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Sunday, April 7, 2019

French poem on Ugadi

J'ai présenté deux poèmes à l'occasion des célébrations du nouvel an. J'ai d'abord présenté un poème anglais, puis un poème français. J'ai aussi eu le troisième poème en telugu mais le temps n'était pas suffisant.

A small felicitation followed after the discourse. Meeting new friends , listening to poems and having feast with them is very pleasant. Jai Kisan TV. Channel was inaugurated on the same day.  

Glimpses of my Ugadi 2019.

6th April 2019 is the beginning of the Telugu new year - Ugadi

I participated in Ugadi celebrations by AP Journalists Association and Better Andhrapradesh at Ayodhyanagar VJA. I presented French poem also.  I had the feast offered by them. 

In this modern age meeting friends personally happens rarely. Even lovers are limited to phone communication. In such circumstances I feel I am fortunate to spend my time with educated people , poets , journalists and social workers on the beginning of the new year. 

My life is like a pendulum that swings between learning and teaching. My interests are like bees . They go round books and blogs. Learning, teaching, making videos in French, German, Spanish and English, and writing blogs. The work is relentless but I never felt restless, because it is artistic. The satisfaction is always refreshing but the actual relief comes from meeting friends of same feather.

Old and New Faces 
I started with my wife at 9.00 in the morning and I reached the venue at 10.00.  We were offered breakfast and tea. Then we got introduced to Professor Rahiman Saheb ( ANU) and Professor Syamsunder ( KLU) both are writers and poets. Old friends also showed up Hitam School Correspondent  Mr. Hemanth came from Pamarru Village. He has undertaken a journey of 60 k.m only to see us here. 

My wife presented a Telugu poem.She has been felicitated. She is the author of four voluminous books. Uma sahastram ( translation of 1000 sanskrit slokas into Telugu) , Swamy Gnanananda, Antarangika sishyulu, Vinobha Speeches ( Translation into Telugu). Her work deserves appreciation. The felicitation is very apt for her. Thanks to the AP Journalists Association and Better Andhrapradesh.

Jaikisan Channel has been launched on the same day. Journalists, doctors a, professors and poets wished the channel every best on the live recording. It is totally unforgettable day. Ugadi 2019