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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Nagula Uppalapadu - Social Work - Poolabala

22nd September 2018:   It is my passion and mission.

Foreign Languages Festival in Akridge School in Naguluppapadu (near Ongole) 

Certainly Akridge School near Ongle is an Ideal school that caters to the future needs of the students. I am quite appreciative of the acumen of the Correspondent of the School Mr. Balakrishna who has given the students this rare opportunity of listening to many foreign languages.

I thank the man behind the eventful program Mr. Muppalaneni Subbarao from America who has taken keen interest in foreign languages. It is apt to call him VISIONARY. I enjoyed the warmth of the staff members and the Principal of the school Mrs.Vanaja.

The DUX can help in CRUX

Travel always brings new things and sometimes it bestows new friends. Mr. Siraj a highly qualified and highly placed person became a good friend during the journey. I cannot simply thank him for he has spent the whole day for the children. I am sure with such people can help both young students and professional like me. He acted as a bridge between a resource person like me and another corporate school near Ongole. Finally he has plenty of awareness and a little passion for foreign languages. He has the gift of gab and exposure to marketing strategies. 

Here is the news:

Friday, September 21, 2018

Potti Sriramulu College Visit - Poolabala

I was Invited to Sri Pottiriramulu Engineering college on 5th September for a lecture on " Careers with Foreign languages" It happened to be Teachers' day but it was a different kind of teacher's day that put me on cloud nine.
Dr.Vasu the HOD of Mechanical Engineering Department asked me to deliver a lecture on Foreign Languages. The college is keen to provide its students German language keeping in view the opportunities in Germany for Mechanical Engineering students.

Fortunately I visited PSR Engineering college On 5th September 2018.

When I entered the auditorium a few minutes before the commencement of my program on "foreign languages" to check the LCD projector and audio system in advance I found a few students playing on the dais. they were taking their selfies with Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishna on the background. I asked one of the students if they know anything about the personality (Radhakrishna) in the banner. To my astonishment they don;t know who he was. Most of the students don't know his name also. 

Instead of starting the lecture with the advantages of foreign languages I started the program by offering prayer to Teachers. I invited a student to sing " GURU BRAHMA" When nobody came forward I was about to sing "GURU BRAHMA" Fortunately a girl came up to the dais and rendered it. Her rendition was so splendid mellifluous that it gave a blast in the beginning. 

 Later  I paid homage to Dr.Sarvepalli Radhakrishna  Bharatna, Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan the great scholar and philosopher who laid down the highest standards of human conduct.  He is globally renowned for his knowledge of Vedas and Upanishads.  He was a professor of philosophy at Mysore University and Calcatta University. He held the position fo the Vice chancellor at Banaras University and Andhra University.  He lectured at Harvard University and worked at Oxford University. He was awarded Bharatna by Indian government. I was fortunate to speak about a Scholar President in an Engineering college.

The students as well as professors who attended the lecture are delighted by the scope and advantages of German, French , Spanish, Italian and Japanese Languages. Many people remember the name poolabala  when they want to learn German or French in Vijayawada.    Eazy Foreign Languages in Vijayawada  is a non commercial organization.