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Sunday, September 22, 2019

La Chica Mexicana - Spanish Romantic Poem

El día que me quieras  me da esperanza
la noche,  que sonríes me llena confianza
chica  , vamos habana cada semana
volamos sobre los lagos y los prados
luciendo sueños cándidas, como alas 

The day you love me gives me hope
The night you smile fills me with confidence
Mexican girl, let's go Havana every week
we fly over lakes and meadows
wearing candid dreams, as wings

vemos la belleza por todas partes
se desaparecen ojeras desde cordilleras
habrá juntas más rosas en las riberas
las fuentes  irán por las laderas ignotas
los lotos florecerán en carreteras extranjeras
los minutos escondidos volarán con las horas

We see beauty everywhere
dark circles disappear from mountain ranges
There 'll be more roses together on the banks
The fountains will flow by unknown hillsides
The lotuses will bloom in mystic paths
The hidden minutes will fly with the hours

Amblamos cogidas de las manos   
iramos por montes y praderas 
mientras juegas con libélulas doradas.
cuando intentas atrapar las luciérnagas
te cogo con mis miradas romanticas
se escuchan en la serenidad, tus gemidos, 
se ve el mundo en extasis de tus ojos 

We amble holding each others hands
we will go through mountains and meadows
while you play with golden dragonflies.
when you try to catch the fireflies
I take you with my romantic looks
your moans are heard in serenity
The world is seen in ecstasy of your eyes

Cada árbol una lira  cada brisa  canta
dicen que tu eres mi chica marvillosa

Each tree a lyre each breeze sings
They say that you are my marvelous girl


  1. Even a native spanish poet would learn the style ...a good mix of Indian mind in spanish ....wonderful

  2. Excellent sir. This is in international standard. What a beautiful imagination!
    You take away your girl with your romantic looks while she is playing with dragon flies and catching fireflies

  3. Sahitya Priya garu I am lucky to have a few great souls like who love literature as readers of my blogs. I would like to explain the meaning of "te cogo con mis miradas romanticas" which in English means to take with romantic looks' here take doesn't mean really taking but take on means overpower '( you can understand) that is why I have selected the spanish word coger which has three meanings 1.to take, 2. to pick up 3 to make love. here the last meaning is applicable.

  4. This is a poem to enjoy and share with the dream of our life. The desire in this poem expresses the love towards the girl.

    1. Well taken Mr.Vinay. Ability to grasp the beauty of poetry and to respond is the beginning of linguistic journey.

  5. I have never seen such like an Indian poet.its wonderful