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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Visiting village schools - Social Work - Poolabala


The first French novelist from India, director of Eazy foreign languages Vijayawada and polyglot who speaks French, German, Spanish, Italian, English and Japanese.

Good literature has influence on the country,  society and individual as well. a decade ago  students were limited by text books. Today students are limited by exams. They read just for exams  and just before exams. We hardly find a student or teacher who read an article a book.  In countries where people read extensively where good literature is honored , there we find the society thriving in peace and security. Good literature is far more important than good technology because good literature can give us good behavior.

 On 3rd October what began as an awareness program on Foreign Languages for the young children ended as a highly inspiring unforgettable rare edutainment program.

 Showing Videos of Children speaking in French, English and other foreign languages to the students of Z. P. H. School Vanukuru near Vijayawada, Andhrapradesh.

My Italian friend Maria Esposito once wrote "the future of a country is seen in the schools" I believe  her words to be absolute truth. I hope you too would believe in her words. Then this post is worth reading. this post is about how I put that belief into practice. It is a year ago early when I moved to vanukuru I met the Head Master of the Z. P. H.School Vanukuru Mr. Prasad and asked him for an opportunity to educate the children of his school on Language skills. His response was fairly good but what avail? I have n't received any response even after many months.  In the month of May I wrote in my FB which shows both my commitment and disappointment.

On 8th May I have posted

On 2nd October

It was Gandhi Jayanthi , I again thought of the Z.P school and the Children. I called the Head Master of the School. He did not answer the call.

On 3rd October

I called him again. This time fortunately he answered my call. I reminded him of my visit and explained him the purpose. He consented and gave me one hour time between 12.00 pm and 1.00 pm.

                                                Poolabala with the Head master

I have gifted my Cartoon vocabulary books to the school library and Children who actively participated in the program. I can surely that the village children are a lot better than the children in corporate school children. The village school children deserve better knowledge. They must be educated and helped. This is my mission. You too can invite me to serve your school. 

Finally it is the Children you and I are interested in. 

Merci beaucoup

Friday, October 5, 2018

French and German careers on Doordarshan

21st September 2018

For the first time On Doordarshan there is a mention on French, German , Spanish Italian and Japanese languages.  I appeared on Lakshyam program on 21 September between 3.00 and 4.00 p.m  Lakshyam is aimed at guiding the youth on job opportunities but On 21st Septermber Lakshyam is different from what it had been. Lakshyam focussed on the six foreign languages. 

Summary of  my talk  

Basics of  French Language , Basics of German language,  how to learn a foreign language,  literature, poets writers and noble prize winners in each language, advantage of learning a foreign languages, cognitive benefits,  memory development and other benefits like flexibility, quick decision making, academic benefits and economic benefits. Adding a foreign language to the C.V is an added advantage in the process of job interviews. Job market immediately needs French , German and Spanish speakers. Thousands of High paid jobs are available but it is the in your hands to grab those fantastic opportunities.

The same program was repeated on 22nd September at 8.00 am

 French, German and Spanish speakers have opportunities in all fields. Right from Hotel waiter  and Marketing executive various jobs are available.  High level jobs like embassy jobs are awaiting highly educated and ambitious people. Freelance jobs like tourist guide and interpreter await those who want to enjoy their life while earning.  Translator jobs are also available for those who want to work from home and earn money. 

I worked as a French translator and interpreter in a multinational organization. I have been an official translator for many companies and individuals on private tasks. I participated on UGC sponsored National level seminars as a resource person and spoke on French , German Classic literature. Apart from this I have delivered radio talks on global literature. I have worked thousands of hours to get the knowledge and to reach the level where I am today. 
I am very happy to serve the people with my knowledge and experience. I thank DD for giving me the opportunity and readers or reading my blog. Please leave a comment after reading the blog. Feel free to call me (9700877409) if you need more information.

Merci beaucoup

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Orchids and Orchards of my life - Poolabala

15th September 2018

21st September 2018

                          Careers with French, German and other Foreign languages 
          telecast on Doordarsan Television Channel on 21st between 3.00 and 4.00 p.m 

                              on 22nd September the same program was repeated

   Several voices of acclamation a great stimulation and precious resuscitation 

with elite readers of my French - English novel in a meeting

5th September  2018

Careers with French, German and other Foreign languages 

                          Seminar on German , French and other Foreign languages                       @ Potti Sriramulu college of Engineering Vijayawada

14th August 2018 

Careers with French, German and other Foreign languages 

Felicitation @ Lakkireddy Balreddy Engineering Ibrahimpatnam after the seminar 

 22nd September 2018

French, German, Spanish Italian and other Foreign languages

                       Seminar on German , French and other Foreign languages                                                    @ Akridge Public school , Nguluppalapadu near Ongole      

11th,12th,13th June 2018

 French, German, Spanish, Italian, Japanese - Children festival

                  Nandi Academy International School - 3 day work shop at Nandhyala 

                          Buzzing activities - unforgettable experience on the campus

Felicitation @ Siddardha Public school Vijayawada

Felicitation @ Sai Srinivasa School Gannavaram

each a glimpse and last for ever.