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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Flaschengeist సీసా దయ్యం

Flaschengeist సీసా దయ్యం                                                                                          He is a man without any courage. He too knows it though he doesn’t admit it. openly. I am no brave no strong but I am intelligent. This is his idea about himself.  He is greedy stingy  and coward. This is the public opinion about him. He is not a celebrity yet he is a public figure because he has a small business but he is a big business man as his shop is the biggest shop in the small village he lives. Once he went to the lone beach near his village. He found an empty bottle. That bottle looked quite old.  

He thought it belongs to eighteenth century.  He is lazy who believes luck. An astrologer told him that he would get sudden wealth in near future. He thought that there must be a bottle ghost. He peered into the bottle. There was something in the bottle. The bottle was transparent. He saw something white. No doubt it is smoke. The bottle is heavy. He took the bottle to house carefully and hid it secretly in a locker beside gold and jewellery. When nobody is around he opens the locker and would watch his treasure.  He is not only happy but also excited about his future. He forgets the entire world when he touches the bottle. He takes the bottle into his hands and dreams. He cursed his small business. He hates to work in his shop day long. Who sits behind the desk? Only a stupid wastes his time and life. Life is so precious. It will be even more precious when he becomes rich. He sells, milk, oil salt and sugar and everything that people need. I can't spend my time helping these worthless people. 


He often indulged in such thoughts.  He spent his time in planning how to deal with the ghost, what is the easy way to present all his demands before the bottle ghost. As days passed his doubts and fears hidden behind his hopes started raising heads. If I buy a car or build a big house how could I explain the world?  He remembered the income tax officers. The income tax officers will not leave him. He was disappointed. Later he remembered the astrologer. He then  remembered the promise he has made. He was frustrated.   Because when the astrologer told him about his wealth, in a fit of emotion he promised him half of such wealth. 

How can one give fifty percent of wealth to the astrologer for nothing?  That seems like a     death  sentence to that greedy man.  No I must do something about it. So the next day he closed the shop and met the astrologer.  He had a cunning plan in his mind. He pressed the Astrologer to tell him the date when he receives the wealth.  The astrologer replied that it was impossible to tell him the exact date. “Can’t you tell me approximate date?”  Said the greedy man.

I can’t tell you the exact date but I can expedite your wealth.  If you want the wealth quickly you have to offer a special prayer to God.  But it should not cost me much said the greedy man with an awful laugh exhibiting all his dirty teeth.

Only three hundred said the astrologer.  Twenty five rupees said the lucky man. The astrologer was about to leave when the greedy man said forty.  “Get away don’t waste my time” said the astrologer. “Don’t be angry take fifty rupees.” said the lazy man.  What happened to you today? I am a busy man.  I am not interested in jokes.  “I am too.” said the greedy man. 

 “Ok I will give you hundred rupees. “This is more than what I can afford. He added.  “Tomorrow I will perform the pooja at your house.” said the astrologer.  The greedy man returned home happily because he saved two hundred rupees.  At night he remembered what he had forgotten. God! Sudden wealth made me blind, oh no forgetful.  He jumped out of bed and wrote on a paper “only 10 percent” and pasted on the wall and slept. 

At mid night he was startled by a terrible dream.  He saw a horrible ghost in the dream.  His future is in the hands of a ghost. He was frightened by the thought. What if the ghost eats or swallows him? What is the guarantee? He went to the locker but could not open. 

I am afraid of ghost from the childhood.  He recovered from the fear slowly he got a new idea that brought a smile on his face.  He is satisfied with is smartness. The next morning after the pooja he told the astrologer about the percentage.  The astrologer took it lightly and agreed to his proposal. 

 He then revealed the secret to the astrologer and asked him to open the bottle and talk to the bottle ghost. “money only after the work.” said the greedy man. The Astrologer was really annoyed but he concealed his anger and said “Sure, It is my responsibility; 

I know what a generous man you are.  When you are paying me hundred rupees can’t I do it for you?” The greedy man showed ugly laugh. The astrologer could not bear any more, “tomorrow before dawn is the right time to open the bottle. I will come tomorrow don’t tell anybody” said the astrologer. He thanked the greedy man and moved immediately. “sure, sure the greedy man laughed once again.  The astrologer paid a goon and brought him to the house of the greedy man and hid in the garden in the guise of a ghost. 

In the winter morning there was dim light in the sky. The Astrologer and the greedy man stood in the garden with the bottle. The astrologer put the bottle on the ground and chanted hymns. “Don’t be afraid when you see a ghost, close your eyes and ask what you want I will catch you. Don’t worry.” Said the astrologer and opened the bottle.  It was not clear whether smoke came out of the bottle or not but the ghost hiding behind the bushes came out with a club in his hands.  The greedy man closed his eyes and caught the astrologer firmly... wealth started raining in.... The goon started beating the greedy man. The astrologer felt that the greedy man received suitable reward. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Gender transformation and Diversity

Gender transformation and diversity

Throughout Hindu and Vedic texts there are many descriptions of saints, demigods, and even the Supreme Lord transcending gender and manifesting multiple combinations of sex and gender.  These include male, female, hermaphrodite, and all other possibilities.  In the scriptures Hinduism I have read account of transsexual, homosexual relations. If you view from the summit of Hindu Dharma these relations are accepted and respected but gradually the acceptance turned into intolerance due to the bad interpretation of Dharma by low minded and less progressive inheritors of the Dharma.  Denying homosexuals or gay relations is indicative of western culture, particularly Victorian culture.

Hindu deities -sex

Hindu deities provide interesting examples of gender transformation and diversity. 
You can find the following in the Hindu scriptures.
Deities that are hermaphrodite (half man, half woman).Deities that manifest in all three genders
Male deities who become female, or female deities who become male
Male deities with female moods, or female deities with male moods
Deities born from two males, or from two females
Deities born from a single male, or from a single female
Deities who avoid the opposite sex and deities with companions of the same gender

Ardhanarisvara is perhaps the most popular and widely known hermaphrodite deity in Hinduism.  Ardhanarisvara is literally split down the middle with one female breast, one male breast.  The male side is represented in masculine features while the female side is voluptuous and slender with one large hip.  The clothing and ornaments on each side of the deity are also usually represented in male and female attire. The fantastic hermaphroditic form of  Ardhanarisvara is a rare type of mosaic intersexuality known as gynandromorphism.

Ayyappa is born from two male deities—Siva and Vishnu.  The worship of Sri Ayyappa, known as Hariharaputra and Manikantha, is very popular among the third sex, particularly in South India. 

Maharaja Bhagiratha
Maharaja Bhagiratha is known as the son of King Dilipa, but it is the story behind his miraculous birth that is most interesting.  The following narrative is found in both the Padma Purana and the fourteenth-century Krittivasa Ramayana, the most popular Bengali text on the pastimes of Lord Ramacandra:  Maharaja Dilipa was the king of Ayodhya but had no sons.  He left his kingdom to perform severe austerities for the dual purpose of summoning the Ganges and obtaining a son; however, he died accomplishing neither.  The demigods became worried—they had heard that Vishnu would be born in the Sun Dynasty, but how would this be possible if the dynasty’s line came to an end?  Lord Siva therefore went to the two widowed queens of Maharaja Dilipa and blessed them to bear a son.  The queens asked, “How is this possible since we are widows?”  Siva replied, “You two make love together and by my blessings you will bear a beautiful son.” The two wives, with great affection for each other, executed Siva’s order until one of them conceived a child.  “Bhagiratha”—he who was born from two vulvas (bhaga). 

Arjuna and Srikrishna

In a lesser-known narrative from the Padma Purana (5.74.60-198), Arjuna is transformed into a female,  Arjuni is granted permission to sport with Krsna.  seeing Krsna and His beautiful male features, Arjuni becomes wonderstruck and overwhelmed with love, exhibiting all types of ecstatic symptoms and then fainting.  Seeing her overcome with desire, Krsna takes Arjuni’s hand and guides her into His pleasure forest where He sports with her secretly and at will. If you think from the summit of the Hindu dharma, gay sex is not wrong. Opposing gay sex and attacking is not our culture because we have acceptance. Hindu culture has tolerance for gay culture, western culture opposes it.

Gender diversity and sex in Nature

Just as there are many incredible displays of sex and gender variety among Hindu deities, so also nature displays an amazing array of sex and gender diversity within the animal kingdom. Trans sexuals, bisexuals, homosexuals, lesbians.

Creatures such as sow bugs, shrimp and oysters completely reverse their sex at some stage in their lives and such trans sexuality is a routine occurrence for many species.  Tropical coral fish, for instance, are especially well known for their ability to change sex—more than 50 species of parrotfish, groupers, angelfish and others are all transsexual.  Their reproductive organs can undergo a complete reversal, enabling females with fully functioning ovaries to become males with fully functioning testes and vice versa.
Among mammal species, homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior is even more common and has been documented among small rodents  and mice, rats, bats, squirrels, chipmunks, marmots, hedgehogs, etc. marsupials  like wallabies, kangaroo, koalas, dunnarts, etc.  carnivores (lions, cheetahs, wolves, foxes, bears, hyenas, mongooses, martens, raccoons, etc.,  hoofed mammals  like deer, elk, caribou, moose, giraffes, antelopes, gazelles, pronghorns, wild sheep, goats, buffalo, bison, musk-oxen, zebra, horses, pigs, llamas, elephants, rhinoceros, etc., marine mammals  like river and salt-water dolphins, porpoises, Orcas, whales, seals, sea lions, walruses, manatees, dugongs, etc., and primates  like Bonobos, chimpanzees, gorillas, Orangutans, gibbons, langurs, Proboscis Monkeys, macaques, baboons, Squirrel Monkeys, capuchins, tamarins, langurs, bushbabies, etc.

Sex in spiritual plane

In all eight of the heavenly varsas [planetary islands], although men and women enjoy sex pleasure, there is no pregnancy. Pregnancy only takes place in lower-grade life. For example, animals like dogs and hogs become pregnant twice a year, and each time they beget at least half a dozen offspring. Even lower species of life such as snakes give birth to hundreds of young at one time. This verse informs us that in grades of life higher than ours, pregnancy occurs once in a lifetime. People still have sex, but there is no pregnancy. In the spiritual world, people are not very attracted to sex life, due to their exalted devotional attitude. Practically speaking, there is no sex life in the spiritual world, but even if sometimes it does occur, there is no pregnancy at all. (Srimad Bhagavatam 5.17.12, purport

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Favourite Passtime

My favourite passtime - Translation 

శ్రీ మతి డొక్కా సీతమ్మ గారు తూర్పు గోదావరి జిల్లాలోని రామచంద్రాపురం తాలుకా మండపేట గ్రామంలో 1841, అక్టోబరు లో జన్మించారు. ఈమె తండ్రి భవానీశంకరం, తల్లి నరసమ్మ గార్లు. సీతమ్మ గారి తండ్రి శంకరం గారిని గ్రామస్తులు 'బువ్వన్న' గారనే పేరుతో పిలుస్తుండేవారు. దానికి కారణం ఆయన అడిగిన వారందరికీ 'బువ్వ'(అన్నం) పెట్టటమే! అటువంటి తండ్రికి కూతురిగా జన్మించిన సీతమ్మ గారు అన్నార్తుల ఆకలిని తీర్చిన మహా ఇల్లాలు. విద్యావాసనలు లేని లేని సాధారణ గృహిణి ఆమె.

Sitamma who fed thousands of hungry mouths just like a mother excelled her own father. She  is the rose of her sex.  She was born in Mandapet in 1841. His father Bhavani sankaram used to feed every hungry man who came to him. He was fondly called Buvvanna for his generosity. Perhaps Smt.Sitamma has ingrained the great qualities from her father. 

 ఆ గ్రామంలో డొక్కాజోగన్న పంతులు గారనే పెద్ద ధనవంతుడు ఉండేవాడు. ఆయన ధనవంతుడే కాకుండా పెద్ద రైతు కూడా. ఒక రోజున పండిత సభకు వెళ్లి వస్తూ మండపేట లో ఉన్న భవానీ శంకరం గారింటికి వెళ్లి ఆ వారి ఇంటి ఆతిధ్యాన్ని స్వీకరించారు. జోగన్నగారికి అతిధి మర్యాదలను చేయటంలో సీతమ్మగారు చూపించిన ఆదరాభిమానాల వినయ విధేయతలు నచ్చి జోగన్నగారికి ఆమెను వివాహం చేసుకోవాలనే భావన కలిగింది.

Dokka joganna Pantulu was a rich man and a farmer who lived in the same village. He was very hungry on a mid day and quenched his hunger at Bhavani sankaram’s house. He was pleased with the hospitable nature and service rendered by young Seetamma and decided to marry her.

నిస్వార్ధంగా జాతి, కుల, మత విచక్షణ చూపించకుండా అన్నార్తులందరికీ మాతృప్రేమను పంచి జీవితాన్ని చరితార్ధం చేసుకున్న 'అపర అన్నపూర్ణమ్మ'మన డొక్కా సీతమ్మ గారు! అచిరకాలంలోనే ఉభయ గోదావరి జిల్లాలలో 'అపర అన్నపూర్ణ' గా శ్రీమతి సీతమ్మ గారు పేరుపొందారు. లంక గ్రామాలకు తరచుగా వరదల వల్ల ప్రమాదాలు ఏర్పడేవి. నిలువ నీడలేని బాధితులను ఆదుకొని వారికి వసతి, భోజన సదుపాయాలను నిరాటంకంగా ఏర్పాటు చేసే ఉదాత్త గుణశీల సీతమ్మగారు.  అలా అచిరకాలంలోనే ఆమె ఖ్యాతి భారతదేశమంతా వ్యాపించటమే కాకుండా, ఆంద్ర దేశపు కీర్తిని ఇంగ్లండు వరకు వ్యాపింపజేసిన మహా ఇల్లాలు సీతమ్మ గారు.

Irrespective of caste and religion Smt. Seetamma served food to the hungry people with motherly love. In no time her name and fame spread across the Godavari districts.  During the frequent floods to Godavari districts she used to Godavari districts she used to extend housing and hospitality to hundreds of people.  Soon her name spread across India and crossed the frontiers. Her charitable and noble service has gone up to Henry viii of England.

Here is the gist of the great grandson of Dokka Seetamma who responded to the article published on Smt. Seetamma in a Telugu website. According to him the portrait of Dokka Seetamma was in the adytum beside annapoorna in Varanasi until 1970.  King George invited her several times to his birthday celebrations which go every year in Delhi but Seetamma did not go.

He then asked for her photo at least but as she was modest Seetamma showed no interest in sending her photo. Then the King ordered the District collector to fetch her photo lest he should lose his job.  The Collector got her photo by much persuasion and gave it to King George who then made a big portrait of her picture and placed in the celebrations. It was also kept in the British parliament for some time. Then it was sent to a museum in England.  
She is a source of inspiration to generations to come. May her tribe increase! 


                                       Letter of her grandson published in a website.

Phani Dokka · 

 శాస్త్రి గారూ,

మంచి వ్యాసం అందించారు. నేను డొక్కా సీతమ్మగారి మనవడు శ్రీ.డొక్కా రామ భద్రుడు గారి మనవణ్ణి. నాలుగు దశాబ్దాల క్రితం శ్రీ.మిత్తిపాటి చయనులు గారు నిరతాన్నదాత్రి డొక్కా సీతమ్మగారి పై ఒక పుస్తకం అచ్చువేసారు. ఇండియాలో మా చుట్టాల ఇంట్లో చూసాను. ప్రస్తుతం అది అవుటాఫ్ ప్రింట్ అనుకుంటాను. కింగ్ జార్జి చక్రవర్తి సీతమ్మగారికి పంపిన యోగ్యతాపత్రం ప్రతి నావద్ద వున్నది. మీరు బహుశా చూసే వుండవచ్చు. మీకు ఫేస్ బుక్ లో రిక్వెష్టు పంపుతున్నాను. వీలు చూసుకుని ఆమోదిస్తారని ఆశిస్తున్నాను. 

1970 ల వరకు కాశీ లో గర్భగుడిలో అన్నపూర్ణ సమక్షంలో సీతమ్మగారి ఫొటో వుండేదట. అలాగే కింగ్ జార్జి చక్రవర్తి (ఎలిజబెత్ మహారాణి గారి తండ్రి) ప్రతి యేటా ఢిల్లీ లో జరిగే తన పట్టాభిషేకానికి రమ్మని ఎన్ని సార్లు ఆహ్వానం పంపినా, ఏమాత్రం పేరు ప్రతిష్ఠలు ఆశించని సీతమ్మ గారు వెళ్ళలేదట. కనీసం ఫొటో అడిగినా ఇవ్వలేదట. అయితే చివరిలో ఒక యేడాది కలెక్టరు గారికి అల్టిమేటం వచ్చదట, ఫొటో తీసుకుని రాకపోతే కొలువు పోతుందని. అప్పుడు ఆ కలెక్టరు వచ్చి, బతిమాలి ఒక ఫొటో తీసుకున్నాడుట. దాన్ని నిలువెత్తు సజీవ చిత్రంగా మార్పించి, మొదటి వరసలో, ఆహూతుల సమక్షంలో ఉంచి, ఢిల్లీలో పట్టాభిషేకం చేసుకునేవాడుట చక్రవర్తి. మనకు స్వాతంత్రం వచ్చాకా, ఆ చిత్ర పటాన్ని కొన్నేళ్ళు బ్రిటిష్ పార్లమెంట్ లో ఉంచారట. తరువాత అది ఇంగ్లాండులోని ఏదో మ్యూజియం లో పెట్టారని మా పెద్దలు చెప్పేవారు.  అలాగే ఐదేళ్ళ క్రితం మా మిత్రుడి తల్లిదండ్రులు కాశీలో చింతామణి గణపతి ఆలయం లో హోమం చేయించారట. అక్కడ శిలాఫలకాలపైన లంకల గన్నవరానికి చెందిన డొక్కా వంశస్థులు దేవుడికి మాన్యాలు సమర్పించినట్లు రాసి వున్నదట. ఇది ఈ మద్యనే మా మిత్రుడు నాకు చెప్పిన విషయం. 

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