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Monday, April 16, 2018

Better reasons behind Social Work

Poolabala with teachers at Heal

  One can undoubtedly develop human relations through social work. Knowledge dissemination is the best social work. Hunger and poverty are main reasons for much of social work   done so far in India. I have betters reasons for doing social work. The first reason is that I have seen high levels of ignorance and low levels of self confidence in many educated people. (Particularly the knowledge of the world, history, literature is at a low ebb. People have no common sense of self education.  If people have the common sense why don't they educate themselves? It is a fact that most educated people stay away from books and indulge in movies and videos.) Secondly I have found that the knowledge deprivation hampered thinking, reasoning and maturity. As a result we see people acquire skewed personality and grotesque behavior. I have several years of rich experience of diverse reading. It takes years for the beginners to make a careful selection of reading. I have a repertoire of world history, literature and cultures. In a brief discourse I wish I must enrich the knowledge of the learners.   Finally, I enjoy meeting new people that is why I am into social work. I believe that offering knowledge is better than offering money or food.  Money and food are temporary but education is inexhaustible treasure. 

 Normally I create opportunities  for the social work. I ask my friends on facebook, students who learn foreign languages, parents and other people who visit me for an opportunity to serve a school or college. Fortunately one of my German students, Dr. Geetika offered me a chance to serve a remote organization.  It is not only a big organization but also an ideal organization. 

 HEAL – Health and Education for All  is a UK-based charity for orphans and poor children in India, with fundraising chapters in the United States, Australia, India and Europe. A new school and home for 1,000 disadvantaged children is being built  at Thotapalli, near Vijayawada city, in Andhra Pradesh, in India. This organizaton is founded by Dr. Satya. A few months ago I have seen a video in which the founder Dr Satya Prasad showed how work was progressing and explained what will soon be provided for the children. I never thought I  would one day visit this school.

It was 4.30 in evening when I visited the Headmistress of the school. She is very punctual and loves work  and children. She offered me tea. when we finished tea the class was ready. I entered a big classroom where twenty teachers were waiting. I introduced myself. the teachers were happy to meet a man who speaks six foreign languages. I explained the difference between language and speech.  we discussed many aspects  from basics of phonetics to advanced English grammar. The headmistress was also present. One of the teachers, on my request took two snaps. Here are the photos.

The road was quite long and rough. Dr. Geetika picked me up at the Ramavarappadu highway. we traveled by car.  It is less than a week since she joined German language course in Vijayawada. I spoke in German with her all through the journey. perhaps it is the longest time I have ever spoken German with a beginner. Fortunately , it has solved her fears. That is another story.

Friday, April 13, 2018

A Terrestrial Travel

On 7th April, 2018 we ( my fellow traveler and I) visited two interesting places with historical and-cultural-significance-in the state of Andhrapradesh. We first headed to Jaladheeswara temple at Ghantasala village, the fourth ancient temple that belongs to 1st century which was installed by Agastya. We were stopped at the entrance as the colossus of Ghantasala, Jaladheeswara and gowthama Buddha where the air is suffused  with the transcendental panorama. The mystic received goosebumps. 

There is nothing new or exciting  in the temple of Jaladheeswara to the ordinary. Everything is banal to a dull spirited and blunt witted man. The historic truth hidden behind the temple unveils the intense spiritual feeling. The stone inscriptions showing that the temple  belongs to 1st century titillates the senses and at once you feel the aura of Agastya.

On the return journey we stopped at Movva. The small village is the birthplace of the great 17th century composer Kshetrayya. We could not learn much about kshetrayya but we were content with the sight of the village centre and the jabled temple of Krishna. I have a penchant for old styled houses. I took a snap of the 1980s house and had a brief conversation with the house owner. The castle-type ancient houses of 60s and 70s are tug at heart. wow! castle or house?

In our onward journey we first embarked on  pamarru stopped for a while at Hitam school and continued to Ghantasala via , kuchipudi and movva, finally landed at Ghantasala the Nigara to my heart.

The back roads were  surrounded by greenery and  were dotted by villages. The ample way-side ponds are filled with brilliant red lotuses that stung our eyes. 

I kissed the crimson lotus flowers (my camera) that sedated me. For breakfast we sojourned at Kuchipudi village where the EPONYMOUS classical dance form is being nurtured for centuries. 

When we resumed our journey after the breakfast vistas of green trees and clean serene cement roads buzzing with silence, ancient castle-like houses enriched our journey. They looked like oriental dancers lined up to invite us to Ghantasala singing the traditional welcome song.   

The return journey is a PHANTAS MAGORIA of exuberant images but my emotion laden heart was consistently railed by languorous Kshetrayya padam compositions which were simpatico to my wistful thoughts that melted down with the cooing of French greetings at the Launching ceremony of French program at HITAM school @ Pamarru. The mysterious journey lost its spiritual moisture and the day shriveled its face and finally transmuted  into an effervescent  French class echoing with euphoric French salutations!!!