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Saturday, December 22, 2018

French, German and English Students on Doordarshan

21 December 2018 is a Remarkable day.

French,German and English students spoke on Television Camera. 
each of them spoke brief, crisp truth from real life experience. 
different languages but message is one and unique. I was the last to speak on camera.

It is the Grand expression of Joy. The world will be awakened into the creative expression of truth, confidence and success of my students and friends.  

Their vibrant voices will be heard and their glorious faces will be shown on 1st Jan 2019 bringing the best new year message. 

Their voices echo their love of language 
Their faces show their confidence.
Their message is going to inspire lakhs of spectators.

These are the faces these are the smiles you can see here.  Don't miss to hear their voices catch their message on Doordarshan Saptagari channel on 1st Jan 2019. 

I am ebullient toute la journée:I am on cloud nine the entire day.

 because presenting foreign language speakers is huge task. Usually it requires great dealing of  wooing and craving and encouraging the student. Every time it was not only hard but also cumbersome (unwieldy.) task. but this time all the students including Mrs. Ewa is very kind. I just informed them about the program just an hour before and they all moved to the studio. How kind are the students and how lucky I am! 

The kindest of all is the head of " Hitam School - Pamarru." Mr. Hemanth who stole time and brought three girl students from such a distance engaging a car.   I rarely taught them French. Their classes can be counted on fingers.  The performance of girls ( French students) is splendid because of teacher student relation. 

Mr. Hemanth and French students @ Doordarshan studios Vijayawada.

The Chief attraction of the program: is the creative personality with romantic talent Mr. Bharath kumar, CEO Lunar Technologies, who unveiled  his imaginative capability his scientific, action adventure filmy idea. His presence is coincidence and serendipity. You come face to face with the incredible original talent only when they are turned into films.

Mr. Bharath consoling the little girl who started crying in the make up room.

Rainbow on the Earth.

The Educational History of Vijayawada is incomplete without Foreign languages. History of Foreign languages is incomplete without Eazy Foreign Languages. If Eazy foreign languages is compared with rainbow the students are the colors of the rainbow.

German students with Poolabala

I was worried about the missing Asflug  (The outdoor German speaking trip.) which serves as a memory besides improving the confidence of the learners. What I have seen in the studio is fearless free and frank speaking of each of you. 

Nähe des Geliebten ist nicht physisch messen kann 

Your love is unforgettable. 

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Want to learn Chinese ?

Here is Inspiration, Motivation and Education.
Chinese is one of the most happening languages. Some people think Chinese is a difficult language. You will not feel that Chinese is  difficult any more once you meet Mr. Chandu. If you want to learn Chinese language there is no better source than Mr.Chandu to the best of my knowledge.  

I met Mr. Chandu, MA Chinese student in JNU - Delhi. He is a campus student who has been living in Jhelum hostel for 4 years now. He has finished his B.A Chinese under the tutelage of Dr. Priyadarshi Mukharjee a noted scholar and polyglot. I am a polyglot myself I can speak 6 languages. 

I know very well what it takes to learn a foreign language. Learning a foreign language takes all your time and all your thinking. Neither money nor well designed courses can work for you like your personal qualities such as devotion, determination and belief. Mr. Chandu possessed all the personal qualities that are required to learn a foreign language. Of all the qualities I would appreciate his courage in selecting Chinese language. 

 Sunday the 2nd December 2018.
Mr. and Mrs.Poolabala and @JNU Delhi  with Mr. Chandu

M.A Chinese student on JNU Delhi read my blogs on the internet and called me up. He introduced him as Chandu, Chinese student on JNU Delhi. (I was also a past Chinese student who dropped it for Japanese.) I asked him to speak in Chinese. I was surprised to hear fluent and soft Chinese like voice from this Visakha boy. I decided to meet him personally. Thus I went to Delhi to  meet him.  I reached Delhi from Vijayawada. He invited me for lunch but I decided to spend time only on speaking not on eating. I finished lunch outside and reached JNU with my wife by auto and met him at 3.00 pm on Sunday the 2nd December 2018. He came to the North gate of the University and received us. 

I was taken in by his courtesy and politeness. His manners are delightful and awesome. My wife and I felt that the way he received us looked more like a son receiving his parents than a stranger. Every moment, in every movement we both saw and felt something different in him we can not find in students of modern generation. What a great contrast. The same JNU which has produced students like Kanhaiya kumar, Khalid umar aslo produced students like Chandu. I had very low opinion on JNU. His attitude has changed it for ever after he took me to his hostel.

What qualities you need to learn a foreign language?

I have been in teaching for 25 years and Foreign languages teaching for 10 years. Many students want to buy a foreign language, they behave like customers not like students. It is a hell to talk to them on phone. They should understand that without personal qualities in you ( like love of language, respect for the teacher, self confidence and self awareness)  you can not learn a foreign language. Above all devotion is prerequisite to learn a foreign language. 

This man has not left his small dark room for 3 years

Mr. Chandu's parents live in Anakapalli near Visakhapatnam, but he never visited his parents during the 3 year BA Chinese Course. He has visited China and Taiwan and has already received job offers. He has the desire to serve learners of Chinese language. You may approach him for Chinese language. The proverb says face is the index of mind but I say that personal qualities are index of future. I wish Mr. Chandu a bright future.