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Sunday, March 4, 2012


He defied the dynamics of academics, challenged the school of out-moded education. Adjured the sordid ways of rote learning. Yet he out shined many of his pals, soared high in academic performance. Yes Kedarinath is not like the other guys.His didn't believe in regular attendance to school.He seldom went to school and often practised Kungfu and chess. His poor attendance was not an obstacle for his academic excellence. He gave his life to sports. He was an inter college chess champion in his college days. Still he sustained the spirit of education. When we met two days ago I was thrilled to hear him say so many things.  He has the acumen into foreign languages like Spanish. He has excellent command on English.There is a man in him with untiring spirit and quest for  achieving something big. He went to Madras and several places to work there. He worked in MNCs including Harly Davidson and BPOs, acquired beautiful English accent. He changed 15 jobs in course of time. He was after self satisfaction and perfection. He came back to Andhra, got a job five government jobs. Now he is working in Punjab Sindh Bank at Vijayawada. But he said" I don't want to settle in this job" Yes he is preparing for IAS. With real  interest and concentration any student can reach the top. Dawn to midnight slavery is not required. Kadarinadh is the right example for real learners. 


  1. hi
    you are doing a very good job . introducing new gen special people to us ... very nice.

  2. Dear Venkat,

    Went through these few posts here.
    The first thing that strikes me is the 'block of text'. You could convert it into a few paragraphs. Ideally a sentence should not be more than 10 words in length. Five sentences to a paragraph.

    Paragraphs are such a relief to the eye and are most reader friendly.

    Categorize the themes / subjects.
    File them as interviews, essays, introductions, bios and the like.

    Some of the mobile phones have a voice recording facility. You could record the interviews and also post them as podcasts. There are plenty of free utilities that would help you in this regard.

    Blogger has templates that would help you do all the above and more.

    Will keep visiting this site and I will update you.

    On the whole what you are doing is nice and keep it up. It is definitely helpful to those who need it the most.

    Best wishes,
    Anil Atluri