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Sunday, January 16, 2022

డొల్ల పుచ్చకాయ

 Noble thoughts great words we are all interested in. 

 We all speak good words and we practice use of words 

and finally  we are good at using good words. 

 At the end of  words there should be work.  

As a result of long time writing ( fixing head to the computer screen) I had extreme neck pain last night. I retired to bed early. What woke me up in the morning was the word I had given to Mr. Kumar. Yes, I  have given him a word to translate the news report you see below. When I zoomed the image to trans late  it, the text  pixalates and becomes illegible. Some words are barely visible and some words are totally illegible.  I had to peer my eyes to read the text. but there was no other go. I had to struggle. I struggle d.   Finally  I finished the translation of the news report. Of course my neck is heavier but my heart is lighter. I have done this for the sake of an FB friend. This is the sincerity and work the language learning needs but unfortunately the learners are not ready to work hard but they want language.   


గొప్ప ఆలోచనలు చేయడం పెద్ద మాటలు చెప్పడం చాలాసులభం. గొప్ప ఆలోచలనలని అమలు చేయడం, పెద్ద మాటలని నిరూపించడం ఆచరణలో పెట్టడం చాలా కష్టం. ఇంగ్లీష్ అంటే నాకిష్టం. ఇంగ్లీష్  బాగానేర్చుకుని అనర్గళంగా మట్లాడాలని ఉంది అని ఏమీ తెలియకుండా మట్లాడేవాళ్ళని చూస్తుంటాను. ఇంగ్లీష్ అంటే  నీకిష్టమా? ఏ ఇంగ్లీష్ స్పీచ్ నీ మనసుని ఆకట్టుకుంది? ఏ పద్యం విని నీ మనసు పులకరించింది? ఎన్ని ఇంంగ్లీష్ పాటలు విని నీ మనసు పరవసించింది?  వీటికి సమాధానాలు నీ దగ్గర లేకపొతే నీ వన్నీ డొల్లపుచ్చకాయ కబుర్లు అని అర్థం. ఇంగ్లీష్ తో నీకు అవసరం ఉంది కాబట్టి  టీచర్  అర్థం చెప్పేస్తుంటే  వినేస్తే వచ్చేస్తుందనుకుంటావు.  ఒక్కరోజు నాలుగు వాక్యాలు  వ్రాసేసి చాలాపనిచేసేసాననుకుంటావు. ఇవి నిజాలైనా వొప్పుకోవు. నిజంతో యుద్దం చేస్తావు. ఎందుకు నిజంతో యుద్దం  చేసి అబద్దన్ని గెలిపిస్తావు? నీ అలవాట్లు , అభిరుచులు, నమ్మకాలు  మార్చుకొగలిగితేనే నీకు కొత్త భాష వస్తుంది. 

This is the translation of the above news report.

Modern equipment in magnet therapy  

Magnet therapy which was popular in the epoch of time has not lost its importance even in the modern times. The modern trend in this therapy is Electro magnet therapy. Mr Kumar of Hanumanpeta, Vijayawada has designed new equipment which is working effectively in the treatment of polio, asthma and joint pains. This price of the equipment is within the reach of common man. The credit goes to Mr. Kumar who is the first to create such equipment in our state.

Seven years of Hard work

Rome was not built in a day. There is seven years of hard work behind the creation of this equipment. A small incident that took place in my intermediate days raised interest in magnet therapy Says Mr. Kumar. When he went to the Ayurvedic outlet of his relatives a powder called Chitramala accidently fell on his hand had caused great pain. One of the people in the shop suggested that magnet be applied on the area of pain. Mr. Kumar observed that when magnet was run over his hand in one direction the pain reduced but when run over in a different direction the pain increased. Following this incident he attended the meeting of All India Medical Council held in Calcutta. Later he started studying magnet therapy. Yearly twice he attended the conferences and with their financial aid and encouragement he started experimenting with the influence of magnetic field on human body. He discovered that the magnetic field influences the iron in the hemoglobin and increases the blood flow. This in turn increases the oxygen supply to the tissues and energizes the body. Based on his observations Mr. Kumar designed magnetic stimulator.

GPM 0.5 : First he has designed GPM 0.5. There are two types energy converter and probe ( magnet plate). The power in the energy converter flows into the magnet plate. There is a magnet coil in the plate. When the electric waves enter the magnet plate through coil they give relief to the human body.

Asteo arteries is an another device he designed. It is designed to quicken healing during bone fractures . CMSR is another device that brings changes in the water. When a glass of water is placed on its plate it changes the nature of water. When we drink that water immunity in the human body increases.  The devices of magneto therapy are designed for simple household use.

“The devices designed by me are used by doctors in different systems of medical treatment such as homeopathy, chemotherapy and Ayurvedic. If government provides financial help I will bring the devices for the wider use of public in the entire country.” Says Mr. Kumar. 


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Sunday, January 2, 2022

Complete works of Poolabala

Many books are written some of them are published. A few of them are released. For reasons well in your guess. Books like Greek mythology are written to read and wonder, Lalipatalu (lullabies ) are written just for joy. They are just like whistling for yourself. Novels like Anveshana 2020 are written to entertain others. Venkatadhipa ( sanskrit poetry) and Mahakavi ( counter revolution poetry) are written with a spirit of competing and to display my strength.   

Mr. Krishnanraju, the chief editor of Journalist  English magazine gave me an opportunity to write English  articles in his Journalist magazine. I wrote small articles and special articles like articles on Hud Hud Cyclone, interviews on famous personalities like Mr. Buddha Prasad, and Mr. Turlapati Kutumbarao, scientists, musicians, and God men. It was a great experience.     

Then came into my life Mr. Gopi the editor of Hans India. He encouraged me to write a feature article providing a column in the Hans India. New wave - Poolabala. si the name of the article.   I have written better articles on National and International affairs. It was a fulfilling experience. 

When I met Mr. Krishnayya  the head of Deepthi Prachuranalu  I had many unpublished books on foreign languages. He published all my foreign languages books. That served as good motivation.          I wrote more books on foreign language there after.

My major works are language courses , small stories and poetry.   Until I fell in love  I was writing but very sluggishly. Love ignites anyone. Nobody is beyond love. I can not reveal who I loved and what      I loved,  my work can reveal how much I loved. Bharatavarsha is undisputedly and  undoubtedly one of the world's biggest literary works. It is also a musical treat and  a perhaps tearful adieu too.  

Like a fruit is known by the tree heart is known by the book. My books reveal my heart. 

In 2022  I will bring out of my books in printed form. Here is the list of my sixty books. 

1. Moonlight stories – English & Telugu

Wonder kids - English

Science fiction English

Science fiction Telugu

Save earth - English

French made easy

French for children

French for Teenagers

French Essays

10. French idioms

French proverbs

English proverbs

Foreign phrases

French pictorial vocabulary

Spanish pictorial vocabulary

1000 Spanish nouns and usage

1000 English proverbs

Dynamics of English speech

English conversations

20.  Fifty English essays

 Basic visual vocabulary

Advanced visual vocabulary

Cartoon vocabulary

Step by step Spanish

German made easy 1

Deutsch Grundkurs 2

Sprach diplomkurs -3

Nihongo Naru -1

Nihongo Hanasu -2

30. Inapagodalu – English novel

Last night – English novel

Vanasrungaram – Telugu story

Janapadalu – songs

Inspiring people – stories

Italian made easy

Italian course

Smart verbs - English

Anveshana – Telugu Novel

Ourschool – English Novel

40. Notre ecole – French Novel

New Life – English novel

 Neues Leben – German Novel

Mahakavi –  Telugu poesy

Anveshana – Telugu Novel

Suprabhatam – telugu novel

Seductive poetry  English

Asylums – English Novel

Greek mythology

Lalipatalu – Telugu

50. Musings of Poolabala

 Reality  – English novel  

 Proudha Srungara Kathalu

 Ballads from Bezwada – English

Madanagopala  lyrical poems

Die Schöne Gedichte – German poems

 La vie modern – French poems

 Indian servant maids – English /spanish

 Baratavarsha Telugu Novel  

 Podugu jada – Telugu Novel 1st Jan 2022 

 60. Spring girl– English (sonnets)  Dec 2021