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Friday, June 30, 2017

Children's Radio program on French and German in Vijayawada

 Radio Programs on Foreign Languages by Children

It was really a proud moment for me when the station direction told me that this is the first time in the history of All India Radio Vijayawada that we have aired a Foreign languages program. It is a perfect radio program on Foreign languages by the young students of  Eazy Foreign Languages,Vijayawada broadcast on the 25th June 2017 at 2.30 P.M.

The students have participated in Three Radio programs in one month. The first program was on All India Radio vijayawada and the two programs were on Radio Vishnu  a private F.M channel.

The radio program is  uploaded in the Youtube  for the readers so that they can enjoy listening to the actual performance of Children in Foreign languages.  The fourth Radio program is in the air. It is likely to take place next week. This program is on Radio Mirchi.

All the best for the Children who are learning French, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and German. Eazy Foreign Languages  Institution Vijayawada takes this opportunity to invite children interested in Foreign Languages.

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Spanish Language Specialist

In this world Everything Changes. There is nothing that doesn't change. If you want to name something that doesn't change  you find only the phenomenon of change. Change is inevitable.
Some people struggle with the same old job whatever torture it is. If you want to change your life there are plenty of opportunities. Here is one for you.

 Have you ever seen Language specialist jobs?
just type "Spanish language specialist" in google 

                             Mr. Jayasai, Mr.  Saisravan ( center) with Mr. Poolabala.

Mr. Jaya saikrishna is the aspirant of a  Spanish language career ( in the left) is learning Spanish in Eazy Foreign languages,Vijayawada. His brother Mr.Saisravan is currently working as a Spanish language expert in Mumbai. A few among us know about such jobs. Fewer still can really meet Language Specialists. That is why this brief interview assumes greater importance.

Mr. Tirumalasetty Saisravan is hardly 27 has got two elevations in Spanish specialist job. He is right now working for his third company. He has a chance to go abroad. A beautiful white-collar job , the rosy dream of many young people. 

Sravan kumar did his B.tech in I.T stream.  He has learnt Spanish  not very seriously but just as a hobby. His hobby has been a career. He joined E-Clerx Mumbai as a Spanish Specialist in 2012. He applied for the job through google search engine and Naukari and was selected in the interview. In 2103 he got a better chance in Chennai in CEEQUENCE. Communicating with clients from Brazil, Peru and Mexico. Now he is working for HCL at Mumbai with a good hike in the salary. 

I wish Mr. Sravan Kumar every success. May the dream of Jaysaikrishna his brother who is currently learning Spanish in Eazy Foreign Languages a good career as a Spanish specialist. 

May his tribe increase!!!