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Friday, May 31, 2024

Politics and Romance in France.

France and its Politics. 

Sarkozy was the French president from 2007 to 2012. In the 2012 presidential elections, Sarkozy was defeated by Socialist François Hollande by a margin of 3.2%. Towards the end of his presidency, unemployment claims surged to their highest level in 12 years. 

The voters disappointed by a moribund economy deserted him . Sarkozy courted  voters with a promise to limit the right to French nationality of children born to immigrants.  He pledges to suspend the right of immigrants to bring immediate family members to live in France. He vows to ‘drastically reduce’ the number of migrants France accepts and end economic migration within five years.  By promising to ban the Muslim head scarf from universities and public companies he furthermore presents himself as an energetic defender of the secular state that is a key part of France’s identity. 

Nicolas Sarkozy is the first ex-president  to have been given a custodial sentence for corruption.  He is accused of having fraudulently overspent in his 2012 presidential campaign, which he lost to Socialist rival François Hollande. Sarkozy,  had tried to bribe a magistrate in return for information on an investigation into his campaign finances. He denies wrongdoing and is expected to appeal.

France's Nicolas Sarkozy is called bling bling" which means expensive or attractive. He is known for lavish life. He married three women.  Former French President Jacques Chirac has mocked his  Nicolas Sarkozy in memoirs as "irritable, rash, overconfident. He is the only French leader’s who has highly publicized romantic life with French singer and Super model Carla Bruni who is his third wife.  His  second wife, Cecilia says that Sarkozy is a cheap womanizer. His first wife Marie-Dominique Culioli has  condemned her friend Cicelia who married Sarkozy. She said that she can forgive Sarkozy's infidility but not her friend's betrayal. 

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