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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

A felicitation by great people

When I look back at 21 st February 2022 from 2023 Feb 21st I find myself at a great height of Literary and Achievement. I must say that it is neither the summit nor my goal as I have to go a long way.  On Feb 2022 I received the biggest felicitation from the most reputed college ( Siddhartha MBA college) in the largest auditorium with fullest students. On Feb 2022 I was among the students and professors.  But on 21 Feb 2023 I was among many renowned wrters, poets and artists. I was on the Dais with the Education Minister of the State, President of AP state official language and President of AP Edictor's Association. 

I was only one the Siddhartha MBA College located within the campus of VR Siddartha Engineering College, Vijayawada felicitated on International Mother Tongue Day 2022. 

I was one among the many accomplished poets, writers and singers congrigated at hotel IRIS PRIME, Gandhinagar Vijayawada on International Mother Tongue Day 2023.

Poolabala with Sahitya Academy Chairperson Smt. P. Srilakshmi

In one way  2023 is superior a step ahead of 2022  because 2023 has showered on me STATE HONOUR. The felicitation in the presence of State Sahitya Academy Chairperson Smt. P. Srilakshmi is highly memorable. Her speech on this day shows her real love of her Mother tongue. That is unforegettable.


Indian Sonneteer Book release

Poolabala an International writer from Vijayawada city, world's only exphonic writer who wrote in six foreign languages, who is also the first French novelist from India launched "Indian Sonneteer" a peotry book that comprises 200 sonnets (14 lined English poems) on 21st February 2023 during Internatinal Mother tongue day celebrations.  Indian Sonneeter English Poems book was displayed by the Education Minsiter Mr. Botsa Satyanarayana and Mr. P.Vijayababu the president of AP state official language,   Mr. Krishnamraju the president of AP editors' association and others on the stage.

Indian Sonneeter Book release by the elite of A.P

Education Minister reading the sonnet on the back cover

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets during his lifetime 

Sonnets are considered the toughest poems. Only a 14 lined poem with a certain rhyme scheme has the right to the title sonnet. 200 sonnets ( Indian Sonneteer) - were written under four months time. This number is more than what Shakespeare has written in his life. Poolabala's sonnets reflect  native thought and culture with inner and End Rhyme scheme. With striking nativity and rich imagery his sonnets are lyrical and heart touching with diverse themes such as Love, Lust, Birth , Death , Country , Culture , God , Ghost , Witch, Bridge, River, Cow, Ant. With seemless vocabulary and assonance these sonnets transport the reader mind into a different world. Indian Sonneteers is going to be another record both for the lryrical quality and number.   

Mother Tongue Day -2023

On 21st February 2023 International Mother Tongue Day was celebrated more grandly than one can ever imagine. Besides being very expensive, the celebrations were innovative.  The level and style of Celebrations have left a Permenant mark  on the history of the city and IMT Day celebrations as well.

Poolabala Receiving Title from Education Minister of A.P
                                           మాతృభాషా సేవా శిరోమణి బిరుదు పొందుతున్న దృశ్యం

The credit goes to Mr. Krishnamraju the president of AP editors' association who has designed the program with the concept of giving Titles from State Official language Chairman Mr. P Vijayababu for  deserving writers and other prominent personalities who served the language. Writers of Various languages and genres, artistes from different places participated in the program. 

Polyglot and World Record Holder Poolabala from Viajayawada, Marathi writer Venaktesh from Hyderabad, Telugu writer Pamulapati and Hindi writer & retd Professor Vijayalakshmi, Nose painter Satyavolu (who painted Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam live with his nose)  Famous TV Personality Oleti Parvateesam from Hyderabad and Bharatabhashabhusha Tekumalla Venkat appaya from Nellore have also participated in the program. 

Saturday, February 11, 2023


Bharatavarsha - Malini 

 Kesava - Ballipadu

Dakshinamurty - john

Arpita - john meeting

John - Grace's meetings

5.Timpani suspicion - john squabble

Grace insults friends

Kumkum - Diana story one

Vidisha regrets

Graces friends brainwash Timpani

10. Manjusha - Sandeep  - Raghava

Grace decision to ownership

Vidisha - Tiruvananamalai

Basava - Noorjahan first twist 

Nandini - Syamala

15.Bharatavarsha -  sonnets  England commonwealth poetry

 Kesava program   Ballipadu 

Parvathi  - Armugam

Basava - Agastya -  Armugam

Parvathi  rescued by Armugam 

20.Alliance  fixed. Armugam's decision

Raghava - Chandana

Angayar - Tanya

Kumkum _ Diana

Amavasa - Adalarasi

25.Nandini - Penchalayya

Nandini - mareedu

City mayor - beggars

Kumkum - Rajastan

Lakuma - Vivek

30. Armugam  - medicine - Romance

Bharatavarsha - Nandini

Monday, February 6, 2023

Downing street stories -38

Armugam dashed in and settled in the chair while he was talking to Varadachari. DR.Amavasa looked seriously at Armugam. "What is this? How could you dash in without permission ?" Said Dr.Amavasa. Armugam did not bother about Amavasa's feelings. Amavasa, He called emotionally " I want some money, Very urgent!" He said. 

Amavasa smiled sheepishly at Varadachari. Armugam  looked at Varadachari. " Oh! Dance maestro! How are you?  He said to Varadachari and turned to Dr. Amavasa " I know him. He is very close to me. we both are devotees of the same God. Amavasa  said " I am not pleased. I am annoyed." 

"Amavasa.  Please give me rupees 2000. Very urgent." said Armugam. 

"No, I don't have" said Amavasa. "Please take from your patient! It is very urgent." Armugam said. Dr. Amavasa and Varadachari both looked at him strangely but their looks did not deter Armugam. At least for the life saving water." He said showing the water bottle he had given Amavasa. "Is it life saving water?" Asked Amavasa. Yes it is proven. It has saved my life. " said Armugam. With doubled enthusiasm he shot himself to Dr. Amavasa's chair, caught his ear and whispered. "My girl friend asked me to take her to pub. Suddenly   I found myself bankrupt." 

Dr. Amavasa's relented. He acquiesced. "He knows the value of girl friend.  Varadachari smiled. He could hear what Armugam said. "He asked what is a pub?"

A pub is as important to lover as Varanasi is to a Hindu. At least once in life time one must go to pub with a girl friend. said Armugam to Varada. 

Dr. Amavasa, have you gone to pub? asked Varadachari.

"I have no girl friend." said Amavasa.  "Oh! is it? Can we go with wife?" asked Varada

Yes, why not? said Armugam.  "That i a good idea Amavasa, you can go with your wife."

Dr. Amavasa's face black as his name suggests. It turned blacker and sadder. 

What is so special about pub? asked Varadachari. 

Pubs is a dimly lit restaurants with loud music with a limited food and a wide beverage menu. Some pubs have open space where people may dance some people go with girl friends and some people go with friends. said Amavasa.  Varadachari got off the chair. 

Dr.Amavasa " Carry some amount of cash for tip  It is very important. wear shoes- to be allowed into the pub. Most importantly, if you are going to drink,  hire a cab. I Suggest you choose a pub and visit it with your more experienced friends." Dr.Amavasa gave tips and money to Armugam. Armugam kissed Amavasa and left as hurriedly as she had come.


Diana and Kumkum are standing at the window Kumkum's flat. "The swimming pool view is fantastic." Said Daina.  In the golden rays of the early sun the kids are swimming in the pool. The sun light is turning everything into gold. In the open space of the Lotus apartments in Vikram estates the kids playing in the kids play area.

Kumkum's gaze is fixed on the children.  A mother is helping her six year old son to swim. Another mother held her baby in arms and showing the spectacle. There are  several apartments in Vikram estates. Lotus  is the most expensive of all.

I couldn't be a mother. lamented Kumkum

never mind. Take it lightly. said Diana and lighted a cigeratte.

she took a long puff.  Leaving the smoke in rings she said "

You are flithy rich , you are so beautiful. Learn to enjoy your life."

How can I? asked Kumkum. 

Like me , look at me last weekend I went to Pondicherry and spent the whole night with my boyfriend Desmond. This weekend I want to go with my new boyfriend. " said Diana. " New boy friend!" said Kumkum with shcok and surprise.  Diana  let out thick smoke luxuriantly. 

Rings of smoke big, bigger and the biggest All losing shape and vanishing in the air.  Life is so short like the rings of smoke. Said Diana. 

I can not be as free as you. I can not change boyfriends like you. It is very hard to understand your philosophy. said Kumkum

One day your body becomes smoke and mixes up in the air just like this. Nobody is going to write our biographies, read and remember our  stories.  

The door bell rang. The maid went and opened the entrance door. It was Angayar. Oh! come in Angayar. She brought Angayar to the window. Another maid gave her fruit juice. After drinking the juice Angayar wished to tour around Kumkum's house.

 Is it a mysore palace or museum? I never entered your house before. It is amazing. Oh My God. Kumkum you are blessed. Look at my life. I am living in the C block. Once you visit this house it is hard to step into my apartment. said Angayar.

That is why I say again live your life , enjoy your life. said Diana.

Shut up Diana you are in 20s. You are too young to talk about life. Kumkum is already enjoying her life. Owning a house near Tidel park area  is a fancy tale for you and I. 

Ok. Ok.  you don't quarrel. Let us start to parrys corner shop. Today I must give salaries to the new salesmen. since my husband has gone to Rajastan. I must visit  my shop but we must wait for Tanya. 

I don't think Tanya will come. She calle me up and told me. said Anagayar. 

Diana: Why what is her problem? 

She is infested with more problems then anyboy. Her problems are without solution. She is fighting with shadows. She is worried more about the school and society. Yestady day there were cultural programs in the school which are derogatory to Hindu culture. 

I remember her didcussing the same anti-Hindu programs when Meenakshi was working here.  Yes, She told me that is the reason for her leaving her old school.  said Angayar

Now and then she discussed the dwindling ethics in the schools. I don't understand her philosophy. said Diana.  " Your philosophy is different." said Angayar satirically.

Come let us go to Parrys let us have breakfast and lunch outside. said Kumkum

Oh! come on let us go. said Diana. 

I am not lucky like both of you. I must go to Vadapalani to my company.

Hello! today is Sunday. reminded Diana. 

That is for you. My manager says that we  must  work half  day on Sundays. 

Thank God. He is sending home for night to the husabnd. Said Diana

Kumkum laughed. Angayar's face turned red. " You are rich, you are careless I am neither" said Angayar and started walking out. She stopped at the  door and said " Kumkum, your house is so beautiful. One day I will try to own a B class apartment although I can never own a palace like this!" Kumkum smiled and said " surely you will." Angayar left.

Kumkum and Diana got down to the ground floor by lift. The driver was waiting with car by the pool side. Kumkum took the keys from the dirver and sent him away. They both sat in the car kumkum started the car and after a minute she stopped by the lawns. 

The golden sunlight has filled the lawns. It was warm. The children are playing.

"Look how happily the Kids and youngsters are playing. What do you think when you look at them?" asked Kumkum "Away from the confinement and constraint of four walls the children should play.  Outdoor activities trigger more enthusiasm in kids. They become more active Their enhances physical and mental fitness level. Sports are necessary for children." Diana delivered a lecture Kumkum laughed and said " Don't we get dull without physical activity? off course , we need games but we can not play like them, Adults have different games to play. said Diana and winked and felt sorry for winking at Kumkum.

I like you Diana. I like your freedom. Be who you are. Be as free as you are. Thought I can not be as free as you are.  I agree with you. I need them not for exercise but to live as a woman. I could not be a mother. At least I must live like a woman.  

"I have a way with old people. I can bring your husband to your way." said Diana  

 You young devil! You have a way for everything.  Please spare your wit. 

I understand that you need a man not men in your life. That is fine. Shall I introduce a man to you. You might like each other. said Diana. 

No need I have a man whom I like so much.  I like his physical charm and modest behaviour.  My mind is fixed on him. But his mind is fixed on a job. I offered him money but he refused. 

He is Agastya, Am I right? asked Diana. Kumkum was surprised and also felt shy.

I will tell you how to takle such boys. They don't take money. They speak ethics. There is another way to do it. said Diana. "Tell me what is it? " Kumkum's voice was enthusiastic her face was lit with curiosity.  " It is a sure shot plan but you have to offer him job with good salary? " said Diana. 

Good salary means how much? 

Boys at that age work in software companies day and night for 40 to 50 k. Look Angayar is very proud of her salary 80k. She loses her Sundays also for it." Said Diana

We are paying one lakh for our senior sales men. In all big jewellery showrooms the salaries are in the same rage. We are not special. When Kumkum conclude Diana had a jolt. 

"The school is paying me 40k. Please recommend me to your husband for the salesperson job." "I can appoint you, No need of my husband." said Kumkum. Diana was pleasantly surprised. "He will approach you himself shortly." said Diana. Kumkum was pleasantly surprised. The car started. 


When red Volks wagon stopped in front of the house Angayar and Tanya stared at it.  Who is it that came to my house by car?  Muttered Angayar. Yes, you stopped stitching months ago! It is unlikely to be a customer,” said Tanya.

Diana got down from the car and waved at her friends.  I bought a new car 

Said Diana cheerfully.  On EMIs? Said Tanya. Congratulations! Said Angayar

Later She also congratulated Diana and said “ Have you shown it to Kumkum?

Diana laughed and laughed “How was last night? She asked Angayar.

It was a wonderful experience. Said Angayar.

What? what happened last night? asked Tanya suspiciously

Ha hha hha ha Angayar laughed. Her laughter raised more suspicion in Tanya.   She turned to Diana. “Diana, you are spoiling everybody.” She shouted.  Diana chortled. “Have I chosen wrong friends? How can married women do this?” said Tanya with a voice filled with anguish and pain.

O My God! Tanya, stop your wild imaginations, nothing that sort has happened.

What is that wonderful experience last night? asked Tanya.

Angayar showed vodka bottle from the cupboard. Tanya was agape.

Is it last night's wonderful experience? She asked Angayar.

 ha hha hha hha hha hhhhhha hhhhhhhh laughed Diana.

Shut up! what is that wild laughter even devil's get frightened. said Tanya angrily.. “How mean you are Tanya. Angayar had troubled sleep. She has to work hard in her company. 

Tanya: That is called labour exploitation. 

Diana: She gets tired physically when she reaches home. You know her home environment is mentally very stressful.  

Tanya: But her husband is cool and calm. What is the problem?

Diana: That is the problem. He is calm and cool. He doesn’t do anything

Tanya did not understand anything but after a few seconds she said “Oh! I understood the problem now but Diana you have given medicine I think. Isn’t it working.” Asked Tanya

I have a joint family. I reach home mentally tired. At home my aunt keeps all the work ready for me. At school I am mentally tired at home I am physically tired. My case is exactly opposite to Angayar’s. 

Problems are common to all. Said Angayar. 

I have no problems. Said Diana. 

Yes, you changed for a better job. You are making more money. Said Angayar

It is not money that made her free. She doesn’t care for anything even human relations. From the beginning she is like that. Sometimes I wonder how you can live like that? you are born free girl.  Said Tanya 

So, at least there is one person who has no problems. I wish I had no problems like you but my problem has no solution. Said Angayar 

Angayar you can solve her problem. Every problem has a solution. Tanya you have no problem. You are creating problems. You must consult psychologist. 

Diana’s comments irked Tanya. Tanya’s face turned red with anger. She became furious. Her voice harsh “ what do you know about my problems at school?” She shouted at Diana. 

Your problems at school are meaningless. The school will not follow your ideas. It has its own policy. If the school promotes secular ideas or western culture it is not your business. to brood about it and break your head. Your problems are trivial and laughable!

I must go to school I have no time to argue with you. Said Tanya.

"I must report early today. I must start to Vadapalani." said Angayar

I have no hurry today is Thursday. Thursday is my off. We mut celebrate this weekend that is my new car party. Said Diana and got into her new Volks wagon.


The room is large and dark. There is a flickering candle at one end of the room.  The light from the candle is unable to fill the large room. There are shawdows moving on the walls in the semidarkness.  There is a creaking noise of the rocking chair. Vidisha sat in the rocking chair and chanting the sonnets.The clock struck 12.00.  She saw Syamala sat by the flickering candle and writing the sonnets.  The two souls n a trance in the dimly lit rooom.  Hours passed in the semidarkness. The beams of sunlight filled the room. Vidisha opened her eyes and looked at Syamala. She was fast asleep. She went near her and saw the note book filled with sonnets. Syamala's pen is sleeping in her hand.  Vidisha tried to take the pen from her hand. Syamala opened her eyes.  They  heard some through the noises. They looked through the window of the first floor. They saw gathering at the gate. 

Mata Nilayam was closed for the day. The visitors and devotees who came from distant palces are disappointed to see the paddlocked gates. A security man was standnig behind the huge black gates and telling visitors that Amma kept vigil through the previous night. A distant visitor was knocking at the gates demanding admission. "I am the neview of Venkatadri. Let me in." He said.  The intruder had an argument with the security. 

That was loud enough to disturb Seshachalam. He came down from the upstairs. The guards of Mata Nilayam followed him. When he reached the gates He saw the young man shouting for admission. " I came from Sabbavaram. My uncle Venkatadri is the richest land lord in the village.   The gaurds have opened the gates and tried to convince him to go away but he insisted on seeing Amma. "I have very urgent and important work. I must be allowed." He said.  "The city mayor was denied admission. He went back. You are not greater than him." said Seshachalam. 

Vidisha and Syamala came back from the window sat in the chair. Syamala sat by her feet. Vidisha said " Sit on the chair, I am not Amma to friends. I have no powers I am just like you" She said. Syamala has beaten on her cheeks with open palms showing that it is sin to sit on chair or listen to such words. " You have the real powers. How can you tell all the 200 sonnets without seeing the book? You are extraordinary. There is some super natural power in you. The people fighting to see you. They are not mad." She said.  

Meantime a group of visitors who were waiting under the tree in a distance quickly came up to the gate. They requested Seshachalam to let them in. "My uncle is the richest landlord in Sabbavaram. He helped this man grow and this man has forgotton the one who helped him." The young man was complaining to the public. Some body pushed him from behind. There erupted a scuffle.  A press photographer clicked it. While the gaurds were trying to stop him  from taking photos another photographer jumped off the wall and ran towards the water pipe and climbed up to the window. He saw Vidisha in the rocking chair and Syamala at her feet. 

He clicked his camera. The flash fell on their faces and their eyes dazzled. The camera man vanished from the window but he was caught at the entrance gate. There was a scuffle again.

Syamala said " I feel very sorry. You told me what happens if you spend a night with me. I did not understand that the aftermath could be so serious. I now understood." said Syamala.


Anandanilayam is wearing an empty look. The moon is overlooking the Radhamanohar flowers. The night jasmine has  spread  its perfume around the house. In the stillness of the night the footsteps of the passers by is clearly heard. The rhythm of Mrudanga is mixed up in the sound of quick succession of their foot steps.   They slowed down as the gust of  fragrant wind touched their nostrils. They stood and inhaled the  aromatic breeze. "What a beautiful garden!" said one. "What a lovely scent." said the other. 

 They are looking at the bunches of flowers  overgrown and hanging from the creepers. Suddenly the gust of wind brought the rhythm of Mrudanga. They stood listening to the soul touching music of  Mrudanga. Time stood still for a few moments. Suddenly soft motor sound of the car was heard disturbing the music. They turned their heads,  saw a car coming towards Anandanilayam and quickly walked away. 

When the car stopped there the doors of Anandanilayam opened. Malini was stood at the door looking at the gates. Manjusha was about to get down from the car to open the gates. Sandeep who was sitting beside her stopped her and planted a series of hot kisses on her cheeks, neck and throat brushing his nose against her throat he went down and pressed his face against her stiff  round breast. Manjusha swieled and shuddered while Sandeep was relishing the feminine odour of her body. Manjusha looked into his face his eyes were showing the intensity of the demonic desire. She suddenly pushed him off and said " It is not your Bangalore office. It is car! My mom has come out and waiting at the door mind you!" We must go to Bangalore again." Sandeep pleaded. " That we will discuss later" She pushed him out of the car. Sandeeep went away. Manjusha opened the gates and started the car. 

Malini saw Manjusha driving the car in. She entered the gates and drove in. The tyres of the Jaguar car crushed some sapplings. Malini was shouting " you are crushing PLANTS, STOP.. STOP..." Kesava stopped playing Mrudanga on hearing the shouting and came out. Manjush did not hear anything from inside the car. She parked the car in the premises. 

Kesava went running to the gates and closed them. " When Manju came to the door Malini was very angry. " It is 10.00 PM is it the time to reach home? I don't like your night outings, You are a young girl of marriageable age, remember you ?" Shouted. 

Mom, stop fuming. I told you that I was going to attend the Syamala's book release function. I was invited as the chief guest at the function. It won't look nice to escape while Amma ( Vidisha ) was coming to the function. 

"Ye, yes,  She has given you the jagwar. It won't look nice if you miss the function." teased Kesava. Manjusha flew off the handle "Have sense and think straight Kesava. I am concerned with my brother's book not the car. I can return it tomorrow." Manjush shouted at Kesava. 

Malini: Shut up! Manju!! You are not concerned about the sonnets. Kesava is more concerned about the sonnets , he wrote the sonnets while Varsha was speaking out. He sang them several times playing the Mrudanga. I never saw you doing it. 

Manjusha: If he is so concerned why did he not come to the meeting. The high and rank from the city attended the function. They all praised me, showered encomiums on me. You missed my glory and ganndeur. 

Malini: You insolent stupid! That is not your glory it is the glory of the literature.  They praised the literature and respected you because you are his sister. It is incidental, nothing special.  Syamala and Vidisha invited you for the same reason  (to avoid any possible objections from your brother.) 

Don't ever speak such words,  Syamala and Vidisha will be hurt

Do you know how much Nandini was hurt? 

She is swollen with pride she behaved like it she owned the sonnets. She hurt her friend Syamala but she underestimated the power of Vidisha. She could read the pages from the sonnets book from the rocking chair of her residence. 

Malini : Kesava's manuscript is lost. 

Manjusha: Chi, This is what you think about Vidisha who has been doing so much.

Malini : Look Manju, I know why you are backing up Vidisha but let me tell you I like Nandini because she is following the path of service laid by Varsha. She is walking in the path of charity and service , clinging to tradition and culture. Have you forgotten that she has built the bridge by herself? 

Kesava: It is named after her. It is called Nandini bridge.

Manju: Tomorrow if money is necessary for my marriage who is going to arrange? 

Malini and Kesava remained speechless. Manjusha threw a scornful look and said  

Vidisha has promised to arrange the money. Her mother's soul is her strength. She has the power of prediction. The whole town is after her. What does Nandini have? 

Kesava : Understanding mind, kind heart and serving hand. 

Manju: If she is so sweet go her marry her why did you accept Sundari? 

Malini's hand charged Manju's cheek instantly. Manju went into her bedroom shut the doors and started crying. "I am on the way to Ballipadu to see my fostered mother and sister Parvathi. I have stopped in Anandanilayam to see you all.  My soujourn has caused great trouble. I am sorry. Le t me go Amma" said kesava in a sorrowful voice. 

Kesava Varsha is coming from Chennai tomorrow wait till then, You can go tomorrow. Don't go at night. I will ask him to return the car first. said Malini and stopped Kesava.

Manju came cout of the bedroom like a whirlwind and threw the car keys. " I don't want car. I am not dying for the car. I have the right on my brother's literature as mucha as they have. I am the girl of this house." She went in again. 


Kumkum just finished bath and was wearing saree. Diana was looking at her even when she was in the bath tub. “Such a spacious bathroom luxury tiles and expensive  bath tub I have never seen even in five star hotels.” Kumkum laughed. She stood before the mirror semi nude - just a towel around her wait. “What a beauty in this age!” Said Diana looking at her figure.  Kumkum dropped the towel and picked up the saree from her wardrobe.

She is 5’ 10” tall slender figure. Shining gold complexioned silky skin almond eyes.  She has slender wrists shiny round shoulders with long hair flowing over them. She looked at her milky white big pink nipples on medium sized breasts and began wearing a pink bra and panties. “Even at forty your breasts have no hint of sag and your body retained it shape as if you were in 30.” Kumkum let out an empty smile.  “It is true your beauty has not diminished. I am not trying to flatter because you are my boss.” Said Diana again.

Kumkum said “First you are my friend. Other relations are insignificant and temporary.” She is wearing a Kanchipuram soft dark green saree on green petty coat and same colour designer blouse. Diana was looking at Kukkum. The broad back open was stunning. She pulled the draw of the wardrobe that has a dozen sets of ornaments picked a necklace. It is a golden pearl necklace. 

"This Pearl necklace designs became very popular recently among Young and middle-aged women. These are simple yet elegant for all the occasions, this is from the family of bib necklace made of multiple strands with Gold, diamond and stones pendants." Said Kumkum.

You know about the necklaces because you are a top-notch jeweller’s wife.

You are so beautiful. I envy you. I wish I were rich like you "said Diana.

"Happiness is more important than beauty. Tanya is beautiful but sad like me." I wish I were free like you. Said Kumkum. “Don’t talk about Tanya. Her unhappiness is unpardonable while your unhappiness is reasonable.

I don’t know where from she gets all these worries. Like Angayar is a weaver of money and Tanya is a weaver of worries. Tanya and Adalarasi are not seen these days.

Recently I discovered two things. Tanya picks up worries from the social media like a pig picks up dirt from the pit. She has 10,000 followers in Facebook. She breaks her head to please them. Life begins only after you stop pleasing others.

I like it Diana. “Life begins only after you stop pleasing others.” Perhaps I am doing it. I am trying to please my parents, my husband and relatives but not me. Off course , most people do the sme thing. You are not doig it. What is the second thing you have discovered?

It is about adalarasi, Have you seen her recently. Few months ago she was as dark as she is now. She is spending much of her time in the service of Angayar.

I introduced her to Angayar. She is fair girl of 35. She is not married. She is friend of Vaisali, Vikraman’s ex-wife. She is taking Varadachari to the doctor. She must be helping her.

Diana: It is a news to me. I wonder how Vaisali and vikraman got divorced?

There is nothing to worry. You don’t know about Vaisali.  While kumkum was speaking the telephone rang. Kumkum picked up the receiver and said "Yes, yes. I am going" And disconnected the call. "My husband" said Kumkum and looked perplexed. 

What happened? You look tense! asked Diana.

I have tension. My husband is in Rajastan. He is calling me to Rajastan. 

Why should you bother about going to Rajastan?

Diana: I will accompany you to Rajastan. if you want I will help.

Kukkum : what will you do there? There are bothering me for an heir.

Diana looked perplexed. "There is a big story behind it. when the time comes I will tell you." said Kumkum. 


After wasting the precious moments in strife

we are feasting in the happy hours  of life

tasting the nectar of life with tranquility and wine 

say goodbye to pain and sleep tight until sun shine

wake up to greet downing street Oh! how sweet 

is the night how light are the hearts when we meet 

Agastya and Armugam were sitting at the corner table in 10 downing street. They were surprised to hear the beautiful heart touching lines from the other end of the bar.  " Beautiful verse, I remember my friend Basava who is a Pandit of blank verse. Only he could compose such poems instantly and on move." said Agastya. His eyes were searching for Basava. The bar was full of gentlemen and ladies. "There are no medical professionals this time. All software engineers." Said Agastya peering his eyes and looking all around. " Who is this pub poet? Said Armugam who sat in front of him. 

Basava sat with his colleauges waiting for the happy hours. The happy hours have come! The waiters already served the beer. Basava and his colleagues had had the first gulp. Basava's colleague asked him to repeat the verse which he had said. Basava was feeling uncomfortable to repeat. Another colleauge Bhaskar  said " You look like shakespeare."  He would prefer to be called sheik zubair not Shakespeare" said antoehr colleague. "Why? he wants to convert to Islam? " asked another colleague. "Who knows?" said the other. The fihrst colleague said " Hey! Boss is coming." alerted him. " Hey who is the boss here? It is not office it is pub." said the first colleague. The boss came here and sat with them . 

At seven it is a beautiful tavern 

at eight it is a heartful heaven

If you don't fight peace rules the night

Sip by sip problems go out of sight

"You are right Shakespeare" said Sarat. " Call him Sheik Zubair. He is in love with Noor." said Bhaskar.  "I am just in love. I haven't married her yet. " said Basava.  "Hey, never marry a muslim girl. It is dangerous." said another colleague Ram. The four men at the table emptied two bottles of beers each. They ordered the third one. 

"Now a days software field is motor field. Marriage doesn't work out in this field. That is why I diverced my wife. ' said Manager Sarat. All people looked surprised. They never thought that the job can stand as a reason for divorce. Sarat continued "I am working in Cognizant and have been working here for 10 years. My first project in Cognizant, led by me, was a very tight scheduled project. I was spending more than 18 hours at office. And my colleagues too were spending equally so in my project. All because of the estimates. I did make a grave error in the estimate and that cost us all. I was the only one married in the team. And I am divorced now because I messed up the work-home life balance. Though there were a lot problems I would prefer to blame myself. I am still with Cognizant. 

Ram said " I joined six years ago. All my time is wasted. I am unable to move."

Why did you wait for six years when you did not like it? asked Basava.

It takes so long to understand what is happening in your life. When you loved Noor it took six months for you to confirm that she is also in love with you. She too took the same time. It is  not so easy. said Ram and continued 

Like many others I joined this company thinking that it is a software company. Data entry was the main part of the job. It's a contracting job and there is no guaranteed to be hired on permanently. Every three months they renew  your contract if they feel the need for it. 

No project here deals with algorithms, data structures or any computer technologies to develop a product as such things are only for Computer engineering companies It is a glorified call centre. I have not learnt anything useful except  how to waste time of 9–10 hours completely everyday . commutation takes 2 hours everyday due to  heavy traffic, so literally  13 hours waste everyday without doing anything. Whatever you studied 4 years of engineering is completely useless ,as even a 7th standard english School Kid who knows to speak english and who just knows to type/operate through keyboard is enough for this company. No one knows here anything called programming. 

Basava: Most of the employees simply show off as if they are working. There is no professionalism here Obviously other than developing your career, You will learn all non-sense things in life .Manager behaves as if he/she is God and for everything which you are doing you will be questioned ,You need to behave like a student obeying a strict teacher . They train you for 3 months in computer related technologies which is big brainwash and eye wash This company is not a software engineering company. All Indian SERVICE BASED companies like TCS, HCL, WIPRO,INFOSYS,TECH, MAHENDRA, L&T, MINDTREE, CAPGEMINI, VIRTUSA, NTT DATA, Sageeza,Accenture have same conditions. Especially if you are a CS enthusiast, even in your worst dreams you must not join this company. Go for product based real software engineering companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Uber and Rubrik 

Sarat : You are the only one who learned so much in so little time. Why are you hanging here. get out.

Basava: Yes, searching. Basava was looking around for fun( pretending to be searching) 

"He saw Agastya standing beside him. Oh! Agastya! have you heard everything!" asked Basava.

I am in not better position than you. In fact I am in a worse position in Tech Mahindra with a two year bond or money payment if I want to leave. I could not understand your situation before I joined the job.

"Brother nobody can understand the position of the software professionals before actually joining a company. The entire field is like this it is not your mistake. Times betrayed us." said Ram

Yes we are all sailing in the same boat. said Basava and Agastya in one tone and one voice. 


Manjusha Come out and see what I have bought for you. said Bharatavarsha.

Manjusha and Malini have come to the car parked at the gates of Ananda Nilayam. Kesava stood behind them looking admiringly at the car. "Hundai City car !!! Wonderful! " He said. I like the navy blue colour said Malini. " In the early days of our marriage your father bought the same colour saree." said Malini. How do you like it Manju? asked Varsha. Manjusha smiled sheepishly. She knew what it means. He is indirectly saying to return Vidisha's car. 

Manjusha wanted to ask " You mean to say that I have t return sister in law's car?"  but before she asked her mother said the same thing. " Return her car to Vidisha." Manjusha was hesitating to say yes. Bharatavarsha said " It will be an insult to return the car when Seshachalam comes to ask. Would you like it?" Manjusha was speechless. Radhamanohar flowers the lustre of the house  looked pale. 

Kesava bent his head down as he was unable to see Manjusha's feelings.  They walked in to the Manduva. Malini was about to prepare evening quota of coffee.  Manjusha said " Seshachalam is not a low minded man. He is high minded person disposed to serve people and he serves even cows" 

Bharatavarsha opened the newspaper and showed  picture showing the scuffle at Mata Nilayam gates. "What if they wrangled for admission?" asked Manjusha indignantly and impulsively.  "Seshachalam spoke rudely and sent away Venkatadri's neview. Venkatadri is Seshachalam's mentor and patron." Said Malini. "I know amma" said Manjusha. "What you don't know is when Venkatadri went to Mata nilayam Seshachalam closed gates on his face. "I am richer than you. Once upon a time you were the richest in the village. Now I am the richest. He said. You can understand his attitude. " Sadi Varsha.

"Syamala and Nandini are coming said Kesava." "I have asked them to come to Ananda Nilayam." Said Bharatavarsha. Syamala and nandini entered Anandanilayam "Good evening sir!" They both greeted Bharatavarsha. "Good evening ! Very glad to see both of you after a long time. Please sit side by side on the sofa like you sat in the class room. " Malini gave them water and coffee. You came at the coffee time. Take it nothing special. " Said Varsha when they were hesitating to take coffee. All received coffee. They sat together and had coffee. 

Bharatavarsha took the veena and sat on the mat. Nandini and Syamala also sat on the floor in front of him. Malini stood at the door and looking at her son. She redied all her senses to listen and enjoy the new composition on Saraswathi. Varsha began playing. Kesava forgot to get his Mrudanga. The song was so sweet that Manjusha , the festidious girl closed her eyes and listening keenly. Syamala, Malini Kesava were doing the same. Their spirits transcended the physical world and ecstasy surrounded them. Only Nandini was ogling at him. Afte the song was over Bharatavarsha gave Syamala a book Bhakthi Vijayam. What is this? She asked " It is a books of songs on Saraswathi for inner awakening. " said Varsha. Syamala took it happily. Varsha took the hands of Syamala and Nandini and connected them to each other. " I sould not see you disputing again. You should behave like good friends and sisters" They both nodded their heads. 

Nandini said to Bharatavarsha " Can I have a copy of Bhakthi Vijayam?" 

Bharatavarsha looked at Syamala. She twisted her mouth into three turns. 

Varsha and Malini were amused "Just now you said you are friends?" asked Varsha. 

"Okay give her. I have no problem." Said Syamala. Kesava clapped gleefully. Syamala and Nandini walked away. Bharatavarsha wanted to drop them by car but saw Parameswarrao waiting in car. Parameswarrao and Varsha greeted each other. Nandini also greeted her lecturer.  Parameswarrao opened the front door. Syamala being wife sat next to him. She looked at Nandini and smiled. Yes, She is guru's wife. Bharatavarsha opened the back door of the car.  Nandini got into the car. "Nandini is more tender she deserves more care." He said. " Why?" said Syamala from the window of the car.

You are a married person, Nandini is still  young damsel. Naturally elders should take responsibility. What do you say Paramesh? asked Varsha. He said "Yes, Yes" Bharatavarsha shut the door. Nandini smiled and the car moved. Bharatavarsha kept staring at the car until the car reached streetend and took turn. By the time he entered Vidisha had already entered the Ananda Nilayam. 

Varsha had surprise look at Vidisha. He opened his eyes wide and looked at Vidisha. What is this? How did you come? Jumped off the wall? asked Varsha. " You are not my teacher , nor I am your student. Your students have gone. I am your childhood friend." Said Vidisha.  

Have you seen everything? said Varsha.  "Yes" Said Vidisha. "With your Divya Drishti?" asked Varsha. You are doubting or insulting? asked Vidisha I have no doubt about the existance of soul and the power of your prediction.  Only a jealous or immature man downplays the production of sonnets but don't be immature to misuse power for fun or revenge. It will block your spiritual growth.  I think you don't mind to take back your car." said Varsha  " Keep it with you. That is a gift to Manjusha." said Vidisha. " Oh! Vidisha! This house can not accomodate two cars. Give it to Kesava, he is getting married. The newly wed couple can enjoy the car" said Malini jokingly.

" I don't have the need or I can afford to use such expensive cars. First I must marry my sister Parvathi only then can I get married. I am going to Ballipadu to see my sister." Said Kesava.

Bring parvathi here I will see a good groom for her. Said Bharatavarsha. Kesava agreed. Vidisha took her car and went back.  Malini gave Kesava a bag with clothes in it. " These clothes are for Parvathi. These sweets are for your aunt and you" She said and gave Kesava two bags. Varsha took Kesava by his new car to the bus stop.


Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Downing street stories -37

International School culture, apartment culture, Luxury car culture, the  culture of pubbing in India has grown with times, from being a seedy hole in corners of hotels to the classy stylish establiLike shments buzzing with activity. 10 Downing Street  T. Nagar  Chennai is on a hot spot trendy and popular pub tucked into the premises of Kences Inn Boutique Hotel on North Boag Road.  It acts as the bridge between Western  Indian cultures.   Its vintage décor  fools  you into thinking that you are sitting in a cosy old English pub in England.  Even the exterior resembles an English pub with a solid wooden door marking the entrance. 

Kumkum Agarwal and Diana pushed open the door and entered the pub. It was 6.00 PM. "Why you always come early and go early. You have to enjoy the night life. The happy hours begin at 8.00. The beer and food is free."  said Diana 

I have money but I have no time. I can not stay out at night. With my suspecting husband  it is not easy. You are born in a different community. I can not do at night  the things that you do during day. You know that I can come here when there is some work in our Jewellers. Off course , I create some work. 

Two women are sitting at at table and talking. It's very interesting they sat at the next table. 

"Who said India has not progressed? Look at the women in the pub. They have out numbered men." said a woman . "This serves as a joke but you are right. Women have come a long way from remaining in kitchens. Once they were stepping  out of houses only in the day time.  Such women are going to pubs at night.  Pubs are being enjoyed by both sexes in big cities but in small towns women still hide behind  men." said the second woman.

The waiter came and took the order. The two women have left. The bar was empty.  Kumkum looked happy. " This is what I want - Privacy, to talk to you freely." she said.

Diana: You are looking bright which means, you are happy with your husband. I think my tips must have worked and made your husband restless? 

Kumkum: Yes, he became restless but not with me , with his business. Recently he got the fear of income tax raids because his friends and relatives have warned him. 

 My tips like Angayar and Tanya why did they not work for you.

My husband is a tough nut you can not make him bye the bye I know about Angayar but what is the problem with Tanya? 

She has a big problem with  husband's mother. That is a long story. I will tell you later.

I heard many stories from you and many other women coming to this pub. The downing street stories are very interesting. Leave my sadist husband he doesn't change. Tell me your progress with Rodrigues ?

Diana: I broke up with Rodrigues. I'm dating Desmond. Everybody including my parents knows it.

Kumkum: Ok.. Ok. I forgot it. Now tell me are you enjoying with Desmond?

The waiter brought beers and chips. Madam shall I bring chilli chicken. asked the waiter. 

"No" said Kumkum. The waiter had gone.  "If I eat well outside I can not eat at home that is enough to raise suspicion. The night becomes nightmare." Kumkum laughed and laughed

Diana: I am very sorry for what is happening in your life. You are listening to my stories and enjoying but  day will come, you too can enjoy Kumkum. 

Kumkum: You call me kumkum without any titles and like a friend. You came close to my heart. Downing street stories are enough to keep my spirits up. 

No, you too will enjoy. You haven't told that your husband is a sadist. I have a different strategy for sadist. It will work for you. said Diana and lifted her glass up into the air. Kumkum also lifted her glass up into the air. The two glasses tipped and the four lips  uttered Cheers!!!

Diana: A woman in the US who has a huge appetite for fetishes kept an 18-year-old boy with her. The boy said he was humiliated as the woman treat him very badly. She made him sleep in a dog cage and wear a collar which read 'slave'. He said that he lived in constant fear of beating. This is old but relevant news. 

Kumkum: She is not a woman she is a demon. Humane treatment and love is the beginning of romance. Suspicion, insult, physical assault will drive the feelings a romance away. 

Diana poured the remaining beer in the beer glasses and emptied out the bottles. Kumkum quickly finished her beer and said " I am going to Kumkum jewellers" and stood up. Diana asked " Can you drive? " " I took only one beer, our shop is in the next street. " Diana said " call me if you have any problem" ok. bye " said Kumkum.


Armugam was getting into 10 Downing street. He saw Agastya walking along the road. "Hello, brother, where have you been this afternoon? what have you done all day?"

Just wandering all day thinking of what to do, I have done nothing other than wandering but just now I have some idea " said Agastya

Armugam: Buddha has wandered for seven years in search of enlightenment before he had finally settled  under a Peepal tree You are much better than him. Solution ideas are not easy. Men and women break their heads for them discuss with friends, business people pay consultants for ideas. Have you taken lunch?

Agastya remained silent. Armugam smiled. "You have come to the right place. Now happy hours are going to start. In half an hour food and drink free " said Armugam cheerfully.

I will join you later. I have an important job to finish. said Agastya looking at the gold ring presented by Arunatara and walked ahead. He was looking for a jeweller who can buy the ring. when he entered the next street his eyes grew wider. what he saw was Kumkum jewellers. He got in opening the glass door. Kumkum was ready to leave after learning that her husband went to the other shop in Paris corner. 

she saw Agastya talking to the shopkeeper. " Hello Agastya , we are here? what do you want to buy?"  no , nothing " said Agastya and put the gold ring in his pocket and went out. 

"Madam, the boy was selling his gold ring. We suspected and checked but it is pure gold." said the man in counter. "He is also pure gold." said Kumkum and went out. Agastya was at her car. She caught him by hand. How are you? how is your mother? why are you going away? "Don't ask me any questions. I have no answers. That is why I am going.

Ok I will ask no questions but come with me. She opened the car door. "get in " she said. Agastya got in silently and Kumkum got in and started the car. 


Happy hours have started for the customers of 10 downing street. The spurting soda swirling in the goblet wine glasses is fuzzing the vision of the customers. A sense of freedom from paying is buzzing in the hearts. The wine and food is served free for an hour! 

Dr. Aravind : Look, how these drunkards are pouncing on this bar bouncing with joy. They look like hounds baying for blood, beggars gathering for food. Animals in the woods are better then people who jump on free goods. 

Dr. Amavasa  "Doctor Aravind, today your mood is bad but don't be rude. Don't throw words crude at the buzzing crowd,  Like you and I they have name and fame so don't ever blame these ladies and gentlemen as drunkards. Look, over there Dr. Armugam is drinking at the other table with somebody.  Call him to this table he is noble" 

Dr. Aravind: Oh! He speaks like bard but he is a nerd. To call him a doctor is absurd. 

 He  called  Armugam to come to his table. Armugam and the other man came to Aravind.  They both sat with Aravind and Amavasa. Aravind recognized the other man with Armugam "Oh! Dr. Perumal, how are you? asked Amavasa  and smiled" Perumal did not smile but said, "I am fine."

"Dr. Aravind and you have the same dull faces like fused bulbs. There is no smile  on your faces." said  Dr. Amavasa and smiled Armugam laughed and laughed. Dr. Perumal took it sportively but Dr. Aravind was uncomfortable at the joke. 

"Why is Aravind unhappy in this happy hours?" asked Armugam in a cheerful voice. 

"Dr. Aravind is upset with the crowds who are coming for free food and drinks. He upset with the drunkards making a big noise. He doesn't like this noisy bar. So lost his smile."  said Dr. Amavasa. 

"Ha hha hha hha hha hha hha hha hhaaaaaaaa - hha hha"  laughed Armugam

"Dr. Amugam knows how to smile in the face of problems." said Dr Amavasa. 

It is just like pot calling kettle black. You too came to this bar for the same purpose as they came. There are doctors and software engineers here. They will be hurt if they hear your remarks. said Armugam. 

This is the first time I came here. This is not my hang out. It is your hang out. You come here for freebies not I.  You are not a doctor. You dropped your medicine in between. You have to accept the truth if you are a gentleman. Dr. Aravind sounded serious. 

The previously ordered drinks were served at their table. Perumal said " The drinks have arrived now no  arguments, let's get busy with drinks. All the four men said cheers and started sipping 

After two minutes Armugam said " I am not a doctor I accept . I never told anybody my medical background to get sympathy of others. I never told even to my room mate Agastya with whom I share my  romantic experiences with women.  I am a gentleman.  Look, Dr. Aravind  I am a doctor of happiness. Your medicine will not take you close to any woman. You are failed with Ragini. You have done PG, learnt medicine but learn life. Armugam sounded more serious.

Aravind is expected to retaliate but surprisingly he was drinking calmly Dr. Perumal opened his lips

Oh! Agastya is with you. You are room mates? Where do you live? Did you tell him about your love with Ragini?" He shot series are questions like arrows hurriedly. 

Armugam said coolly " I never loved Ragini. I never proposed to her like you.  I only exchanged romantic glances and touched her when the opportunity came.  So I never told anybody about those things because those things do happen in everybody's life. Every man has more than one woman in life and every woman has connection with more than one man. To what extent the connections go I can not say. Some connections go up to looks , some connections go up to skin.  My room mate Agastya  has the connection that has gone up to skin. 

Dr. Perumal looked curious and surprised but  Dr. Aravind was not pleased. " Tell me about Agastya's  connections" said Perumal. That question was not palatable to him. He said " I loved Ragini so much like no other did. I offered my life to her." Perumal laughed and laughed.

Perumal's laughter gave Dr. Aravind a heart burn. "Perumal you are still studying PG. I have done my PG. After PG you will understand my pain and the concept of dignity. Have the common sense and dignity of a doctor.  

Dr. Amavasa felt excited. We don't want arguments  or Medical degrees nonsense in the bar. This is our private time. we want Romantic talk.  The romantic talk pleases everybody. 

Dr.Aravind raised his voice. His voice blurred and he purred like a cat and slurred words like drunk. The whisky started working on his mind.  " Dr. Amavasaaaa !" He croaked like a frog and continued in a jarred voice " Raagini.. that ..Ragin  bitch...... has not given aneeeee ( any) value to my life and my degreeee. I have done M.S. You know very well how much I sta,,,  ruggled with Medicine......

"You struggled more with Ragini than with medicine." said Armugam and laughed. 

Dr. Amavasa took two more gulps quickly and joined the drunken prattle " Hello Aravind , you are talking about PG with me. I am DM . I am a cardiologist.  Do you know that I studied medicine for 4.5 years ,  1 year house surgeon , later 3 years MD, later 3 years DM. Total 12 years medicine. Now I am a cardiologist in whose hands people confidently put their hearts. Do you know the richest jeweller in the city Kundan prefers Amavasa to America?   

Kundan? You mean Kundan Agarwal the recent and the current owner of Parrys corner the Iconic building of Chennai? asked Armugam.

Yes, said Amavasa proudly and took one more gulp  from his wine glass but the wine glass was empty. Oh! sorry there is no wine in the glass." "waiter!" he shouted. "Sir the happy hours are over sir." said the waiter who came to the table hurriedly. Damit! we never came for the happy hours we came for our happiness! Get me my medicine I am sorry.. another whisky bottle... full. The waiter came with aristocrat bottle served in all four wine glasses. 

CHEERS!!!!!! They all said. "Where did I stop?" asked Amavasa. You are a DM. said Armugam. "You did cardiology said Perumal." People keep their hearts safely in your hands. said Aravind. "Yes, you are correct but Ragini could not give her heart to me."

"Because you are 42 and she is 23" said Armugam taking a gulp.

Amavasa stopped drinking  "Is it my mistake to grow? "He beat the table with clenched fist of his right hand and said "Without growing we can't reach girls' dreams because girls' dreams are in the sky. Is it a mistake to grow?. He questioned emotionally.

Cha cha ! A cardiologist should not get emotional! said Dr. Aravind sarcastically.

Dr.Amavasa looked seriously at Dr.Aravind "You are a dejected lover frustrated with Ragini. You are cooling your frustration with your sarcastic remarks on me. " Said Dr. Amavasa painfully

"Look we are all failure lovers. Don't curse Ragini. I get hurt." said Perumal

I never loved Ragini I am not a failure in love. I am only a failure in medicine and I am not bothered because I have more exciting life now. I am earning very well. One day I will be very rich , in fact richer than all of you but even then I will not marry. I prefer to enjoy my life without marriage.

How will you earn more money? How can you enjoy without marriage? asked Dr.Amavasa.

Before Armugam answered Amavasa Aravind asked Perumal " Why are you showing more concern to Ragini. You are showing that you owned her or related to her closer than us." 

Armugam said " He can not say his relationship with Ragini, why his love with Ragini failed and why Ragini is not smiling like before and remains silent, he can not say all these things. I know but I too can not say. Armugam finished his glass and put it on the table.

Dr.Amavasa filled the glass and said " Why can't you tell? " He said looking piercingly into Armugam.

Armugam : Because I am a gentleman. Aravind, Amavasa Armugam and Perumal all the four laughed,


Devotees are taking holy dip at various beaches in Visakha after offering prayers on Maha Sivaratri, on Friday. Rama Krishna Beach, Rushikonda, Jodugulapalem, Yarada, Appikonda and many other beaches were thronged by people of all ages. Nandini Nilayam is not far away from the beach . She had the holy dip in the sea lay languidly on the beach far away from the crowd and started reading the book. 

After observing a fast on the occasion of Maha Sivaratri Syamala and Ramya Chandana took a holy dip in RK beach  walking along the shore to offer  prayers in the nearest temples along the sea line. 

They walked long way from the shore and reached a lonely spot where  Nandini sat in the beautiful scenery and reading the sonnets. Ramya and Syamala stood at a distance and watched her reading. 

And see the beautiful blue sky vast 

standing on the boat beside the mast

The sky lies motionless in the orange red

like a man behind the white sheets on wedding bed

I have read the folklore stories incestuous 

and the sea in me is tempestuous. 

My desires are nothing but endless waves

singing romantic ballads in my veins

Nandini finished reading and looked at Syamala and smiled. Syamala pulled a long face as Nandini has not given her the book when she asked. Ramya greeted Nandini. Nandini greeted her. Ramya sat in the sand beside her. Syamala preferred to stand.

Ramya: Nandini , have you come for the holy dip?

Nandini: Have you come for the sonnets book?

Syamala: Your eyes are always on the book?

Nandini: Not my eyes , your eyes are fixed on the book.

Syamala : will you give me the book or not?

Nandini: I told you that these sonnets raise deep passions. They are not only romantic but also erotic and sensual. They don't suit you. So I don't share, I have already told you. 

Syamala : During college days you had no objection to share anything with me including your love why should you have objection now, I am not asking to share your lover, I am just asking for a poetry book. 

"This is trivial argument. Come on Syamala let us go, I will ask Malini and get it for you" said Ramya Chandana  "Chi, approaching parents ?! Are we children to approach parents? I never thought that you are too childish Ramya.  Please do me a favour Ramya please don't give me any ideas! I know how to get it. " said Syamala and left the place.


Adayar Youth Hostel. It is 8 O' clock in the morning. Most of the inmates in the Youth hostel have gone out. "People in the Youth hostel are tourists businessmen and students but not like us the homeless." said Agastya. Shhhh... don't talk loud if the manager listens he will send us out said Armugam. "We wake up leisurely after all people have gone out. we enjoy staying in the peaceful atmosphere." said Agastya and started shaving at the wash basin. 

Stupid cartridge Agastya threw it in a huff. Armugam was standing beside him. He said "That is not the problem with cartridge that is the problem with you way of shaving." said Armugam. Agastya started applying after shaving solution. He said " You mean I don't know how to shave?' 

"I never said that. You have to apply something before shave. I mean shaving cream or  some before shaving lotion" said Armugam giving Agastya a small bottle. Agastya opened the cap and dabbed it on his face. "Ummm.. it feels great!!!"

Armugam: It is just fifty rupees. 

Agastya: Where did you buy it?

Armugam: No, I want to sell it. I have manufactured it.

Agastya : Go and tell those kids. He laughed. 

Armugam : I have already sold ten bottles yesterday.

Agastya : When you are earning money why did you go to Downing street last night?

Armugam: Oh! come on! I went there to save money. Money saved is money earned.

Agastya: O! My God! you are such a stingy man!

Armugam : Yes, I am stingy because I have no one as you have to give you money.

Agastya: Who's is giving me money ?  I  must search for a job today. 

Armugam: The lady who took you to her home must have given you money.

Agastya : She has offered me food and also offered me money but I refused money. 

Armugam : why should you refuse money when you have not refused food?

Agastya: Be sensible Armugam. A guest can accept coffee and food but not money. More over she is my mother's friend. I should be modest with her that is Dharma.

Armugam: You are not a guest. you only said that she has treated you more than a guest. 

Agastya: What do you mean?

Armugam : Don't be a stupid take what is given to you gladly. Don't disappoint the gentle lady. you know who is a gentle lady A gentlelady is a woman of high social standing, or a woman who is cultured, educated, and well-mannered and romantic. He emphasized the last word romantic that made Agastya laugh.

Why are you laughing Agastya? Highly placed ladies like actresses, models will offer pleasure when they want it or on obligation. What do actresses do? 

Agastya : Go tell the kids. He laughed again.

Armugam: You are the kid. Yes, you are as innocent as a kid. If I were you I would take money. You speak of guest, Dharma and Culture. Nobody wants to hear those words. People are very pragmatic. Such people rise to fame fast. Tamil TV serial actress Madhumita rose to fame very fast. "If she is so beautiful go and marry her but now leave romance. I am hungry. Think of breakfast." said Agastya. "Don't worry today I will sponsor the breakfast." said Armugam. 


"I am going to meet Kumkum Agarwarl." said Armugam with a backpack standing at the entrance gate of Vikraman Estates.  He looked like a salesman to the security. 

 "How do you know her?" asked the Security 

"Let me call her." said the security. "Please do!"  said Armugam

"Do you know her number?" said the Security. "No" said Armugam

The Security head came to the gate where Armugam was standing and said " How can you come without her number? What is she to you?' He asked. Friend's Aunt is aunt to me" He said to himself and said to the security "She is my aunt."  Don't you remember your uncle's number?" asked the security.

This is too much. Please call her and enquire or let me go. Armugam raised his voice. 

He called her number but Kumkum did not respond. The security head was scratching his beard. Armugam saw that and said " How coarse is your beard! Why don't you use this lotion. It makes your skin smooth. " The security took it gladly. "It is only 50 rupees." said Armugam. Agarwal's are business community. They count every paisa" said the other guard. The head guard was convinced that Armugam was an Agrawal. 

Angayar  saw Adalarasi when she was getting ready to go somewhere.  Thank God. You came in time. I can not send my husband alone to Dr. Amavasa. said Angayar.  At the same time Armugam came and stood there.  "He needs some company. Somebody must take him to the doctor. I must go to the job." saying Angayar. Why do you tell all these things to me. I know your job is new. They are very impressed by your work. You have the creativity."  said Adalarisi.  " Yes Adalu , They are offering a good salary. Off course I have not joined for the salary. I was impressed by the company. They promised to send me to Paris. They are working for Lanvin a Paris based luxury clothing and accessories company." Said Angayar. " I think  you will ill have a bright future" said Adalarisi. 

Varadachari came out in into the living room " Enna irike , Adalu  Ukaru?" He showed her the chair. 

 Adal wait I will prepare coffee for you. Angayar went in to prepare coffee. 

"Vanakkam." Said Armugam. Varadachari was looking at him for introduction.  Armugam smiled and  pulled out a bottle from his backpack. "Look at this bottle" He said putting it in Varadachari's hands. "What is this?" asked Achari.

Armugam did not speak He took his phone and showed a photo in his phone. The photo was showing Dr. Amavasa sitting in the chair with the same bottle with pure liquid in his hand.  When Varadachari lifted his head " My name is Armugam , This is purest water from Manasa Sarovar" Angayar came out with coffee.  " I have brought this holy water from the purest lake on the earth for you from your father's house."  " My father's house?!" asked Varadachari. Angayar and Adal looked surprised. 

Varadachari sat in the chair and asked Armugam to sit. 

"Yes, This is the water of the Manasa Sarovar. The highest peak Kailash lying at the height of 6,675-m, the holy residence of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati." said Armugam and looked Varadachari's photo in  dancing pose and continued " You are a dancer. All dancers consider Shiva as the father. I think you too.." Before he concluded Varadachari said " Yes, yes, I consider him my father. Anyway he is the father of the whole universe. Ange  take this bottle and take it to your eyes." He said. 

If you touch this bottle and chant the Panchakshari mantra "OM Namassivaya , you get a divine feeling. Your blood pressure will be under control.   Dr. Amavasa also took this bottle. He says that it is very holy water. If you meet him any time you can ask him." Said Armugam.

Ha hha hha laughed Varadachari and said "No need of asking Amavasa, I know it. How much is it?" Armugam said " I am not a sales man sir." Please consider me your brother." Said Armugam. 

"Thank you very much. Please take coffee." said Varadachari. Armugam finished coffee and rose from the chair. He went up to the door.  Varadachari stood up from the chair. Armugam turned back " Give me 500 rupees. Don't think it is the price but travel expenses." Varadachari gave him money. While going out the security asked him at the gate " Have you met madam? Just now she has gone" 

"No, please tell her that Agastya has come to see her." Said Armugam.  


Varadachari and Adalarisi were coming out when a sixty year old man entered Amavasa heart care  with his attendant. He walked slowly and reached Dr.Amavasa's  Chamber. He has appointment so he walked in directly. His attendant was waiting outside in the waiting hall. 

The old man was sitting in front of Dr.Amavasa, the cardiologist. Dr. Amavasa was studying the ECG of that old man. The old man was looking at the bottle on the table. " Chandan Agarwal ji, you are perfectly alright. There is no other cardiac problem. You have blood pressure. That is common in this age. Please continue the medicines I have prescribed. " said Dr. Amavasa  

"I am unable to participate in the game"

Games at the age of 60. I am 42 I am not playing any games.

O My God. Amavasa,  Not I, but my wife needs"

send her to me . You want to play with her the game? 

I will tell her that games are not meant for people at this age. 

Oh ! God  ! How to tell this unmarried man. He muttered in Amavasa's ear.

She is 45 and you are 60  There is a big age gap between you. She is 15 years younger

In those days elders used force children to marry within the community. 

In your community it is more prevalent,  especially if the family is wealthy.

Yes protecting wealth was top priority. I should not say but there are some incest marriages also but I am not that wealth conscious. We have a fostered son who is working in America. He is my Rajastan brother's son. He is not interested to marry although girls are ready for him. 

"That is the bloody fate. I want to marry but girl is not ready for me." Amavasa said to himself and spoke out.  "Why? What is the problem?  He has the Jain philosophy in his head. He likes to be a monk. With a great difficulty we pushed him to America to avert the danger. We wish his mind should change" 

You can avert danger but Nobody can avert fate. What happened to Gautama Buddha?

Only son to my brother and me. He is the only heir to our property.

Parry's corner in Chennai is the historical and legendary building. You brothers own the Iconic building. One should have the KARMA  - fortune of many births  to own it. Simply luck is not enough." 

Thank you Amavasa. Let me go I must go to Rajasthan tomorrow to meet my brother. I will meet you for an other check up after coming back." said Chandan Agarwal and got up. 


Agastya and Armugam stepped into the room in Adayar. They were looking at the walls and cupboards moving around, They entered the kitchen "beautiful kitchen" said Armugam looking at the dirty walls. Agastya came into the living room. Armugam followed him. 

 650 square feet, single bedroom rent 10,000"said Agastya. 

 "Unfurnished one BHK " added Armugam. 

The owner an old lady came in with her daughter and said "Only you two stay or anybody else will live with you here? Which company you are working for? 

Agastya : I am working for Tech Mahindra. It is in Sholinganallur. 

Owner's daughter : You are not married? 

Armugam said " No sister, how is that possible ?" 

Owner : Why is it not possible?

Armugam :Who will marry men with small jobs. These days girls need rich people.

Owner : See some good girls and get married fast. 

Armugam whispered  "Good girls? We could not even go for a good house."

Agastya : Poor girls are enough for us. Good girls  demand more money. 

Owner: What about the deposit money 50,000?

Agastya was silent. Give telegram to your parents

 Armugam said " His mother is comes with money soon."

Agastya: Amma I got a job yesterday. I can pay the deposit in two months.

Its alright. A good face is the letter of recommendation. I trust you on your face value but try to keep your word.  said the house owner and went away into the next portion. 

Agastya: Thank God the owner did not press for the deposit amount.

Armugam: Thank God we came out before they asked us to leave. 

They both congratulated each other on entering a new house. 

You joined job. What about party?

I am thinking of bus charges to Sholinganallur. 

You have to cross Thoriapakkam where Basava works to reach Sholinganallur. Adyar, Tohriapakkam and Sholinganallur are on the same straight line. Your aunt’s house is not far away. 

I once hated software job and my friend for doing machine job. Now I joined the same software job and left without bus charges. May be this is destiny.” said Agastya. 

Your aunt is there to help  you she gave you money and food if you want she may help you again Armugam started teasing. Agastya looked angrily at Armugam. 

Don’t worry brother, your brother is a business man he will take care. 

Who is a businessman? Who is my brother? Said Agastya.

 I am the businessman. I have the money for bus charges and breakfast. Get ready fast” said Armugam. Both took bath and dressed up like grooms going for the marriage. They walked up to the Adyar Hotel near Adyar bridge. The hotel has a large dining hall with nine big four-seater tables in three rows. There is an anti-room at the entrance that leads to the dining hall. There are chairs and a tea table with newspapers on it. 

Agastya and Armugam sat at a table and ordered idly sambar. They served hot idly and sambar instantly. "Wow! how fast they are!" said Agastya. “Tamilanadu is known for Idly sambar.  Tamilians are called sambar like Punjabis are called bara bajey (12O’ clock). 

But they are derogatory. They are terms of disdain. It is like calling Australian Bogan and calling pakistani  paki. Said Agastya.   I know it is an offensive slur. Agreed Armugam.

Agastya finished eating and sat at the teapoy and started reading the headlines. His sight was arrested on the main headlines. Armugam came and sat in a chair beside Agastya. He saw Agastya shocked and shook him. Agastya pointed to the headlines in the newspaper. Armugam read the headlines. “Multi-millionaire realtor Vikraman was arrested in cheque bounce case.”

He continued reading the sub heading aloud while Agastya was listening with bated breath. 

“I was suspected to have been absconded and rumoured to have committed to suicide. The first actually happened but before the second thing happened an angle has saved me. -Vikraman

Agastya was once again shocked When Armugam looked at him. He was pointing to a lady standing there. Armugam looked at her. What a beautiful lady! She has golden complexion and lotus eyes. She is like an angel with divinity and grace.” Said Armugam.

"She is truly an angel. She is my mother Meenakshi." said Agastya. 

"Agastya!" Meenakshi called her son.  It is the sweetest and the most familiar voice to Agastya. "Amma"  Agastya called his mother. I have come to take you with me. 

"Where do you take me? How do you know that I am here?" asked Agastya

"Come with me." said Meenakshi and walked up to the taxi waiting under a big shady tree. "I am going to Mumbai to work in a telefilms and music events organization. I will take you with me. Ragini told me that you met her in her hospital. She also told me that you are talking to her frequently."  

"Amma I am not talking to her frequently. Just now and then I am calling and talking to her. She talks very little and never smiles. She became arrogant. Who cares if she is doctor? said Agastya.  "She hasn't grown arrogant. She has grown dispassionate. Don't blame the poor girl."  Said  Meenakshi. " Poor girl, She is getting stipend" said Agastya.

Meenakshi laughed softly. "Let us move we must go." said Meenakshi. 

"Amma I can not come." Said Agastya. " Why can't you come?" asked Meenakshi.

"Had you come yesterday I would have come with you" said Agastya. 

Meenakshi stood silent. "I am joining  job today." said Agastya.

Meenakshi's face turned bright. Her lotus eyes became wider. A smile bloomed on her lips.   These are the moments of triumph to a mother.  Her eyes were filled with tears.        

"Amma, Aren't you happy?" asked Agastya. " I'm at the apex of happiness" said Meenakshi

She took out a bundle of currency from her bag and gave it to her son. "Take this money" Said Meenakshi. Agastya knew it was a woman's hard earned money. Meenakshi read Agastya's feelings " When woman becomes mother, nothing is hard for her -  earning or giving. Giving is not sacrifice. It is providing for her son. It gives her strength and pleasure."

You have struggled enough for me. You have your own dreams. So far you lived for me for years. It is time to live for yourself. I can earn for myself.  I have to make myself a man. " said Agastya. Meenakshi gave the money to Armugam. Armugam refused. " Don't refuse this mother's love. Agastya is a bad boy. You are a good boy. Come on take it." 

Armugam took the money. " How sweet is mother's love. I have read about it in books saw it in films. Now I have tasted it in real life because I have no mother." 

Here I am for both of you as mother. This is my Bombay address. said Meenakshi  and gave her card. Agastya took the address. Meenakshi got into the car. Agastya shut the door." 

The car moved. Agastya felt that his life is moving away.