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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

The Legendary Hoodlums 23

 Before the village has woken up 

 Under  the grey twilight sky 

The terrible man is walking up

I followed him by and by 

it's an act of stealth but I must find

the secret that he has hidden behind 

He reached the outskirts of the village

where there  was a labyrinth  maze 

of paths each leading to a hill

He continued to walk in the chill

On the terrible man I fixed my gaze

Lest he should vanish in the haze

His foot steps are heard in the silence

with him I have the connivance 

He has reached the horizon

Up above in the sky I see the sun

He stood at the foot of the hill

I heard a little bird's trill 

He started climbing up the hill

in the biting morning chill

In the village he is a cult 

the way up the hill is not difficult

because there is a walk way

I climbed after him with childish gay

The terrible man reached a rubble

but why did he take all the trouble?

It is an eternal mystery 

related to the villages' history


The morning haze gradually melted down. The sun crawled up the sky like a tortoise and is directly over head.  The midday sun is blazing relentlessly  and the black tar roads are gleaming like mirrors.  The people on the roads are simmered in the his hot rays are piercing through the clear sky.  The shop windows glazing in the bright light dazzled the eyes of the onlookers. Bairreddy was riding the bike and Raghava sat behind. The bike stopped at the newly established church. Bairreddy parked his bike in front of the church under the tree where Sandeep was waiting. Raghava got down and look around. There is a large open space and compound wall around the church. It is very peaceful. 

"Peace is the beauty of life" said Raghava.  

Bairreddy "Well said this is what wise people understand, Sandeep could not understand. 

"Your wisdom is certified by a wise man" said Sandeep. Raghava laughed sheepishly

Bairreddy.  "Faithless people always jeer at others. Raghava don't mind Sandeep."  

Sandeep. "It is a wrong inference. I am not laughing at Raghava. Bairreddy believes that Romance is the beauty of life but he says Peace is the beauty of life.

"Did I say that? " Bairreddy raised his voice

Sandeep: It is your belief is reflected in your actions. Actions speak louder than words.  

Bairreddy: Your are a faithless man. Your actions speak your faithlessness. You don't go to your own father's church. You don't trust your own father. You don't tell who your father is.

Sandeep: I can tell you about my father Penchalayya and his ancestors. Can you tell me about your ancestors?  We are are Hindu Yadavas - Sri krishna clan. I don't talk about my father because he is doing an unfair business. He is trying to convert the whole town while he could not convert his own family. I have no faith in Jesus. I can't trust my father. I openly say that. I am not a liar. 

Bairreddy :  You mean I am a liar? 

Suddenly a musical voice is heard

"Thou art a lamb's face 

Thou hast Cupid's grace

Thou hast Christ's trinity

Thy fame lasts for eternity"

Who is he showering high praise on mean man thought Sandeep as he turned to the singer of the verse "  Who are you ?" said Bairreddy blissfully. " I am Mareedu. I am a man in faith."  He hugged Bairreddy.  Bairreddy was on cloud nine. He forget himself for a moment. "The next moment Bairreddy came into consciousness Mareedu vanshed and his purse too. 

Raghava said to Sandeep " If you are against church and Bairredy why are you here?!"

"I will tell you later" said Sandeep and moved. 


Damini's Ladies ' Hostel 

Damini: Hello Aruna! 

Aruna: Hello Damini 

Damini : I want to tell you something very important but I don't know how to break it. 

Aruna: Ok. Think of how to break meantime let me tell you a good news. I participated in the zero hour. Do you know that duration of the zero hour is 30 minutes. I raised a very important issue in the Parliament. 

Damini: I have a very important issue.  My husband is not it town. I am very much tensed.

Aruna : Stupid you? You have tension for every trivial thing! Are you newly married who could not stand the estrangement ( gap)  Have double romance when he comes back, First let me complete. Zero hour is the first hour in Rajya Sabha and Question hour is the first hour in Loksabha. Zero hour is Indian innovation in parliamentary procedure. 

Damini : Don't stop finish your friend! 

Aruna: Damini?

Damini : Your daughter is arrested by the police for bike racing. 

Aruna: Oh! My God! My worst fears came true! She is doing in the same things in Vizag with bikes what she did in Hyderabad with cars.  She is very impulsive. her hand is quick. When she slapped Kesava  I exhorted her to change her ways.

Damini: She has changed her ways. She stopped slapping. Now she only kicked a boy between his legs. I was surprised when Manju was telling. 

Aruna : From the schooling she is like that. She won't change! 

Damini : Don't get emotional. Now think of how to get her out. 

Aruna : Let her pay the price. She must learn life. 


Three town police station - Waltair Uplands :  

If you are convinced that you are being arrested for a crime, you did not commit, do not waste your time discussing this with police. You will get one phone call  before you are processed and placed in jail. Use it wisely. Reach out to some adult who can assist you with obtaining a lawyer and bail. Sneha took the phone book and called 24-hour legal assistance service, who can hopefully assign a lawyer to your case and seek bail. said a kind officer to Lakuma 

Lakuma received a charge sheet with details of the charges against her.  Lakuma was noting the arresting officer's name and badge number and  names of the other officers who were present at the station. Just then Bharatavarsha entered the police station with Lawyer Panchali and the Auto journalist. It did not take even ten minutes to prove that Lakuma was not racing. Lakuma and Sneha were released. Sneha went to her hostel  but Varsha took Lakuma to Anandanilayam. 


That night Lakuma had bad music from her mother on the phone. She said to Varsha "Why did you bring that gamine from the station? Let that rebellious girl lie in the station?" "Amma You have  mistaken Lakuma just as the police did. She did not race. She is not into racing. She is into motor sporting. May be it is dangerous to her but not illegal. She just came to the beach in biker's gear at a wrong moment when racing was going on. It was a mere coincident!" Kesava, Damini , Malini and Manjusha and Lakuma were over hearing the conversation as the night was calm.  

Aruna was inconsolable that fact that her daughter has gone to the police station is weighing heavily on her mind. She poured down her anguish and pented up frustration about her inability to change Lakuma's ways. The call was long. Manjusha and Malini tried to console Aruna.  But Aruna's tension was worsened. Malini took the receiver.  Aruna said to Malini with a wailing tone "She (Lakuma) has been rough  under wrong influence.  Today she has gone to the police station! I don't know where she will go tomorrow" 

Lakuma took the receiver and said " gallows" Aruna was silent perhaps she was shocked.     "If there is any wrong influence it is you" said Lakuma.  Damini began scolding Lakuma.  " She said "Ay girl ! Don't be stallion like Sneha. Look at my daughter Manjusha and learn."  Manjush went and clung to Damini and coiled around her like a creeper.  "Look how sweet and lovely she is!" said Damini and kissed Manjusha. Malini took Lakuma near and said "She my daughter. She is lovely and more charming. She is not a stallion your daughter is a stallion"  she said showing mock anger on Manjusha and Damini. 

Damini twisted her mouth and said " If you stop the melodrama and leave her. I must take her to my house. She will be in my house until her mother comes." Damini turned to Lakuma and said " She will come a take you to Mumbai for a few days"

She will stay in Anandanilayam until her mother comes said Malini and kissed Lakuma on her cheek. Damini appreciated Malini her childhood friend for asking Lakuma to stay with her. Bharatavarsha and Kesava saw her off at the gate. 


The sky was still hazy. Lakuma was lazy in the bed. She opened her sleepy eyes as the gust of cool wind touched her. She slept on the high traditional cot in a separate room. Through the window she saw  Kesava leaving home with his Mrudangam. He has gown busy with his  concerts. Manjusha was laying a beautiful multi coloured Rangoli in the front yard. Manjusha and Lakuma looked at each other. Manjusha smiled. " Anything special today?" shouted Lakuma.  " every day is special for me," said Manjusha. 

"You too can make everyday special for you - with Rangolis" said Malini who entered her room with a cup of coffee." Oh! everyday laying a Rangoli ? Oh! no, not possible for me" said Lakuma with fear filled face. " You can fly the bike like a rocket without fear but you can not  lay a Rangoli." said Malini who was amused to see A dare devil girl frightened at the prospect of laying Rangoli. " Malini laughed pleasantly. 

Lakuma finished coffee. Malini took her into back yard gave her handful of soap nuts and asked her to crack them. Lakuma felt it was difficult. Malini tried to help but Lakuma refused and cracked them on her own. She took a head bath with hot water. Malini gave her Maju's clothes - a red full skirt  and red blouse and pink half saree.  Malini dried her hair with white towel and wrapped it around her hair like a head gear. Lakuma came out into the front yard.

The sun was weaving the sky with his golden yarn. Lakuma was feeling blue as she remembered the previous night's conversation. Manju just finished big Rangoli. The flowers in the garden are spreading sweet fragrance. A little rose bud started singing. The Rangoon Creeper is swaying in waves of air. Lakuma moved close to the creeper. "Bright red, pink and white  Charming ! Charming!!" She said. "With red skirt, pink half saree and white head gear you look like Radhamanohar flower." Said Varsha his lips sang his heart's feelings

"Kudos to the roaring bravados, let happy hearts sing crescendos

let goodness on goodness breed, Let feminine qualities your heart feed

Let these damsels be the lamps of this house and flowers of the garden"


The Sun left his signature in the sky and drowned into the western horizon.  Agastya is driving Innova crysta  Sandeep and Raghava sat behind.  The car crossed Madhuravada and was gliding smoothly on NH16.  "Look at the sunset on the road. It is spectacular." said Raghava. " At  dusk the sky speaks a thousand colours.  This is the time lovers' heart sing songs" said Agastya. "Agastya! who had nothing but legs to carry him has a costly car now.  His heart must be singing a love song" said Sandeep. " Off course,  I fell in love with the girl  when I saw her doing the stunt biking." " Have you told her?" asked Sandeep. "It is not as easy as you think. I lose my face among friends if anything goes wrong" said Agastya.

Raghava : Sandeep you have not told your friend( me) about you. you advice Agastya to tell his love to Lakuma?  Sandeep was dilly dallying  Raghava and Agastya started laughing.

Rghava : At least tell me what is between you and Bairreddy? when you don't like his ways what makes you meet and wait for him.  Sandeep sat silently.  The car crossed zoo park.

Raghava: You don't hesitate to speak truth about your father, then why do you hesitate to speak truth about you ? " Penchalayya is an open secret. Everyone knows what my father is. He is converted to Christianity and starts behaving like the purest soul while trying to convert others he is exhibiting his foolishness. 

Agastya : How did he lure you into Church?

Raghava remained silent

Sandeep :  I will tell you their usual tricks. Tell me into which category you fall.

First, they gather a huge crowd. They give a show of curing AIDS, Cancer, Kidney failure or any other life-threatening disease.   People get mesmerized and get converted. 

Missionary teams having good budget for conversions hire  people who know hypnotism. They hypnotise people and motivate them to convert.  “Jesus has chosen you, will you choose him?” They woo people into accepting the faith

They target destitute people “You need food to eat? Join our faith.” I have seen people converting for food at Bairreddy's church.  

They  provoke Dalits against the other sections of the society “they don't touch you, they don't eat your food, they don't allow you to enter their temples, embrace our religion and find the freedom. directly you will go to heaven. 

While hating  Hinduism and Hindus they copy Hnduism. They call jesus  ‘Yesu Krishna.” They build churches that look similar to temples. Also, they copy the tunes of our songs, sculptures of Hindu culture.  Finally they target depressed or terminally ill people.

Raghava: I belong to the last category. 

Agastya : Terminally ill?

Raghava : ha hha hha .. depressed

Sandeep: Depressed for what?

Raghava : I have a flickering hope  of getting Visa to America. You know my first visit to America is a fiasco. I would like to try again. 

Agastya: What is wrong with India? 

Raghava : The elders of our country ( fore most leaders) devised a strategy called constitution to make democracy into an everlasting  family rule. They made religion based, caste based and gender based laws and ignited the religious war. People continue to hate each other. Insulting other religions and Changing people of other religion is the objective of all religions.  The common people are too selfish, foolish and roguish. They live like animals without road sense or common sense. Living with bruits is the most miserable thing sane and sensible men can not afford to do.  Today's youth became brainless mob of cinema lovers due to their criminal and immoral parents. Look at the elders of our own families.  We three are similar, do you know why?  None of us can feel proud of our fathers? Rather we are ashamed of our fathers. If there is anyone proud of his father and fore fathers it is Bharatavarsha. In fact the whole nation is proud of them. 

Agastya and Sandeep looked at each other. They thought about their fathers. I know about your fathers but you don't know about my father. Said Raghava. Sandeep and Agastya were curiously looking at Raghava.  Have you noticed that I never talk about my father. Do you know his name? asked Raghava.  There was silence for two minutes. The car slowed down. 

Raghava : My father is Naidu. He lures good looking girls old enough to be his daughters into films baiting them heroine chance. He is a sex hungry wolf, flesh predator and a lecher like most other men in film industry. Once his eyes were on Lakuma. 

Agastya felt a bomb blast  under his feet. The car came to a squealing halt. 

Even Bairreddy's family has unbelievable story. I don't know completely. His ancestors are Legendary Hoodlums. The older generation of Sabbavaram would know it.   


Eton Bestie School : Vidisha sat on the chair at the garden table in the garden of the School and waiting for Michelle. The school is a ten room rectangular building on the right side. The garden is equally big and rectangular on the left side.  The garden and the school are opposite to each other. There is a walk way between the garden and the school. Behind the garden and the school  is a small concrete structure - that is Michelle's house. 

Vidisha has set the tripod stand and fixed the canvass on it.  Vidisha is wearing dark green salwar- kameez. She was looking like a garden nymph in the green dress. An octogenarian, came with a cup of tea and placed it on the table. He is Michelle's grand father Beckett. Vidisha folded her hands and said " Namaste," Later she said, "Why did  you take strain Mr. Bucket?" The old man smiled and said " "Look at the old woman" He showed the woman plucking weeds "That is strain. She is taking strain. I have pleasure in bringing a cup of tea to the guest, but I have strain in listening to the guests mispronouncing my name. I am not Bucket, I am Beckett." He said looked angrily and went away.  She saw Michelle coming into the garden from the purple crotons. She is wearing dark blue skirt and yellow full sleeve blouse. Michelle came near sat at the table and greeted Vidisha. Vidisha also greeted her. 

How beautiful you are!  You are like Sachi , the queen of Indra. 

Michelle: Thanks but I never heard this comparison. Hindus always compare any beautiful girl with Mahalakshmi. 

Vidisha: Any normal beauty is compared with Mahalakshmi but you are tantalisingly beautiful. According to legend, due to her sensuality, Indrani was desired by many Asuras, many of whom tried to marry her. 

Michelle : It is a fitting comparison because I have an Asura loitering around me. 

Vidisha : Then you are lucky. 

Michelle: What !  Am I lucky because he is the man in power? 

Vidisha: No, because you have only one  Asura! I have four Asuras!

They both laughed for a while. "Vidisha, take tea." reminded Michelle. 

Vidisha started sipping the tea. She was looking around the garden. 

It is a well planned well spaced and well cultivated garden with healthy grass crotons and flowering plants. The sun shines bright on the plants and beautiful butterflies hover above the flowers. Many people think that flowers spread fragrance but they spread colours too. Vidisha felt recharged in the garden. 

Vidisha: This is  the biggest and the best garden in the village.  

Michelle:  Doesn't it look like a school? 

Vidisha: No, for me it is not a school because I am not.     

Michelle: Yes you are an artist.    

 Vidisha: Shall we start the sketch?   

 Michelle: Why you don't want to spend some time with me?  

Vidisha: Today Varsha is coming   

Michelle : Your boyfriend?    

Vidisha: No, he is my childhood friend. 

 Michelle: So , he is your bestie 

 Vidisha: What do you mean by bestie? By the by what is Eton Bestie?  

Michelle: Eton Bestie in our school's name. Eton is a town near London on Thames. Eton has educated prime ministers, world leaders, Nobel laureates, award-winning actors, and generations of the aristocracy. Bestie is a person whom we like and spend time with. 

"Varsha is my bestie but he is coming to help me in a case. Vidisha told briefly about Bairreddy's advances. Varsha is my Bestie. I will call him so. I admire the way you speak you are a magic box of knowledge said Vidisha with a bouncing voice. The glint of her alacrity is clear in her eyes.

Your heart gleams in your eyes when you hear his name. Are you in love?

No, no.. Vidisha dismissed. "but your voice is very weak." said Michelle 

"When you say things you don't like the voice is always so!" said the old woman who spent time in plucking weeds. "She is my grandmother Emma. She must be somewhere around seventy but has sound health perhaps due to the garden work"  said Michelle. 

"Sound mind in sound body..."  she said and started teasing Vidisha. 

Vidisha took the book " Works of William Blake" lying on the table and covered her face. The Garden , a poem by Blake attracted her. It is a short poem. She just skimmed the poem.

I went to the Garden of Love,

And saw what I never had seen:

A Chapel was built in the midst,

Where I used to play on the green.

And the gates of this Chapel were shut,

And Thou shalt not. writ over the door;

So I turned to the Garden of Love,

That so many sweet flowers bore.

And I saw it was filled with graves,

And tomb-stones where flowers should be:

And Priests in black gowns were walking their rounds,

And binding with briars, my joys & desires

When Vidisha put the book on the table the grandmother and grand daughter had finished the conversation. It seems Michelle had told her grandmother about why Varsha was coming. She said " You don't know about  Bairreddy's ancestors. They are the legendary hoodlums of this state. Police are helpless.  To challenge them is to ..." 

Before Emma finished Michelle intervened and said " Don't scare her before she begins"  The grand mother walked into the house. Vidisha asked Michelle to sit at the table. Michelle's face looked like pearl in the sunlight. Vidisha drew her rotund face, her thick hair,  full breast, her curvaceous body and the round table. The book title was visible clearly. "Garden of Love" 

Michelle: I have never seen such a skilled painter. Judging the dimensions, maintaining  light and shadow. You are a great artist and a living legend but you have made a mistake!

Vidisha: What is it?

You have changed the name of the book Garden of Love but it is Works of William Blake

Vidisha: I like the poem Garden of Love. 

Michelle: Oh! did you understand the poem? Do you agree with the poet?

Vidisha: Yes, He wrote about grave yard, I think it is the Garden of love.

Michelle was agape (open mouthed) for a while and broke into a smile. Then she started saying Garden of love is not about grave yard. It is about desire and sex. 

Is it?  but the " I saw it was filled with graves,.. tomb-stones .. black gowns were walking .

Michelle laughed again.  If you read from the beginning , he says he has "never" seen it  means  he is aware of the Church's attitude towards sexuality. The Garden of Love is a symbol of this belief – that desire and sex should be natural aspects of human life. Organised religion is enemy  to love and sex. It imposes control and restrictions and  curbs natural desires and wishes killing our happiness. Vidisha stood agape. 


 It was 12.00 noon. Vidisha was walking along the road after finishing Michelle's sketch. She left the canvas and brushes at Michelle's place because she needs two more sittings two finish the painting. She is wearing a silky shiny dark green Panjabi dress with a white mantle on the top.  Her enormous thighs are promptly visible from the slits of her Kameez - the upper garment,  hanging a little above the knees. The salwar (a pair of pleated trousers) is rather tight as her thighs have grown thicker and stronger . This so-called sex-specific fat appears to be physiologically advantageous from aesthetic point of view.  when she is worried about the development  around the pelvis, thighs and buttocks,  doctors said  the fat is hormones driven. Her friends said that those are the assets of women.  

Suddenly she felt her mantle was squeezed. She thought it was wind and caught her white mantle but it was of no help. The force was great that her mantle is off from her breast. she turned back and discovered her mantle Bairreddy on motor cycle. Bairreddy and his friend were on motor cycles with on pillion each. The four Asuras are back again, she thought. 

She is just like Hollywood actress Ann Margret who acted in Train Robber. How do you relate her to Ann asked Bairreddy's friend. That is a foolish question said Bairreddy " Haven't you seen Made in Paris and Liva Las Vegas? He asked his friend again.

Vidisha wanted to move ahead but she was obstructed by the motor cycles. 

If you can see those films you could have seen her thighs and breast. Particularly the film the Prophet you can see all her beautiful curves. said Bairreddy.

How can I see yesteryears films now? asked his friend.

Don't worry, You can see Vidisha's, they are same delicious curves. A group of people walking along the road were coming near. Vidisha slapped Bairreddy and snatched her mantle." Today you will be behind the bars"  she said. Bairreddy threw a smile and moved.


Sabbavaram Police station

Sub Inspector Sadasivam took complaint from  Lawyer Panchali sitting in front of him and looked at Bharatavarsha" Why sir, You have already given me the complaint, Why are you taking strain? Varsha did not speak. Sadasivam looked at Panchali and said"  I have the complaint madam. Law will take its own course. It will not spare any criminal. 

Panchali: Police is empowered investigate but you can't take as much time as you want.

Why did you not arrest him? why did you not bring him to the station?

Sub Inspector: How can I arrest him without proof?

Panchali: Police can arrest an accused involved in cognizable crime without the warrant from the Court.

Sub Inspector: I need one more week to determine that genuinity of the complaint.

Panchali : As per law “The Police Officer cannot sit  upon any elaborate inquiry to ascertain genuineness or reasonableness of the information and cannot refuse registration of criminal case. It does not lie under the domain of Police Officer to substitute preliminary or detailed inquiry with the investigation of the case, as the investigation can only be done after registration of an FIR.

Sub Inspector Sada sivam was searching for words. 

Panchali: Officer ! You are still young  (immature) Don't teach me law. You did not see the complaint this complaint you about you - neglect of duty.

Sub Inspector: We tried to arrest Biareddy but he is not in town. He blurted out something. Panchali threw a strange look. The Inspector felt uncomfortable with his own statement " You see After all he is a student. He wants to pursue education abroad. His visa process....

Before the Inspector finished Nagireddy's men stepped in "No problem Inspector! make an FIR. We can get it with drawn by the complainant."  

Panchali: Once registered, an FIR cannot be withdrawn even by the complainant, FIR can only by quashed by the High Court.

Finally FIR was lodged with in an hour Bairreddy was arrested. 


The next moment the news reached Vidisha. She could not believe it had actually happened. She switched off the TV and ran to the back yard where her  father and mother were  lamenting to the baby cow. They were sitting at the cow shed feeding the baby cow. The cow was in the front yard. It has been very difficult to get that notorious man's brother get arrested.  More difficult it has been to sustain the insult.  When Vidisha broke the news they were overwhelmed with emotion " What am I listening? Our waiting ears are bleeding. The anxiety and stress are gone." said Ahalya. " I felt I was walking nude. The village doesn't know the truth. It is not bothered about it." said Vidisha. Tears were trickling down her cheeks. Seshachalam wiped daughter's tears. Ahalya hugged Vidisha and let calf go. The calf ran to the mother.  They heard Laxmi mooing.  Moo.. Moo... Vidisha ran to Laxmi ( cow). She sat on haunches and kissed Laxmi on face and Muzzle. Ahalya was laughing. Sesachalam was crying. Vidisha was playing with Laxmi. She pressed her face against her face and started stroking her dewlap.  Laxmi too has emotions including excitement, love and sadness. 


The carnatic music concert  in the newly built Shiva temple complex near welcome towers at Sabbavaram has drawn the music lovers from all walks of life.  There is sufficient reason for that.  The renowned singer duo from Hyderabad, known as Hyderabad brothers Raghavachari and Seshachari are singing in the concert. That attracted music buffs from Visakhapatnam. Hamsini of Bengaluru is accompanying them with violin and Kesava from Visakha is  supporting them on mridangam.  

The concert also serves the purpose of publicizing the 200 flats of Welcome Towers. The concert was organized by Welcome Group of Companies. Very few people know that MLA Simhachalam is the MD of Welcome Welcome Group.  

Hyderabad brothers have such reputation that Raghava , Basava and Agastya did not want to miss the program. They went to Sabbavaram from Visakha. Vidisha and her mother  also came to shiva temple complex. The complex is in an extravagant  gated community of 20 acres surrounded by hills. The newl built flats became the talk of the town. The program is yet to begin.  Some are watching the temple and someare watching the towers  but Agastya was watching the hills. 

He said " Look there is another temple on the hill. Perhaps it is also a shiva temple"  "That is not a temple . That is a house." said Vidisha. Basava laughed " A house on the hills? who is that wise man built a house on the hill?"  Raghava also laughed. 

Vidisha asked her mother pointing to the building on the hill  " Amma , Did you not tell me that it was a house ? whose house was that?" " I don't know exactly but people say that long back some tribals used to live there." But why should they live on the hill?" asked Basava. " Because they are tribals said vidisha looking at her mother. " when we came to this village twenty years ago they were there".  A black scorpio drove in. There was a  hustle and bustle. The Hyderabad brothers came by car. Kesava and Hamsini came with them.  

Bairreddy was dropped at the temple complex by Sub Inspector Sadanandam. Vidisha was shocked and depressed. Bairreddy went on to meet Simhachalam. 

The concert started by 10.00 am. The mesmerizing voice of the brothers  has taken the audience into a divine musical world of melody. The concert lasted for two hours. The artistes were felicitated by M.L.A Bairreddy was present beside him on the stage. Bairreddy He smiled and greeted Vidisha from the dais. He took the shawl to cover Kesava. Kesava got off the stage and walked away. Many people hated his behaviour except Vidisha who loved it.                                                        

Muradangam is accompaniment, You are not independent musician. You have to follow somebody.  What is your career?  what future you have?  What makes you head strong?  Bairreddy stopped Kesava as he was going away and demanded an answer. 

Nobody taught me to be ambitious. I have no aspirations. Leave alone career. The Hyederabad brothers started learning music from their father right from the age of six.   Once a varnam or a kirtana is taught  they had to repeat it for a week at least 100 times daily. Their father would sit before them and watch them do the exercise.  Such rigorous training they had. It is complete dedication. I walk with the noble. You walk with the ignoble. I don't know my future but I  know your future. Jail is your future. 

He is a worthless man. My brain gets drained off. I get pissed off  when I speak with him. From the beginning he is like that. He said to his friend who came there. Kesava smiled and walked away. 


Vidisha set the tripod stand and canvas and looked at Michelle. She is wearing the same green Panjabi dress but with a different biscuit colour mantle.  She saw Michelle wearing the same blue skirt and yellow full sleeve blouse. " Same dress! " said Vidisha. But you changed the mantle. Yesterday you were wearing white mantle, today you are wearing biscuit colour mantle. " The new mantle is more attractive than the white. You are gorgeous!" said Michelle. " Vidisha smiled and said" shall we start?" Michelle said "off course!" and shrugged her shoulders. She sat at the garden table but the point of view and angle are not matching with those of yesterday. Vidisha went near and adjusted her arms, shoulders and face and went to the canvas. She stared once more and is satisfied "But... she said and stopped .." She was hesitating to ask something. 

"Don't hesitate ask me anything" said Michelle. 

They are looking bigger than yesterday

Michelle smiled and said " I am wearing a push bra"  

"So shall I enlarge the size?" 

As you like? But which size is  better yesterday's or today's ?

Big is beautiful said Vidisha and started giving quick strokes on the canvass. The work continued for one hour without respite. Vidisha dropped the brush on the wooden palette. Michelle got off from the table and walked to the canvass and was watching carefully" 

Vidisha: I know what you are watching, big is beautiful!

Michelle : You made them more beautiful. You even made yours more attractive 

Vidisha: What?

Michelle:  why did you  change the mantle? The biscuit colour mantle is more attractive than the white. So it implies 

Vidisha: I burned the white mantle... 

Michelle: What!

Vidisha told the story what happened the day before and also told that how Bairreddy was arrested and released. Vidisha's face turned pale "It took three weeks for me to get him arrested he came out in three minutes" She said with a quivering voice. Michelle was could not speak instantly as Vidisha's words left her in dismay. After a minute she said"  The law is full of loopholes and our lawyers are good at exploiting it. Finally any criminal can get bail."  Vidisha suddenly remembered something. " Can our lawyer not stop that?" Michelle laughed. " We can't trust lawyers. They get colluded." 

Can lawyers get colluded?!

Why not ? It is quite common. My cousin's lawyer  got colluded with the opposing lawyer. She has not got the share in the property, or maintenance after divorce. Even in our school case our lawyer sided with the opposing lawyer. 

Just then penchalayya came in. " I want to talk to your grandfather!" He said. " Please sit down you came at the right time "said Michelle. Penchalayya sat on the other chair. 

What is the school case? 

The school was established two decades ago. Nobody said that the school land belongs to him. And this gentleman is helping us by through his MLA friend. Penchalayya grinned at Michelle and Vidisha. Vidisha felt ugly and turned her face. He was telling her how noble was the MLA when Mr. Beckett came and took him into the office of the school.  

After they had gone Vidisha said to Michelle" Why did you allow this renegade here? You are falling in the trap. "I don't know, it is my grandfather's decision." replied Michelle.

They saw Mr. Beckett walking with Penchalayya towards the gate. Mr. Beckett saw Penchalayya off at the gate and walking back into the house.  He stopped to see the portrait and said " The portrait is lively, but haven't you finished yet? 

Monalisa and Madame X are world famous portraits. Leonardo da Vinci took 4 years to draw Monalisa and while John Sargent took 2 years to draw Madame X. 

So another two years you are going to spend in this garden? said Mr. Beckett. Vidisha smiled and said "I don't need years. I need three more sittings. That's all"

How many sittings are required for a portrait?

Normally six sittings of one hour each. 

I am glad if you finish your portrait while the school and garden is still in our hands. 

Vidisha and Michelle both felt sudden whipping . Come on , Let us have lunch. It is lunch time." Vidisha resisted but when Emma came and said " I have not prepared anything special to you.  Everything is ready! Mr. Beckett will be upset if you refuse him. Vidisha walked into the house from the garden. 

Grandpa I am too young to advice you but Penchalayya is a shady man. Ha.. hha.. hhaa... Mr. Beckett laughed. " At 25 you are still a spring chicken. You are slow to judge and quick to forgive  a naïve (innocent)girl. 

"You never visited my house. we met outside and you came into school office a couple of times." said Emma. Michelle said " sit down on the sofa!  How is the house?" The wall were sparsely decorated with pictures. One picture is Young Emma  and Beckett with a baby in her arms and a kid standing beside her.  " That is Michelle and her sister Rachelle. She is married and we are looking for alliances for Michelle." said Emma. There  is picture of holy heart on the wall and picture of couple just beside it.   " Michelle's parents my son and daughter in law  both died in a road accident" said Mr. Beckett. Vidisha  had heard that before. She did not want the heart breaking talk again.  

" The walls are newly painted right? A drawing room and two bedrooms. right?  The house is as fresh as prim-rose! She turned to the left and found a inset cupboard - a three door cabinet with sliding doors. Above the wall there is a wooden gun,  set in the gun hanger. "

It is the famous .303 Engield Rifle introduced in 1904. General Dyer used it in Jalinwala bagh  in April 1919" said Michelle. Emma was setting the dishes on the table. Michelle opened the cupboard doors that revealed  rifle rack with half a dozen guns. standing. I saw this kind of a rack in the police station. said Vidisha. She was apparently appalled. Michelle said" My grandfather likes guns and spent all his life with guns and bombs. He likes them so much that he chose Michelle for my name.   Mr. Beckett is a surrendered Naxalite!" Emma said " only Naxal, he is a Naxal leader!" said Emma. Vidisha believed her words and was horrified. Emma laughed at Vidisha. Mr. Beckett scolded Emma and Michelle. " That is why I said you are innocent. This girl must get married soon! only marriage can fix this naughty girl" said Mr. Beckett wringing Michelle's ear. 

 Vidisha understood that it was their play and was relieved of the tension. Her heart became light. The three sat at the dining table.  " what about granny , She is also naughty" Vidisha said enthusiastically. " Yes my dear, but she is not a girl. She is already married." They all laughed. 

Vidisha: What is your job grandpa!  I 'm a weapon designer engineer. My job is called weaponeering. I worked in the army. I worked  as weapons maintenance  engineer in Ordinance factory.  Maintenance of the weapon system to ensure their proper functioning at all times. Removing the faulty or non-working devices is my job. They all finished the lunch. Vidisha was about to go she said to Michelle "  Be careful with Penchalayya" 

When you have to choose between two evils you have the lesser evil Penchalayya is a lesser evil than Nagireddy. Penchalyya is motivated by immorality.  His greatest weakness is his inability to love his mother. He is a snake that eats her own eggs but Nagireddy is a hereditary hoodlum.  He fir offered help to settle the case out side the court. I refused him because he has deadly criminal history. He is worse than Penchalayya. worst of all is he is proud of his history. 

The family has been following a life of crime for nearly a century. They are hereditary criminals who consider their occupation to be an honourable calling. Nagireddy's forefathers were pretty hard law breakers. Nagireddy' s great grand father Aggi reddy had 15 convictions. He was a  a terror.  when he walked out the whole village shuddered with fear. The police admits that most of his crimes go unreported as he is feared throughout the surrounding countryside. Once he robbed some gold and fled. The villagers gave chase, overpowered him and recovered the gold. Two days later,  Aggireddy sought revenge. He raided the village with a gang of his friends and had forcibly taken away the gold and a girl. The villagers again put up a fight but could not overpower the gang because they were excellent marksmen who use bows and arrows. If they are cornered they are ready to take lives. 

He did not belong to this village He frequented to this village. Nobody knows why. None had the guts to follow him or spy on him. He continued to rob the surrounding villages for several years. He used to sell the stolen goods in Madras chor bazar. When he became old naturally his activity is reduced. Once he was entered the village from madras and was climbing up the hill. It was evening.  A group of police followed him. When he was half way up the hill,  the police thought it was a good moment and opened fire.  Aggireddy was good and ducking. He hid himself behind a boulder.  His followers  from the hill top gave police a volley of arrows. The police were shy of entering the village later.  

His son Anjireddy continued  the dacoity and raiding the villages as a tradition. He started robbing the passengers in the trains. Superintendent of Police persuaded him to give up crime and surrender. A surrender ceremony was arranged. Anjireddy never touched weapons but Surprisingly 30  rifles have been part of the ceremony. He was depicted as what he was not. When police and politicians started talking about reforming outlaws, we think that they were sympathetic. But very often it was only for publicity. When Anjireddy realised that  it is  a political drama he escaped miraculously. Nagireddy was very proud of it it is taken as valour  by his kin.  He lived a secret life but he remained a terror because he used to challenge police and strike where he wants. His last days were spent on the hill. It is believed that he was buried on the hill beside his father.

His son was Baiarreddy was a big rowdy sheeter. He had a dozen cases a rape and two murders , but he was not afraid of courts or police. He was the one who was arrested twice.  He managed to escape twice. Finally he was sentenced to death by the judge.  The judge said hang him until he is dead, dead dead." Bairreddy said " go to hell, hell hell" three times. Such a fearless godless man.  In the entire lineage there is one man who had committed least crimes is Bukka reddy whose children are Nagireddy and Bairreddy. During Bukkareddy's time politicians evolved as bigger criminals than  decoits and outlaws and provided shelter to them. Thus five generations of Bairreddy's family is hereditary out laws who look at criminal life as heroic life.     


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Varsha meets Vidisha- Timpani intro 22

 Scene 1

It was 5.30 AM. The sun has not risen yet. Venus is still bright in the eastern horizon. "Sabbavaram is a long journey. But I must visit Vidisha today." Varsha said aloud.   "It is a good idea to start very early in the morning." Said Malini.  Bharatavarsha started the Royal Enfield. A six foot tall Varsha in white Dhoti and kurta looked majestic on Royal Enfield. The complimentary pair  is not only eye feasting but also heart warming.


The bike moved like a tortoise till the gate. Malini and Manju walked along. Varsha stopped the bike at the entrance under the arch to say bye to the blooms.  Varsha was looking at the lush overgrowth of blooms hanging over, white to pink and red  tubular   flowers  with sweet, fruity scent. The exquisite nymphs are dancing in the breeze. The exotic  fragrance  is like jasmine tinged with vanilla, touched his nostrils.  His lips involuntarily uttered

 "Oh! dainty blooms you are the carefree larks of sky ! 

you are the sweet smiles of this house!! 

The eye is never dulled as along as you bounce!!!"

"Yes, these delicate Radhamanohar flowers are surely carefree larks in the previous birth.  They are the ethereal minstrels. They always trilled their carefree songs."  said Manjusha who had kindred spirits.  Malini was steadily gazing at her son. A snow drop  hanging  from the red flower fell on Varsha's shoulder and melted. Varsha waved to his mother and sister and Bike moved out of the gate.

 The blossoms are singing valedictory like the two loving hearts.  The flowers are beautiful and the nature is eyeful said Manju to her mother looking at the garden. My son is the first eyeful spectacle for me anything else comes later.  said Malini. " So, I am not eyeful to you" a bemused Manju fell on mother showing sullen face. Malini was amused. She kissed Manju on her forehead and said, " You are my two eyes!!!" 


Scene 2

Varsha was feeling new because he rarely rode a motorcycle even when he was a student. Now the bike crossed the outskirts of the city and hit the village road. It was a rugged landscape. The road was tortuous and the journey was long. His heart began to sing a song. 

It is a marvellous foggy morning

The bumpy roads are a warning 

It's still dark there aren't crows

the veils of mist challenge throws

Sometimes too thick is the cloud of mist

 Like a  boulder the mist hits the chest

A one eyed truck  looks like a  motorcycle

In semi-darkness misjudgement is likely to kill

Heavy mist covers the vehicles glasses

Many a danger passes the man of masses

the schools and playgrounds are vast

the temples and the churches run fast

These  places we played in the past 

These glimpses my childhood cast

He remembered his childhood and the games he played with Vidisha. Childhood memories cherish the mood.  Childhood is an unforgettable memory that does not fade from the mind. 

The weather is bleak and wind blows strong 
The herds on the choppy road  get along
The birds shiver on the branches around
The reeds wave their heads on marshy ground

The fog was hanging like a white curtain
Nature is black and white  for certain
All along the road stretches  the canal
Beautiful bougainvillas are never banal    

How hurriedly passes  the willy jeep
How merrily walks the Billie, sheep 
The day breaks brings heaven's light
Now the trees and hills shine bright

Light sweeps darkness like a broom
The golden rays my feelings groom

He reached the last house standing alone in the fields like the solitary reaper. The house is lonely and sad. It looked like singing a sad tune like the young woman in in William Wordsworth's Solitary reaper. He washed his legs at the well and walked towards the house. He stood at the door and watched the front door hangings parrots and swasthik. The parrots looked sad.  The auspicious swasthik symbol is dull. The house lacks lustre. It has lost the vibrant force of joy.  It is the house that wears a different mood. 

Varsha stepped into the living room. The parents are brooding over something. Their worry is conspicuous on their faces. "Please come in" Said Ahalya. " sit down said Vidisha's father  Seshachalam. " How is your work?" asked Varsha. Vidisha came out from her room hearing the voice and greeted Varsha. " How is aunty and Manju? I would be glad if you brought Manju" said Vidisha. Varsha smiled and said " How are your paintings?"  Go and see said Vidisha Varsha entered her art world. Before he passed a few minutes Vidisha entered her room with coffee. Varsha has been a stunning pictures he became a picture among pictures.

She shook him into this world and gave him coffee.  Varsha looked at her parrot green full skirt and bright pink blouse, Vidisha looked like host of Telugu traditions. "You are too formal" said Varsha while taking the cup from her hand. 
Vidisha:  True intellectual. 
Varsha : What a repartee! The real intellectuality lies in giving a  repartee.
Vidisha: Why did you call it repartee ( quick witty reply)?
Varsha : why did you call me intellectual?
Vidisha : You said I am too formal. Am I merely formal ?
Varsha:  You called me true intellectual. It means that I am too smart. 
Vidisha : what is wrong in being too smart? It is the order of the day.
Varsha : In that case there is nothing wrong in being formal. 
They had a hearty laugh. Later Varsha said " Your parents look so worried"
Vidisha : They are looking for matrimonial alliances. They want to finish their formality. daughter's marriage. They believe that my marriage brings curtain down love sick Bairreddy. They think that he is less likely to fall after a married woman. 

Varsha : Nobody should marry hurriedly with the fear of someone. Even so, I don't think that marriage can help. Helen was already married She had children. Her husband was Menelaus, the king of Sparta.   Paris paid no heed to her marriage . He sailed to Sparta, entered Menelaus's palace as his guest and, unseen by the king, whispered sweet nothings in Helen's  ear.  When Paris arrived back in Troy, Priam, his father,  Hector his brother  berated him. Hecuba, his mother, berated him recalling that when she was pregnant with Paris she dreamed that she gave birth to a firebrand that burned down the whole city around her. Paris did not care. He knew it was too late now for them to stop the affair. He also knew that the most beautiful woman in the world found him irresistible. Finally they eloped. 

Vidisha : Bairreddy my be Paris but I am not Helen. Helen did not resist Paris. She rather accepted his advances. She forgot about her home and her family and agreed to run away with him. 

Varsha : It is not a debate on whether you are Helen or not. To a lecher it doesn't matter whether a woman is married or not.  

Vidisha : Sita is married but Ravana kidnapped her. Lust is universal phenomenon. A king and a scholar , a soldier and a doctor all fall in the fire of lust. They risk  both  kingdom and life for sensual gratification. Men of letters stand as criminals in the public eye. We see thousands of cases each year. 

Varsha :  Off course , thousands of cases are brought into light yet thousands of cases are hidden in dark. Behind each case brought into open there is a brave spirited woman. 

Vidisha :  I can not fight like queen Rudrama. The police needs to be brave. They are either cowards or corrupt. I went to the police station with a complaint. It was not received. 

Varsha :  They have a problem with the politics. Give it to me I will see that it is registered. 

Woman is a problem here. I don't want to fight. I want to leave this place. 

Varsha: Come on Vidisha , you are a self made woman, an artist par excellence. Don't adopt the spirit of resignation. 

Thumbs up no matter what comes up

Kick the problems down and jump up

Little bit of money little bit of honey

Little bit of luck saves any dummy  

If you've money in your pocket 

you can fly like a rocket

If you have little bit of luck

you can never get stuck

Thumbs up no matter what comes up

kick the problems down and jump up

If you have couple of songs in your head

you can merrily sing and go ahead

If you don't have money try your luck

If luck doesn't work rely on work, 

work never fails never work chuck

work brings both money and luck

Thumbs up no matter what comes up

kick the problems down and jump up

Varsha looked at the pictures on the wall. There are many  half finished pictures. One of the pictures attracted him. It was the picture of Manjusha and Varsha eating while Ahalya is serving.  

Varsha  : Your pictures are mesmerizing

Vidisha : Life is compromising 

Varsha: No, Life is testing, These challenges will tell you and the world how strong you are.
You are going to rise to fame. You art will have eternal fame and It should not be shaken by rough winds. 

Vidisha : Look,  most of the pictures are mocking me. For months I did not draw anything new nor I finished the old ones. I am out of my mind. I have no concentration. You don't know what kind of man is Bairreddy and what he did again. All my hopes are belied. 

Varsha :  When Dreams fail will will you fail your life.

Sometimes fair horses do trail in races

should brazen jockeys wail and lose faces

frozen rain balls from the sky hails

powerful gales rave and do stop the sails

sometimes beautiful dreams do fail

don't let your heart with the dreams fail 

dry your failed dreams on the rail

don’t cry, rail your senses if they are frail 

After all, yellow leaves from the trees fall

Water in seas, in vapor form to sky sail 

All men in old age should accept time’s call

Build a wall to bothering dreams or drive a nail

Don’t your heart with dreams overload

Sensitive heart might anytime explode

Vidisha seemed to have gathered mental strength but was looking at the incomplete pictures. The unfinished work looks heavy on her. " The calf would become cow before I finished these pictures." She said with a cold smile. 

Varsha: If only the picture hanging on the wall of Louvre Museum in Paris - Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci , had speech, it could tell you the truth 

 Vidisha: What truth ? 

Varsha : That it was drawn for four years , so don't spend time on worrying about Bairreddy spend time with baby cow , play with it. Take inspiration from the hills and nature around. 

Vidisha : Thanks you are the hill to me. Only if God is fair  to me..

Varsha: God was more unfair to many artists who were born into miserable conditions. Lippi the famous Italian painter was born in Florence in 1406 to  a butcher, and his wife. He was orphaned when he was two years old and sent to live with his aunt who was too poor to rear him, she placed him in the neighbouring  convent when he was eight years old. Lippi was inspired to become a painter by watching Masaccio at work in the Carmine church. Due to Lippi's interest,  the church gave him the opportunity to learn painting. Lippi then went on to visit Ancona and Naples, where he was captured by Barbary pirates and kept as a slave. His skill in portrait-sketching helped to eventually release him.

The veil of gloom has gone. Her heart is light and eyes  are bright now.  She is brimming with confidence. She was fondly looking at the picture of Varsha with Veena. The Veena began playing in her heart pumping joy. While she was melting in the philharmonic music she  heard the sound of Royal Enfield. She went running to the gate and saw her parents waving to him. The bike was almost out of sight but the engine sound dup...dup dup..dup was heard. With a smile on her face Vidisha ran to the calf in the back yard acting like driving bike. She was making the same sound of the engine dup.. dup.. dup. She was playing with the baby calf. Ahalya and Seshachalam saw only two baby cows playing with each other.  

Scene -3

After the extermination of Cupid by Mahadev Parvathi decided to have Mahadev as her husband with the power of penance. Her parents and elders tried to convince her against penance she did not listen to them. " The Lod of the universe is the lord of my heart and he is my universe. He's my husband to whom I dedicated my life, body and thought." said Parvathi. Her father Himavantha understood her willpower and unwillingly accepted his delicate  daughter's serious wish of severe penance. 

"This was the discussion in the previous class. Now we are going to learn how Parvathi enter's the garden of penance." said Bharatavarsha. 

Nandini raised her hand Bharatavarsha went near her. 
"Did you go to subbavaram today? " asked Nandini

Is it your doubt? Varsha's voice sounded serious.

 " She lives in city near college She has another house in the village , she went to her village home. She saw you there." said Syamala another girl.  

"what fun is this? Did I ask you  about how many houses she has?" Varsha snubbed 

Syamala : No sir actually she wants to ..."

Varsha : Please confine the discussions to the class

Nandini: Parvati who was already his lover from previous life… Why does she have to win his love? 

Varsha: She was his lover and he was hers. Shiva simply recognized his eternal beloved.  But her power of devotion must be proved in this birth too. The tapas has proved it. She surrendered fully to her love for Shiva, him being her path and destination.  You need to understand, mata Parvati did years of penance, she did highest form of devotion to get almighty shiva as her husband, also she is aadi shakti, no other women can do such penance except mata Parvati.

Chaitanya raised his hand, Varsha turned to him  and said " Chaitooooo " in the crescendo of his voice his disgust is clearly heard. " Let us start the lesson" Varsha said again
Chaitanya " sure sir, I have no doubts , I want to say that your explanation is wonderful" 
While his foolishness annoys Bharatavarsha  The innocence  pleases. 

"Does penance hold true in  the modern age? I mean  can any girl can win her lover with penance?" another girl asked. 

NO , Shiva is a great yogi. His heart can be won by the power penance,  It depends on the field of activity of the lover . You must reach the same level to get noticed. Like IAS officer can not marry a clerk.  Am I right sir? said Nandini.

No that is not true my father is a professor and my mother is a teacher said Syamala.
The whole class turned into a mess created by the disciples of Paramanandayya 

Varsha got on to the dais and wrote on the board with a piece of chalk " Tapovana pravesam" which means entry into the garden of penance.
అరుణాంఘ్రితలదీప్తిన్ అవనీతలంబెల్ల పద్మరాగస్థల భాతిన్ ఒనర…In this poem the poet describes the entry of Parvathi into the forest. With the crimson light of her feet the forest land turned red. With the light of her face spreading to all directions the directions shined like lotuses that took the light of the moon. In the tender glint of her lips all the creepers in the forest began to gleam, The air became sweet taking the fragrance of her body. The air borne perfume spreading all over the forest magically transforms the weather.  The peak cocks and other birds start dancing in anticipation of rain. 

నగ్గిరి రాజాత్మజ వట్టె నా నమరి, నింగిం బర్వె నీలాభ్రముల్.

Parvati's penance is mentioned in the poem. Parvati, who is doing penance to win him with her love for Shiva, makes her heart a vessel, pours the oil of her love in it, puts a wick of unwavering virtue, lights it with her tap fire, and with the smoke from the wick of the lamp to the sky. Clouds spread in the sky. It looks like as if she were taking the dark black soot for Katuka to possess Mahadev. This is another amazing imagination that has grown to the sky. This is how she matches Mahadev. Jaganmata is the fitting lady to Mahadev.  

When Bharatavarsha finished Syamala said "There is no match between them

Uma's body shines like a molten gold,
Whereas, Rudra's body shines like a burning camphour
Uma applies kesari on her body,
Whereas, Rudra applies ashes on his body
Maa Uma wears golden jewelry,
Whereas Rudra, wears snakes 
Maa wears Divine flowers,
Whereas, Rudra wears skull to decorate him."

Bharatavarsha said " I appreciate your knowledge Syamala. we must understand that  maa Uma is the right match Mentally. Bye the bye are you doing any ph.D on this subject? Syamala smiled,  but Nandini raised her hand " So you are doing Ph. D!"  said Varsha jokingly.

Nandini: I have a doubt sir. 
Varsha: The bell rag , didn't your hear!
Nandini: I will meet you in the department 
Varsha: If you do that you can save the class. 

All students laughed Bharatavarsha left the class. 

Scene -4

When Varsha entered the department he saw a young sitting in front of Dr. Rameswari the HOD of the Telugu Department. Varsha sat in his chair reading Vyasavallari Telugu research articles. "Mr. Sanjay the subject you have selected for Ph.D is very nice to me but you have to select a subject that is comfortable to your guide too." said Rameswari.  "Can't we select a  topic of our choice?"  You can but it must be comfortable to the guide Go and consult your guide. I had spent two days in the University morning till evening with lunch box, completely two days, to select a topic. " "Why don't you guide me?" asked Sanjay. Rameswari was amused. A smile appeared on her lips "UGC has clarified that the Ph.D supervisors must be regular faculty members of the universities." She said.  Can't we do research without guides?" asked Sanjay. His  countenance showed disappointment and his voice frustration.  Bharatavarsha stopped reading and said " In India we have no such facility." Sanjay's face turned pale. Rameswari said "Research work needs patience. There is no room for disappointment. Ph.D give you the power to cope with stress." Mr. Sanjay left. 

Rameswari looked at Bharatavarsha and said " You are not your original self, you have weather beaten appearance. Have you travelled by bike? You look so dull today" Bharatavarsha was surprised. " You have amazing art of observation.  off course I am weather beaten but I am not dull for that. I am heart broken."
Rameswari: I too must go now. but before I go I want to know if any love affair is the reason for your heart break 
Varsha: Yes, it is Bairreddy's love for a girl called Vidisha. He assaulted her to fulfil his love. The girl went to police station with complaint. It was not taken. I went to the police station to complain. He was trying to settle the case outside the police station. 

Rameswari : Police are poorly organized to deal with serious crimes and the tendency to compromise is very high when the offender has political background. Try again, you are a celebrity yourself you can expose the case in media. 

Varsha : I don't want to publicize and tarnish the girl's image. Once it goes into media the story might take ugly turns. She will be the talk of the town. It will further deepen her pain. 

Rameswari: I will introduce you to my cousin Lawyer Panchali. She is a strong feminist and the right person to deal with such crimes. Now let me go. When Rameswari went out Varsha was alone and tense in the department. Just then Nandini entered  she said 
Sir , I have a doubt"  
What is that ?
Before that I want to ask you something" 
You are looking tense and preoccupied,
Ask me about your doubt 
I can help you sir trust me.
Shut up and get out ' Bharatavarsha left the room
Nandini collapsed in the  chair broke into tears. She remained there motionless for half an hour and came with tears in her eyes. She rushed to her car waiting for her in the parking place and got into the car.  Syamala, Chaitanya and  others ran after her to stop her. Before they stopped the car had moved. 

Scene -5 modified

Near Anandapuram in Kaluvuppada village close to Meenakshi exports Private limited lies a towering ten storey building - Mahendra Nilayam - with toughened glass fittings.  When the Ambulance stopped there Agastya did not want to go in. "I want to go" Said Agastya. "Since there is no message about my arrival no servant has come down from the tenth floor." said Dakshinamurty. Agastya fell in dilemma whether to step in or go back" Dakshinamurthy understood what his son was thinking "I will ask the car driver to drop you to your hostel"  Agastya felt that it would be too cruel on his part to leave him there and go away.  A few moments later he saw the domestic help coming to the ambulance. 

Two men and two woman came down. They were surprised to see the ambulance and were shocked to hear the news of train accident and spinal damage. "Madam has not come back from the tour. Said one servant. "The lift is big enough. Let us try to move the patient with stretcher."  said the other servant. They tried to put the stretcher into the lift. The ambulance staff also helped. Agastya helped as much as possible but in vain. " You need a wheel chair sir, stretcher won't go into the lift" said the ambulance staff. 

We have no wheel chair at home. said the servants. "Get ordinary chair both are same provided he can sit two minutes." said Agastya. The servant brought the watchman's chair from the lift. Agastya helped him get into the chair. Dakshinamurthy sat in the chair with much difficulty. They lifted the chair. He was transferred into the lift.  The lift reached the top floor and Dakshina murthy was placed on his bed. Agastya looked at the telephone directory and called the nearest doctor. 

The doctor is on the way and Agastya was looking at the sunset in the eastern- Ghats through the glass panels. There are hills around. From a distance Meenakshi Fisheries was seen. Behind him was his father's bed. Agastya saw such buildings in films. Only big offices will have such buildings. " This is the empire state building of KVP. What is KVP asked Dakshina Murthy. " Kaluvuppaada" said Agastya. Dakshinamurthy smiled and said " Good abbreviation like she calls me DM." Agastya was angry. 

After a while he asked DM" why do they use glass? Isn't it dangerous?" Dakshina Murthy started explaining "Using glass in building facades and interiors enhances the ambience. Interiors appear larger and more open, with abundant natural lighting." When DM finished Agastya asked ""The transparent architecture was stunning but if the glass breaks? " "Thick laminated glass doesn't break. Even if broken or crumbled into pieces they stick to each other." Agastya was amused involuntarily he said "what a marvellous edifice of glass finish amid the eastern ghats!" 

 "Each floor  is 3600 feet unpartitioned area  with a swimming pool on the terrace. This is for commercial purpose. Only the tenth floor is residential. You can go to the terrace and see the hills that offer the thrills." Agastya has no mood to see and enjoy. He was only waiting for the doctor " I am watching the hills through the glass. The hills are the same even from the terrace." said Agastya.  That is a different thill" said DM. " I don't want different thrills. People are more important for me than thrills" Agastya took a dig. DM understood what Agastya meant. Agastya was grown up. He was not a small boy. 

Before the doctor came a young girl  and two women came in -  younger woman was about 24 years and an older about 30. Agastya looked at the younger woman keenly.  She has killing curves, cute mouth and magnetic eyes - a sex bomb, an inescapable doom. He turned his looks when he felt he was staring at her. She too stared at Agastya.   Nobody introduced them to each other for a moment. Nobody spoke anything. 

DM said to the younger woman breaking the silence " Chocolate! Here is your son."  The younger woman looked at Agastya, Agastya also looked at her. She looked like his age group and very attractive. Agastya felt uncomfortable and bent his head down. He thought " She is the luscious nymphet in whose hands my father is a puppet." 
DM briefed the train accident and hospital episodes. Just then the doctor arrived. He examined the patient, saw the railway doctor's prescription and said the same thing "You need rest for three to four weeks. Nothing to worry but you should not do anything that causes strain to the waist or spine"  The other older woman took Chocolate (younger woman) to the corner of the room and was whispering something in her ear. 

The young girl was carrying the travel bags and luggage into the bedroom.   Agastya understood that the older woman was sister cum advisor and the young girl  was a page (foot servant).  The doctor  took leave and was going back. The older woman who whispered something to Chocolate and pushed her towards the doctor. " It is too early to ask" Said chocolate who was hesitating.  

The doctor saw her hesitating and said" You want to ask something? Don't hesitate. Aske me anything?" The doctor encouraged chocolate.  "Is he fit for the family life?" asked the younger woman "I understand your fears, spinal injuries may cause problems to family life. He has to take bed rest for a month. During the bed rest he can not have family life."  " Will he be fit after the bed rest?" said Chocolate.   If the level of damage is high the risk for family life is high as it may lead to ED. Let's hope he will be alright." Said the doctor.
The elder sister intervened "Doctor what level of spinal cord damage leads to ED?" Have you studied  medicine?" asked the doctor. "I studied lives" What are you to the patient? asked the doctor looking at DM. He was seeking patient's permission with his looks. " She is my wife's sister Timpany. She is my wife Grace. He is my son Agastya. There are no outsiders here." said DM.  Agastya preferred to move out before the doctor opened his lips." Get well soon!" He said, went out and shut the door.  DM kept waving his hand from the bed. His eyes were tearful. 

"ED or erectile dysfunction can be caused by spinal damage. Damage to the spinal cord impairs its ability to transmit messages between the brain and parts of the body below.  Nerve damage is a common cause of erectile dysfunction. It makes erection difficult or impossible sometimes.. in such a case we will do spinal surgery and see the result" The doctor finished his explanation and left. 

Grace understood the chances of normal family life are fifty - fifty. She remembered 6 years of her childless marriage. Her heart was aching. She could not control her tears. DM was looking at her strangely. 

Timpany said to DM who was looking at wailing Grace strangely "If you were poor it was different. You are the most successful businessman, the owner of the largest seafood exporter in Visakha. This business needs an heir too." Dakshinamurty kept staring at her. 
"Your name is epithet of your character. (Timpany means a big drum.) Don't worry this business has an heir. I have a son." said DM. "How can he be the heir? We are there through tick and thin?" Said Timpany. DM had a cold laugh.  "I did harm to him and his mother but he came just in time to save me not you."  

Timpany said "We never dreamed of the train accident. I took her to the Basilica of Our Lady of Good Health a Marian shrine located at the town of Velankanni in Tamil Nadu, 350 km  from Chennai.  Velankanni Church is one of the most revered pilgrimages for Catholics.
I am doing my best prayers for my sister  to get children. " 

DM: Do you get children if you visit Velankanni? 

Timpani: Mother Mary is believed to have appeared in this small village, with infant Jesus in her hands. It is the belief. She waddled to the pond through the blistering sand on her knees. This is the effort.  

Agastya who stayed outside the door walked down the steps like a cat. 

Oh Timpani! what a grace! 
Thou art possess a lovely face  
But thou art a stigma on human race,
Thou art youth's beautiful flower 
Thy beauty has commanding power
Thou art a  god's perfect art
Thou art sans human heart. 


Scene -6

Rest place Church 

Just four minutes to Andhra University in the Rest place church  a sermon was going on. In side the church  on the red carpet there are six rows of long benches on the right and six rows on the left. There is  a walk way between the rows. There is a three feet height stage covered with a green carpet. A long table with chairs are decently arranged on the stage. There is a podium with mike connected to  public addressing system. Penchalayya stood at the podium and reading the sermon. The church benches are full. 

"The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake." Penchalayya read out  the most popular Psalm 23. 

He finished with the words "May God give to you and all whom you love his comfort and his peace, his light and his joy, in this world and the next; and the blessing of God almighty, the father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, be upon you." Bairreddy and Nagaraju  were present in the church while Sandeep was standing out side the church. Nagaraju was reading eulogy to his deceased grand mother. After Nagaraju finished his eulogy lunch was arranged to the members. The members dispersed.  Bairreddy came out. He went near Sandeep and said " Why did not you come in?" " I am not converted like you". 

Sabbavaram MLA Simhachalam's car entered the Church compound. He alighted his car. His security personnel arrived in an other car. MLA's right hand Nagaraju and Penchalayya came out to take him into church. They went near him and greeted him. Bairreddy also moved close to the MLA but Sandeep was watching from a distance as he did not like politics or religion. Simhachalam thought it was mark of respect or fear. " Don't be shy! come on!" He called Sandeep.  Sandeep went near and asked him Sir, why should you always have security?" Simhachalam smiled and said " 

"Last night a thief was caught stealing brass ware worth a few hundreds from a house in sabbavaram.  He was caught by the people. They have beaten almost  to death.  This is how the people in India treat a thief. An MLA or MP who looted huge amount of taxpayers money going on the road without any security ,you can’t even imagine what the public would do to him." said Simhachalam

"But the former British Prime Minister, David Cameron moves in metros without any security." said Sandeep 

You are talking about honest people. Simhachalam got disgusted with Sandeep. 

"Leave him , He is too childish, come on let us go in "said  Penchalayya to Simhachalam. He turned to Bairreddy and Sandeep, " You go home now, We have a private meeting"

Bairreddy and Sandeep walked out. Bairreddy started his bike and Sandeep sat behind.  I brought you here because I want to see Lakuma? said Bairreddy. " Lakuma is in AU sports grounds. It is just five minutes from here."  replied Sandeep. 

Scene -7

Thalang thakkita... gida takkidathom !   Gida Gida thakkita Gida Thakkita thom. 

Just one and half kilo meters from Andhra University, in Waltair club, the Centenary auditorium was echoing with the rhythm of Mrudangam. Visakha Music Academy has organised a four-day music concert to treat the connoisseurs in the city. 

It was the last day. A renowned carnatic singer started the concert invoking the blessings of Lord Rama through the Varnam “namo namo raghu kula nayaka” by Annamacharya in Ragam Nattai, in which Annamacharya prays to Lord Rama narrating His great deeds of punishing the wicked and protecting the pious and being worshipped by both Parvati and Parameswara. In quick succession, she rendered Saint Thyagarajar’s Mayamalavagowlai, wherein the Saint salutes (“mrokkeda”) the enlightened souls  well versed  in music  through which they worship and realise the Lord.

Then Dikshidar’s “nIla-anga harim - ragam neelambari, (a kriti in the second Vibhakti) was rendered effortlessly with the able support of the percussionists. Kesava pushed himself to the limit. The entire auditorium was resounding with the Rhythm.  He was absorbed into the rhythm and reached a state fo ecstacy. It was very well appreciated by the audience with an applause. Manjusha Basava and Agastya were among the audience. When the program was  over there was a felicitation to the singers and percussionist Kesava. 

 Manjusha Basava and Agastya were  were walking  to the bus stop. Agastya told Basava about Lakuma's Motorsports in University grounds.  "I have heard about Lakuma's stunt driving through aunt Damini but I have not seen. I am excited to see her stunts." After a few minutes they reached the University grounds. They saw Sandeep and Bairreddy and Raghava. They greeted Sandeep. and Raghava. Bairreddy greeted Basava, Agastya and Manjusha. Basava and Agastya remained silent but Manju turned her her side ways.  They all stood close in the shade of the tree. 

 A thousand people formed a big circle in the sports ground. "How big this ground is!" said Agastya to Basava. "It is hard to say.  It is bigger than a foot ball ground." said Kesava.  

A local sports man standing beside them heard it and said. "Andhra University is 774 acres, 423 acres is in Vizag, 51 acres is in Kakinada, 200 acres is in Vizianagaram and 100 acres is in Tadepalligudem. Vizag campus alone accounts for 54 lakh sft. There are 2 playgrounds, 3 cricket fields, 2 gymnasiums, 6 tennis courts, 2 basket ball courts, 3 volleyball courts, 1 indoor stadium"  Everybody was amused at the numbers. 

The commotion level was steadily raising. A girl who was performing before thousands of people must be a celebrity said a spectator.  She is a matchless dare-devil. the other man said. She is matchless beauty too added Bairreddy.   

"Mother Aruna is worried about Madam ( Lakuma). She lacks emotional intelligence. somebody must advice her to stop all these gangster adventures." said Kesava. " why somebody Kesava, why don't you do that?" sad Bairreddy.  "I still remember the gift she has given me in Hyderabad. You had better do it yourself because you are the right match" said Kesava.  Bairreddy was too happy to listen to such positive and encouraging words from Kesava. " I have no objection but I want her to compete with me in stunt biking." " Yeah, She must compete only in wheelie , only front wheel lifting he knows." Sandeep deflated.

vizag Bikers' Club , Motor sport association members and television journalists were seen busy in the ground.  Sneha and Lakuma came into the middle of the ground. An automotive journalist from Bike Stunt who stood close to Manjusha went into the middle of the ground. 

Lakuma and Sneha entered the ground with basic wheelie ( lifting the of the front of the motorcycle off the ground ) Lakuma started doing a circle wheelie. The "circle" is a wheelie performed traveling entirely within a circle, which is very difficult to do. The crowds started cheering up. Bairreddy was watching with bated breath when Lakuma  put her right foot on the left peg.  It  is called a "Ralph Loui". which is considered even more difficult.

Later she shot past towards the crowd and lifted the back wheel in to the air. She made two rounds very close to the spectators on the front wheel and went back to the centre of the ground and landed on the back wheel. From the centre the bike galloped like a horse towards the north east at a great speed she lifted the front wheel to 12 O' clock position. It is a high wheelie. It was a hair raising task to the spectators. While people and TV cameras are watching Lakuma gragually lifted her legs  and spread them over the handlebar.  Basava, Raghava , Sandeep Agastya are watching with bated breath Manjusha closed her eyes. Bairreddy is half dead inside managed to laugh to coverup the feelings of fear.  The bike took a round very close to Bairreddy  with a great VROOOOOM. He was startled and the reality came out of him. The fear was distinctive on his face. His legs trembled. 

Lakuma reached the other end of the ground. The bike was coming with the speed of a jet. Some people  thought that she would lift the front wheel , some people thought that she would lift the back wheel but surpassing the imagination of the spectators she threw her body in to the air balancing ,her body on hands that firmly caught the handlebar. The legs was up in the air  thick beautiful thighs in blue jeans and riding boots looked beautiful. The spectators had high BP. Manjusha had head reel, her vision blurred and darkness was enveloping her. She heard a thud fall two meters away. Damini collapsed to the ground. 

 Later Lakuma did some bar stunts like Ape Hanger( Hanging from the bars and allowing the riders feet to drag behind the bike) Cliff Hanger (Hanging from the bars with one's feet while doing a 12 O'clock.)  Later she performed another dangerous stunt "frog" ( It is a wheelie in which the rider stands on the tank)  Finally she did and endo  lifting the rear wheel of the motorcycle using momentum and braking force. Everybody thought that the show was over but Lakuma speeded up towards the North east again and leapt like a deer. But this time she switched back.  (with the body facing the rear of the motorcycle, opposite the direction of travel.) She unfolded the most dangerous stunt in stunt biking. 

Sandeep said to Bairreddy " You are a real man if you can dare her into a race" Bairreddy  had little life in his head with which he nodded yes. Just then Lakuma did a terrific De activator — Riding a wheelie on idle and jumping off the back of the motorcycle. There was a huge applause from the spectators. The crowd cheered and clapped that resembled the sound of lightning. Sandeep and Bairreddy moved close to Lakuma. Sandeep pushed Bairreddy to ask what he promised or aspired. Before Bairreddy uttered the full sentence she flew into the air and gave Bairreddy a powerful kick between his legs. He was collapsed. Lakuma is  Lynx. She is unchallengeable. 

Just 2 kilometers fro Andhra University  in Lawsons Bay Colony  Bharatavarsha Introduced himself to Lawyer Panchali. " Yes, my sister Rameswari told me about you."said Lawyer Panchali. "Did she tell you anything about the case?" " No, but she told me about you a lot" Said panchali. Bharatavarsha smiled. It was a sweet and hearty smile.
Pamchali: Your name is rare and interesting. Bharatavarsha is lovely. 
Bharatavarsha: All my forefathers died in wars. One in First world war , the other in second world war and finally my father in Kargil war. They wanted me to be a soldier but ...
Panchali: You are no less than a soldier. 
Bharatavarsha smiled again. The same hearty smile. " Yes, I want to launch a legal battle." He explained the case and said "  Instead of taking action on the culprit, the police are trying to settle the case out side the station. He is giving a run round to take the complaint.
Panchali: Did he not take the complaint? 

Varsha: The inspector took the complaint but an FIR was not made. He said that he would investigate and make an FIR later. He says that he can not blindly believe every complaint.

Panchali: Next week let us go to the police station. If he doesn't register the case ,we can go to the superintendent or to the court.  The court will direct him to register the case. I have seen many such cases.   

Bharatavarsha thanked the lawyer and came out of her office. He was walking on the pavement of the RK beach road. It was evening. The sky looked like an amber canvass. The cool breeze touching the body and relaxing the mind. Varsha crossed the parapet wall and walked towards the seashore. The beach sand gave shelter to the many tired souls.  "Hey ARMY boy!"  A voiced called him. It was a familiar voice.  Varsha stopped and looked back. He saw an old man at a push cart that sells gold fingers, chocolates and peppermints. He smiled at Varsha.  Varsha recognised him and said " Samba!! You!! how much you changed.  Samba smiled. His hair turned grey. He has a long beard. 

"I could have recognised your but for the name Army boy"   
"Perhaps you were six years old when I first saw you. I was selling at your school.
I still remember and recognise your classmates and your school mates. They recognise me too. Lakuma comes to beach and VUDA Park very often. Basava and Agastya are also seen now and then. How is Manju and mother? " He asked. 

They are fine said Varsha and left his foot wear at the cart and took groundnut packet from him. He was walking bear footed in the sea shore. He is dressed in a chic white shirt. His perfectly white teeth gleam winning. He was shaved with two days old black beard was shapely and his artfully tousled hair was tumbling.

He sat in the far end of the beach where there are no crowds. He was looking at the waves in the Bay of Bengal and the sprawling sand. He remembered his childhood. He remembered the summer evening he came to the beach with his friend. 

I walk'd with my friend Kishore on seashore

Listening to the sailors' sweet folklore

we stop at wakad stall on the beach

we walk hard and had a cup o' tea each

We watched the tides in the blue sea

 spilled on our clothes the boiling tea

the raging whirlwind howls in our ears

the sand particles stuck on our faces like spears

bits of papers and chocolate wrappers 

swirl  round and round and like tiny choppers

the little girls thought it was a ghost

there was a commotion on the coast

A big turtle was washed to the shore

Such a turtle we haven't seen before

Varsha lay down on the beach sand. His mind has gone into outer space. His heart was stripped off all weight. A sweet escape into childhood. Suddenly he heard a great commotion on the road. Vroom.. Vroom... Vroom... It was a motor bike race. Again he was pushed from the heaven of happiness into the abyss of whirling noise. After the poetic peace is evaporated he felt like he was walking on the jagged stones.  He walked towards the road.  


Rest place church : 

The nave ( the prayer hall where the congregating sits ) is the better place but it is open and public. The vestry is exclusive  and private. So let's go there." said Penchalayya. 

Penchalayya  Nagaraju and Simhachalam sat around the round table in the vestry ( changing room for the minister and pastors) Penchalayya took the Royal stag Whisky bottle and served in the glasses on the table. They sipped the wine leisurely discussing their favourite things.  After three rounds 

Nagaraju said " Bharatavarsha is involving in that girl's case. If he succeeds my brother Bairreddy will go behind the bars." 

Penchalayya : Naga leave it to me. I have a plan for that. I will send him behind bars.
Nagaraju : But how? The SI is our man but if he goes legally he can't help.
Penchallayya  whispered something in his ear and Naga's face glowed brightly his eyes widened and lips parted showing his teeth. Then penchalayya said " leave that matter and talk to other things."

Simhachalam "I know very well that Penchalayya needs some help but Nagaraju is prompting me to help him. What is the nexus between you?"

Penchalayya : We are the same. We are Christians! 
Simhachalam : Ha.. hha .. hhaa .. ha! 
Pen: Recently he started a church in Sabbavaram and earning handsomely. why don't you start a church? It helps you a lot in vote capturing. 
Nagaraju : You are making money, I am not. 
Sim: Pastors in Visakha have roaring business. 
Nag: May be in Visakha pastor are able to convert and get funds from abroad. People are pious in villages. Penchalayya made good money. An ordinary man became a wealthy man.

Pen: Why do you talk about conversion and foreign funds? People like me  who stand for the word of God get hurt! With the power of God I have achieved wealth. Simhachalam can also become wealthy if God blesses. 

Sim: Oh! stop the drama. I know that you are brother thieves. 99.9% of today's Indian Christian Evangelists are after money. There are pastors who live in mansions and luxury maintain SUVs like us.  And the converts feel that they are supreme beings in the world by accepting this religion and others are fools. They start educating their family and friends to leave their religion.

Pen : I am not like that. The Assembly elections are ensuing, God will bless you..

Sim : You are not educating, you even forced your family members. Now you are forcing me. His face flushed. His eyes reddened. He over turned the table spilling all the whisky and breaking the glasses.  " Bloody buggers! How dare you target me? He took the waist belt and started beating both like mules.  Penchalayya and Nagaraju are frightened. They fell on the floor and reeled like pieces of cloth. After a while Simhachalam gained  consciousness and said " Sorry!" Don't irritate me again! This is what for you have called me?

Nagaraju whispered to Penchalayya" I told you this will not work with big brother. "

Penchalayya took out a brief case and handed it to simhachalam and said " This meeting is to ask your favour of protecting the land I have acquired in kommadi for the construction of a new church.  

Simhachalam sighed deeply HaaaAA and said " You should have told this without all the mess. It is not difficult. Last time when we met you gave a hint of it"

Pen: But the court has given injunction ( A court order to stop work) The defendant lawyer says I must stop building. 

Sim: Don't worry! Local court orders  are usually nothing. People act against stay orders by local courts like District, Sessions or Civil Courts. Usually courts send summons to the offender but offender does not turn up. The court will send new interim orders which can also be flouted. The persons enforcing the orders like Collectors or Policemen are important. If these persons can be “influenced” - they can openly ignore a stay order but orders of Special courts CBI and ED or HC or SC - matter more seriously. 

Pen : I know with your influence in higher circles you can do it. 

Sim : Ha... hha... hha .... Why don't ask your God to save your land?  

Pen: I am .. the God .. in fact....

Sim : Ha.. hha ..hha... man in power is more powerful than God.


Bharatavarsha came on to the pavement and stood watching the performance bikes flying like jets along the beach road. The road was filled with dozens of bikes. All people gathered on the pavement to see the spectacle. The push cart vendor Samba also came on to the pavement. One of the on lookers said "They think that this road is runway and fly with their bikes. Neither the police nor the parents could curb these rowdy mobs. Their stunts pose a grave danger to the walkers. " The second on-looker said "  I live in the opposite apartments we are scared of coming out early in the morning. It is our fate that we bought flats here"  "Don't talk about fate. The police are inefficient." said the first man. When they were talking like that they saw the police jeep. The bikes simply vanished within no time. The road became empty again.  There is a big relaxation!! Bharatavarasha took a deep breath looking at the empty road. He called the auto on the other side of the road and was waiting for the auto to come. 

He saw Lakuma and another girl coming by bikes from the other end. The police got alerted. Lakuma took no notice of the cops and parked her bike. A lady Inspector has taken the two girls by van seizing their bikes. We are not racers , nor we ever raced said Lakuma. We do stunt biking only in the grounds. said Sneha. The Inspector did not reply the van moved. The recover van moved with their bikes.