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Friday, September 27, 2019

Bouquets and Brickbats

Reading and Teaching are my Respiration
Reading is like inspiration, teaching is like expiration to me. For years I have been reading History, literature, cultures and economies of different countries, philosophy, technology, law and life style of   people in various countries. we see the worst and the most miserable lifestyle here in India because of lack of knowledge. Personality development is inevitable to make life happy.
2017 May - Importance of Foreign languages on Vishnu Radio
Personality development needs knowledge
A plant needs water to grow, a child needs food to grow Personality needs knowledge to grow. knowledge doesn't come only by reading text books. Current generation students are not ready or capable of reading even text books. 
Poor minds in rich clothes
Most people today try to hide their mind-poverty behind fashionable clothes. Despite rich get up their poor minds show up.  They want to bury their inferiority complex behind degrees and butler English. This is not the mistake of the students. because they are the victims of ill education. There is not a school ready to impart knowledge, there is no teacher who reads and inspires students to read,there is not a parent who seeks knowledge but marks. 

The education system pump set or Cinema?
Today's educational institutions are just like Cinema. In cinema the spectators can not see the outside world. The same is the case with 90 % of educational institutions today.  Like a big motor that pumps water into fields this bad education system pumps low standard people without common sense into society. Such low standard people are the root cause of problems including vulgar films and dirty politics. They honor caste, caste based heroes and caste based corrupt politicians. This attitude is the result of poor knowledge or lack of common sense. 

Fortunately God has given me knowledge of languages and energy of mind and above all a heart that likes social service. Much of Social work in India is done to feed the hungry mouths or offer them clothes. Offering knowledge is better than offering food and clothes. So the best social work is knowledge dissemination. I am not this mission of knowledge dissemination. It is 12.30 pm I am typing this post because I love knowledge sharing. This very knowledge sharing broadens my mind and gives me great satisfaction. but is is not as easy as it seems. 

Bouquets and Brickbats
 Editors of news papers invited me to write, Universities invited me to speak,  and men of letters  appreciated me. I have no problem with knowledgeable people. People, and Institutions having pretensions to be knowledgeable who need knowledge most, fight utmost to defend themselves from touch of knowledge. Unfortunately 90 %  of the institutions fall in this category. If you have to serve them and teach them " personality development" I have to forget about my personality. 

Most rich looking educational institutions are mediocre educational institutions or business houses.  The efforts to get in for the sake of offering knowledge ( which otherwise is impossible for the students)  cause predicament - unpleasant situation. Sometimes I am treated like a celebrity. sometimes meted out with  ill treatment.  I go on ... I see knowledge sharing as greater  purpose of my life.
Some people donate marble, bricks and other material to temple construction. What is on their mind when they offer these material to the temple?  I have the same thing on my mind when I offer : "personality development class" 

Glimpses of my practice

Glimpse 1 (2014 Sep) 

Translation of Veyipadagalu into French
 Veyi padagalu is a 999 page Telugu Epic novel.  
I translated Veyi padagalu into French. Until then I never believed that I could read a 1000 page book. I got no recognition for this work except a Telugu monthly "Malleteega" publishing an article about my work. But the translation has led to great discovery. I discovered my own inner strength. I started reading big books easily.

Glimpse 2 ( 2012 August) 
Participation in the National Level seminar - Speaking on French German classic Literature. 

I confined myself to room A WHOLE MONTH and never moved anywhere. Since I never worked the whole month I never had any income. This led to my participation in the national Level seminar on French and German Classic literature that was held at Ernakulam in the year 2012 on September 14th and 15th. It has exposed me to German and French classic literature and heightened my reading capacity.

Glimpse 3 ( 2018 Oct 3rd VANUKURU) 
Some people don't open the gates, you have to ask and wait. I have   I have is very specialized knowledge . People have zero awareness of foreign languages and Literature.  After being in touch for almost a year the Head Master of the Z. P. H.School Vanukuru  gave me an opportunity to speak for one hour with the children on Language skills.  Finally On 3rd October  there was an awareness program in Vanukuru ZPH School

Glimpse 4 ( Vishnu Radio - 20019 Sep 20th)
2019 Sep - Personality development program on Vishnu Radio 
I spent, physical and mental energy and lot of time on this Personality development program.  It took ten days for me to prepare for this " personality development" program. The bus journey was hell. The tedious and enervating bus journey took 4 hours + 4 hours. One must struggle to learn. I get nothing in return but I know this is a part of my progress.

 It is not language learning program like earlier but a " personality development program " It involves history cultures, economies of different countries, education systems in various countries. The influence of Films, social media, religion, politics , caste, constitution, philosophy and technology have been discussed. 


  1. Personality development is the Need of the hour..for this gadget mad technical students n the society at large

  2. Very nice article sir.Now a days it very essential to learn the children 'how to live in the sociery'.Even though they get 1or2 ranks in the examinations,they don't have minimum knowledge 'how to deal with the people'.My suggestion is 'it is better to appoint a personality development trainer in each and every school and college'.

  3. Thank you for your response Suresh garu

  4. Nice article sir.You said real truth sir people try to hide their mind-poverty behind fashionable clothes and act as a genius persons,But the problem is they didn't accept the truth.This article is very helpful for those people