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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Murmuring Palms - Sonnets

1.Mysterious Palms

 On the bank of the east flowing river
 the tall trees stand under blue sky cover
 A few huts appear in the far away glen    
 surrounded by green fields and men

That is the mysterious village of Markand 

 In the beautiful cave -land of Jharkhand 

 Nanda dynasty had once ruled the land 

 The ancient stories made  it so grand

The caves of Markand tell tales of mankind
The mysterious palms stand in the river sand
Their murmur blends with the blowing wind
They sing stories of past like a musical band 

The murmuring palms are as old as the village
They murmur grisly tales without language

 2. Grand Markand
Oh grand Markand sun's arc and history's mark
you've fascinating mysteries of forts hidden in dark  
Game of thrones, bizarre wars broken artifacts
Who knows the facts about the king's cruel acts

You are full of  twisted tales of love scenes
Sculptors commanded by sensual queens 
General's phantom walks over the graves
and dances with deceased queen in the caves

As long as your poets and singers were happy lovers 
They produced soul stirring music with all their powers
The wind that carried sweet music of your mark
 now carries only the cacophonous street dog's bark

 Driven by king's brutal power and queen's desire
 Markand was covered by the ash of  history's fire

murmuring palms

3. Ratnagarh Fort 

With taintless purity built so stately 
Surrounded by hills and charming silence
appearing like piece of paradise broken lately
Ratnagarh fort is famed as God's residence

Studded with rich stones shines Ratnagarh fort
Beholders thought it was beauty's port
Nothing can ever match the king's court
Time can never again see a fort of that sort

The fort's temples and the queen's dimples
The gigantic Tuscan pillars are examples
of ecstatic beauty that hides the mysteries
of untenable wars of romantic victories

Uncanny defense making it impregnable 
Ratnagarh fort is totally unapproachable

4. The Rose Lake 

Charming roses red, white and yellow
warm up your heart like the music of cello
They sing quiet hymns in the garden by lake
They sting until they're cut for the queen's sake
The sprawling rose lake mirrors the fort
spreading the grandeur of king and his consort
amid the lake lies a small pillar palace
The bored queen plays there with red gallus 

The queen's men ten baskets cut and carry  
They hurry up the hill to fulfill queen's worry
beauty is her worry so they make roses curry
some are for her pool some of for her surrey 

The queen's day begins with pretty roses
With roses the queen her passion exposes

 5.  The Queen's Pool  
Atop the hill is the queen's beautiful pool 
The water in the pool is blue and cool
Mules and elephants everyday the pool fill
They pull carts and carts of water up the hill 
The pool is a pearl in the day light bright
In the luminous moon's silvery light
tiny winged souls of life dance with delight
and the queen enters with handsome knight

Each full moon night she comes with a new knight
when dawn breaks on hills the knight's out of sight
everything vanishes but blood stains at poppy bush 
But everything is hushed but the little singing thrush   
Derring do.. derring do  the fort's quiet 
Derring do the queen's always right,

6. Song of  Thrush

The queen waits on hill night after night, 
The king is out of sight he is in the fight
The queen's heart cries her pain's not light
The sprawling hills are calm and quiet  

For years the king has the swords adored
For years the queen kept her love  stored 
The king went on battles leaving territory 
Now he's back but spends in recuperatory 

The voluptuous queen's desires roared   
In full moon night her romance soared
she has hidden steel swords in her eyes
with her simple glance many a knight dies

She swallowed many a knight's sword 
She eyed on handsome royal court bard

*Thrush is nothing but  sparrow

7. The General's Specter

O great general of the proud army
stop your march the night is stormy
The moon in the sky is clouded 
your trunk in the grave is shrouded

O great general of the proud army
stop your march the night is stormy
Your head is hanging to the fort gate
Hero of great wars, is it your fate?

O great general of the proud army
stop your march the night is stormy
where do you go walking over graves
why are you going into the caves

I am a weird timeless specter
I am charred lifeless vector
I melted in the fire of her desire.
I stood the storm of her affair

O great general of the proud army
stop your march the night is stormy

8. The queen's call

O! Brave knight 

The moon in the sky is crawling
The night is young and enthralling
The passions are my spirits hauling
O hear! O hear! the queen is calling 

submit to the queen's command
my tongue is the whip in the hand
 tonight let passions be fanned
 let's together land in the magic land

shy not, slowly sink in the wet land
Remove the belt and armband
merge in the rhythm of my movement
submit to queen's pure amusement

Melt in cadence of my sigh and moan
O brave knight!  don't be a stone

 9. The Poppy Bush

O  poppy bush  you are always fresh
like a little rock fish you're red and lush
I am not cheerful, my visage is so doleful
Last night was so fateful I am so tearful
I saw the grand poet of  the royal court
whose foot the king adored in the fort 
his body is floating in river near palms
he killed himself that gives me qualms

O little thrush the queen chose knights
for years to spend her full moon nights
She now glanced at the royal sculptor
Anyone can guess what happened later  

10. Murmuring of Palms

O grand poet where have you gone?
you won the hearts of king and queen
your son the sculptor is another pan
In the hands of the voluptuous queen
Heaven is a better than earth
the king  knows your worth
you served your land till the end
the king woke up from the sick bed

But he could not put an end
to the queen nor he could mend 
what happened in Markand
no one has its history penned 

The poet curse brought Markand to an End
we the murmuring palms sing and commend 

Purling Brook - Sonnets

O purling brook! How many twists you took

Flowing through the green forest to the east

O beautiful damsel! how slender is your waist

How can a painter or a poet your beauty overlook

                      Purling brook

What do you carry reflecting God's beautiful taste

To poet's eyes you are a cute fan running in haste

In your run lies your beauty that by a rich poem traced

pictures fill the eyes but pictures by time's hand erased

O purling brook! How many twists you took

How many sharp rocks have kissed your waist

How many glens and ferns have you crossed 

O purling brook you have the gentle lamb's look

you are a shining jewel on the green forest cover

The rhythm of this poem your beauty gonna discover

 2. Strangers

Not all strangers bring us dangers

All Friends aren't plain but different trends 

Most friends have invisible bends 

in minds, don't have blind faith all friends

Many friends can't cross jealousy

you know that jealousy is dangerous sea

jealousy hinders friendship's flow 

that make your friend sick and low

Plain hearted friends are few

How can you say who is who

Not all strangers bring us dangers

fake friends are worse than beggars

Best friends are emperors add to heart's rhyme


Between our hearts there is a smooth thread

You heart can't feel it when your head is dead

why are you so cold like a desert night

You are not too old to love, love is always right 

Love makes life bright, love is life's right

Being loved is the beauty of life, stop the fight

When love commands life  sleep in love's lap

Love is not a trap embrace love without gap

Walk into brighter tomorrow holding his hand

If walk hand in hand time can't you command

 The path of love stretches long and thin  

 baulk not and go along you can life win

 4. Sleep 

O God of sleep hypnos! 

Sitting on broken branches of thoughts

why are you watching the buzzing flies

Listen to what aching heart exhorts

Watch how the betrayed heart's cries

My mind is high jacked by serious doubts

and hopes of heart are still early sprouts

My fears wander in unknown jungle routes 

and I stumble on my slumber in self disputes

O hypnos come and embrace me

please give me perfect sleep's key

A sudden chill caused dark impression

and pushed me into a terrible depression

O hypnos come and embrace me

please give me perfect sleep's key

5. Beauty of life

Black or white is not your sin

I don't hate the color of the skin

man or woman beauty lies within

that with beautiful thoughts begin

Figure without vigor is sickening

love grows with understanding

understanding begins with thinking

without that relations keep limping

what avail is currency without courtesy

without love and kindness you're at sea

Look at beauty's root don't be a bruit

Only then can you taste the life's fruit

you know beauty goes with age

consider life a sacred pilgrimage 

6. Empty

Remember one day the earth will be empty

of you and me. Let's now celebrate it with tea

I know a few true friends of mine are kind

I am sure nothing about me they will find 

interesting or worth keeping once I left

my memories will not leave them bereft

I have no children except books

they built wall and stopped people's looks

My name and fame bring me close to TV lens 

but they build around me thick tall fence 

I am happy with my verse and rhyme

but my rhyme splits me from my time 

I shall take along with me the guilt

My time is up and no hope can be built.

 7. Message

I walked on the beach watching waves

I shouted in delight in heart's caves 

the weather is cool but the water is warm

I enjoyed the clam blue sea's charm

I crossed plains and climbed huge hills 

The undulating hills are nature's frills

I played with birds and squirrels

they are lovely unforgettable thrills

I walked in the crowded alleys, 

I ran in the sprawling valleys

people reminded me of my age

but I'm in search of God's message


I dance with glee singing soft and free

what dances in me is the beautiful poetry 

Each theme rich, beautiful feelings fetch

but at times touch sorrowful feelings much

I sometimes sing melodious tunes of my soul 

what happens is my mind goes out of control

the words and phrases look like latin and Greek

but the flow of the poem is soft like a creek

with archaic words it looks an antique

the themes and motifs make it mystique

The beautiful words  my mind seize

I sing the poems in the cool breeze 

Many people who stand around often wonder

I know that it is no wonder but God's splendor

9.The Guardian

There is a guardian. There is a flower 

without the guardian. There is no flower

your deep love came like a shower

Love is the shower love is the power

The flower got wet and became a nut 

who wants the nut who eats the bitter nut 

No one wants its now the nut needs growth

The tiny nut prayed for the growth , took a firm oath 

The sun gave light the guardian gave faith

the tiny nut early and late took the sun bathe

the tiny nut became a big sweet fruit

who is the fruit who kept guard give your thought


10. Bless me

Bless me with riches but first with honesty

for without honesty there is no gravity  

unchanging honesty is the greatest grace

without honesty I wander in outer space

Bless me with glamour but first good culture

Or I will be a prey to some foreign vulture

Ah! I don't have the greed of glamour  

of any foreign land. I don't need a manor

 by robbing my neighbour in any manner

I  need no glory than my country's banner

Let there be true belief in the knowledge

for nation's relief  pledge to sit on its edge

Let my language be my ornament 

Let mother tongue be my sentiment. 

Sunday, June 12, 2022

Thoughts of Freedom - sonnets

      1.Freedom after Marriage

Most men are not wise freedom-wise 

 Freedom comes only to the wise

Men after marriage their whole life resize

They submit their secrets to their prize

Later  man becomes a mouse in the device

The wife can then suitable music devise

 Man should spend remaining life in dance  

dancing to wife's tune he hardly gets a chance

for freedom except now and then a glance

He glances sideways but can hardly advance

Slowly  man begin working on wife's goals

who otherwise trolls and controls 

Most men are not wise freedom wise 

Freedom comes only to the wise

                  2. Day Dream

Freedom before marriage is an ice cream

Marriage is every young man's dream

But freedom after marriage is a day dream

for man or woman  freedom is supreme

Marriage is a scheme freedom is not its theme

After marriage starts wife's despotic regime

you must comply with her orders extreme

or you are scorched in her eye's ultra violet beam

Later it's no help even if you apply Burnal cream

after marriage freedom is  simply  day dream

Marriage makes woman a queen and enhances esteem

it makes man a guard and driver and gives him steam

If married people claim freedom without  shy

trust them because they have freedom lie

        3.Slavery comes in guise

Slavery comes in guise, Slavery comes twice

with a nasty dead end job or  wrong marriage ties

For sure  they form  life's unimaginable burden

They pull curtain to fun and make life uncertain

 Youth that seems shining in corporate jobs

for sure realize  slavery in midnight sobs 

A young man whose goal is foreign country

for sure he realizes what freedom is on his reentry

into his own country

O young man why do you hate your roots

Discover  your culture and enjoy its fruits 

Don't be nuts never pick nuts in farther farm

there is no harm to stay warm in your farm

Nothing goes wrong if you stay here and eat rice

Many people who went abroad paid the price

       4.Freedom of Speech

Where are you Freedom of speech 

You are out of commoner's reach

You are  meant for the neo-rich 

the poor man can't a rich man touch

with his freedom of speech 

How well designed you are 

How well defined you are

You lie in code book very far

How pretty you are like a star

You can speak truth for truth's sake

If you the mafia lords angry make 

it might the country shake or put it at stake

Snow den might realize it is a big mistake 

Take enough of freedom of speech 

Lest it should your life impeach  

                   5. Advice

Mr. Husband

Who the hell your freedom snatches?

When you  serve batches after batches

and sit tired looking at your scratches

How the hell she  freedom snatches?

You have the right to loosen and relax 

How can she your right to freedom tax 

when you relax and eat some snacks

Tell me who the hell that attacks

 Be a freeman kick your lady boss

 you don't need this job or its gloss 

Mr. Friend

The lady boss is my niece

whom I married in caprice

I can neither this job resign

nor I can a moment recline. 

          6.Life's thunder

Don't think too much of freedom

until it generates serious boredom

If  freedom is your spurious need

It can certainly be a serious weed

don't vainly for freedom search 

Freedom doesn't some people  match

Don't act free, while searching for ration

It comes from man's deep passion

If you to money surrender 

and simply yourself render

people your freedom plunder

don't beg freedom. It's a blunder

 Freedom is a wonder

 It is the life's thunder

  7.What freedom means

I have no freedom, it is a pity

I want to live in a big city

but I am in a small middle town

I never asked my father for his crown

Always why does he at me frown

His frown keeps my spirits down

I never asked for his kingdom

I am only obsessed with freedom 

Freedom means a lot to the teens 

it is not just limited to jeans 

its Harley Davidson and a gun

Poor dad can't understand his son

I am currently in small town in prison

when I come out I pursue my vision


8.Freedom comes tomorrow

My dear coward and half dead head

Your spirit of freedom can not go ahead 

If your heart is filled with sheer fear

Don't waste for freedom a single tear 

Mere worry can't bring freedom near

Freedom is meant for whose head is clear

whose blood in heart can be the source

of courage to encourage freedom's course

you either compromise or economize

And you think that you are wise 

Unless you brace up your bravery

what embraces you is only slavery

 wait for it, no one can freedom buy or borrow

write it on the wall  "freedom comes tomorrow"

        9.Freedom is heaven

Early this morning escaped a thought of mine   

perhaps it belongs to  Kolar gold mine  

with that my personality could be reshaped

without that my mind will be scraped 

It's thought of freedom I must unearth

It is that thought that gave me rebirth

without that I am a living death

soon my search became a research

I searched  the coral reef,  the mountain cliff,

finally I ended my long search with a sniff

I realized and stopped looking for it outside

I started feeling the freedom from inside

fortunately I found two things inside

Yes, freedom and heaven are inside

10.   Spiritual Freedom 

Earth is his seat sky is his shelter 

He doesn't care summer or winter

He is the sage in meditation

nothing can disturb his concentration

It is the bleak morning of  October

His bare body has a serious exposure

to cold all the day that on the rock lies

It is night fall he hasn't opened his eyes

He sits like a rock on  a rock

He counts not the clock

Day and night he doesn't distinguish

He hasn't had a simple wish

He doesn't even think of freedom

That is the absolute spiritual freedom

Monday, June 6, 2022

Graveyard - 10 sonnets

            1.Solitary Poet

Oh solitary poet in the  gloomy graveyard

why hangest here  for a  promenade 

The night is cold and the scene is dreadful 

Why is the smile on your lips so wistful?

Screeching owls squawking rooks 

flickering flame  all hopes in wrecks

what of your fame that reached apogee

why wanderst thou like a refugee

Abundant tombs, withered wreaths

souls sauntering without sheaths

This is what remains when life ends

No one  ever death transcends

Too short is life's window

Bygone is all but a shadow

              2. Fate's Puppet

Ah I burned all my youthful time at home

churning my mind and building my own tomb

I had the dream with my fiancĂ©e to roam

But alas crooked time has build my love's doom

where ever I went I had flowers and garlands

people in distant lands to my work folded hands

My name crossed frame and passed like a popular song 

My fame burned like a torch and went with a bang

My middle age witnessed  little bit of tension  

To my health I started paying attention

to dim a eye love seems like a perversion

I dared not decide and kept it in suspension

 I now go to grave with drums and trumpets

Men at fate's disposal are always puppets

             3. Urgent Farewell     

Living  in a prestigious palace built of marble 

Wearing rich apparel whose colors always sparkle

Moving in luxurious vehicles feeling like a king

you never thought what time's hand armed with a sling

can throw at you and what it can suddenly bring 

Oh king so soon the time's sling made you a thing 

while you are still healthy and young 

Oh! still shines your queen's engagement ring

your vision is  filled with great dreams

of success and winning  business schemes

Who knows how soon the death bells knell

no one can ever tell or redeem the time's spell

When death warrants, life never waits to farewell

so sudden and unknown is death you can't smell

          Heaven's guest

Death cant me scare it is a never ending sleep

the bitter truth is that I've forgotten how to sleep

writing day and night I have gone into letters deep

Oh loving friend!  don't any flowers keep 

Don't ever cry at my grave, go read my verses

discover the rhythm that surely your heart nurses

If you sit and sing my songs my spirit you surround

I sing with you, for sure discover me singing around

Death can my breath squeeze but can't me scare 

I might my body lose my spirit can thoughts wear

I always lived in thoughts and thoughts never die

Death never touches me so don't at my grave cry

Body is always a pest when you have the writing quest

You lack nothing when you die, you are heaven's guest

5.Life is not a Big deal

Worry not! Life is not a big deal 

It is a matter of turning wheel

between two strings it's God's spiel

a string to body and a string to soul

no one knows what is maker's goal

mortal man's part is to play his role

Life may not everyday glow

but receives blow after blow

happiness is just a moment's show

trouble and grief  have their own row

Worry not! Life is not a big deal 

It is a matter of turning wheel

worry not if you cease to be

Death is certainly rebirth's key

              6. Emptiness

Remember not those beautiful moments

which reflect life's lavish endowments

When the golden glory goes to rodents

Remember not  all the antecedents

forget not that each beautiful moment

is followed by its deadly opponent 

pleasure with pain, sun with rain

but everything is different on death plain

complete joy and unlimited rest

in silence under the earth's crust

no worldly attractions to lure

no fear of rejection or failure

A vast nothingness, symbol of emptiness

and the spindle of ultimate happiness

    7. Cicada, owl and wild wind.

Since long  I am here in this house  

The roof is so low and apt for a mouse

It is always dark here but I have no fear

but how long I live here is not clear

Oh where is my moon where is my Sun

I could see only my weeping wife and son 

She sits so close and keeps a red rose

on the roof and sings a song then goes

The song that we sang on wedding day

my son was not gay cuz house began to decay

I don't know what happened to my mill

I don't know how long should I chill


I am left all alone without a friend

except cicada, owl and wild wind.

       8. Grand funeral

let the funeral procession be grand

hire the monstrous musical band 

Let fireworks have the upper hand

Let the whole town shake with sound

Let the funeral procession be grand

Stop the traffic and make his brand

everywhere let flex banners be hanged

make it grand,  write it on beach sand

Let the funeral procession be grand

paint his name on hill and hand 

Let the death news , whole media command

and demand mourners until the world understand 

That someone so humble so noble

passed away and his death is a modal. 

                         9. Death 

Death is an iron curtain to restless struggle

a prolonged  pause to the worthless juggle

a much awaited recess to stay on different level

an uninvited mess to play with many a devil 

in eerie world you see many dark shadows 

that befriend your ghost which foreshadows

your nights in which you see  grisly sights

filled with muffled cacophonous fights

Death is an iron curtain to restless struggle

a prolonged  pause to the worthless juggle

a much awaited recess to stay on different level

an uninvited mess to play with many a devil 

Future life may be myth but death is truth

Truth is beauty and truth will your soul sooth

              10. Journey

everybody comes, everybody goes

no one knows where everybody goes

man or woman , king or queen

nobody returns that is the routine

Life is  routine. It's never ending journey 

with births and deaths it's a weird tourney

skip or jump but you have to run 

Shun your fear dun your skin run and run 

If your breath is out you are done

If you want rest leave the skin 

God is the judge  to Him it is fun

walk or jump but you cant jump higher

than God. He sets the rules He's the umpire 

He is the hedge God is the judge