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Monday, May 20, 2019

German Short film - from Vijayawada

Sweet Memory in Hot Summer
An Abacus Maths centre Currency Nagar Vijayawada wanted to train some of its children in German.  She called me up and told me that some children are interested to learn German. My institute Eazy Foreign Languages is at Benz circle.  It is far away from Currency Nagar. So children can not come to my institute.   From 8.00 AM to 1.00 PM I was busy teaching foreign languages at my institute. Since I teach six foreign languages I am naturally busy. 

I have dropped my busy-ness for my dream of making a German short film.  Children are the true learners. Children not only learn fast but also get absorbed in learning. Adults have lot of doubts and fears. They aimed at 20 children , later thought that at least  ten  children would participate. But finally it melted down to only four children.

If you think financially you can never accept this class because it is four children with a fees of 2k each. But dream is always bigger than money.  So I went to currency Nagar each day under of supervision of  hot burning sun to teach German to these four children. 

These children have learned the basics writing and speaking  during this summer. They did several role plays including a comedy.  Now they are not only learning advanced German but also acting in a short film in German. 


The children proved their mettel. They have learned the basics of German language grammar and sentence construction. They are able to write and speak. They are not interested in writing, they are more in speaking acting ( role plays). Almost everyday I recorded videos of the children.  I collected plenty of short videos of children doing basics and German conversations. 

The German short film is about cats. Fortunately one of the children has a cat at home. There was no much scope for acting. There was no need for more dialogues. The film highlights cats behaviour and dismisses myths about cats. The shooting began. The shooting stopped after a few days. Unfortunately the cat died but my spirit has not died. The story and my spirit of making German short film is alive.