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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The trace of good culture

Prabhakar Venkata
Mr. Prabhakar Venkata who works in Meghalaya in a small town near Shillong extended a telephone interview last night from 9.00 pm to 9.52pm. I thank him for sharing the information and narrating his experiences. The interview began like this: 
Poolabala: Sir, thank you very much for sparing your time and calling me. Where are you from?  How and when did you go to Meghalaya? 
Prabhakar :I hail from Mopidevi, a small village in Krishna district. I went to Meghalaya in 2004. I work in a construction company as a manager. To facilitate easy reading the gist of the long telephonic interview is given for you.
It is a place where Woman can move freely at midnight without a man’s assistance. Woman can walk through the darkness of midnight all alone. She can even work at a wine shop at night and can reach home safe.Woman is safe. Society is secured.  NO movies, No exposing. No crime, No thefts, No cheating, No corruption, No politics at least. There is not a single statue of  any leader. There is no greatness attached to anyone. All are equal.  It  is a place where woman is respected and free from male domination and acid attacks-  no blade attacks no love sick students. No dirty cinemas. No feticide, No dowry.  A woman can marry with just 50 paise. She offers 50 paise in betel leaves and that completes a marriage. Certainly Meghalaya is beyond compare. In many aspects it is far better than the other parts of India especially south India. It is a different place.  Don't say "Are you dreaming?  Is it a story? Come on don’t be silly be practical. It is impossible."  Maybe it is impossible in Andhra because the day has long since past where we had three murders and six rapes a day.  Now we are going steady with six murders and a dozen rapes each day. Meghalaya is entirely different from India.  Yes may be they are tribals. But they have a good culture, a culture that allows them to live with certain values and communion.  A commoner can sit beside the Chief Minister. No long Convoys. Just one or two cars in CM’s convoy. They live as one community. The headman in villages takes decisions for the welfare of their community. Individuals don't take decisions. They still abide by them. Marriages are strictly with in the community. Meghalaya thrives with a true culture of their own. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

జర్మన్ పిల్లల అమ్మ ప్రేమ - మన దేశంలో ఎంతమంది తల్లులు ఇలా చేయగలరు ?

మన దేశంలో ఎంత మంది తల్లులు ఈ పని చేయగలరు  ?

చాలామంది పిల్లలు తమ తల్లులని   గొప్ప మాతృ మూర్తి గా వర్ణించి  దేవత అని పొగుడుతూ ఉంటారు.  ఎందుకని అడిగితే తన పిల్లలకోసం ఎన్నో కష్టాలు పడింది అని చెపుతారు.  కేవలం తన పిల్లలని ప్రేమిస్తే నే ఏ తల్లీ గొప్ప మాతృ మూర్తి అయిపోదు. అందరి పిల్లలని తనపిల్లలలా భావించుకునే మాతృ మూర్తిని మాత్రమే గొప్ప మాతృ మూర్తి అంటారు. ఆ విషయం చాలా మందికి తెలియక తన పిల్ల లకి తన కుటుంబానికే చేయడమే గొప్ప అని చెపుతుంటారు.    తన పిల్లలకి చేయడం కొంత వరకు బాధ్యత  కొంత వరకు స్వార్ధము  అని చెప్పాలి.  పొరుగు వారిని  ప్రేమిస్తే అదే గొప్ప. మరి అదే వేరే దేశంలో పిల్లలని అనాధ పిల్లలను ప్రేమించి వారి కోసం తమ జీవితాన్ని త్యాగం చేస్తే ? వారిని ఏమనాలి ?  అటువంటి వారే ఈ జర్మన్ అమ్మాయిలు. 

Magdalena Naussbaumer and Verena Gmeiner  came to India from Germany. I heard that they are in the city.  I heard their story too and was very eagar to meet them and talk to them It was afternoon. Actually I went there to speak in German with them.   They were in a recording studio making a video. I went up to the studio at 4.00 PM. It was summer. There was no A.C.  I was sweating. They finished their video and came to me. I started speaking in German. It was a moving story. soon I forgot in which language I was speaking. I don't know whether I was speaking in German or English. The focus shifted to the story.

These Austrian  girls Magdalena Naussbaumer and Verena Gmeiner who are working as teacher in Germany have come to India during vacation to serve HIV infected children. They served the children for a few monthes and went back to their country as they have to join their jobs.  They came to know that one of the children they served had died. When they came to know about the death they resigned their jobs and with the money they have they came back to India. They have done what a real mother can do. How many indian mothers have this remarkable quality of love?

Verena was working as a German teacher when she came here in Jan 2012. She met Magdalena only after coming to India. Both loved the children equally well at the Daddy home orphanage. "Tears were running down to see the small children  in dire conditions suffering for love and care. "We can not afford to miss them" they said. Verena's voice quivered when she spoke. When Europeans can come and serve our children in India why can't we.

I have met them to speak in German for a while I love German language. Of course I teach German language in Vijayawada. But the incident has changed my mind that I forgot German language. Their love of humanity is greater than my love for German language.  

I am basically a die-hard fan of Languages

I have not missed the slightest opportunity of learning or practicing a language. I am constantly on fire to learn new languages. It is made me a polyglot ( a person who speaks many languages). These are the books I have written on foreign languages. Though I teach German language in Vijayawada I am also concerned about Social work. After meeting these girls I was inspired by their work. I started teaching English language in Vijayawada for the poor children without charging.I traveled far away places to teach French language. I took French Classes in a small village called Darsi near Addanki just out of love for the language. 

 Eazy foreignlanguages in Vijayawada offers the best French training in Vijayawada. French classes with all fun and all practice. The French teacher is French language expert and a polyglot who speaks six foreign languages. He is a renowned foreign languages author and the first ever French novelist from Andhrapradesh and also from India. Eazy foreign languages offered French classes in Vijayawada to students from various parts of the Andhrapradesh. Students keep coming from other states of India as well.   you can type "French classes in GuntuEazy Foreign Languages" " French classes in Tenali" in youtube to find the videos of the students from these places. ultimately the performance of the student convinces you.

The Paranormal

I had a random talk with Mr. Siva Vani who is the director and script writer of  TV serials such as "మాతృదేవోభవ" "ఓ పాపా లాలి"  "ఓ యోగి ఆత్మ కథ". The discussion was very interesting and informative. He is a man of deep spiritual thinking and meditation. He has Psychic powers. This post will give you clear idea with real life stories. 

Do you know what is Paranormal? Paranormal is something that can not be proved by science. God and Ghost are paranormal. Do you know what is clairvoyance? Well it is Special vision(Divya Dristi) But do you believe in it? If you don't you may read this to get to the bottom of the astounding secrets behind this special power, which is possible only though a spiritual process called Dhyana Yoga. 

Mr. Siva Vani  has acquired Clairvoyance through strenuous yogic practice. According to him all human activities of past can be heard and seen with Clairvoyance simply because they are stored in the form of audio and video signals in the ether. In a deep meditation stage called Dhyana Yoga we come in contact with those signals. Thus it is possible for yogis to see any thing in the past. He mentioned the examples from history. 

An American Psychic Edgar Cayce had used Clairvoyance - perceiving information hidden from normal senses through extrasensory perception. Cayce was born on a farm in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, in 1877, and his psychic abilities began to appear as early as his childhood. He was able to see and talk to his late grandfather's spirit, and often played with "imaginary friends" whom he said were spirits on the other side. He also displayed an uncanny ability to memorize the pages of a book simply by sleeping on it. These gifts labeled the young Cayce as strange, but all Cayce really wanted was to help others. 

A young couple in America had a strange problem. The problem might look ridiculous to others but it was a big problem to them. The husband was impotent and his beautiful wife was promiscuous. She had affairs with many men in a club in which she was a member. It was dragged out into the open by the women whose husbands fell in the spell of this beautiful lady. It was a big stigma on the family of the young couple who approached Edgar Cacye.  Edgar Cacye who was a psychic perceived the reasons lurking behind their problem. The husband was an army officer who devoted most time to battles and spent away from wife. He used to lock his wife with chastity belt until he returned home.  His beautiful young wife endured great suffering for want of sex. Her unfulfilled desire was noted on her subconscious ( sookshma deha) and as a result, to quench her thirst she took birth as a beautiful lady and picked up affairs. The reason for the husband's impotency is also explained. As the husband, in his previous birth, spent most time in wars, neglected his desire, his subconscious has taken it and in his next birth he became an impotent.  This is only a reference to the existence of Psychic powers. 

Want to know more about psychic powers?  Have you any doubt about the psychic powers? write to me. My mail id is writer.poolabala@gmail.com. you can post your comments in this blog. I welcome your comments. 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


He defied the dynamics of academics, challenged the school of out-moded education. Adjured the sordid ways of rote learning. Yet he out shined many of his pals, soared high in academic performance. Yes Kedarinath is not like the other guys.His didn't believe in regular attendance to school.He seldom went to school and often practised Kungfu and chess. His poor attendance was not an obstacle for his academic excellence. He gave his life to sports. He was an inter college chess champion in his college days. Still he sustained the spirit of education. When we met two days ago I was thrilled to hear him say so many things.  He has the acumen into foreign languages like Spanish. He has excellent command on English.There is a man in him with untiring spirit and quest for  achieving something big. He went to Madras and several places to work there. He worked in MNCs including Harly Davidson and BPOs, acquired beautiful English accent. He changed 15 jobs in course of time. He was after self satisfaction and perfection. He came back to Andhra, got a job five government jobs. Now he is working in Punjab Sindh Bank at Vijayawada. But he said" I don't want to settle in this job" Yes he is preparing for IAS. With real  interest and concentration any student can reach the top. Dawn to midnight slavery is not required. Kadarinadh is the right example for real learners.