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Friday, September 27, 2019

Meaningful Minutes - Social Work - Poolabala

Olas de alegría!
On 25 September 2019 on the occasion of World Pharmacist day I had the opportunity to deliver a personality development talk that left the campus electrified.
Personality development program at Vijaya college of Pharmacy
Exhausted with Exhaustive PPT but Execution thrilled them all.

When I started to the college at 2.00 pm I had been working for several hours without a moment's rest. I am totally exhausted when The day was very rainy but not gloomy. I was driving my car on Machilipatnam highway. It was drizzling. I played my favourite song. I also made a short video of the rainy weather through the car windshield. It is a song  that rouses titillates my senses Passion grows with rain and becomes more intense when heard during car ride.

The song cheered up my mood as it had always been. I entered the college fresh and the program started on time at 3.00 pm. I began my talk with a simultaneous slide show that comprises 150 sides.  

The College Atmosphere Recharged me
The Principal and the administrative head have ushered the way to the program. Both the students and faculty are so pleasing and cooperative. I told them in advance it is not at all related to professional development but rather personal development or inner development. In the beginning the enthusiasm was lurking but as the talk advanced with PPT,  interest loomed large in their bright faces. They not only participated but also enjoyed the personality development program.

The End of the program was felicitation but the best part of the program was the Whatsaap message which reads " The best ever personality development program I ever had" from a faculty member. It has made my day. I have forgotten all the stress. It makes me work even more.

Bouquets and Brickbats

Reading and Teaching are my Respiration
Reading is like inspiration, teaching is like expiration to me. For years I have been reading History, literature, cultures and economies of different countries, philosophy, technology, law and life style of   people in various countries. we see the worst and the most miserable lifestyle here in India because of lack of knowledge. Personality development is inevitable to make life happy.
2017 May - Importance of Foreign languages on Vishnu Radio
Personality development needs knowledge
A plant needs water to grow, a child needs food to grow Personality needs knowledge to grow. knowledge doesn't come only by reading text books. Current generation students are not ready or capable of reading even text books. 
Poor minds in rich clothes
Most people today try to hide their mind-poverty behind fashionable clothes. Despite rich get up their poor minds show up.  They want to bury their inferiority complex behind degrees and butler English. This is not the mistake of the students. because they are the victims of ill education. There is not a school ready to impart knowledge, there is no teacher who reads and inspires students to read,there is not a parent who seeks knowledge but marks. 

The education system pump set or Cinema?
Today's educational institutions are just like Cinema. In cinema the spectators can not see the outside world. The same is the case with 90 % of educational institutions today.  Like a big motor that pumps water into fields this bad education system pumps low standard people without common sense into society. Such low standard people are the root cause of problems including vulgar films and dirty politics. They honor caste, caste based heroes and caste based corrupt politicians. This attitude is the result of poor knowledge or lack of common sense. 

Fortunately God has given me knowledge of languages and energy of mind and above all a heart that likes social service. Much of Social work in India is done to feed the hungry mouths or offer them clothes. Offering knowledge is better than offering food and clothes. So the best social work is knowledge dissemination. I am not this mission of knowledge dissemination. It is 12.30 pm I am typing this post because I love knowledge sharing. This very knowledge sharing broadens my mind and gives me great satisfaction. but is is not as easy as it seems. 

Bouquets and Brickbats
 Editors of news papers invited me to write, Universities invited me to speak,  and men of letters  appreciated me. I have no problem with knowledgeable people. People, and Institutions having pretensions to be knowledgeable who need knowledge most, fight utmost to defend themselves from touch of knowledge. Unfortunately 90 %  of the institutions fall in this category. If you have to serve them and teach them " personality development" I have to forget about my personality. 

Most rich looking educational institutions are mediocre educational institutions or business houses.  The efforts to get in for the sake of offering knowledge ( which otherwise is impossible for the students)  cause predicament - unpleasant situation. Sometimes I am treated like a celebrity. sometimes meted out with  ill treatment.  I go on ... I see knowledge sharing as greater  purpose of my life.
Some people donate marble, bricks and other material to temple construction. What is on their mind when they offer these material to the temple?  I have the same thing on my mind when I offer : "personality development class" 

Glimpses of my practice

Glimpse 1 (2014 Sep) 

Translation of Veyipadagalu into French
 Veyi padagalu is a 999 page Telugu Epic novel.  
I translated Veyi padagalu into French. Until then I never believed that I could read a 1000 page book. I got no recognition for this work except a Telugu monthly "Malleteega" publishing an article about my work. But the translation has led to great discovery. I discovered my own inner strength. I started reading big books easily.

Glimpse 2 ( 2012 August) 
Participation in the National Level seminar - Speaking on French German classic Literature. 

I confined myself to room A WHOLE MONTH and never moved anywhere. Since I never worked the whole month I never had any income. This led to my participation in the national Level seminar on French and German Classic literature that was held at Ernakulam in the year 2012 on September 14th and 15th. It has exposed me to German and French classic literature and heightened my reading capacity.

Glimpse 3 ( 2018 Oct 3rd VANUKURU) 
Some people don't open the gates, you have to ask and wait. I have   I have is very specialized knowledge . People have zero awareness of foreign languages and Literature.  After being in touch for almost a year the Head Master of the Z. P. H.School Vanukuru  gave me an opportunity to speak for one hour with the children on Language skills.  Finally On 3rd October  there was an awareness program in Vanukuru ZPH School

Glimpse 4 ( Vishnu Radio - 20019 Sep 20th)
2019 Sep - Personality development program on Vishnu Radio 
I spent, physical and mental energy and lot of time on this Personality development program.  It took ten days for me to prepare for this " personality development" program. The bus journey was hell. The tedious and enervating bus journey took 4 hours + 4 hours. One must struggle to learn. I get nothing in return but I know this is a part of my progress.

 It is not language learning program like earlier but a " personality development program " It involves history cultures, economies of different countries, education systems in various countries. The influence of Films, social media, religion, politics , caste, constitution, philosophy and technology have been discussed. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

La Chica Mexicana - Spanish Romantic Poem

El día que me quieras  me da esperanza
la noche,  que sonríes me llena confianza
chica  , vamos habana cada semana
volamos sobre los lagos y los prados
luciendo sueños cándidas, como alas 

The day you love me gives me hope
The night you smile fills me with confidence
Mexican girl, let's go Havana every week
we fly over lakes and meadows
wearing candid dreams, as wings

vemos la belleza por todas partes
se desaparecen ojeras desde cordilleras
habrá juntas más rosas en las riberas
las fuentes  irán por las laderas ignotas
los lotos florecerán en carreteras extranjeras
los minutos escondidos volarán con las horas

We see beauty everywhere
dark circles disappear from mountain ranges
There 'll be more roses together on the banks
The fountains will flow by unknown hillsides
The lotuses will bloom in mystic paths
The hidden minutes will fly with the hours

Amblamos cogidas de las manos   
iramos por montes y praderas 
mientras juegas con libélulas doradas.
cuando intentas atrapar las luciérnagas
te cogo con mis miradas romanticas
se escuchan en la serenidad, tus gemidos, 
se ve el mundo en extasis de tus ojos 

We amble holding each others hands
we will go through mountains and meadows
while you play with golden dragonflies.
when you try to catch the fireflies
I take you with my romantic looks
your moans are heard in serenity
The world is seen in ecstasy of your eyes

Cada árbol una lira  cada brisa  canta
dicen que tu eres mi chica marvillosa

Each tree a lyre each breeze sings
They say that you are my marvelous girl

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Story behind the Book - Musings of Poolabala

 My new book to be released by the end of September 2019. 

స్కూల్స్ లో కాలేజ్ లో ఇదే తంతు:
ఈరోజు నాలుగు ప్రశ్నలు కంఠస్థం చేయించామా ? ఎగ్సామ్ పెట్టేసి మార్కులేసేసామా ? 

తల్లి తండ్రుల బుద్ది - ముష్టి మాఫియా టైపు
పిల్లల్ని వికాలాగులను చేసి వారితో బిచ్చమెత్తిచే గాంగ్ కి ఏమాత్రం తగ్గరు తల్లి దండ్రులు. 
పిల్లాడికి జ్ఞానం ఏమీ లేదని తెల్సినా వాళ్లకి ఏమీ పట్టదు . మార్కులు వస్తే  చాలు ఏ మల్టి నేషనల్ కంపెనీ వాడో ముష్టి వేస్తాడని నమ్మకం. 

మ్యుసింగ్స్ అఫ్ పూలబాల 
స్కూల్ పిల్లలకి , కాలేజీ విద్యార్ధులకి ప్రపంచజ్ఞానం , ఆలోచన,  తర్కం పరిచయం చేయాలని ఒక  ప్రోగ్రాం పెడదామని చూస్తే స్కూల్/కాలేజ్  యాజమాన్యం సహకరించదు.  అందుకే ప్రపంచ జ్ఞానం ,   చరిత్ర , వివిధ దేశాల్లో చదువు సమాజం , మతాలూ,  సంస్కృతి , నాగరికత , న్యాయం , చట్టాలు వంటి విషయాలు తెలుసు కో వాలనుకునే వారికి ఈ 145 pages పుస్తకం చాలా ఉపయోగం. 

I have written books and poems essays and stories in French , German, Spanish and even in Japanese ( short stories). I could release only a few books, They appear in the  Newspapers and Television. I don't want to release all the books though they are  substantially rich in knowledge unique in style. 

In fact they are some reasons for not releasing all the books. Most books are esoteric . They appeal to  people desiring high knowledge levels, for example my "Advanced Visual vocabulary "is unique as it offers 2000 most difficult English words for SAT and GRE and IELTS. I have not released it. 

The second reason is that I don't sell books. As I am not into selling. I am into teaching. I can not undertake the former as it is elaborate and cumbersome process. That is why I keep my books for the private circulation. But the herculean efforts behind the books would please Minerva. 

 Squeezing knowledge and life into books.   
Basic Visual vocabulary has taken one month. Smart Verbs has taken one month. French novel" notre école " has taken one month. Translation of Veyi padagalu ( వేయి పడగలు) into French 3 months. The time taken for planning out the Advanced Vocabulary is 6 months. While typing and organizing the pictures took one more month. 

Musings of Poolabala - 2014 PDF version was in private circulation 
Basically it Musings of poolabala was a collection of rich ideas brimming with vital information. I collected my ideas and compiled them as a book for the students to compensate their lack knowledge of the world.  This is the foreword written in 2014 

I raided and ransacked my cache of preserved thoughts of past years, culled the elite ideas that are crème de la crème and compiled them into graceful bouquet named "Musings of Poolabala". It feels like a plunge into deep ocean while browsing through 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 . I hope my musings amuse the matured readers but impart critical and analytical thinking to young readers.

Musings of Poolabala - 2019 Book published, going to be released.
This is an upgraded version of 2014 pdf which is fortified with world history, cultures, religions, societies, civilizations, law and finally literature. I added some of my poems too. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Lovers at Cubbon Park - turns the Tryst into Arcadia

Like a spin ball that rotates  when it bounces on the pitch and deviates from its normal straight path
my recent trip bounced from its original path of Chandigarh, drifted to Delhi and finally materialized to Bangalore. I went to the Garden city to  strike a deal  for a new career and to consolidate my mind, soul and spirit  by incorporating the knowledge gained from education, comparing it with the truths discovered by experience and  finally to create new guiding principles necessary to stand against the ravaging circumstances for contemporary society to live in.

The trip is an investigation through extreme suffering and deprivation to transfuse a new spiritual thinking to my mind and transmute my lifestyle. It is an effort to ascend, to transcend and to have a firm foothold in the climbing.

On the way to other worldly journey,  I have not eaten deliberately -  hunger pangs brandished the whip of fire in the belly, walked at least 20 kilometers each day( except for the heck of it hired Bounce bike and traveled in Metro), fatigue clutched my legs , lived in self abasing and self abrasive style - forget to be my regular self .  In course of the entire self imposed ordeal  nothing has  betrayed me as  Cubbon Park. The scenes at Cubbon park have not touched my soul... at least they could not disturb my mind as they did Brahmrishi Saubhari.  They only gauged my mental resilience and introduced to me the anomalous side of me.

Brahmrishi Saubhari who had the eight mystic powers (siddhis) that are extremely difficult to attain through most austere practice ( Tapas). He actually  achieved  them  by dint of  Jal Samadhi.   During his jal samadhi  he saw a big fish having sexual pleasure with its partner. The scene has kindled desire in Maharshi with yogic perfection. He wanted to enjoy the same so he broke his sadhana and decided to marry. Hence changed his path.


Had I been young or feeble at mind I would have had enthusiastic glimpses of the love birds in Cubbon Park. when I saw these scenes it is not the desire that struck my mind  but thought. The thought of Human freedom. The stare free environment brought to mind perfect place for human freedom where no one pokes his nose into others affairs, no one stares.... no one cares what you do.

Like the army carries out the dummy crash test with mannequin for military vehicle blast I carried out my transcendental lifestyle adaptation test  using a dummy called Poolabala. Believe me it is not me.  I have already written the first page of A Beginner's Guide to Transcendental Style. The achievement is less important than the magnitude of disillusionment and the loveliest thing is the disillusionment came easily. The excruciating pain diluted in the yearning for transcendental feeling  for aught I know the irrational passion into an emotional neutral existence

I became my own protégé to assay the strength of my spiritual ruminations on Poolabala as if I were not him and behaved like a complete visitor to the planet displaying detachment I tried to perceive the unknown existence through known existence.

Ah! the body can not take you to the place where the mind frequently carries your spirit and the spirit can not comprehend unless the mind is illuminated ( mind is the part of the spirit) but the fact that we can push ourselves ( the body) through earthly pain. only when you discover that pain is the perfect vehicle.