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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Story behind the Book - Musings of Poolabala

 My new book to be released by the end of September 2019. 

స్కూల్స్ లో కాలేజ్ లో ఇదే తంతు:
ఈరోజు నాలుగు ప్రశ్నలు కంఠస్థం చేయించామా ? ఎగ్సామ్ పెట్టేసి మార్కులేసేసామా ? 

తల్లి తండ్రుల బుద్ది - ముష్టి మాఫియా టైపు
పిల్లల్ని వికాలాగులను చేసి వారితో బిచ్చమెత్తిచే గాంగ్ కి ఏమాత్రం తగ్గరు తల్లి దండ్రులు. 
పిల్లాడికి జ్ఞానం ఏమీ లేదని తెల్సినా వాళ్లకి ఏమీ పట్టదు . మార్కులు వస్తే  చాలు ఏ మల్టి నేషనల్ కంపెనీ వాడో ముష్టి వేస్తాడని నమ్మకం. 

మ్యుసింగ్స్ అఫ్ పూలబాల 
స్కూల్ పిల్లలకి , కాలేజీ విద్యార్ధులకి ప్రపంచజ్ఞానం , ఆలోచన,  తర్కం పరిచయం చేయాలని ఒక  ప్రోగ్రాం పెడదామని చూస్తే స్కూల్/కాలేజ్  యాజమాన్యం సహకరించదు.  అందుకే ప్రపంచ జ్ఞానం ,   చరిత్ర , వివిధ దేశాల్లో చదువు సమాజం , మతాలూ,  సంస్కృతి , నాగరికత , న్యాయం , చట్టాలు వంటి విషయాలు తెలుసు కో వాలనుకునే వారికి ఈ 145 pages పుస్తకం చాలా ఉపయోగం. 

I have written books and poems essays and stories in French , German, Spanish and even in Japanese ( short stories). I could release only a few books, They appear in the  Newspapers and Television. I don't want to release all the books though they are  substantially rich in knowledge unique in style. 

In fact they are some reasons for not releasing all the books. Most books are esoteric . They appeal to  people desiring high knowledge levels, for example my "Advanced Visual vocabulary "is unique as it offers 2000 most difficult English words for SAT and GRE and IELTS. I have not released it. 

The second reason is that I don't sell books. As I am not into selling. I am into teaching. I can not undertake the former as it is elaborate and cumbersome process. That is why I keep my books for the private circulation. But the herculean efforts behind the books would please Minerva. 

 Squeezing knowledge and life into books.   
Basic Visual vocabulary has taken one month. Smart Verbs has taken one month. French novel" notre école " has taken one month. Translation of Veyi padagalu ( వేయి పడగలు) into French 3 months. The time taken for planning out the Advanced Vocabulary is 6 months. While typing and organizing the pictures took one more month. 

Musings of Poolabala - 2014 PDF version was in private circulation 
Basically it Musings of poolabala was a collection of rich ideas brimming with vital information. I collected my ideas and compiled them as a book for the students to compensate their lack knowledge of the world.  This is the foreword written in 2014 

I raided and ransacked my cache of preserved thoughts of past years, culled the elite ideas that are crème de la crème and compiled them into graceful bouquet named "Musings of Poolabala". It feels like a plunge into deep ocean while browsing through 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 . I hope my musings amuse the matured readers but impart critical and analytical thinking to young readers.

Musings of Poolabala - 2019 Book published, going to be released.
This is an upgraded version of 2014 pdf which is fortified with world history, cultures, religions, societies, civilizations, law and finally literature. I added some of my poems too. 


  1. Sir now a days students must know 'How to manage the society'. Because the books they read don't tell them how to live in this world. So it is very essential to make them read good books and give them proper guideness. In this process your books will help them. So I hope all your books should be printed..

  2. real secular person, because your spur to Now and next generation,so I hope published your written books.