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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Nagula Uppalapadu - Social Work - Poolabala

On 22nd September DAWN to DUSK I was on my mission.

Foreign Languages Festival in Akridge School in Naguluppapadu near Ongole 

Certainly Akridge School near Ongle is an Ideal school that caters to the future needs of the students. I am quite appreciative of the acumen of the Correspondent of the School Mr. Balakrishna who has given the students this rare opportunity of listening to many foreign languages.

I thank the man behind the eventful program Mr. Muppalaneni Subbarao from America who has taken keen interest in foreign languages. It is apt to call him VISIONARY. I enjoyed the warmth of the staff members and the Principal of the school Mrs.Vanaja.

The DUX can help in CRUX

Travel always brings new things and sometimes it bestows new friends. Mr. Siraj a highly qualified and highly placed person became a good friend during the journey. I cannot simply thank him for he has spent the whole day for the children. I am sure with such people can help both young students and professional like me. He acted as a bridge between a resource person like me and another corporate school near Ongole. Finally he has plenty of awareness and a little passion for foreign languages. He has the gift of gab and exposure to marketing strategies. 

Here is the news:

Here is my passion:   LAMLETTE ( Omelette with Languages)

 ఉల్లిపాయలు ఎందుకు అంతకంటే ఘాటైన  భావోద్వేగాలు నాకున్నాయి
  అల్లం బదులు వాడతా జర్మన్;  అల్లం ఘాటే , జర్మన్ అయితే పోటే
  చిల్లీస్ ఎందుకు సిల్లీ గా ఫ్రెంచ్ ఉండగా రెడీగా  వెల్లుల్లి  ఎందుకు
  బదులు గా ఇటాలియన్,  నూనె లా జారిపోయే  కొరియన్ వాడతా,
  పసుపును మించిన పసుపు స్పానిష్,  చూసావా స్పానిష్ ఫ్లాగ్
 జాపనీస్ ఫ్లాగ్ లో ఉంది టమాటా తీసుకో మళ్ళీ తోటకెఎందుకు
 ఇంగ్లిష్ నాన్ స్టిక్  పాన్ లో ఆ బే సే దే .... ఎఫ్ గీ హా ఈ యెట్ కా

ఈ ఆమ్లెట్   స్పైసి   లామ్లేట్


  1. very good experience. such programs bring awareness about foreign languages to the students. the youth gets the fragrance of the language and literature.

  2. Sir thank you nd it's my pleasure that god has given me an oppurtunity to be friend of you . So great.

  3. Awareness program by a polyglot like you is a great opportunity to the students. We are proud to have a resource person like you. Your dedication to languages is significant
    Your lamlette is so spicy

  4. Awareness program by a polyglot like you is a great opportunity to the students. We are proud to have a resource person like you. Your dedication to languages is significant
    Your lamlette is so spicy

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