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Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Arunatara's Insult- 8

It is drizzling oh my my!

Gods are guzzling in the sky!

The winning heavens seem so gay 

What a fine spray what a quiet day

The black tar road is wet 

with the Sun's golden rays beset 

the surface of the road is glossy

the white car is bright and bossy

It floats like a merry fisher boat 

or the piano's soft musical note

A white Innova is crawling like a snake on the wet road that resembles a mirror. The image of trees and buildings appear on the road. The image of the white car  reflects on the watery surface of the road.  It appears just like a white crane in the watery fields. The car is progressing slowly. Arunatara closed her eyes and leaned to the back seat. The weather is cool. The interior of the car is cool but the interior of  Aruna is hot.  Tension took better of her. She is thinking of the party meeting.  The party meeting is in Banjarahills which is 12 km from Gacchibowli. The drizzling is growing like the anxiety of Aruna. The car crossed the Tajmahal hotel and reached Kasu Brahmanandareddy Park. Suddenly the car stopped Aruna opened her eyes. The traffic signal are showing red. She remembered Sominaidu who is known for his politrics. Though he got into the power with coup d'etat he convinced or brainwashed the people that it is for the good of the state.  

Oh renard regent  

corruption agent

shining with bloody crown

your skin is brown

you are uglier than vitiligo

you use people and throw

Aruna's mind is typing the words like an old typewriter.  Automatically the carriage return lever was pushed  she started thinking about Lakuma. Oh what happens to my innocent daughter who is in the spell of films? Who will protect her from leering eyes? She remembered the English teacher Mr. Paul who used to say that a mother must protect her daughter under her wings like a hen that protects her chicks.  it is possible if when I take up a good job. If I were educated I would quit politics! What would I do in politics? Sominaidu saw my beauty and filmy popularity and gave me as the women wing leader. He needs something else which I can not offer. He doesn't need honest work. He prefers show to work. Should Lakuma ruin?

Oh my Mysore sandal 

How difficult it is to handle

a beautiful girl of your age

while I am in this cage

you're exposed to men's open gaze

Life is trapped in confusing haze

Life is certainly a maze. It is not easy to walk out of this maze. She thought. She remembered her husband who obstinately made films on his own when his direction was no longer fetching.  Many people advised him to get out of films and do something else but he refused all. She later remembered cinema Naidu. Her heart whimpered like a beaten dog and purred like a helpless cat. The faces of  Lakuma, Sominaidu and Cinema Naidu flased on her mind. The car moved after a while and Arunatara was brought into this world. She saw through the car window the poster of " Accurate Future prediction through Vedic jyothish" Love, marriage, job, future... While Arunatara was reading the car moved.   It is an astrologist and numerologist Sharma. She looked at her watch. It's going to be 9'O clock. The party meeting begins at 10.00 There is still time but the car had already crossed the signal lamps. Arunatara uttered a sigh. " What happened madam? " asked Kumar the car driver.  

Lakuma she said first , secondly she said Naidu  She felt she was confused after uttering the second word. The third word she uttered was  Velugu party ...hardly had she uttered the third word she realized that she was not speaking but the words were coming out of her on their own. Kumar pulled the car to the left and stopped. Arunatara said " I want to meet the astrologist" She was getting down from the car. " Madam please don't get off the car. I will reverse the car." said Kumar.  " Kumar have you lost your mind? How can one go back in the same road. It is wrong route"  " Yes madam every one can not go back but you can. Nobody dares to question you. I think with heart I have lost my mind"  Aruna softly said " shut up! " She opened the door and got off the car and started walking back. It was still drizzling.  "You are the known to the entire state you are a celebrity! You should not go alone!"  He shouted and ran behind her with an umbrella. He held the umbrella over her head while she was walking.  He was walking behind her in white uniform. Kumar was 6 feet mascular man. 

He looks like a heavy weight boxer and he has the air of a bouncer. Aruna scolded him to stop covering her with umbrella.  Just then a photographer clicked. As she walked a head on the wet pavement several people stopped vehicles and watched her. One of the bystanders told his neighbour " Look how nubile she is! She is the real deva" said one. " Yeah, she is the Menaka sent to earth by mahendra" replied the other. Aruna doesn't want to look around. She grasped that many eyes are watching her. She walked ahead with head bent down looking at the shops now and then.  She stepped on a small stone and about to topple. Kumar stretched her hands to save her but she could balance her body. Thank god a big danger was averted said Kumar. Aruna had immense relief too. But hardly did she know that was seen by powerful lenses. Kumar was following her with umbrella. Some people were taking photos. Kumar warned them with his forefinger and made them stop. People are  throwing cold stares at her.   Sarma's office is a couple of shops ahead. Aruna was entering the Astrologists office. She heard somebody say "  She is maintaining a well built young man as car driver.   why does a rich lady waste her beauty?" Kumar too heard their comments but was helpless. Aruna looked into his pitiable countenance and stammered " sorry kumar" and she entered the astrologists office. 


I am Valmiki said the 40 year old man to Arunatara folding his hands making a deep obeisance. Arunatara was a bit shocked " Aren't you Mr. Sastry?"  " That is my family name."said the man.   Are your predictions based on astrology or numerology ? asked Aruna. " Both" answered Valmiki and continued ....

The planetary position at the time of birth determines the personality of the individual. The moment a person is born, he is governed by a certain principal planet and the secondary planet is governed by the numbers allotted to these planets. If his number is in a harmony with the number of other person, he will experience harmonious relationship s with the other person. If on the contrary his number is in opposition to that of his friend, the two can never live in harmony with each other. Nothing happens by chance in our lives. Everything is predestined. Numerology is a form of divination similar to astrology that deals with connections between numbers and personality traits. 

I believe in astrology not in numerology. said Arunatara. 

Numerologist requires you to have a natural fascination towards numbers. It depends on how passionately he decodes everyday numbers causing differences in others lives.  A genuine interest  in studying  their lives will help numerology.  the quality of the analysis and interpretation is further improved by understanding of Science, Maths,  Gemmology and extensive travel.  

Aruna started observing the walls around. Several framed certificates and awards of merit are hanging to the wall.  Math major  with Statistics from Princeton, Psychology from Vidyasagar Kolkata , International Gemological Academy Srilanka there are several others Aruna looked for no more. She came to the point. My daughter Lakuma is born on 10th May. She is studying Engineering in visakhapatnam.  

based on numerology the name Lakuma is Freedom loving, adventure loving, unpredictable, stubborn, immature. Her zodiac sign is Taurus. Taurus girl  is a creature that is not only intoxicating, mesmerizing, but also mysterious. She is romantic and dominating by nature.  She learns only by her own experiences. 

Can she complete her studies? Will she go into films?

Mr Valmiki had many calculations taking more details of Lakuma. Finally he finished his predictions Aruna looked at the watch. It was 9.40. She paid him the fees and rose from her chair. She has no time for her. A mother has no time for her but for her daughter. 


 There is a great hustle and bustle in the head quarters of Velugu party in Banjarahills. Arunatara entered the vast premises of the head quarters. For quite some time she had neither invitation nor information about the party activities whatsoever since she did not comply with Sominaidu's son.  It is an open secret that it is a family party.  In velugu party the future of  honest people is gloomy.  None of the party leaders has greeted her. She walked silently to the dais. 

The party hired 3000 RTC buses, 30 trains that carried 20 lakh people to the capital. Five hundred water tanks were hired. 200 mobile clinics and 150 police help centers set up to help the floating population.  All the hotels were full. The roads were full and the traffic was dangerous after 10.00. The opposition party leader seriously criticized the arrangement he said that it was a massive violation of the code.

The chief minister Sominaidu, Chief minister's son and the de facto chief minister of the state Babu,  Finance minister Chittinaidu, Home minister Kannappa and a dozen other leaders are present on the stage. Arunatara is one among the leaders who sat at the far end of the dais.  Sominaidu looked like a bulged balloon. He rose from the seat and saw thousands of party male and female workers, district level leaders who thronged the place. There was a great commotion all over. Banners and life size cutouts were seen in the premises. Somiaidu was laughing waving his hand showing the victory symbol to the cheering crowds. He greeted everybody except Arunatara. He mentioned the names of all leaders on the stage except Aruna. At least he did not look at her. Aruna thought that he has the Hubris syndrome. When success goes to the head the person with hubris syndrome becomes over confident and insolent.  

He began his speech with tall claims of his great achievements and joked on the opposition arty. The stage was filled with laughter. He affirmed that Velugu party will win the coming polls. Clapped showered all over. Next the finance minister, Home minister and Education minister and other important portfolios spoke in succession.  The party central cadre members were ruling.  They are none other than kiss ass politicians and boot lickers.   The unimportant were brushed off.  Needless to say that Aruna is one among them.

Arunatara got off the stage with utter humiliation. She was walking to the car with a heavy aching heart. She had burning sensation in the stomach. Her head was reeling. She slowed down. Her face turned pale when she heard the laughter of the Babu's group of men. Aruna saw them from the corner of her eyes. They all looked like wolves. She was spotted by the media cameras. A dozen cameras rounded her up while she was speeding up towards the exit gate.   They looked like vultures waiting for a dead body.  "So far I cried behind the closed doors and laughed in the public. A time has come to tell you about the the humiliation meted out to me in the party..." Aruna opened her lips, raised her voice and called a spade a spade. Later she paid the driver  few months salary , took the car keys and drove herself off the premises.  

A beautiful Sunday with Dr. Krishnamurty

 First time I met Dr. Krishnamurty on 15th October 2015. His uprightness endears him to truth loving people. He is a septuagenarian but sinks with all age groups easily.   He lives alone in fifth line of Srinagar colony, Vijayawada. He is a man with bundle of good qualities on top of them he has unflinching courage.

Dr. Krishnamurty with Bharatavarsha

                          ఉ. వంటిరి   జీవిత    మైనను   న్నెలు    దట్టము     కృష్ణమూ  ర్తికిన్ 

                          గొంటిని     ఆదివా     రమున    గొప్పర      సాత్మక      కావ్యమిం  టికిన్          

                          పంటల     పండగే       ఉదయ   మంతయు   వేడుక      మాటలం దునన్        

                           జంటగ     గానమే      నెరిపి   జాటెను     మెండుగ   మిత్రశీ    లతన్ 

Birds of a feather flock together. I like doctor Krishnamurty for his qualities. I wish I had all the qualities in full measure. His courage to confront a man when he wrong  and  speaking up to the face, enjoying reading Telugu, Loving other languages are highly worthy of admiration and emulation. He spends time in doing things he likes, particularly serving the patients. He takes money when it is given but does wait for it. Money is secondary. 

I was meeting him occasionally as long as I was in Vijayawada. Ever since I shifted to Vanukuru my interactions were quite limited. After four years I met him again on Sunday the 27th March. I cancelled all other jobs and made it a special program to meet him. I called him up on Sunday at 7.30 am he was doing pooja. He asked me to start at 8.30. I did so and reached him at 10.00 am with Bharatavarsha novel. Ultimately Bharatavarsha is in his hands!!!! I will never miss readers and lovers of Telugu wherever they are.

Monday, March 28, 2022

Dwaraka -7

 Gacchibowli Hyderabad -  Dwaraka Villa is built aloof from the dense concrete forest. It is a villa built over five years. It has the look of a country house for the elite. The luxurious villa is surrounded by a high compound wall and studded with expensive imported granite stone on the facade.  There is a lush green garden in the front with tall trees and small bushes, flowering plants and creepers. It is the dwelling place of Arunatara the famous classical dancer and once actress of the silver screen.  

Dawn broke into Dwaraka. The stars that glittered like  diamonds in the sky faded out in the crepusculum, (twilight - latin)  The sky is cloudy . In the eastern sky below the horizon  the sun  is hidden behind the clouds.  The  crepuscular rays, the shafts of light pass through a cloud in bands.  the rays extend across the entire sky appear to converge  on the eastern horizon. A splendid atmospheric phenomenon that mesmerizes and transfixes the beholders.  

A gentle breeze enters the garden from the west. The wet green tender leaves in the garden started quivering. The pink roses and yellow chrysanthemums sway their heads  to the gentle breeze. The breeze  carrying all the fragrance enters Lakuma's bed chamber through open window. Lakuma was sleeping in transparent pink mini nighty and a comfy sleep bra for her large breasts. She looks like a well polished inverted Veena on the bed. Her large shining thighs look like trunks of the plantain trees. Her beautiful back which she raised in her sleep looks like the resonator ( the large cup like part) of the Veena. The cool breeze tickled her. Lakuma snuggled the blanket. She hugged the pillow and squeezed it between her breasts which are in the size of extra resonator ( the smaller balloon shaped  situated at the other end of the Veena). Her teenage curves suffered more rigor as the breeze continues to blow across the window. She turned and tossed on the bed invariably. She turned her face up and lay a few seconds like that. Her stomach looked like the finger board and her naval like nada randra of the Veena.   It  is the precious Veena many teenagers crave to have a glance. Some teenagers even tried to play but could not lay hands on the fingerboard. 

Unable to stand the breeze she jumped off the bed like a fawn in the forest. She did not know that her mother has opened the window panes and removed the blanket for the breeze to wake her up. Now she is in the pooja room. Lakuma realized that her mother promised to visit Hyderabad.  She instantly ran to mother's bedroom but did not find her there. " Oh!  Has she not come yet? or is her trip cancelled? She won't disappoint me! She is a mother who always keeps her promise. Why did she do like this? I have been waiting here for two days only to see her. " Lakuma was talking to herself. Her eyes are getting wetter and wetter. They are now filled with tears. Where is this little scamp Kesava? This haphazardous kid is missing at the right moment. When she was about to roar she heard the gentle and rhythmic sound of Mrudanga.  The mrudanga nada is so sweet that her anger was instantly mitigated her pain. She pushed the door of the other room. There sat a teenager of 16 years playing the instrument with devotion. He stopped playing when the door was opened. " By the time Amma came last night you were fast asleep! " said Kesava. Lakuma hated kesava not waking her up at night. She heard the bell sound. It was pooja bell. Wow! she exclaimed and ran into the pooja room. 

Aruna  was irrirated to see Lakuma dashing into pooja room without taking a bath. She was displeased with Lakuma's night dress! Stay there! don't enter pooja room without bath. Aruna showed mock anger. Her eyes are red. But she could hardly deter Lamuma from hugging her mother.  Aruna understood daughter's longing for the mother. After all She is the her only daughter. She is a fatherless girl too. When these things flashed on her mind she became soft.  She took Lakuma into her arms and kissed her "Oh! my Mysore sandle It is difficult to handle. You are my damn cute devil. She gave a kiss for every phrase. I over pampered you it is my mistake. Are you staying in the hostel with this kind of night dress. Did Damini agree?    I will live in an independent house. I won't stay at Damini's hostel. I have no freedom at Damini. complained Lakuma. You must learn discipline. 

You are so lackadaisical. At what time you get up usually. Look at the time it is going to be seven now. You must wake up with the sun. He must be your role model.  "Udaye savita rakto raktastha astamaye tatha sampattu cha vipattu cha mahatam ekaroopataa"  You must be equanimous and thoroughly balanced.   

Lakuma left her embrace and stood at a distance. Sahe said " I don't understand your quotes from scriptures and puranas. You have good signs of becoming  an astrologer.  Thanks for not asking me to run with the sun."  saying so Lakuma started running. Aruna was after Lakuma with a ruler in her hand. Lakuma ran around the tables, sofa. She ran onto the bedroom. I must give you a good wash today. said Aruna Why washing me. I can wash myself said Lakuma and got into the bathroom. 


Lakuma came out in tight denim jeans and a tight top. She looked like a seductress. Kesava felt very confused and went into the garden.  Oh Lakuma wear a normal dress. This is too ultramodern. scolded Aruna. " Mom you acted in films and I saw you wearing dance attire. you looked sexy. Now is the time to wear jeans, You too must wear jeans for your extraordinary charm but you wear out dated sarees. 

 I am not in films now I quit films. I don't want to remember my filmy life. It is full of acclivity and hardships. It is like chasing the glow worms for light. You are dissuading me. You enjoyed the film career and life as a star. you are denying the same to me. why? asked Lakuma seriously. 

You see the external life of the star and desire to join films but remember it is not a path as soft as it looks. It is full of thorns. Lakuma was upset with her words. just then Kesava brought the news paper. Lakuma saw the Maya 100 episodes success celebrations in Mumbai. Arun's pictures were all over. Her beauty spreads across the sheets. The lens men centered her beauty.  Lakuma turned on the LED television. Maya celebrations were showing up.  The glory of her mother beauty and art of her dance are moving frame by frame on the screen. Suddenly Naidu appeared on the screen. Lakuma raised her voice and said " Mom has Mr. Naidu participated in the program? He met me in visakha twice and asked me promised make me a heroine. He always says that I am a replica of you in the beauty. " she was saying. 

Aruna felt a bomb blast under her feet. Her head was reeling. The room was turning round and round faster and faster. She collapsed in the sofa.  Kesava came running to the sofa. He sprinkled water on her face and started calling Amma, Amma. Aruna opened her eyes and looked at Lakuma and kesava.  "Mom are you alright ? Stop doing fasting. Listen to me at least now. Aruna slowly got up and sat in the sofa.  She touched the sofa with her palm and signaled Lakuma to sit beside her. My Mysore sandal  I will  stop fasting.  Will you stop thinking about cinema?  Lakuma looked grumpy. She turned her face sideways.  I wish you recommended to me Naidu who is going to make a movie shortly. said Lakuma For years he has been harping on the same string. He is a bankrupt producer and a failure director. Nobody opens the door for him and nobody answers his call because because everybody knows about him.  What about your studies? Education  shows you a right royal path. You can live with respect.    

Mom if we have money you can buy a doctorate and keep it before your name. You get respect too. Don't be recalcitrant. You have a fancied over film career. I walked the same path. It is full of thorns. " "you are lucky mom you never had a mom who discouraged you and dad was a great director who always helpful"    What is written in your stars  nobody knows. What in store for you  God knows.  I have to move. I have party meeting today. This meeting decides whether I should continue in the party as woman wing leader?  Aruna went into the bedroom to change. When she came out  Kesava was telling Lakuma " Amma had bitter experiences in cinema she wants her daughter's  security and future.  So she proscribes films. More over people can not use honorary doctorate as a qualification.  Lakuma was mad with kesava.  While he was still telling, Lakuma slapped Kesava.  The driver came and stood at the door. Before leaving for the party she warned Lakuma against her impulsive behaviour. 

Saturday, March 26, 2022

Silver fish -13 sonnets


    Sometimes I feel pain

    How long I live in vain 

    I sit lonely in the moonlight

    without you in the sight 

    I look at the lotus pond 

    that reminds our love bond

   In the water I see the ripples 

   They remind me of your dimples

   You are such a lovely blonde

   You are a memory so fond

   I see the shining silverfish 

   I remember your sweet kiss

   I wish we were silver fish

   and live together in bliss.

                2. Together in Winter 

The hunter cracks on the back                                                                                                                  The winter makes me crack

You and I take a break
Let's have fun like duck and drake

We wake up a seven 
kitchen is our heaven
You and I together we bake
you and I stand and make 

We sit in winter's veils 
We  learn all the new styles 
Afternoon we under drencher
make the exciting adventure 

The snow bites are out of sight
with the dirty bites of night


Romance relates to soul
Body is not its goal
nor depends on it as a whole

Romance needs a little talent
It doesn't take beauty pageant
nor depends on physical attachment

Romance relates to mood
It is not totally the need
But you can't instantly brood
Romance is not dire physical 
It is a desire whimsical 
It takes two souls reciprocal

When two minds alike think
The souls to each other link 
The bodies into each other sink 

4.Cryptic Music 

We are the music group of two
We play the timeless music 
Our  debut notes are anew
They are cryptic without a clue
On the anchored motor boat
I sleep in her cozy, soft lap 
far away from the rocky fort 
We hug each other without a gap

Next day we sit in the garden
I see her eyes love laden
In her lips I see the violin 
My lips become bow to play them on 
It is the music of harmony 
played in perfect unison
truly inspired by honey
Comes from God's arson
Or Love's thick liaison

It is an eternal desire 
that comes from soul's fire

 5.Flowers of Love

To forget the crooked faces 
we shall go to exotic places
We forget the awful traces
of past embarrassing cases 
and sink in sweet embraces

Let the daises our love see
Let the dahlias and poises be
Let champas and roses smile
Humans live for a while
like flowers, a few hours

You are I are love flowers
we dwell in dale's bowers
with warmth of love's prowess
The beautiful world is ours

  6.The coronation

When you sit empty of thought
when you are tired and fraught
when your mind by dullness caught
My words take you to a new resort

when your spirits wearily droop
my poems form a musical troupe
They trill melodies like a shower
and give you the inner power

When your people without shame
join hands  and you defame
downplay your worth and you disclaim 
my poems thy name proclaim

And undoubtedly thy fame reclaim
Making they name worthy of acclaim
My verses a garland make 
They the world awake

They never let you down
My glory is thy crown


7.Archives of Love

when you are young 
when  your spirit is strong
When you  have the love's pang
your your body needs a bang 

At night you have the love's bang 
In the day you hear its twang
your youth several love songs sang
You in the zenith you hang

when you are from youth shaded
when  your garden is withered 
sit in his lap and close your eyes
you can visit your love archives

Love archives give you same feeling
Don't believe old age is love's ceiling

 8.  Future Sculpture

February has shaken my soul  

March has soaked me whole 

with love, peace and hope

I slowly my future shape

with thriving peace my present 

Shines softly like fluorescent 

I live far away from the strife

and enjoy effervescent joy of life

quite happy without commotion

every passing day is a celebration

that give me a great occasion 

why should I hope for future

I must bring out my sculpture 

9.  Second Chance

When the first marriage is  fuss

 Second marriage you don’t  miss

 for romance is worth the effort

Don't surrender to external force

Follow the life's natural course

Remove the dirty mark with divorce

Forget all the strife, step into new life

Together you can play the fife

wisdom is the foundation of romance

More beautiful is the second chance


Oh! Shelly, Bayron, Bernad Shaw

I am running through darkness

Ever since I started Bharatavarsha

I can not the cruel time harness

Jumping over sharp hedges 

I fall in the deep ditches

I remember my pledges

Oh! I am railed by glitches

I hear the laughter of ugly witches 

each time the black magic overpowers

 I see the power of lotus goddess

Oh! unforeseen wealth showers

A childhood friend, a noble donor

lent unexpected support and honor

11.All that God dished 

Should we on birthday rock?

I would rather sit like a rock

under the tree of poetry

For aught you may disagree 

I really have no degree 

to write in such a big scale

Degrees behind the passion trail

I open my mind's treasury

and go into a state of reverie 

The memories of my childhood 

The movie scenes of Hollywood

I girl I kissed and the bus I missed

I remember all that  I wished

All that God to me dished 

         12. fete 

One day we will meet again

we step out of darkness

we will meet in the light

Then our hearts will be light

Rainy nights we met on date

our meet is as sweet as date

we always looked at watch

we know people surely watch

Suddenly the love balloon blew

Then started darkness and blue

with dauntless courage you won

doubtless patience makes us one

we have reached the love's peak

It is needless into past peek

we waited years and years 

cuz people bite their ears

we step out of darkness 

live together without mess 

Forget about the nasty fate

Think about the tasty fete

13. Birds on long flight - sonnet  

ABBA Enclosed Rhymescheme

I saw two birds on long flight 

they fly on parallel lines

they only perch on pines

their beaks are bright

They fly above the clouds

and sing the songs of heart

they come out quickly and dart

They  fly above the crowds

Oh birds on long flight

How long can you fly 

come down before you die

and have some delight

Check your fast melted prime

Your beauty is simply sublime

Friday, March 25, 2022

Arunatara - 6

The Jet Airways Boeing 777 - 35 R with white engines and grey cowling was landing at Mumbai Chatrapati Shivaji  airport  terminal one which is meant for the domestic planes. Terminal two is the international planes. Arunatara was watching the city of success from the window.  One side the city's impressive  skyline was eye feasting. The skyscrapers were gleaming in the beautiful orange rays of setting sun. just beside her sat Arati the wife of an army officer. It was the first time Arunatara was flying with her but Arati doesn't feel they are strangers. For a long time she watched Aruna on TV. Aruna glanced  at Arati who was ogling at Arunatara with owe and admiration.  " I watched the Maya mythological TV serial. Your dance has made it a resounding success." Aruna smiled and said " I am attending Turiya Films Maya serial Success celebration." Like Mrinalini Sarabhai, you are born to dance. You are eternal." said Arati.  " Dance is eternal. I am transitory" said Aruna.   They laughed together.  "I come to Mumbai rarely. This airport is something special" said Aruna to Arati.  

"Mumabi airport is the country's second busiest after the Delhi airport. The airport spreads over a total land area of 750 hectares and handles about 950 aircraft  per day. It  is named after the 17th-century Maratha king Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, in 1999 from the previous "Sahar Airport". It is situated across the suburbs of Santa Cruz and Sahar Village in Vile Parle East." Arati briefed 

Santa Cruz, Yes this name is familiar to me but I don't know that it is the name of the village. History is so interesting. It makes me feel great"  Arati understood that Aruna was excited to know more. 

"It is a Portuguese name meaning Holy Cross. Mother Teresa's missionaries had home for destitutes at this place.  This home had a chapel with big cross - Santa Cruz. Santa Cruz was actually the name of the church. The church which was destroyed by Marathas. Later when the railways started operations in 1888 they gave the name to the railway station. Thus Santa Cruz came into existence" said Arati.

The plane  was high in the sky looked like a sparrow, soon became a dove.  A few moments later it appeared like boat. It was coming close to the ground. 

From out side the Airport  Boeing 777  floating like a bird.  " Look there somebody at the boundary wall of the airport was shooting the plane with a camera in hand. why is he shooting? Don't they need permission?"  

 Mumbai is a paradise for the plane spotters. Like bird watchers there are plane watchers. From over the boundary wall of the airport that runs along the Gaondevi slum  somebody is shooting landing of the plane. After all this is popular and prestigious  Boeing 777.  Just at that moment the landing gear opened. Seconds later the wheels touched the ground producing white smoke.  The plane was on the runway. The passengers cheered.   The plane was taxiing (rarely spelled taxying,It is the movement of an aircraft on the ground, under its own power) gently gliding like a boat on the water. Finally when the plane stopped after a few minutes the boarding stairs was brought. Aruna took leave of Arati , walked ahead and reached the stairs. 

She looked around standing on the top of the stairs.  She is 5'10'', curvaceous body with pretty round face and dark black eyes.  Her eyebrows are challenging the cupid's bows. Her eyes are quivers that have stored powerful glances which are sharper than arrows.  Maskara touch up eyelashes remind cool shady Cadamba trees. Her neck is like a ivory seashell.  Her round firm breasts look like large round shadock fruits. With carbon color back open blouse and peacock color saree draped around her beautiful golden complexioned body she sparkled like a jewel in the orange shade of the sky.  A jewel that often the  rich craved to buy.

 As she started climbing down the steps her golden breasts started bouncing like pouncing tigers.  Her electrifying beauty passes a shock through the beholders' eyes.  Their hearts skip a beat and nerves get twisted with the heat.   She is the red star standing under another red star. Her foot is light and lips are dark. She is not the singing lark but a  dancing peacock  that gives beholders a sweet shock. Even at this middle age. She looks like a peacock with a beautiful plumage. No one believes that  she is fifty. Her ways with men  are thrifty. She is awesome with firm bossom. She has the look of a fresh blossom.  

Aruna a climbed down the stairs and started walking towards the exit gate. Several passengers were walking behind her. Some people recognised her and started saying " Oh! She is the dancing Queen" The commotion increased Aruna could hear their murmur. She was walking steadily with her half moons dancing. Their eyes are fixed on her half moons.  "Look  how her rotund back is dancing!"  said a lean man with his corpulent friend. "They are dancing rhythmically.  I am absorbed in the rhythm." replied the corpulent man. So my heart lost its rhythm ever since I saw that rhythm said the third man.

 Aruna stopped and turned back. She saw Arati coming towards her. She wanted to take leave of Arati. Arati saw her from a distance. "What a beautiful pose!" She thought. Aruna's stance reminds Arati of great sculpture on the  massive columns of Elephanta caves. The airport is transformed into Elephanta caves.  Arati who stood beside her and kept staring at her.  

Cameras her beauty can not capture 

She is creator's stunning signature 

Her lovely shape is a great escape

From dullness and despair

Men and women stand agape

where is the flower so fair

She has in her a thousand flowers 

Each flower has a lyrical poem

that  exotic fragrance showers

That entices bumble bees to hum

Aruna waved her hand on Arati's face and brought her into this world.  I want to see your dance live. I think you are you going to dance in the program.  " I am not sure, but there are dance programs ahead. I will send you invitation in advance." said Aruna. They both shook hands. Aruna walked to the exit gate where she saw the representatives of the Turiya Telefilm with bouquet in hands. They led her to Innova Crysta waiting for her. Aruna got into the car and the car moved. 


Aruna alighted the car at Oberai Hotel and saw Naidu waiting for her with a bouquet. Hello Aruna! Welcome to Mumbai. He gave her the bouquet and took her hand.  Aruna said shaking his hand" Mr. Naidu you are here!? It is bizarre when did you come?" asked Aruna. Naidu smiled " I traveled in the same flight and sat just behind you. You did not notice me. Of course You could not because there is always a group of people around you. Aruna smiled and left her hand but Naidu did not. I want to talk to you. I could not get you in the phone. That's why you traveled all the way from Hyderabad to Mumbai? You are great ! " laughed Aruna. "Not from Hyderabad, from Visakshapatnam" Aruna was shocked. The shock was hidden under her sweet smile and a pleasant  surprise was revealed. They moved into the conference hall.     

The large rectangular conference hall has a stage decorated with electric lamps. Behind six lavish decorative darbar chairs a colorful banner of Maya Serial was hung with actors of the play. Arunatara 's splendid dance pose dominates all the other pictures on the banner. Aruna was cordially invited on to the dais by the Producer of the Telefilm. The other actresses sitting on the stage were shining like stars vying with the electric chandeliers but they hardly had any glitters when Aruna got on to the dais. She out shined them all like the moon that outshines all the stars. Naidu was also invited on to the dais. Being producer of yesteryears he managed to get an invitation to the celebration of the small screen success. Mumabi University HOD of the Mythological studies, Director of the serial, Doordarshan Director and Head of Programs and a few actresses and actors were present on the dais.  Mumbai city mayor and a other prominent people were invited a s special guests. One among the special guests was Sashi , Member of the upper house from Kerala.  Aruna was center of attraction of the program. Her stunning looks haunted all the participants of the program. The university professor praised her dance. The city mayor praised her beauty. Mr. Sashi the MP while presenting Aruna a bouquet lost balance and in that pretext touched her tits. 

One participant from the front row of  spectators commented " what a courage! What a naughty man! " It is not  courage but wicked , Not naughty but insolence. It has been common in India that senior citizen politicians are openly touching women or passing sexiest comments against women. This lecherous man has terminated his third wife and craving for the fourth. The man sat next to him smiled and said that said " a woman is a flower. several Honey bees keep sucking nectar from it.  Even I want to make a film with her. The other man jeered at him thinking " I can not stand these lunatics" He muttered and shifted to the back rows. 

After the chief guest's speech the professor of Mythology is speaking. " The televising of the  mythological serial has huge impact on the admissions into mythological courses at Bombay University. There was an unprecedented surge in the admissions that I had to turned down several applications. I personally asked them to wait till next year. This is the first time in the decade we are running the mythology and history courses with full strength. I appreciate the director and the writer for making such a great serial. I wish that writers should consider stories with historical and mythological background. So that they can connect people to the culture and country."   If not for Arunatara Maya serial would not have become a success of this scale.  Every movement of her is registered in the minds of the audience. It seems that she is born to dance. She can serve the country better through her art  than being in politics.  The audience clapped incessantly. The conference hall is filled with cheers. Naidu who spoke next said that she should be in films. 

 Kerala MP Mr. Shashi spoke next. "Mrs. Aruna  has plenty of attractive aspects not only in her dance but also in her body. Beauty is the most important prerequisite to dancers but not all dancers have it. Her beauty inspires like her dance." He concluded.  The applause was much bigger. The sound was a bit frightening. "Most audience voted for your beauty." whispered Shashi to Arunatara. 

The program was over.  The stage was empty. All spectators were leaving the hall slowly. The chairs also looked empty. Aruna was walking slowly Naidu was following her. Aruna I have a Luxury suit booked for tonight. I want to discuss the next movie with you. Tonight let us stay back. He proposed. Aruna's face turned red. Look Mr. Naidu, I am not wet behind ears college girl. I can see through your plan.  You too know that. I know that you have a financial crunch. you can not make movies. your time is up. My chances in movies came to an end. I am searching my future in politics. I don't know where I am heading to.  I have tough time in the party with internal politics. I am walking on fire. I am disturbed to the core.  Tomorrow I have a party meeting at Hyderabad. I have to decide whether to continue as women wing leader or quit. My ticket is booked to Hyderabad. I must go. " Aruna , Let me be frank I agree that I can not make films but I will not ask any favour for free." Naidu took  a pack of currency held her hands and trying to stuff it.  Aruna turned furious " Mr. Naidu I still have some respect for you because of your rich past and poor present. Don't lose that."shouted  Aruna and forcefully withdrawn her hands.  A vexed Naidu too shouted at her and threw the pack of currency on her face. 

Aruna stood like a statue with utter insult and disgust. Two journalists came running to her with cameras in her hands. Shashi sent them off.  Some spectators who were moving slowly stopped to watch the game. There is cinema near by. Go watch if you want fun. The people simpered at him and went out. Tears were swelling in Aruna's eyes. She walked out of the conference hall with a heavy heart. 

Shashi followed her. She entered the restaurant, sat at a corner and ordered fruit juice. There is dim light. In that semi darkness Aruna felt a hand landed on her shoulder. She peered her eyes and made out it was Shashi. Shashi spoke so gently like soprano music " The people are wild. The world is vile. we can not expect better behaviour in this culture. People like you must come to the forefront and take the gauntlet. You are a woman of substance you should not be shaken by such storms stand like mountains. Aruna's grief enhanced. Shashi said again If you are the real leader learn to overcome the grief. There is a way to  increase the pain threshold  limit. 

Aruna looked surprised. " come on I will tell you this is not the right place. You should not take fruit juice at this time." He took her to the bar and offered champagne. Aruna was contemplative.  He blamed Velugu party but praised her work in Velugu party.  They both sipped champagne. The bar was cool and silent.  Velugu party is a family party. It is a small regional party that doesn't deserve  honest people like you. You need a bigger platform. Our party is a national party. He gave his card and put his hand on her shoulder.  I will make you the queen in the politics trust me. He pressed his hand on her shoulder. Aruna looked into his eyes. They are filled with desire. She said " I have to move" She rose from the seat and exited the bar.  Men are men. She said.  

Invisible factor

Our attitude determines our goal and our language determines our attitude. At some time or the other we are all hurt by the behaviour or language  of the people. The behaviour of the people depends on what they read or watch. Everybody seeks decent language and behaviour from others.  It is good language that enriches the life. Technology can not do what language can. Everybody admires and aspires to live in  good culture overall. 

Human greed is shooting up  like petrol price 

Very few people want to help literature and culture in real sense. Generally all people pretend to care about  good language and good culture only to feel good about themselves for a few moments. By the time you opened your mouth to ask them for the help they would have vanished. Literary help also comes with money.

Literature is also like a vehicle. So it  needs fuel.  

If you buy a car it is not enough. It won't  carry  you without petrol. You have to pay for every inch it goes ahead. Same is the case with good literature. 

Who will pay for the good literature? 

Books that help people to earn money are  honoured. Million read obscene literature for instant pleasure. NO need of  promoting it.  But we need to promote good Telugu. Our education can not promote Telugu because it is meant for dollar chase in the USA. Of course our education stands for wealthy nations  at first,  later it is for the rich industrialists. 

Who will stand for the ordinary?

I will stand and I will promote sweet classical Telugu.  In a bid to promote classical Telugu or decent and more beautiful Telugu I have bent upon doing translation jobs. Translation jobs take eat away my precious time of sleep and  consume my vital energy of creativity. Technical and scientific translations make the mind blunt and keep me away from romantic imagination. But still I want to .. by hook or by crook .. promote decent Telugu.

Why should Classical Telugu be promoted?

The reasons are plenty. Telugu cinema imparts at least 4 Telugu  BOOTULU and ten English rhyming words.  Above all contemptuous attitude towards the senior members of the society. Bad language first affects thinking ( attitude) later it affects behaviour finally people who speak bad language attack good language. 

It is my strong conviction that people who read BHARATAVARSHA (1265 pages written in classical Telugu) will acquire at least 10 beautiful Telugu words and a lot of polite attitude. More over classical Telugu is really enjoyable? (Isn't Classical Telugu really enjoyable? )

I am correct? I am reasonable?  

French and German in Vijayawada

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Thursday, March 24, 2022

Life is a Holiday - poem

The night is quiet without sound

Round after round

I wanna  play on your mound

Come around , wrap around

Round after round

Recall  the sweet background

The night is quiet without sound

Round after round

Let the passions surround

Float on the great love re-found

Round after round

Drown in the desire profound

Let us merge into the urge

when the desire surge

with full heart take the pledge

that never yourself judge

Life is just a day

You are in the afternoon

The sunset comes soon

Taste the sweet love spray

and enjoy the holiday

Monday, March 21, 2022

World Poetry day

భారతవర్ష జ్ఞాపికలతో గృహాలంకరణ. భారతవర్ష జ్ఞాపికలతో మాత్రమే లేదు. నాహృదయంలో కూడా ఉంది.  భారతవర్ష నెరవేరిన కల,  కొనసాగే కళ. ప్రతి సంవత్సరం  ఫిబ్రవరి 14న భారతవర్ష సాంస్కృతిక ప్రదర్శన జరుగుతుంది. నేను ఉన్నంత వరకే కాదు.  నాతరువాత కూడా.  భారతవర్ష  జ్ఞాపి(కల)ను చూస్తే  భారతవర్ష కావ్యా విష్కరణ వే(డు)దిక నృత్య ప్రదర్శన చేసిన  వేదిక  కళ్ళముందు సజీవంగా కదలాడుతూ ఉంటుంది.  భారతవర్ష పాటలు వింటూ ఈ జ్ఞాపికలను  చూస్తే  నా స్మృతి పథంలో కావ్యనాయికలు అందరూ మెదులుతారు. మీనాక్షి, అరుణతార , సుందరి , పార్వతి నందిని అందరూ.   

శా. పంచప్రా  ణములే   మనోహ రసలా పంబంచు కీలాగ్ర ముల్    

      ద్రుంచిప్రీ  తిగకొ   న్నిగవా  క్షపటం బందుంచి  ఆహ్లాద మున్ 

     పంచిక్షే  మతరం  గపుంజ   ములనే   పంపంగ   సింగంపు  గుం  

     పుంచెంగొ ట్టినవా  డుచూడ   లతనే   మోహించి   ముద్దాడ డా  


     పంచప్రాణములే   మనోహ రసలా పంబంచు కీలాగ్ర ముల్   - First line

    మనోహర = రాధా మనోహర   సలాపము = ముత్యాలవేట 

   మనోహ రసలా పంబంచు = ముత్యాల వేటగా భావించి కీలాగ్రములు  = కొసలు   

    ద్రుంచిప్రీ  తిగకొ   న్నిగవా  క్షపటం బందుంచి  ఆహ్లాద మున్  - Second line

    ద్రుంచి =తెంపి  ప్రీతిగ  కొన్ని  గవాక్ష   పటంబందుంచి = కిటికీ పటముగా  ఉంచి 

     పంచిక్షే  మతరం  గపుంజ   ములనే   పంపంగ   సింగంపు  గుం - Third line

     క్షేమతరంగ  పుంజములనే = పోజిటివ్ వైబ్స్ , పంపంగ  సింగపు గుంపులను 

     పుంచెంగొ ట్టినవా  డుచూచి   లతనే   వాంచించె  మోహంబు తో  - Fourth line  

    చెంగొట్టిన =  చెంగగొట్టిన వాడు ; ఆ లతను చూచి సమ్మోహనుడై నిలిచిపోయెను

భారతవర్ష జ్ఞాపికలతో గృహాలంకరణ చేసినా నా మనసుని అలంకరించేది రాధా మనోహరాలే. ప్రపంచ కవితా దినోత్సవం సందర్భంగా  శార్దూలంలో పద్యం చదివి మీ స్పందన వ్రాయండి. 

Friday, March 18, 2022

Unforgettable March

Poolabala with Telugu Comedian LB Sriram

I have had a long march that has brought me to this present position. I don't know where life takes me.  I am passionate to go with you. We march ahead together. I am interested in literature and romance that combines into a powerful sculpture which the basis of my future.  Let us fly high. 

గురువుగారిపై పూల (బాల )జల్లు

గురువుగారి పుట్టినరోజు - శిష్యుడికి పండగ రోజు 

రాష్ట్ర ఆర్ధిక, సాంఘిక పరిస్థితులతో పాటు, దేశ సాంస్కృతి, ప్రపంచ చరిత్రపై లోతైన అవగాహన కలిగి నిత్యం ప్రజాసమస్యలపై టీవీ కార్యక్రమాల్లో పాల్గొడమే కాక తరుచుగా ప్రజాక్షేత్రంలో జనజాగృత యజ్ఞాలు నిర్వహించిన సోమయాజి, జ్ఞాన దక్షుడు, గుణనిధి, అకుంఠిత ధర్మ పరిరక్షణా దీక్షాపరుడు క్రియాశీలి కృష్ణంరాజు. స్వపర బేధాలు చూడక తప్పైతే ఎంతటివారినైనా ఖండించే ఖడ్గం, సంచలనాత్మక వార్తలకోసం కాక మేధో మథనం కోరి సంచార జీవితం జరుపుతున్న బహుగ్రంథ కర్త, బహు నగర విహర్త బహుముఖ ప్రజ్ఞాశాలి కృష్ణంరాజు మాగురువుగారు నిన్న షష్టి పూర్తి జన్మదినం జరుపుకున్నారు. 

తే. కారె  జనహితు లెల్లరు   కార్య

   శీలు రేతమ కీర్తిని శిరము( దాల్చి

  నరె  వెలుగిచ్చి  కారణ  న్ము  లేమి   

  లెక్క   సేయక  సాగురే   ఱేండ్లు   గారె    

నిన్న వేదికపై గురువుగారి జీవితాన్ని పాటరూపంలో శ్రోతలకు వినిపించాను 

ఎవ్వడురా ఎవ్వడురా ఎవ్వడురా ఇతడెవ్వడురా

జిలిబిలి పలుకుల రాయడురా బోయను మించిన బోయడురా 

ప్రేమతో పిలిచినా ఓయనురా ఏ సాయము కోరిన చేయునురా

ప్రజాక్షేత్రమున పార్థుడురా దాటి గల ధనుర్ధారుడురా

విలక్షణ అక్షర యోధుడురా  ధర్మ సమర్ధన నాథుడురా 

దుష్టమర్ధన యోధుడురా  సాధుడురా రణధీరుడురా  కృష్ణుడురా కృతార్థుడురా. 

ఎక్కడరా ఎక్కడరా ఎక్కడివాడిత డెక్కడరా చక్కనివాడితడిక్కడరా? 

వాడపల్లి  తలిదండ్రులురా వాదములందుదిట్టమురా

కొత్తపల్లివారల్లుడురా కొదకుగొనని ఘన కొట్టమురా 

సురంగపురమున జనియించి తరంగమల్లె పయనించి

ప్రసారమాధ్యమ కాంతులలో  ప్రపంచమంతా ప్రసరించి 

కర్మయోధుడై జర్మను వెల్ల లో మేధోశక్తి తో వెలుగొంది 

కాస్కోయంచు మాస్కోయంచున మేథావులనే మెప్పించి  

తేజరిల్లిన  యోధుడురా  విలక్షణ అక్షర యోధుడురా 

ఆరుఅడుగులా  అర్కుడు రా, శ్రీదేవి కిప్రాణనాథుడురా  

జెమిని జ్యోతుల ప్రభలను దాటి ఆంద్ర జ్యోతిలో అడుగిడెరా

అడుగు అడుగునా  పెరిగెనురా ఆదిత్యునివలె ఎదిగెనురా 

ఆంధ్రఖ్యాతిగా వెలువడెరా జితకాశుడురా జయశీలుడురా 

ఎచ్చట ఎచ్చట ఎచ్చట నుండును వెచ్చనివాడిత డెచ్చట  నుండును?

రాచ హార్మ్యముల కొలువుండడురా    రాచకార్యములు నెరుపునురా 

జనహృదయంలో నిలిచుండి  జనగృహములలో కొలువుండి తేడావస్తే జగమొండి

కోటినేత్రముల ఆత్రముగా నిత్యము అతడిని చూచుచుండగా  

పొసగని చర్చల విసుగు మాటల లొ ధన ధన ధన ధన  ధనుర్బాణములు 

గుప్పించి  మారుతి యై బడి కుప్పించి   నటరాజై నర్తించి  విస్ఫులింగములు గుప్పించు. 

ఖగరాజు జోడితడు  తొగరాజు తోడితడు కరిరాజు ఉరువితడు 

రాజాధిరాజితడు చండకరుడు, చండభుడు అనిందితుడు విదితుఁడు. 

ఎవ్వడురా ఎవ్వడురా ఎవ్వడురా ఇతడెవ్వడురా

జిలిబిలి పలుకుల రాయడురా బోయను మించిన బోయడురా 

ప్రేమతో పిలిచినా ఓయనురా ఏ సాయము కోరిన చేయునురా

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Maturity is the everlasting beauty

      New cars lend  New looks
      New books lend New thoughts
      New thoughts lend New Life

New Life is the English version of my German novel Neues Leben. Anveshana 2020 is Telugu jungle thriller. Both are jugle stories. The former is about concrete Jungle the latter is about real Jungle. This is the second time I got them printed. First time  the binder has spoiled the binding. So I changed the strategy this time. I got printing, cutting and binding done in different places. This has compounded my work. I had to go to Vijayawada several times for these books but the result is fantastic. The cover pages are aesthetic.  The books are also aesthetic. 

It is a continuous process to have books without typos.

If you are one man army but you want perfection in printing you have to do the proof reading ten times and printing at least two or three times. Finally I got perfect books.  They are embellished with flowering phrases. New life has a tag line too " Maturity is everlasting beauty" New Life begins with a poem that encapsulate the entire story. 

        When the first marriage is a fuss

                 Second marriage you don’t  miss

                 for romance is worth the effort

                 Don't surrender to fools’ force

                 Romove the dirty mark with divorce

                 Forget all the strife, step into new life

                 Together you can play the fife

                 wisdom is the foundation of romance

                 More beautiful is the second chance

ఈ సారి  ముద్రా రాక్షసాలు  (ముద్రణా దోషాలు ) లేకుండా పుస్తకాలు చక్కగా వచ్చాయి.   ప్రతిపుస్తకం వెనుకా ఎంతో శ్రమ ఎన్నో బాధలు..  Try and try until you win అన్నాడు ఆంగ్లకవి. బాధలన్నీ బాటిల్లో నేడే దించేసేయ్ అగ్గిపుల్ల గీసేసేయ్ అన్నాడు సినిమా కవి.  కానీ నేను బాధలన్నీ బాటిల్లో  దింపలేను  అగ్గిపుల్ల గీయలేను. కష్టాలన్నీ కవితలతో కడిగేసి ఇష్టమైన  ప్రపంచం సృష్టించుకుని ఆనంద వృష్టిలో తడుస్తుంటాను.  

Bunter Ideen wie Schmetterlinge immer fliegen 

unermüdlich in meinen Gedanken Garten

Lehnen gelegentlich an meinem Schreibtisch

nicht sich zu entspannen aber entsprechen

రంగు రంగుల ఆలోచనల సీతాకోక చిలుకలు     

 నా మనసు తోటలో అలుపెరుగక  ఎగురుతుంటాయి   

 నా వ్రాత బల్లపై అప్పుడప్పుడూ వాలుతుంటాయి   

 అలసి పోయామనికాదు మిమ్మల్ని కలిసిపోదామని