility  and the inside by peace. "How is the nature?"  Bharatavarsha asked Agastya. Great !!! He said.

The nature is lovely and cute

It's time the heart became nightingale

and sings merrily at the nature mute

and quietly flies to the far off dale

"Wow!Wonderful!!" clapping was heard. Lakuma applauding while entering. She was accompanied by Manjusha. I am sorry for being late. I couldn't come in time. Lakuma stammered apologies.  " You don't want to see the program! You did not come! There is nothing to worry about" said Manjusha. You don't like Language discourses and history discussion I know it very well. Leave it! you have come to see us that is great! 

who said history is boring. It is absorbing. we forgot ourselves. I want to learn more history  said Agastya. "If you like to learn history  you had better learn your family history.  It seems that you have not met your father for years. "said Varsha. "Yes for six years, I haven't met him. I have no family like you."  again his voice dulled down.  Varsha laughed and said "where has the cheerful mood gone?  How unfortunate is Basava that he is losing his parents for luxuries and fashions. Love is the greatest  luxury only the fortunate can have it. "said Varsha.  

Malini just entered the garden, saw Lakuma and said " You came while it is getting dark  I am afraid it is not safe. Damini will be waiting for you" "Shall I drop you at your hostel? said Varsha.  Oh you too Varsha! You are speaking like Damini. I am going to Hyderabad to see my mom. I will come back after two days. I have come here to ask you for a small favour. I want an Individual house or a flat. I can' t stand Damini. Her moral lecturing is still ringing in my ears. The rules of conduct she bugs in my ears all the time. No freedom loving woman likes her outdated ways.  " Lakuma you are all friends since childhood. You trust each other well. Damini is my childhood friend. I trust her. When she tells you anything she keeps your safety and your mother's reputation in mind."  Oh! Aunty! you can not understand the modern lifestyle and freedom. After all there is a generation gap between us. said Lakuma. 

Let me know what kind of freedom you want. What kind of freedom you are looking for? The freedom you are looking for is imposed on you by cinema. " I am an educated and cultured girl don't forget it! said Lakuma.  Education! Culture!!  wonderful! but I would appreciate if you know the meanings of those words. Many educated people confuse between culture and civilization. Mobile phones, computers and cars are civilization. we are losing culture for civilization. We are losing knowledge for degrees. we have no culture but civilization. We have no knowledge but degrees.   Look Lakuma you don't read any books even your text books.  How do you   get to know many things?  Only through cinema you acquire trends. You have not thoughtfully chosen but you have unconsciously learned it. just give me your walkman tape recorder. asked Varsha.  Lakuma gave it. Varsha played the songs by unplugging the earphones. The song were loud. She heard the songs enthusiastically.  Agastya explained the meaning of the songs. They were all non sense and negative stuff. Lakuma agreed and said " but the music is wonderful, isn't it?"she said. so you don't ask for the meaning except the music." said Varsha. 

Nobody can learn things in one day. Rome was not built in a day. said Malini. We have the Tulasi pooja now" said Manjush.  They both went it to take bath" Manjusha returned in wonderful silk saree. She asked her brother to get ready. Experience is the best teacher and Lakuma can learn practically. Today is fullmoon day. It is our custom to do pooja and offer the guests a feast. So don't go away.  said Varsha and went in to take bath. 


When Varsha came out in traditional clothes Lakuma laughed at him and said " what are you going to do now? " Look Manjusha is decorating the Tulasi plant. She has brought water with a pitcher , turmeric and Kunkum in two small silverpots.  She is placing lamps around the plant.  we are going to do pooja." said Varsha.  "you too follow these customs? worshiping the Tulasi plant and doing Vratham are  superstitions. said Lakuma. Many people proclaim that our traditions are great. Some people propagate our culture. What is the point in propagating our culture without following? said Agastya. 

 Malini was watching standing at a distance. Manjusha competed the decoration is of Tulasi. Varsha went near and stood by her side. She started singing the traditional song " Sri Tulasi.. give us victory..." After the musical presentation prayer she walked round the plant three times. Later Lakuma, Agastya, Varsha, Manjusha and Malini went in.  Lakuma said to Manjusha " The song was melodious and the lyric was wonderful. How do you know such songs? " Every pooja has scientific significance. It is related to the movement of planets which are connected to our everyday life. Life is worth living when it is connected with the universe. Isn't it? said Malini.  Lakuma has no words. She was spell bound. I am really sorry. I feel good to know that I am connected to universe." said Lakuma. Varsha and Agastya smiled.  I was told that things such as pooja vratam  are all superstitions besides  Sandhyavandanam is a superstition of Hindu brahmins. " said Lakuma. Who said that? asked Agastya.  I found it in the google. said Lakuma.

You find lot of shit in the google. Everything we read in the newspaper not news.  Everything we read in google is not correct.  An ignorant man may write something or it may be the handy work of malicious man. said Agastya.  

Sandhyavandanam is nothing but connecting yourself to the Sun God. It gives energy to the Sun and passes that energy to the entire universe. I can not read all these things but I feel good to listen to such things. said Lakuma. "Book reading for today's youth is like a cold day in the hell.  I am not an exemption. I don't know the Telugu months. I don't know all the directions. I know only the east and the west. I don't know the seasons. You can follow the calendar from today. said Manjusha. Malini asked everyone  for the food. The food was served on hot banana leaves. After the supper they stepped into Varsha's study. Malini was still in the kitchen. Lakuma looked at the books and said "This library doubles the grandeur of this house. I too want to have such library at home. Agastya laughed and laughed"  You want to display that you too have  a library. What will you do with the library?" He asked Lakuma. She was silent. Her face turned red. She was absorbed into the picture of a tree on the wall. "What is this?" Agastya asked. It is my family tree. I am collecting information about my forefathers and adding here. "Should you need to do it?" asked Agastya. 

Tell me Agastya how much do you know about your grandfather? Very little. My father told me that he is a great man. said Agastya.  "What is that greatness? Don't you want to know?" asked Varsha. "Yes. By all means" replied Agastya. Lakuma quickly asked " Should you need to know?"  Agastya understood that it is tit for tat. she asked the same question which he had asked Varsha. He answered Lakuma with a smile. Later he turned to the wall and found the words "1940, second world war." Oh! your forefathers were soldiers, right? Agastya remembered them.  Yes , they participated in the second world war, said Manjusha.

Lakuma and Agastya grew curious "Tell me about the WW2." They asked. 

Two lakh fifty thousand Indian soldiers participated in the war as India made a pact with the British. The British promised Freedom if India fights for the British.  Thousands of Indian soldiers were martyred. My great grand father died in the same war. In those days the soldiers used to sit in the trenches for days. If anyone asks for leave due to ill health , they used to shoot him. So the soldiers would shoot themselves in the mouth to meet their end. Agastya was shell shocked and kept staring at Varsha. He continued " It was believed that my great grandfather died in the war in Dunkkrik a  French port town. " In French town? why did Indian soldiers go there? asked Lakuma. Indian soldiers went to Italy, France, England everywhere. The Germans occupied the French town. The British went there to fight and send them back. Adolf Hitler planned Bitzkrieg( flash war) a strategy of sudden foray on the enemy, in which 68,000 British and Indian soldiers died. My  grandfather must have died there. My father also died in the same fashion in the kargil war."Said Varsha. 

Don't you know exactly that he died there? 

How is that possible?  It is not possible to send the dead bodies of soldiers. sometimes they don't find the bodies. sometimes the bodies are shattered in the battle field. So it is only hear say. It is like going to Varanasi in the olden days where there was no transport. The travelers used to walk through dense forests. If they don't return after six months , they are believed to be dead. The England port is in some distance from Dunkrik. I those days there were rumours that four Indian soldiers escaped to English port by swimming.  But only expert divers can escape. My grandfather was an expert diver."  Varsha stopped and looked at them. They were listening with bated breath.  He continued  Here is the over all picture of the war.  Sarojini naidu wrote an emotionally charged response for the martyrdom of Indian soldiers in foreign lands in her poem "The Gift of India." 

Is there ought you need that my hands withhold,
Rich gifts of raiment or grain or gold?
Lo! I have flung to the East and West
Priceless treasures torn from my breast,
And yielded the sons of my stricken womb                           
To the drum-beats of duty, the sabers of doom. 

Gathered like pearls in their alien graves
Silent they sleep by the Persian waves,
Scattered like shells on Egyptian sands,
They lie with pale brows and brave, broken hands,
They are strewn like blossoms mown down by chance
On the blood-brown meadows of Flanders and France.

Can ye measure the grief of the tears I weep
Or compass the woe of the watch I keep?
Or the pride that thrills thro’ my heart’s despair
And the hope that comforts the anguish of prayer?
And the far sad glorious vision I see
Of the torn red banners of Victory?

When the terror and the tumult of hate shall cease
And life be refashioned on anvils of peace,
And your love shall offer memorial thanks
To the comrades who fought in your dauntless ranks,
And you honour the deeds of the deathless ones,
Remember the blood of thy martyred sons!

The poem elicited tears of ecstasy  from Malini who stood at the door  "Are you crying ? I am sorry " said Varsha. They are not tears of pain, they are tears of joy.  I am proud that my husband martyred for Bharat but left his spirit Bharatavarsha. She said and left into kitchen. 
Lakuma hired a taxi to Hyderabad. She dropped Agastya at his hostel. The taxi ran towards Hyderabad like a bullet from the gun. 

Saturday, February 26, 2022

Childhood days -4

You are four years senior to me. You don't know my story. said Agastya. Varsha remained silent.  Do you remember that I had left home when I was in seventh class. said Agastya. "Yes I do " replied Varsha.  They remembered the childhood days. "Nothing is sweeter than childhood. In fact Childhood is the sweetest part of the life" said Varsha. 


How beautiful are the school days. Agastya remembered his schooling. We played together though we are not of the same class. We walked to the market, climbed the trees. There was no difference between boys and girls. So sweet was our childhood but my father made it bitter. That was the time my father was crazy about a young girl of half his age. "Oh I didn't know that" said Varsha. I too did not know all those things at that time.

My parents used have clashes everyday.   At that age I  didn't understand so many things that happen right before my eyes. My mother would often say  "I have no peace" This went on for  months.  Ever since the clashes began I lost my father's love.  My mother became both father and mother. Only my mother would listen to me play with me.   My father moved to different place. After a year I understood that my father and my mother got separated. My mother's responsibility and priority was my education. She often said that those words to my grandfather who wanted her to move to Chennai. I heard that she hails from wealthy Tanjavur family? asked Varsha. My mother's grandfather is in Tanjavur. He is a sanskrit scholar. His forefathers served Tanjavur naik kings. She doesn't want to reveal  her woeful story and share her tears with them.  So, she stayed here until I finished my tenth class and then moved to Chennai to work and live on her own" said Agastya. 

We think that your father and mother are away but together. But I did not all together understand the divorce issue. You said that they got separated years back.  Yes they were only separated but not divorced. My father rose with the help of my mother's assets. My mother was unwilling to fight for the assets but my grand father wanted to. He persuaded my father to give half of the share because the capital for the father's business is my mother's money assets. My father offered partnership in his business instead of  cash settlement. My mother wanted neither. My grandfather is in legal battle for the money. After nine years the final hearing is over. The judgement was delivered" said  Agastya.  "Who won the case and who go the money? asked Varsha. "My grandfather died. My mother won the case but left the money to my father because if she demands the money his business will ruin. He will lose his new life partner too. His life will be miserable. My mother didn't want that."said Agastya.  Varsha's face turned pale.  He is filled with pity for that great lady. 

Oh! noble lady thy generosity and they nobility 

thy kindness and thy tolerance spring from the blood 

of great the royal dynasty and thy great sagacity 

is surely above ordinary that enlightens the world

Thy kindness is so deep that made wounds so deep

thou art the stood tempests thousand

 thy qualities make humanity weep and weep 

Where is the fair God for this foul game to end 

It is not possible for ordinary people. She is a great lady with a great quality of compassion and charity. Said Varsha. "But my father's case it is apaatradana or charity to the undeserving.  My father is a person without any remorse." concluded Agastya with a gloomy face. 

I can understand your pain but I can't understand how your father Dakshinamurty a renowned scholar noted for his righteousness fell in this mess. A man like Buddha became a butcher. said varsha. That is the magic of Kaliyug the paradoxical age. Ravana becomes hero, thief becomes ruler, a murderer becomes a priest. a Baba becomes a rapist" said Agastya.  Betrial of the innocent is the worst sin. Varsha  " To a renegade who changed his religion it is very simple to betray his wife.  It is shocking to see your mother accepting the divorce. your mother should not have accepted the divorce. 

She is so pious that she took thorns and returned flowers to my father.  Many people believe that the reason for the rift between my father and mother is the affair but it is different. My mother would have tolerated if he had not changed the faith. Not only did he change his faith but also tried to change my mother. One day he asked her to go to church. It is like going to war of swords with a kitchen knife, catching a whale with a fishing hook, throwing a fishing net on elephant.  I was more surprised than shocked. Agastya said.  Varsha smiled and said "There is no surprise in this. The Catalan ministry sowed seeds of Christianity in Surat.  Ever since the conversions are common practice. But it is not so easy a task to convert noble souls.  Your mother is indeed one.  So great is her dynasty that she can never be nasty to change faith besides she is economically, educationally, spiritually strong. said Bharatavarsha.    

But the Britishers were the rulers. They had the power so they converted people easily. replied Agastya.   You are right. Did you know Toru dat the renowned Indo-anglian poetess who was famed like Sarojininaidu, the nightingale of India?" Yes, a little. She is the first French novelist I think?" said Agastya. She wrote the French novel Mademoiselle D'avre. It was an incomplete novel. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 21 like john keats. Their parents are Pandits. They belong to Dat Dynasty. Her father Govind Datt under the influence of the British converted to Christianity in 1862. Toru Datt grandfather Rasame Datt is the founder of Hindu school and her cousin Romesh chandar Dutt is an IAS officer but they converted to Christianity  under the influence of the British. But don't think it was so easy as it appears. There was so much of pain and sacrifice behind the process. You need to read history to understand the present day word and your position in that." Sounds interesting can you throw more light on that? said Agastya. Varsha the bard started... 

The role of Christian Missionaries,  predominantly reflected during the British rule. However,  the missionary movement which means superimposing a foreign religion was not a cake walk.  During the 1770s and 1780s that several Englishmen, such as Edmund and Burke, argued that the East India Company’s power could not be justified unless it were exercised with morality. But there efforts were not paid heed to. 

Then Charles Grant, a junior officer in British East India Company, along with his two friends drafted the original proposal for mission in 1786-87, in their personal capacity, and campaigned for it for decades at their own expense. Grant sought only for an official endorsement of the East India Company for his proposal to start a missionary endeavour. He neither sought for Company’s money nor its manpower. He himself offered support to one of the missionaries from his personal capacity. He had sever brickbats in his journey. He received only resistance everywhere.  Lord Cornwallis has only given him a hearing. He said that he could not, as the Governor General, give his active support. However he assured him that he would not oppose the move for missions.

Grant was therefore forced to go to the Christian leaders in England, who were big enough to influence the Government or to fight the Company. At that time, the only missionary-minded Christian figure in England, who had the status to bypass the East India Company and influence the Government itself, was John Wesley, the founder of Methodism. Refusing permission to John Wesley to open mission would thus have been politically incorrect for the British. 

In 1793, Wilberforce studied Grant’s Book, which went beyond Burke’s argument and Wilberforce, consulting with the Speaker of the House of Commons, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Henry Dundas moved the famous Resolution on Missions, which were drafted by Grant himself. Three days later, ‘the missionary clauses’ were accepted by the Committee, which sought to empower the East India Company. However, on the third reading of the Bill, the Clauses were rejected and the Court of Proprietors of East India  had a special Meeting and passed a resolution against the Missionary Clause.

In 1853, the Committee chaired by Sir Charles Wood, a devout Evangelical who was also an ‘undercover’ missionary drafted a renewed commitment of Educational responsibility of the Company.   In 1858 Proclamation of Queen which said that ‘it should breathe feelings of generosity, benevolence and religious feelings, pointing out the privileges which the Indians will receive in being placed on an equality with the subjects of the British Crown. 

The Charter of East India Company came up with such a proposal several officials of the Company argued that the restrictions on the missionaries should continue: the Indian are civilized enough and do not need the missionaries. 

Charles Grant, started demanding religious freedom for India in 1793. He championed missions as a means of educating India, used the Parliament (as a member) to force his company to reinvest a part of its own profits for educating Indians. He further wrote, “Missions would bless India with English, technology and economic prosperity. The Missionaries educated the Indians of their shortcomings.  They completely destroyed the self confidence and the self-respect of Indians.  

When Bharatavarsha finished the story of conversions in the name of charity and education Agastya said " I feel that this is the real shock. My father changing his faith is a smaller issue but do you think that education has helped missionaries to convert Indians?

Bharatavarsha said  "Swami Vivekanada wrote about English education  wrote that when the child is taken to school  the first thing he learns is that his father is a fool, the second thing is his grandfather is a lunatic, the third thing is all his teachers are hypocrites, the fourth thing is that all his sacred books are a mass of lies. By the time he reaches sixteen, he is a mass of negation, lifeless and boneless... 

Oh!  The white man who killed millions of Indians started preaching the way for deliverance. It is like sinner guiding angles devils chanting scriptures but now after seeing the bigger picture  my sadness vanished " said Agastya.

I am glad that you are light hearted said Varsha and smiled. I am light hearted but I don't take history lightly. I will learn the history " said Agastya and said "Oh! Look at the sky. It is awesome. I have not observed it. I am totally absorbed in history!" said Agastya. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2022


With sixteen sectors and two lakh fifty thousand population MVP colony  in Visakhapatnam is the largest urban neighborhood not only in India but also in the entire Asia. MVP colony, the dwelling place of temples parks auditoriums, amphitheatres, convention halls is over looked by the Lord of dance Siva with his concert Parvati from atop Kailasagiri. The colossus of Shiva parvathi look like the genitori dell'universo (the parents of the universe.) In sector 6 in the vicinity of Anandanilayam  at the foot of Kailasagiri lies a small house.  

The tell tale small iron entrance gate, two small windows and two door halves betray that it is a middle class house. There is a bone shaker scooter was parked in front of the house. An argument was going on so loud that the echo is heard in hills of Kailasagiri.  The voices would often disturb the welkin (cloud zone) but the passers by would not be disturbed because they are inured to such verbal clashes. The arguments are many but the reason is one. Sarraju hasn't bought a two wheeler to his Engineering undergraduate son. " Shit you couldn't buy a bike for me. I am ashamed to be your son. Every dumb box of rocks has a bike these days. For three years my appeals are falling in your deaf ears. I am casting pearls before swine. such a deadbeat should not get children."  Shouted Basava. He was as mad as a bear with a sore head. 

"what are you prattling? Had I been incompetent I would not have got a seat for you in  Engineering paying lakhs through my nose. Your focus is on luxuries that's why you have backlogs. Focus on the studies and clear off your backlogs." Sarraju got excited.

Today is very auspicious. The whole of India celebrates Rakshabandhan. Ramya tie the Rakshabandhan to your brother Basava.  The quarrels and arguments can wait. Take a break for a few minutes." said Butchamma. Ramya tied the Rakshabandhan to her brother Basava.

 "Your father is not an officer.  He is a clerk in Transport corporation. It is evident from the cut of his gibs look at your sister Ramya. She is the angle of this house, apple of our eyes. She is studying well,  getting good grades and helping mother." said Butchamma.  Basava was disillusioned with mother words " shit! to hell with this house to hell with studies. I can't stand your preaching. Whenever I ask for a bike dad would point to my backlogs you would tick me off (scold)showing Ramya. Basava shouted in anguish. Ramya , the sweet little lamb looked aghast at her flaming brother. "Don't put words in my mouth, what did you give me except the birth? The miserable birth! Miserable name !! Immeasurable poverty!!! Above all the name Basava is an anathema to me. I am unable to cope with this nasty name. So I lie to everybody that I am Bunny. You have made me a liar!!"  Basava turned hostile. "Why blame the name? you are named after the most charitable and revered man our grandfather. said Ramya. " Lo! Look at the charitable man!  Gold is his providence to the world but for me a beggar's bowl.   Charity must begin at home. " said Basava. 

Just then Agastya arrived at Basavanivawas. Butchamma looked at him and told her daughter Ramya " Go into your study, don't argue with your stupid brother." Ramya went into her study from the livingroom. "Your friend Agastya has come, you had better go out with him and spend sometime." Butchamma pushed  Basava. A broken Basava was beside himself  and went berserk. In the blink of an eye his hand touched his mother's jaw. Agastya was appalled. 

 A bewildered Sarraju said to Agastya " Look boy, your friend says that I am a deadbeat! Tell me which deadbeat joins his son in a reputed engineering college?  He has now slapped his mother. His is the misfortune to this Basavaniwas" cried Sarraju. "You won't change easily. My death will teach you guys a lesson." cried Basava. Agastya stood dumb like a statue. He was at the end of his wits. A frightened Butchamma quickly disculpated her son "Nobody has slapped me." She said quickly and added "My son is not misfortune to this house. He is  the light of this house."  Butchamma roughly patched up with her motherly love. That brought tears in the eyes of Agastya." I have come to invite Basava to the poetic discourse by Bharatavarsha at his residence. I think I came in the wrong time." Said Agstya and turned back to go.  

"Wait Agastya , you came at the right time. It is time we took lunch. Have lunch and go. she stopped Agastya. Agastya said " Bharatavarsha offers a feast to all participants and visitors.  I am going there to participate , so I must eat there. If Basava likes  to accompany me he will eat there."  I am hurt with you calling me Basava. Can't you call me Bunny? " Basava said with irritating voice. "That is your college name. A mask you wear. But Bharatavarsha the renowned bard of the city  is organizing poetic discourse where great scholars and Pandits will be present. They love their language and culture not cinema culture as young people do.  They are all quite traditionally disposed. They don't disguise themselves with names Bunny and Cherry and hide themselves in English culture just as cine actors do. If you want to come there first you should drop your fake name" said Agastya.

Agastya stop rubbing salt in my wounds. You have insulted me by calling me Basava. Now you are insulting my favourite heroes. I can least tolerate that." said Basava. " Basava is a traditional name. Indian traditions carry the knowledge of our ancestors. Ancient  Knowledge comes in the form of  traditions." Said Agastya.  "Basava is  sacred because it is the name of Shiva. Agastya is a sacred name because it is the name of a great sage."  Butchamma supported Agastya.  A frustrated Basava shouted " I don't want a culture which powerful people don't follow. The influential and powerful people  are in the cinema field. They are the eyes and icons of our society. People love to follow them not the poets and scholars." Later he demanded five hundred rupees for biryani. Poor Butchamma paid the price for her sin of teaching tradition to the cinema head.   

Basava and Agastya got out of Basavaniwas . They started walking to Ananda Nilayam which is at a stone's throw. Basava asked Agastya " Will they offer biryani at the end of the program?" "They offer it in the beginning." replied Agastya. Basava asked no more questions and walked silently. 


Sarraju and Butchamma sat in the living room. Their were feeling sad and empty. " We are enjoying the result of our sin." said Sarraju. "He has left and you started attacking my peace?" shouted Butchamma. " Don't you regret ?" asked Sarraju.  

Butchamma: Should I regret my marriage , our union  or my giving birth to two children?

Sarraju: Look a boy born in Niyogi Brahmin family has become a useless wastler. 

Butchamma : It is in the education. We joined in the English medium school. English medium schools not only promote English language but also English culture. English education downplays Indian culture,  mocks our traditions and finds fault with every custom. As a father you haven't influenced your son by following our traditions and customs. You never took time to explain the epics and the characters. Now you have to blame yourself for making your son so. 

Sarraju : When should I teach all these values. He has no time for his Engineering subjects. Why did you not teach him? It doesn't come with teaching? How did Ramya learn?

Butchamma : How blind and callous you are! Today I exhorted Basava to take Rakhi from his sister amidst their arguments. Did you not see that? I taught my daughter all poojas and our customs. What did you say when he was belittling our customs and traditions ? You took it for his scientific temperment and encouraged him. Today's slap is the result of your encouragemnt.

Sarraju: I want to send my son to America. He needs good English to serve there. All are going abroad. Today daily-wage labourers are sending their children abroad. Why not we? 

Butchamma: You don't want your son to be useful citizen , you don't want your son to serve your country. The only thing you want is he must go abroad because all are going abroad.

The door bell rang. Butchamma opened the door. Seetaratanm came in with her daughter who has a tray in her hands. Sarraju went into the bedroom. " I am on Puvvu, Pandu, Tambulam NOMU." said Seetharatnam's daughter giving a flower, fruit and betel leaf. Butchamma calle her daughter "Ramya" "She's studying" replied Sarraju from the bedroom.

Nothing happens to her studies. She can come and see what is happening in the living room.

Ramya and Sarraju both came out. Ramya asked about the importance of the Nomu. Seetaratanm explained the importance of the Nomu. " This is done by married women for children. The woman who follows this Nomu gives furit, flower and betel leaves throught the year. At the end of the year she has to give 25 fruits, a saree and a blouse to a married woman.  Sarraju smiled at her. Butchamma understood what her husband means. He has no faith. "This is our tradition, our belief. You've already spoiled your son,  at least leave the daghter to me" Said Butchamma. 

 " Yes, Yes, Ramya can learn and follow traditions. Girl should learn." said Sarraju

Well said brother , Gilrs should be traditional and should rule homes." Seetaratnam appreciated Sarraju  Boys should study well and rule the world." She added. Butchamma and Ramya both guessed that she is going to talk about her son. They took a deep breath and prepared to listen to her boastful talk. " You know my son has gone to the  USA." said Seetaratnam. "You have already told four time aunt." Said Ramya. 

"Ay, Ramya you are still a small girl. Don't talk to a gentlewoman like that." said Sarraju

"I am talking about my second son. He has got visa recently." Seetaratnam said Proudly

Wow that is a son! said Sarraju. Seetaratnam's daughter touched Butchamma's feet and took blessings as a part of the tradition. Ramya was watching her. 

"Why don't you send your daughter too!" Said Butchamma.

It is so bizzarre and exccentric !!! Said Seetaratnam and turned her mouth left and right and went away. Sarraju was happy. Butchamma was dazzed but Ramya said "It is disgusting to see our people "Boasting about their community all the time. No respect for small jobs or for life. Patriotism only in words.  All double standards-show off. People form even good families try their best for dowry. Worest of all is interfering in others life unnecessarily makes life hard.  I wish there were some injections to inject morality and civic sense."  Sarraju laughed 


ANANDANILAYAM  was unusually noisy with  groups of people entering and exiting. It was lunch time. Many people are eating under the huge tent set up in the open front yard of the house.  Malini were serving food and Manjusha water. A young girl of 20 was standing at the desk near the gate offering betel leaves to the people leaving the place.  Two men a peasant and an educated man came to the desk for betel leaves. The girl was preparing the leaves for them. "What a beautiful house!" said the peasant. "This is not a house. This is castle." The other man corrected him. "Hi Vidisha where is Lakuma?" said Agastya who entered with Basava. Hello said Vidisha, Damini would know about Lakuma.  "There is Astavadhanam (a language discourse and poetic talent show with eight people) after the lunch. This lunch is meant for  gathering the people." said the peasant to the other man" 

In that case they should offer lunch at the end the program." said the other man. Vidisha smiled and gave them leaves. Basava said  "You are correct sir. If they want to retain the people for the following program lunch should not be served before the program." said Basava. 

"Bharatavarsha is a poet not a politician. He wants to attract the people but he doesn't have trading techniques." said Vidisha.  Agastya said to the peasant "You know we can take the horse the pond but we can't make it drink water. The real intention of the organizers is to create genuine interest in their mother tongue.  Later Agastya turned to Basava "You too can leave after eating if you don't like to participate." A  crestfallen Basava said "After all Bharatavarsha is our friend." Vidisha laughed and said" Your courteous presence doesn't do any good to you. Now hurry up and finish your lunch. The program is going to start soon."     


The visitors are coming into the Manduva where the literary program was arranged. Some people found the ancient house very interesting. "This ancient design is attractive. Now a days we don;t have these kind of houses." said one visitor to the other. 

"This is called the courtyard house. A courtyard is an uncovered outdoor area that is open to the sky. It primarily has walls of a larger building  surrounding it. Usually, a courtyard is in the middle of the house or building. Because of their central location, a courtyard can become an attractive outdoor room in the middle of the house." said the first visitor. 

"This courtyard has six rooms around it. The Courtyard (Manduva) was large enough that  dais was arranged for the program."  second visitor.  Eight participants on the dais and thirty spectators around. The Avadhanam (Discourse) began. It is a program that unveils poetic talent and memory power of the scholar.  The scholar instantly answes  in verses the complex questions posed by seven eminent people while the eight participant tries to distort the attention of the scholar with his irrelevant questions. 

 So the seven are called questioners and the eighth one is the distorter who asks irrelevant questions who sole aim is to confuse the Scholar. Usually prefers to ask about petrol price during a spiritual discourse. Usually the scholar deftly shuts the irrelevant questioner with his wit and wisdom but by giving the right answer. 

Telugu lecturer in the local college Mr. Ramakrishna , Retired government college principal Ankalarao, Almanac Pandit and poet Sarma, popular writer Marayya, Damini, Internet magazine editor Siddayya, literature lover Agastya sat around Bharatavarsha. All were eagerly waiting for the eighth participant, the distorter. 

A girl in white long skirt and orange mantel got on to the stage. She is Manjusha. Her friends also arrived to see the program. Their interest looms large on their faces. Basava is the only odd man out of those. He looked like a squire peg in a round hole.  

Bharatavarsha began with the verses from Basavapurana.  He explained the greatness of Basaveswara. Basava's face turned red. He was not sure whether it was merely accidental or instigation of  Agastya but he was terribly upset at the discussion and sneaked out of the Manduva coolly. Questions were shot like arrows at Bharatavarsha. 

Four modern actresses names were given to him and sought a metrical verse describing a scene from the Ramanaya the great epic written by Valmiki. Varsha was instantly ready with the verse. Damini gave Varsha the names Malini, Manjush and Vidisha and asked him to explain a scene from the Mahabharata. The bard took couple of minutes contemplating the scene Manjusha entered the scene to distort the attention of her brother with the question " why are the human relations dwindling now a days?" "Because people like you talk irrelevantly they are unable to connect to others."  That has brought laughter among the questioners and spectators as well. Manjusha pulled a long face when she saw her mother Malini laughing with all others.

She glared at her mother in the audience venting her anger. Malini moved her pupils to the right and left corner of the eyes pointing to the audience and then rounded her pupils in 360 degrees and finally raised her eyebrows questioning with her eyes look all are laughing what is wrong  if I laugh?  Manju's eyes turned red. She threw a look of anger. She shook her head two millimetres to the right and two millimetres to the left saying that  a mother has no right.  Varsha threw a look at Manjusha. He raised and downed the eyebrows, blinked his eyes twice and finally opened his eyes wide.  Though it lasted for a few seconds Agastya was amused to see that they are communicating something. He knew that the art of communicating with eyes is  called Netravadhanam. His curiosity took better of him. When he was about to ask what they were speaking with eyes " Sita, Ravana, secret, whisky"   These phrases were heard. 

All questioners and spectators looked at Ankalarao in dismay who uttered the words. Ankalarao uttered those words again. All were eagerly waiting for Ankalarao to explain what he wanted the bard to do with those phrases.  "Put it in a poem of Dwipada genre" said Ankalarao. Dwipada is a genre that is so popular and so close to the hearts of the common people. Great epics of India are in Dwipada. Dwipada poem consists of only two lines.  Varsha looked around. The audience were very curious. In a few seconds he presented the words in poem that gives a meaning "Ravana wish (the) key to success of Ram not kept a secret by Sita. There was an applause in the audience. After similar puzzles the Avadhanam came to an end. It was a great poetic stunt in which the bard displayed his linguistic competence. He could solve all puzzles. His amazing ease and style delighted the audience. All participants and spectators appreciated Bharatavarsha's talent and left. The noise quelled after all the participants and visitors had gone. The tent and the chairs were cleared.

Tranquility prevails in Anandanilayam as usual. All the flowers in the garden have taken a cheerful tune while Manjusha took a plaintive tone and sat grumpy under the guava tree. Malini knew that her daughter needed attention from Damini.  Damini knew it was a mock anger. She consoled her stroking her head and kissed her on the forehead.  Malini said " Great going Damini! Tomorrow when Manju is married she needs the same care from her husband. If she doesn't get the same hundred kisses a day will you go and give her?" I will live with her or she will live with me you don't worry! She is my daughter. "I am jealous of Manjusha. She has love from two mothers. Double love!!" said Vidisha affectionately. Malini said "Oh! Damini, Manju is totally spoiled with your pampering. People in this neighborhood think that she is your daughter. You have to see a suitable groom for her." Ok that is my responsibility. you don't worry replied Damini. They all laughed Varsha and Agastya joined them.  


It was dusk. The clouds in the sky were floating like boats in the sea. They appear like big cotton balls tinged in orange color. Slowly they oranges balls started disintegrating. After a while the sky is full of orange pollen. The cool breeze began blowing. Perhaps the the breeze scatters the pollen.  Now the breeze blows over the flowers. The air mixed with the fragrance served as invitation to the bees. The pollen is scattered by the breeze.  The bumble bees are buzzing. A few butterflies with colorful wings are twinkling in the garden like stars in the sky. Varsha and Agastya sat gazing at the beautiful scene. What a beautiful feast to the eyes said Bharatavarsha. Agastya remembered the Netravadhanam during the discourse. He asked Varsha curiously" what did you communicate with eyes?" Varsha said that Manju asked her mother Malini the reason for laughing. She said that  She is laughing as everyone else is laughing.  Manju said that others have the right but mothers are wrong if they use the right. Agastya was bemused with Varsha's style of explaining. What did you say then? aksed Agastya.

I blinked my eyes twice to communicate that your Avadhanam in my Avadhanam is like picture in picture and showed feeling of surprise with  my eyes wide opened.  They later discussed Basava.  Basava left in the beginning of the  Program. He could not stand good words. The gristly scene I saw this afternoon still haunts my mind." said Agastya. 

 "What happened ?" said  Damini  Agastya told Damini what he had told Varsha before the program. "God save Basava! He is totally fallen. Where is his education? Said Damini. "Education is God. Education saves. Bharatavarsha is doing his bit to educate such people" Said Agastya.  "Education does not bring any refinement as long as people consider education a bread winning process. It is cinema and fashion that go into the heart not education. Education became superficial coat. He got bad language and reckless attitude like many others who are overpowered by movies and bitten by fashion bug. Poor are the people could not connect themselves to books but silver screen." said Varsha. 

I am happy that you are trying to connect to such people to books. I must go now said  Vidisha. Wiat said Malini she went in and fetched two pieces of cloth. Keeping with the tradition Malini presented the two pieces of blouse cloth to Damini and Vidisha before they had left. Vidisha left  as she has to go to a distant village  called Sabbavaram. Damini took Vidisha in her car to drop her at the near by bus stop.  Manjusha and Malini were in the kitchen preparing tea.

Only Agastya remained with Varsha in the garden.  "Agastya your face is so grave. What is the reason!" Agastya could not speak. He remained silent.  "Basava's behaviour should not shake you so much" Said Varsha again.  Malini and Manjusha entered the garden with tea. Tea was served to Varsha and Agastya. All are taking tea sitting in the chairs under the guava tree. Manjusha said " Agastya looks like a king who lost battle."  

Agastya smiled. It was a smile without life.   "Like Lakuma you have any problem with your hostel?  Tell me what is affecting you?" said Varsha. "If you have a problem in your hostel you can live with us." said Malini.  "No, I don't have a problem with my hostel." said Agastya and smiled.  Look you are hiding something  Agastya you need not hide your problem.  if it is a problem you need not hesitate but if it is a secret you can hide." said Varsha "My parents are taking divorce." Said Agastya. Varsha was dumb stricken. 


Sector 10 - MVP colony 

Basava entered Paradise hostel Near Alwardas Public School and walking inthe corridor.  Most doors are shut except for a few. Basava looked at the watch. It was just 7.00 AM. 

 It being Sunday most students in the hostel are still sleeping.  Some students are listening to songs in the mobile phones. They kept their doors ajar.  Basava stopped  for a while  to listen to his favourite song. " ONe should have a good cell phone these days." He thought to himself. The next moment " One should have a good mom." He thought and moved ahead.

Agasty's door was ajar. Basava stood at the door. Agastya took bath and was wearing clothes

"Basava come in. I am going to start to your house." He said.

Why? Is there any Avadhana program again? asked Basava.

Only last week we had  Avadhanam program in Ananda Nilayam. 

Then why are you going to my house? asked Basava.

I want to give something. It is in the cupboard. 

What is it? asked Basava eagerly.  " Try to guess." Said Agastya. 

Your mother has sent money from Chennai. You have bought sweets. 

NO, She came and gave me the money. She brought the sweets. 

"You are lucky, your mother comes in time , pays for the hostel and studies and gives you pocket money. I wish I were in hostel like you." said Basava eating the sweets. 

"Agatya laughed. I want to live with my mother leaving the hostel. You want to join the hostel leaving your mother. You are good at joking." said Agastya laughing.

Basava: Beigh away from parents is an advantage. We have independence. If you live with them under their watchful eye it is a typical harassment. always we have questions. 

I prefer love to independence. your mother stresses on good character. You are lucky.

I am lucky if you give me the gift. " said Basava.  "Your gift is here " Agastya gave the mobile phone in a box. Basava was surprised. 

Agastya: Can you guess who gave you this gift?

Basava : Aren't you giving? 

"Bharatavarsha" said Agastya. 

Basava: It is a low price cell. Basic model. But I will adjust.

"You know something." Agastya paused for a moment while Basava was looking at him keenly" He hasn't bought for himself even this basic model." Said Agastya. Basava's eyes were filled with water. 


Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Damini's Hostel -2

Visakhapatnam - Jagadamba junction

Pallavi was strolling with her friends Sandhya and Hyma at Jagadamba junction. She stopped at a fruit juice centre and ordered grape juice for her friends. Sravani came with Gayatri and Poornima. Pallavi offered Sravani fruit juice she heckled at Pallavi when she offered her grape juice. We are not children to drink fruit juice." Said Sravani. What do you mean?" said Pallavi.  We are hostel students. We rarely get a chance to leave hostel. We have to drink something which we don't easily get at home or hostel."  said Sravani.

What is that asked Hyma. They saw Lakuma coming. Let' ask Lakuma. She is dynamic girl she has answer for everything.  " She is a rowdy girl, not a dynamic girl." said Pallavi. All girls laughed. Jyothi posed the question to Lakuma when she came near  and added "Why are you late?  Lakuma said " Badam milk."  All girls laughed again. 

Those who have guts come with me. I will take you.said Sravani and started walking. All girls including Lakuma followed her. She entered an alley. It was a cement road. Sravani walked and walked and stopped in front of Satyam bar. All girls were frightened. 

Sravani looked at them angrily and said "We are soon going into the final year of Engineering, don't you have shame to be scared of such small things as going into bar?" She snubbed her friends. They stood on the road looking at the board. Sravani said " Look , I am not a fool to take you to the bar. There is a hotel adjacent to the bar. The girls saw the board Govinda hotel. Sravani said we can sit in Govinda hotel. The server is my elder sister's boyfriend. He discontinued studies and joined Govinda Hotel. He will get the get us beer from Satyam Bar. Those who want beer follow me. Those who want Badam milk follow Lakuma." said Sravani and entered the hotel. Lakuma followed them. 

They sat in a family room. All girls were putting money on the table. " Shit! put the money back. Don't behave like small children. You never get maturity, uh? Anybody brought freedom? asked Sravani.  Lakuma drew out cigeratte packet from her jeans pocket and put it on the table " You asked me why I was late. It is because of this." said Lakuma.

"Oh! she was hesitant and shy to ask for cigeratte packet. Ha hha hha!" laughed Sravani
All girls laughed. "Is this freedom?" asked Pallavi. The waiter came with seven beers and put one bottle before each girl. He started opening one by one. After opening all the bottles he opened hs mouth. " How many of you have seen the movie freedom?" All girls raised hands except Lakuma. The waiter chuckled and went away.  

It is very insulting Lakuma that you are learning from a server. 
I have no need to learn from a server. said Pallavi.  "Shut up Pallavi, he was a student of our college. He discontinued his studies only last year and joined Govinda hotel. We should respect our seniors." said Sravani. Later Sravani and Hyma served the beer into glasses.

They all  said cheers and began sipping the beer. "Aah so bitter!" screamed Lakuma showing displeasure as it is the first time for her. Sandhya said " First time I too felt like that but later on  I realized that it is the superb taste of Freedom" Lakuma finished the glass at once. 
"Nobody drinks beer like water. We are not in a hurry when we enjoy freedom." Said Hyma.

Sravani lighted cigeratte. All the other girls also lighted cigerattes. Lakuma put the cigeratte between her lips and Sandhya lighted it.  Hyma looked at Lakuma and said " you have beautiful red lips cigeratte makes    them sexy."  Lakuma puffed the cigeratte. Sravani is blowing rings. Hyma succeeded but poornima couldn't. The room became smokey. 

"Cigeratte makes her figure sexy. She has the sexy figure of a cine actress.  She looks like an cine actress. After all she is the daughter of a cine actress." said Sandhya. 

"Her mother is an actress. So she will become an actress. What else she will become?"  said Poornima. "Oh! Poornima opened her lips for the first time great. She has a tongue too." said Sravani. I have a boyfriend too. but I don't blabber like you. replied Poornima.
Sravani and Poornima had a tiff over boyfriend. " It is great to have a boyfriend? I too can have a boyfriend. In fact I can have ten boys after me next week.  You have only one." challenged Sravani.  "Is it great to have a boyfriend?" asked Lakuma. 

It is a pride it shows that you are the college beauty. In fact you should have many boys behind you but you hardly come out in the evenings. That is the problem with you." said Poornima.  " It is the problem with Damini , my hostel warden. 

We are also in hostels. Aren't we managing? Hostels should not become jails. We should not lose freedom. said Poornima. All finished drinking and rose " I will tell you how to manage your hostel warden." said Sravani. They have shown in the movie Freedom.  Just watch the movie then you will understand what freedom is all about." She added.

"Girls really need freedom, at least now and then." said the manager of Govinda hotel. 


Damini's Ladies hostel - Aseelmetta

In a tranquil lane near Sampath Vinayak temple near Aseelmetta in Visakhapatnam there is a two storied building with a compound wall and a gate. The board hanging to the iron gate reads " Damini's. Only people who know her personally can make out the board that is ladies' hostel meant for very recalcitrant girls. 

The telephone was ringing incessantly. Damini took the receiver and pressed the bell. The servant maid appeared before her.  " Go tell Lakuma that someone is in the line for her"  a few moments later Lakuma came like a whirl wind and scooped the receiver from the hands of Damini like eagle that picks a chick  and darted like a bird to the far corner. 

Damini and the maid were appalled at her ways. but Lakuma took no notice of them. "Hi, Venky dear I am Pinky here. Happy Valentaine's day" She was speaking like yodelling in opera. "Oh look she is spilling all her feminine charms as if the boy who called her is in front of her." said Damini.  The maid was nonplussed and said" I don't know yodelling I have never been to an opera I don't know English either. 

She not only fancied over filmy love but also take pride in it.  She is open about it like a game to be played in the open.  Damini was watching her as if it was a woodoo magic.    "Every caller is her cousin. How many cousins she has?" Damini said to the maid. 

"Lies are natural and spontaneous to lovers. They are scholars of lies." said  the maid looking through the window. She saw a boy in the street waiting on the motorcycle. She said " A boy is waiting for her on the motor cycle" 

Lakuma finished her conversation and put the telephone on the table. Damini looked at Lakuma piercingly and said " don't you know that boys coming to hostel to meet girls is against the rules of this hostel? You are too out-landish!" Daminis' voice sounded like a drum. "The boy who came to meet me is my cousin. Did he enter the hostel? what is the trouble!! You are too out-modish Slammed Lakuma back and hurried herself towards the exit door leaving Damini and the maid dazed. 

"I will tell her mother to keep her elsewhere. I can't handle this high headed quick witted and over petted girl. She is like fire, my eyes tire when I look at her attire. Look at her tight jeans showing her fat thighs and nocks. The modest girls of Andhra who wear traditional dresses will shrink to death when they look at her." said Damini vehemently. Please tell me where such modest girls are. I too want to see them once" said the maid coolly and walked away. 


Lakuma stood before the mirror and studied herself keenly looking at ther make up and clothes. The tight blue jeans and white full sleeves shirt and her favourite pink big plastic ear rings all are quite attractive. Like many teenagers of her age Lakuma loves getting dressed up in fine clothes, enjoys watching her beauty, admires herself in the mirror.  No wonder she is in the prime of her youth and she looks like a prim-rose in the garden. She has round face,  rotund hips, succulent lips, fleshy curvaceous body. She has irresistible charm of the celestial nymph Rambha that adolescent boys feel that her looks are pricks.

She is satisfied with her Valentain's day make up. She wants to go to park. She remembered Damini. She is her mother's childhood friend in whose hands her mother has kept Lakuma. She remembered her mother words while handing over Lakuma to Damini.  " Here is your daughter, punish her without hasitation if she violates moral conduct. Call me if she is going out of order." 

Lakuma remembered Sravani's tips to attack or convince Hostel wardens. Lakuma climbed down the stairs and saw Damini sitting at the entrance door. She realized that she could  neither attack nor convince by creating a health emergency. Her husband is a doctor. They have a hospital in the city.  She remembered the other plan. She was delighted to impliment it. She tip-toed back to her room, locked the door and opened the window of her room. She slid by the water pipe and exited the hostel compound successfully.

She gives a deaf ear to elders like Damini who preach her morals and gives a damn to people who  judge her.  Like most teenagers of  Andhrapradesh she adores the silver screen. She believes that actors are Gods. She sat on a stone sofa behind a bush in the public garden  She is in  romantic dalliance with boy besotted with her.   

I see in your eyes lovey jades 
they tell me the precious secret 
that my love for you never fades
we go to the moon on love rocket

The boy was telling sweet nothings. They had hi five. Yes they did the same in the movie. " Lakuma , why don't you act in movies. You can take your mom's help. " said the boy.  If she she were to help I would be a star by now. by the by you could not have met me." said Lakuma. Oh my .. my.. It is true. I am lucky." said the boy. 

In the lovers park just as the flowers are busy with bees girls are busy with their lovers. Many old men are also roaming in the park for voyeuristic pleasure. Among them two men are very prominent. Their eyes and ears have special piercing power but only next to their tongues. The first tall gentleman "Look! this girl is the daughter of a celebrity actress Arunatara. She is doing in life what her mother was doing in on the silver  screen. " Yes, true" said the second short gentleman and stopped the first for watching her. They stood leering at her swelling bossom. 

The two gentlemen were going around the bushes. They are on the mission of observing romantic couple in the park. The gardener has seen these people and smiled at his assistant. The assistant chuckled at him. It being Valentine's day the park acquired new color.  The bushes are fully occupied. The two men were walking to a corner "No doubt children acquire the qualities from the parents." said the first gentleman when they were passing a tree with a huge trunk. The tall gentleman's saw his daughter with a boy. The tall man was ashamed of his daughter who was leaning against the tree and licking the Ice cream with her boyfriend.  In fact the short blamed the parents. His words worked like lashes. 

The short man was giggling and sniggering. When they reached the gate  the short man saw his daughter coming with her lover. He felt like a bomb shell dropped on his head. The tall man watched all this and laughed. "I now agree that children are the reflection of the parents." said the tall man. The short man smiled sheepishly and said " The teachers and schools are to be blamed for not inculcating discipline.  Our children are modelling on the worthless actresses and actors. What a terrible time What a terrible fate is hanging on this generation!"  They both exited the park at once.

Hyderabad - Jubliee Hills

Velugu Desam Party Building located in Jubliee Hills is dazzling with multi colors. The party women workers wearing yellow, orange, black, red and green colors are  moving busy all over. The hustle and bustle is all bout an important meeting called by Velugu desam Party women wing head Arunatara. 

The campound was filled with cars and scooters. Inside the building there is a big round table with mikes arranged for every chair. The meeting was convened in the wake of Opposition party leader passing derogatory comments against women. Arunatara looked at the watch. It was 10.00 AM and all the chairs at the round table were filled with women workers. The hall was filled with media representatives,  journalists and TV cameras. 

Arunatara began speaking " Good morning. Hearty greetings to all women on the occasion of  the girls' day. Ten years ago my film career stopped  and I joined this party to serve the weaker sex of the society. There are many seniors in this meeting but I am the senior most.  They know that I am sincerely concerned about women's problems.

My film career is known to you. I entered films as a classical dancer. The opportunities for classical dance in films gradually reduced I have heroine roles If my goal had been money I would have accepted those roles.  But my goal is not money. I proved it with my work over a decade. I am committed to women's rights and their well being is my goal. I know how weak women are because I was a weak women. I have faced the worst problems in this male dominant world.  You are trusted me and helped me in my 10 years of long political journey. With our sincerity we created trust in the women and so we are in power. We should keep the trust even today and for ever. 

I congratulate all the women who worked hard for the success of the party in the elections. When we were in the opposition we were meted out with ill-treatment and humiliation.  Today we are in power. Despite being in power we face the same ill treatment today. You all know that there is a big furore in the state over Siddipeta girl's rape case. There is so much of unrest in the state over frequent rapes occuring in the state. 

In such a crucial moment the opposition party leader has made irresponsible comments on the rape victim. We all agitate until he is brought to the justice. We are going to meet the governor to submit a memorandum. I am also going to meet the  UPA chairperson  and the Prime Minister and I will ask them to take a pledge that they will do justice to the rape victim. I hope you all will be with me.  The TV cameras and press photographers were busy recording and taking photos of Aruna during her speech. 

The District president of women's wing Sowbhagya said " Being in a responsible poition the opposition party leader has made irresponsible remarks. The remarks show hisattitude and insensitivity towards women. We should not let him go off easily." 

Before Sobhagya concluded a woman participant came before the cameras and questioned "Why did you keep quiet on the Chief Minister son's body shaming comments on the Ditrict President who has left the party? " The meeting witnessed embarrassment with her question.

The meeting became a pandamonium. There was a big hullaballoo in the Party office. Aruna Tara got off the dais and went to the woman to assure and send her off the hall. At that time her phone rang "  Hello said Arunatara. She heard sombody crying. It was a girl. "Who are you? " she asked. There was no response but crying. " I have no time tell me who are you." asked Arunatara.  "Amma, You never have time. You threw me in this hell and went away to serve the women." It was Lakuma. " What happened Lakuma? asked Arunatara.

Lakuma: Amma, will you buy a cell phone for me. I am begging my friends.
Arunatara: Is it so important now? I am very busy. Have some sene! 
Lakuma: Amma , I have passed third year exams. You promised to buy a scooter. I asked for a phone and you are scolding me.  Love for all women, for your daughter only tears. I know this . I will go to Kerala." Lakuma has cut the call. Aruna was dumstricken. 


Damini Hostel Aseelmetta - Visakhapatnam.

Damini went to Sampath Vinayak temple on walk. Lakuma saw Damini from the window. The temple is clearly visible from the window.  Damini closed her eyes and was praying to God. Lakuma remembered the lady villain in the Freedom movie. On the advice of her friends she has seen the movie. It was wonderful.  A girl or woman needs freedom. But what happened she is locked in her room. Who did it? Damini.  Amma tells me that men are dangerous. Women in any high position has no security. 

She remembered the Telugu saying  "A woman is enemy to woman." Yes, it is true. Lakuma went to the door and pulled it. It was locked.  She found herself quite helpless. She remembered Sravani's methods. " Attack, pretend sick, convince." I can't pretend sick , Yesterday I did the same thing what happend. I realized that it was a big mistake. I thought I would be sent to hospital but aunt called doctor uncle. He came and gave me an injection and advised me bed rest. I could not go out. " Lakuma stopped thinking and went to the mirror and looked in mirror.  She looked glorious in beautiful floral short skirt Pallavi who is called the college beauty said that I am more beautiful than her. It is tru.  Why boys don't approach me? Suddenly the truth flashed on her mind. Yes, Hyma once told boys are scared of your mother as she is the state woman wing leader. Yes , it is true.  I've done a big mistake by being born as political leader's daughter. She went back to bed with a heavy heart. 

Lakuma lay on the bed with face dug deep into the recron pillow. Tears were rolling down her cheeks. She felt the wet pillow. She noticed that she was crying. She was very angry. She tore the pillow into pieces. The fibre was loosely flying in the room. She started crying  banging the door. The servant maid saw her from the window and ran down the stairs. 


The Velugu desam party meeting ended on the Velugu Desam party office. 

Sowbhagya the District woman wing President and Arunatara the state woman wing president were waiting in the hall for the call of the party president Sominaidu. "When he was in the opposition he used to call us in minutes. Now minutes stretched into hours." said Sowbhagya.  "He became the Chief Minister his son became social welfare minister, many other portifolios are still not announced. He is busy with portifolio distribution." said Aruna.

Sowbhagya: Madam, be careful with Sominaidu and his son. You haven't observed their attitude closely because your focus is on the work. Journalists don't write their personal secrets. Our party workers don't tell you these things.  Now you are the hot topic in the party after the women's wing meeting. The woman attacked Sominaidu's son on the camera. It is widely shown on all TV channels. Be prepared CM Somi Naidu might corner you.

Aruna: I have seen that on every TV channel.  But what can I do I tried to stop the woman as much as I could. Why should I be questioned on this?

Sowbhagya: But the Tv footage shows that you were talking to someoneon the phone. He will notice such things only. He might blame you for not stopping the camera.

Aruna: Oh My God! It was an urgent call. But I am shocked about the bodyshaming? Is it true? CM's son did the body shaming of the woman who served the party for five years?

Sowbhagya: Where are you madam? Do you know cine actress Kavitha. She served the TDP party for ten years like you. But the party has brought her to tears. She sat on the roads in the hot sun when TDP was not in power. When TDP came into power she was not given a chance to sit on the stage in Mahanadu meeting.  She became tearful and left the party. 

Aruna : Did they not call her back?
Sowbhagya: What is the need?
Addeku : So Sominaidu's son like that?

Sowbhagya: All men are the same. Once a woman leader or member leaves the party she becomes unwanted. They do anything, talk anything about her. Sominaidu's son did the body shaming in his social mediapots. A complaint was also loged on him in the police station.

Aruna: Oh! It is a big shock to me. I am downed. It is a treachery!

Sowbhagya: no treachery no buchery the whole world is the same. Men are like that in all fields.  Judiciary, Press, Politics, Police Film industry everywhere we see hungry wolves. 

ArunaL In film industry I've seen, in other fields I never thought ...in Politics we have stray incidents but  I wonder judiciary too... 

Sowbhagya chortled and said  Such things are more in judiciary and politics. Where  power is there lust is. Politicians are the worst and the most powerful criminals aided by political power.  BJP Kuldeep Singh is facing rape charges. Anoop Sanda, Samajwadi Party   was accused of raping a woman multiple times, on the promise of marriage. 

Bikram Singh Brahma,The Assam Congress leader faced accusations of rape from a married woman. Brahma allegedly entered the woman’s house and raped her. The villagers ran into the house, after hearing the woman’s screams and took matters into their hands. They attacked him. It is a rare case of mob justice, Congress MLA from Madhya Pradesh: In February this year, Katare was booked for rape and confinement of a 21-year-old woman, besides extortion by the Bhopal police.  M Vincent, Congress MLA Kovalam constituency: Vincent was arrested on the basis of a rape charge filed against him. A married woman filed a statement before the magistrate and police. The woman showed that he has made 900 calls in two moths.  The cases are endless. 

Aruna had head reelings. Just then her phone rang. 
Damini : You have to come to Visakha immediately
Aruna: I have meeting with the CM now.
Damini: Start immediately after the meeting.


 Damini's House - Aseelmetta

Lakuma was sad.  She sat in a dark room in the first floor.  Damini went into her room and switched on the light and went out.  Lakuma switched off the light and sat in the darkness. Damini went in a switched on the light. Don't sit in the dark darling. Your mother is coming, trust your aunt. Will your aunt speak lies?  said Damini. 

I have no mother, She is not my mother. She is only a politician. I have no aunt. You are a strict warden.  What care you have for me. She will not come, She will have some urgent meeting with CM or Governer or Collector. I am not important for her. I will go to Kerala. My father is there.  "If your father is good he would have looked after your mother well. She will not have so many troubles." Damini thought and sighed and went down. 

The servant maid went in to give her milk. Lakuma did not touch the milk. The maid sat there on the bed beside Lakuma. After a minute's silence the maid said " Lakuma, Aunt is very good person. She looks hard  but heart is soft. She has so much of love for you and for everybody." Lakuma looked at the maid seriously and said " Did she ask you to say all  these things ?"  " No, she is really kind.  She started this hostel for recalcitrant on wrong path. You just think. She is a very rich lady with lot of properties in the city. This house, her husband's hospital and two more commercial buildings she has everything. What she doesn't have is children. She looks after you as her own daughter. She looked after many girls like that. Your friend Manjusha is one among them."

Lakuma: You are good at  telling me stories. 
Maid : No, Lakuma , You have many demands from your mother. You want a cellphone , bike and many other things. I have no mother. I have no father. Who can I demand?

Lakuma became somewhat soft. She was filled with compassion for that girl. The maid continued "She has been looking after me since long. Recently I joined here and started working."   Just then a car stopped in front of Damini's house. Aruna came in.  Damini took her into kitchen and gave her hot coffee. Aruna washed her face in the kitchen sink and started sipping the coffee fast.  "Lakuma is sleeping in my bedrom in the first floor.  Don't worry." said Damini and continued...

Damini: How was your meetin with the CM? Is the CM going to give you any post? 
Aruna: He is unhappy with me because I did not coverup his son's rowdy acts. 
Damini:  What did he say in the meeting? 
Aruna:The CM said that he has taken me for my glamour. I should use my glamour to please a high level judge. "How should you please?" asked Damini with surprise in her voice. 

Aruna: I have to dance before him. 
Damini: Is it only dance? 
Who knows? I have not accepted.  
Do such things happen in judiciary? 
They are more rampant in judiaciary. This is very common practice. Politicians try to please judges by giving parties and gifts.  You must have seen in newspapers. 
Damini: What about your future in the party?
Aruna: I have joined the party not for my future but to serve the women. 
Damini: What about your future? 
Aruna: During my brisk film career I have saved something. After my husband has spoiled most of my savings on his film making experiemnts I still have something left with me. 

TV serial Maya has gained good popularity. I red  reviews on your dance. They are great. You are bron for dance roles. Last week I showed to Lakuma but she did not like classical dance. She likes all break dances .... Arunatara became impatient. she could not wait 

" Come on let us go to Lakuma. How is Lakuma ? What is she saying? " said Aruna.
She says that you are not a mother but politician. I am not aunt but a hostel warden. A runa laughed gently. "She has seen only a politician but what pain the politician has in her daily life what stress she has is unnecessary to her.
Damini:But in all this stress what is the relief ?  
Aruna smiled. It is a hearty smile. She finished the coffee. Damini took her upstairs. 

Lakuma was sleeping when Aruna turned on the light. Damini said " Each time I turned on the light, she turned it off." Aruna smiled again. The maid went out. Aruna sat on the bed and passed her fingers through Lakuma's hair.  Aruna saw tear marks on her cheeks.

Lakuma woke up. Aruna kissed Lakuma " You want a cell phone, come on I will buy one for you right now. Choose what ever you want. Damini scolded Aruna      

I want nothing Amma. Said Lakuma. Damini and Aruna were not only surprised but also shocked for the paradigmatic change. Lakuma smiled and said " The maid has told me everything." She said. Aruna called the maid. Damini asked her affectionately fondling her hair " What did you tell Lakuma?"  The maid was overcome by shy. Aruna kissed her.