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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Crazy out door shootings and Accidents

The Boy was disappointed. I said, "NO disappointments only appointments".  So the result is "location change" We moved to another CD store. The conversation was recorded successfully.  But in that same music store I got the chance of meeting Mr. G.S Rao the head of Career Campus. It is really a memorable day. He took some snaps of in the music store.   This is a still( photo) from the French conversation. I never imagined that this meeting would lead to learning Italian language.   I was thinking of learning Turkish or portugese but I was drawn into Italian. Meeting him is merely an accident. but sometimes accidents leave behind not only wounds but also sweet memories. My Italian learning was an accident. but I am absorbed by sweetness of Italian which also sustains my interest till today. 
Of late I have jumped off the wall of EFL Eazy Foreign Languages and started shooting small conversations in French and German in different locations of the city. You know that the ambiance plays a vital role in making the videos more effective. EFL has a small studio of its own with limited facilities.  Out-door shootings are fun but it requires mobilization of actors. Permissions and incidental expenses and safety of the child actors make it tough but there are thrills in out-door shooting. Sometimes outdoor shooting can be very disappointing as well. Recently I planned a French conversation with one of my French students Manoj. It is about buying a French CD.

When Our home studio ( shooting at home) is not suitable for the conversation  I go out with the students to out-door locations such as apartments, friends’ offices, parks. I always had permission to shoot in advance. In rare cases I sought permission a few minutes in advance. However well planned or ill planned there is always a possibility of a fiasco. This time It is a French Conversation. We planned it in a local CD shop at Benz circle. It is a posh looking music store with nice decor. We (My actor student Manoj and I.) reached there. When we were ready to shoot the permission was denied. That was the disappointment for the boy. I commandeered a smile in a situation that seems to be a tragedy.

Later we had many out-door shootings with countless number of children in places such as Radio stations which finally culminated in shooting videos in Andhrapradesh state cultural centre situated in Malakshmi towers in Vijayawada with the patronage of Dr. Emani sivanagireddy who is The CEO of Amaravathi Cultural Centre.  He is aficionado of arts and French language. He also Introduced me to the director  Mr. Bhaskar rao. My Italian  is merely an accident