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Friday, March 31, 2023

Agog -42

1. Visakhapatnam - Meenakshi Expo

A black Toyota Camry car entered Meenakshi Expo. Grace and Dakshinamurthy got out of the car. He walked away into his cabin withot even smiling at Grace. John got down from the company van and came up to Grace. She is wearing a thin black colour saree and black blouse. Her naval area was showing up. John looked at her deep naval for the first time. " Grace observed that john what he was ogling at. I have seen for the first time said John.

"What ?" said Grace. 
"The chairman using this kind of a car." Replied John. 
"It is Toyata Camry. He bought it for me." said Grace.
"It is not Camry. It is comedy. It is the basic model. It doesn't cost one fourth of BMW. Where is your BMW?  Hardly had john finished the BMW car stopped before them. Arpitha got out of the car and walked in. John and Grace also walked into Grace's cabin. 

Grace:Managing director using low price car and PA using expensive car. It shows my worth
John : He has made her executive director and gave her a cabin, freedom and elite class car.
Grace : It is not about car. He has assigned a lower position to me by placing her higher. 
John : How is the weather at home? Are you talking to each other intimately?
Grace fell back on her chair locking her hands behind her head and sighed deeply "Haaa!"
The transparent blouse showed lustruous growth of her under arms hair. John left this world. He was fantasizing. Grace understood that she has fallen between the tables. 
Grace: I have the check drawing power , why should I wait. I will buy a BMW for me.
John: There is a way to divert the company funds. we don't take money for car candle and match box. You are dreaming about textile company. We'll start the process. Then we can transfer huge amount. I have to maintain the accounts. You have a CA under you.
Grace : That 's great! When are you starting the process?
John : Won't you satisfy the CA?
Grace : I can not sleep with you.  Except that ask for anything.
John :  Ok, but you should stand for your word. 
Grace said yes, John whispered in her ear what he wanted. Grace was agape. She keptstaring at john while john was leaving. " Evening in the guest house  Very small wish." 

2. Kaluvuppada - Guest house

When the last sun-rays of the day kissing the fields of Kaluvuppadu, when the green and purple hues are gradually melting into grey. Timpani stood outside the guest house and looked at the sky. She then climbed up the terrace and started watching the stretch of green fields.  

In the distant fields children who foraged to play are reluctent to end their games. The buffaloes grazing in the fields move slowly, lolloping in their ungainly way. She saw a black car going on the highway. The car stopped. Grace got off the car and walking towards the guest house.  Grace  climbed up the terrace smiled at Timpani who was enjoying the view of open fields. "One of my dreams is to see you in a spacious and luxurious house. It is fulfilled.  Are you happy?" Said Grace.

Timpani: Yes, I lived in a dark narrow house where sky and sunlight both are scarce. 
Grace: The thougt that you stay relaxed here gives me great happiness. 
Timapni: Where is your favourite BMW car?  
Grace : "Once Agastya was using. Now Arpitha is using it 
"Oh!" said Timpani and said " How can she use it?
"Because he is using her." Grace said immodestly.
Timpani : Why did you come here? Go to your place Mahendra Nlilayam. 
"I want to be here with you. I don't go there." Grace was only kidding. 
Only recently I have put you there.  Stay in your nest. said Timpani. She picked up a stick from the terrace and started chasing her. They both ran on the terrace like children. 
"It is five minutes walk across the  fields. Stop chasing I will go." said Grace. 

Timpani. This guest house is so spacious and beautiful. Said Timpani gleefully. 
Grace: I am happy that you left the poor tiled roofing house in Dabagardens at least now.
Timpani: I have left Dabagardens because you should never leave Mahindra Nilayam.
"So, you have occupied my place?" said Grace jokingly
"To prevent Arpitha from occupying yor place." Said Timpani assertively.
The conversation put them on stitches. They kept laughing and laughing. Grace suddenly saw john entering the guest house.Timpani and Grace climbed down. John sat in the sofa and looked through the window. It is completely dark.  Mahendra Nilayam lights were turned on. They were shining like stars in the sky. The night comes as a promise of starlight, of those brilliant pearls of the nighttime that sit as if cushioned upon pure black velvet.

Like Tajmahal  can seen from Agra fort  Mahendra Nilayam can be seen from here. 
"Wonderful comparison." said for Timpani and went into the kitchen to prepare tea.        John forced Grace with his eyes. Grace entered the bathroom and stood before the mirror showing her arm pits. John took out twin blade razor and started shaving fondly the hair in her under arms. 

3. Mumbai  - Vile Parle

Meenakshi called Noor and found her address.  Lakuma and Menakshi started to Noor's place leaving Basava behind. The black car started from Meenakshi Residence at Vile Parle. The sky is cloudy. Lakuma is driving the car. The traffic is moving slow.  Lakuma opened the sunroof. Meenakshi said Wow!  The car company gave it to open and enjoy when the weather is right. said Lakuma.
Meenakshi smiled. I would love to have you as my daughter in law. if you are not engaged to Vivek." she said with admiration.  You really want tell me I will drop the match and marry your son. said Lakuma.  Naughty girl. said Meenakshi with a smile. She suddenly looked at watch "It is 9.00 AM"  said Meenakshi. " Amma, this is the third time you are telling me time. said Lakuma. "We must reach Jogeswari by 10.00 AM." said Meenakshi. "Do you know the distance between Vileparle and Jogeshwari? It is7 kilometers. The journey normally takes  20 minutes. Look our car got on to Western Express highway.  If I press the accelerator deep, it take only 5 mins." Said Lakuma. 

Meenakshi looked at her with fear and surprise. 
"Yes, Amma, this is Volvo XC90. It is a performance car worth 98 lakhs." said Lakuma.
"What is so speical about it?" Said Meena.  Lakuma pressed the accelerator deep . At once the car jumped to a great speed. It went close to an on coming truck. Meenakshi thought that the car dashed the truck and closed her eyes. But the car stopped suddenly. Meenakshi opened her eyes and saw she was safe. The car stopped on its own I did not brake. "This is the feature of  Volvo XC90." said Lakuma. 

"You rowdy girl! Stunt-biking devil." Meenakshi was utttering such words glaring at Lakuma. Lakuma smiled and said " You are scolding your daughter in law?"
" I don't want you as my daughter- in-law. My Agastya is innocent. You pair with the gun handler." said Meenakshi curt and wry.  The car moved. After a while Meenakshi asked Lakuma " Why is Vivek not coming to Vile parle flat?"  

Lakuma: He suspected you so he observed from close." 
Meena: Why did he suspect me?
Lakuma: Because Arshad was falling after you.
Meena: But Arshad stopped chasing me after you started your operation AKARSH 
Lakuma: That is why he stopped observing you. 

The car reached Jogeshwari East. The locality is poor. said Lakuma. 
It is not aposh localty. It is meant for the middle class people. said Meenakshi.
Lakuma: How do yu measure poor and the rich in Mumbai?
Meenakshi: 1.2 Lakhs annual income is considered very poor. House holds between 5 lakhs to 30 lakhs are considered middle class. 2 crores annual income are considered very rich. 
Lakuma : Then your music director who bought this car must be super rich!

The car reached the Jogeshwari Caves are some of the earliest Hindu cave temples sculptures located in the Mumbai Jogeshwari East. Lakuma said " The caves date back to 520 to 550 CE.  These caves belongs to the Hindu deity Jogeshwari." Meenakshi was thrilled.  I am very much pleased to see the caves but we have to visit Jogeswari west. said Meenakshi after visiting the caves. " I brought you here only to please you.  Jogeswari West is not far. It is just 2 kilometers." said Lakuma. "But it is 10.30 AM." said Meenakshi.  Ah! please give that watch to me." said Lakuma. They got into the car. 

"The sky will not break lose if we go a bit late. We are going to meet Noor not the groom." We can tell our plan on phone. Why should we come all the way by car?" The car was going via Balasaheb flyover. If we cross the flyover we reach Jogeswari west. said Lakuma. 


4. Jogeshwari West  - Mumabi

The car stopped before a middle class house in Jogeswari west. Lakuma preferred to stay in the car. Meenakshi entered the double bedroom flat. Noor's parents Aalia and Afzal received her and took her into the bedroom through the livingroom. The living room was filled with guests and relatives. They were leaving one by one. The smell of perfume envelopped the livingroom. Meenakshi went into the bedroom. 

"Noor look who came?" said Afzal. " Your aunty came to see you." said Aalia. Noor was sitting between her sister-in-law. "You are like a precious diamond." said Meenakshi. " Broken diamond" said Noor's sister-in-law. " Broken diamond can be recut and repolished." said Meenakshi. "Well said Amma! You've repolished the diamond. We're thankful to you." said Aalia. The groom who is going to marry Noor will repolish her." said Meenakshi and asked  "Is the Nikka over!" Alia smiled and said Muslim arranged marraiges are similar to Hindu marriages. They groom party comes to see the bride. If they are satisfied with the bride , finally the groom comes to see the bride." 
Who came today groom or his kin's men?  asked Meenakshi.
"The groom came today and he is pleased with Noor." said Noor's sister in law
"Is Noor pleased with him? She is not smiling!" said Meenakshi
"He is forty years old. That is why Noor is not smiling." said Aalia
"If she doesn't smile no problem people will laugh at me if she runs away with a Hindu boy. Such marriages are not only unacceptable but also laughable." said Afzal. Both Afzal and Aalia tried to read the feelings of Meenakshi. Meenakshi remained silent and looked at Noor silently. She tried to read her feelings. She bent her head down. Meenakshi could not make out her feelings. " will you show the picture of the groom?" asked Meenakshi. 
The other siste inlaw showed the picture of the groom in her mobile.
Meenakshi was shocked. It is the picture of Arshad. ( Bashir Malik's brother)


5. T.Nagar  - Chennai

Narayana Chetty street. Kumkum Agarwal Residence.

Agastya entered Kumkum Agarwal residence. It is only a spacious two storied building. It has changed its look. The facade resembles Smartbear, a Somerville based American privately-held softwear development company that delivers tools for application performance monitoring.  He remembered seeing the similar design on the internet.  "Who is the brains behind this?" He thought as he entered. 

He saw Diana standing at a glass door that opens into a big carpeted hall of ten cubicles. There are wooden steps that lead to the upstairs. Agastya greeted her with a smile. Diana smiled back. Agastya went near and said "No more it looks like a residence."  "Yes, in fact it no more a residence. It is an IT company. "What is the name of the company? "  asked Agastya. Diana covered the logo sticker on the glass door and said " Can you guess?" Agastya said "I can not guess." " Don't say just like that" She said and removed two fingers  that revealed th first two letters of the company. Agastya saw " AG"  "Can you guess?" She said. Agastya shook his head accepting his failure. It could be "Agastya" since your name starts with AG." said Diana.  " I can not be that immodest." he replied. 

Diana uncovered the logo. " Agile Technologies." He read and said "Wonderful"
Kumkum insister that the first two letters be AG. do you know why?
I don't know. Let me enter the office. Don't obstruct the glass door. 
Don't you want to meet her before you join? said Diana. 
Where is Madam ? asked Agastya. Diana showed the wooden steps.
"Where does the steps lad to?" He asked. " To the residence of Kumkum Agarwal."
Suddenly something flashed on Agastya's mind. "Eureka! Now I understood why madam insisted on the letters AG." He said. "Oh! Now your brain started working." said Diana.

AG stands for Agrawal!! said Agastya.
"Hee. heee. heeee. " Diana simpered 
Agastya climbed up the stairs.  A sixty year old man climbing down the stairs. He looked at Agastya strangely. But Agastya did n't bother about him. After climbing two steps he had a doubt, so stopped and looked down. "I trust your words that software company is a profitable venture."  He said to  Diana. Diana smiled and the old man went out." 

Agastya climbed up the stairs and saw Kumkum Agrwal on a throne like divan.  Her persona is doublly glorified in the rich ambience and shiny silk apperral. She looked like a queen without a crown. His lips automatically pronounced "Good morning madam". Kumkum stood gazing at him. she remembered their discussion when he met last in the same place. 

Agastya said " I will be friend without salary. With salary you will be my boss. Now the choice is yours.  You can be my friend or boss. As a friend I can meet you now and then.  Kumkum remembered saying "Every day relation give me happiness. I choose the latter." She tore out of the past memories and said "Good morning! Will you join today? "

Agastya " Yes, I will " Kumkum took the phone and said "come up" Diana came in a minute. Diana call Mr. Hu. She said. Diana turned to go. Kumkum called Diana,. Diana stopped. Kumkum said " Call him after five minutes. Agastya will take coffee" " Ok Madam" Said Diana and turned. Kumkum called " Diana." Diana turned back with a bit of impatience " You too take coffee" said Kumkum. She smiled at Kumkum and said " No thanks. I don't want to be a spoil sport." She said and walked down. 

Kumkum : You ended your previous mission?  

Agastya: No I did not, It is an endless mission. It is a love mission. 

Kumkum : Interesting. Tell me what happened. Did the girl love you?

Agastya : I went to Mumbai on Basava's love mission. Agastya told the story briefly.


 6. Danavaipeta - Rajahmundry 

Kesava pierced his eyes and looked keenly at the small letters in his mother's diary. It is since a week he has been reading. The diary was all two hundred pages. Some pages are left empty. Most pages are scribbled and illegible. The diary was written in first person.  Kesava was struggling to see his mother face in the letters. Sadasivam looked at him sympathetically. He knew how eager he was to find his mother's name. He dropped the diary on the bed and closed his eyes.  He instantly picked the diary and started searching again.    " It is not written by one person. The hand writing belongs to two persons. said Kesava.

Aah ! Keava cried loudly and presed his temples. " Kesava you need magnifying lense." Stop reading and relax.  "Hurrah ! Look here. It is written "My mother passed on this habit" That means this diary was written by my grand mother.  Kesava had a severe head ache. 

Sadasivam took him to eye specialist in Rajahmundry . The doctor said " He has developed not only head ache but also bad eyesight." He prescribed glasses and asked him to wear regularly.   That night when they returned from Rajahmundry they came to know that they had Mridangam concert in Mylaopre.


7. Dakshinamurthi Auditorium  - Mylapore

Tender face bedecked with glasses, sharp nose, long hair,  white Dhoti and Kurta a boy  sat on the matted floor with Mrudangam in the lap. It is the richest ornament of greatest delight  that serves as light to his life. Kesava is simple yet his rhythm is rich.

 Kesava has been playing the Mrudangam for three days in Dakshinamurthi Auditorium in Ramakrishna Mutt Rd,  in Alamelu Manga Puram, Mylapore. It was a three day solo Murudangam concert. The auditorium is filled with audience.  Many eminent personalities such as  Gurumurthy, Padma Shri recipient Venkateswara Rao, and music maestro Venkataratnam  were a part of the audience.  The three days music concert is attracting the audience from various parts of the city.  


A solo mrudangam concert for three days?!  Even eminent paerson alities were surprised. Sadasivam who sat in the ring side of the stage kept watching  Kesava with bated breath.  He was totally absorbed into the rhythm of Kesava. Kesava's mridangam solo was complemented with Shankar’s ghatam. So it is is mixed with rhythm of the ghatam.   Only Sadasivam  knows that the rhythm of Mrudangam is mixed with the heart beat of Kesav. Kesava has mastered the versatility of the rhythm. The audience were watching with awe and wonder. Sadasivam was watching with pity.  

Kesava is very much troubled by the thoughts of his mother. He started reading  his mother's diary a week ago. He could not find out even his mother's name.  Kesava saw only I  in place of his mother's name.  Solo mrudangam concert for three days?!  Even eminent personalities were surprised. Sadasivam who sat in the ring side of the stage kept watching  Kesava with bated breath.  Kesava was totally absorbed into the rhythm. The mridangam solo was complemented with Shankar’s ghatam. 

A veteran musician came to the front row where Sadasivam was sitting. From the group of followers Sadasivam learned that the veteran musician was Murudangam Viswanatham, a top notch mrudangist in Chennai. There were not enough chairs a the hall was full. Sadas ivam got up and offered his chair to Viswanatham.  A few moments later another Mrudanga vidwan came to the auditorium. People started bringing chairs. "For three day this young chap has been shaking Mylapore. I haven't seen such a crowd for Mridangam before said Subramanya perumal a retired judge who came with his son Perumal. 

A few moments later a tall man in Dhothi and a sharp looking man came to the stage and stood there. " He is a famed writer and poet recipient of National Sahitya Academy award Bharatavarsha, Offer him a good chair. said a spectator to the management member. But the management of the Auditorium stood helpless. Chairs can be brought but there is no room for chairs in the auditorium. He went up to Bharatavarsha and apologized for not offering chairs. A gentle man brought a stool and asked Bharatavarsha to sit. Bharatavarsha felt proud for not having chair. He  offered the stool to Armugam standing next to him.  

Armugam saw the man standing next to Subraminia Perumal " Perumal" He called. Judge Perumal turned back " Dr. Perumal" He called again and passed on the stool to him. There was a ruckus as nobody was willing to take the stool. Kesava looked at Varsha. His fingers slowed down. His lips parted. The clouds of agony drifted. The continual rhythm stopped after three days. The President of Dakshinamurthi kalapeetham honoured Kesava with Laya Kalaratna title hand over a memento and a cheque.  Kesava saw tears of happiness in the eyes of Bharatavarsha. Veteran mrudangist Viswanatham invited Kesava to Cleveland Festival. 

After they exited from the Dakshinamurthi auditorium Kesava asked  Varsha " How did you come to Chennai suddenly?  How you know that I have a program here?" 

Bharatavarha: I am in touch with Agastya. Agastya came to your program yesterday. You are in meditation. You did not notice him. I came here to take the groom to Visakhapatnam.

Kesava,  Armugam, Varsha and Sadasivam went to Chennai railway station. They got into the Visakhapatnam train. When the train started Bharatavarsha told Kesava "This is the ideal time. He has Diwali holidays for 10 days and the month of Karthika is very auspicious for marriages. He can spend a week in Anandanilayam leisurely. 

"What do you say?" Bharatavarsha asked Armugam. Armugam stuck his head to the window he was was watching the green fields. He is not in this world. Kesava laughed at him.  Sadasivam touched Armugam and asked " Are the fields so beautiful?" 

Armugam suddenly turned back from the window " Yes, yes She is so beautiful " He said. Everybody laughed except Armugam. The laughter is mixed up in the train whistle.


8. Visakhapatnam - Ananda Nilayam

The day was splendid. Parvathi woke up early took bath and wore new silk long skirt and half saree. Malini gave her her golden girdle and bangles and ear rings before she went for a bath.  Parvathi was delighted to see them. She never wore such expensive ornaments.  "She stood before the mirror looking at her beauty." Malini finished her bath. She came and stood beside Parvathi. You are lost to the world. Are you here?  In a few days your marriage will be celebrated and yu will go with your husband, till then be with us. Said Malini. 

I thought I lost my mother. My mother came back from heaven.  I will be with my mother even after my marriage.  I want to serve my mother her love is warm. Let him come to Ananda Nilayam during holidays.

Poor girl, mother's love is warm but don't lose life's charm. Varsha wants to send you to Chennai. He has made all arrangements to live with your husband in Chennai. You both come during holidays.  This mother will share love to both of you and your children also.

Parvathi felt that Varsha's age is advancing he has to marry first but he is thinking of us. Malini understood Parvathi's feelings. " That is called responsibility." She said. 

Parvathi cried loudly hugging Malini. "Amma I understood why even God's surrender to love. Love is so powerful. You are so powerful."  She said.

 Nandini will come at any moment. She will laugh at you if you cry. You should not cry in the happiest occasion.  Nandini had already entered Ananda Nilayam. She began plucking flowers. Malini saw her through te window, " Who is the theif plucking our flowers?"

Plucked flowers from the garden and brought them in her mantle. She came to Malini " I am the daughter in law of this house. I have to cook for you and look after you. Be careful with me. she said to Malini. Malini laughed. Nandini then turned to Parvathi who was dazzling like golden with ornaments.  She pressed her mouth and said "Oh! have you given all these ornaments to her. They are meant for the daughter in law of this house." She shouted at Malini. Malini was amused. 

Parvathi began teasing Nandini. She fancifully twisted her waist , turned her eyes round like O and said " A girl having a golden girdle is regarded as queen in our village." Nandini burned with jealousy. A bickering erupted between Nandini and Parvathi. 

"Give me the girdle, keep the bangles if you want. The girlde belongs to the daughter in law." Damanded Nandini.  "Is there any special law? It belongs to the daught. er"  shouted Parvathi. Syamala and Ramya came. Malini went into Pooja room. 

When Nandini came out from Pooja they were still quarrelling. Parvathi was running Nandini and Ramya were chasing her. Syamala stood and watching the game. " Syamala , catch Parvathi, catch her." shouted Ramya. Parvathi is more like a deer in the forest than a girl in the house.  "Ay, Ramya! don't involve Syamala. She is pregnant." shouted Malini.

Parvathi ran towards the guava tree. In the blink of an eye she climbed up the tree. 

Climb down , shouted Nandini. Climb up shouted Parvathi. Nandini tried but could not climb. Ramya succeeded in climbing up but Parvathi switched to another branch. Malini was terrified at the out come of jeopardy. "Parvathi climb down, You have marriage. Ramya nobody will marry you,  if you break your leg." Malini threatened them of the consequences. No sister-in law ( Nandini) will take my girldle. complained Parvathi. 

 "My son  will buy another girlde for you, leave them" Malini pleaded Nandini. But Nandini was stubborn and unyielding. Malini lost her temper and took a slender cane and beat Nandini. Nandini ran towards the entrance gate. "Parvathi get down first. How can gilrs climb guava trees? If anything happens  ..." She commdaned. 

Amma in Ballipadu jayamma climbs tall palm trees. I can climb palm trees also. Nothing will happen,  Malini turned to Ramya "Ramya, you little devil, you get down first." she shouted. "Let Parvathi get down first." said Ramya. 

If you accept that you can not catch me then I will get down. said Parvathi.

Nandini brought a ladder from the neighbour's house and put it to the guava tree. When Nandini began climbing the neighbourhood girls and boys came to watch the fun. When Nandini was climbing they began cheering up. Parvathi is no less intelligent she climbed down on to the high boundary wall near guava tree.  

Nandini climbed down and quickly put the ladder to the wall and climbed. Ramya also followed her. The boys and girls were cheering up. The elderly men and women from near by houses  came to Ananda Nilayam were non plussed.  Now the three girls were running on the boundary wall. Malini got high B.P.  All men and women started watching the sporting girls. "The Marriage hustle and bustle has set in. "Don't worry Malini. Marriage is the only remidy for such naughty girls.  They said and walked away. Malini looked quite upset. Nandini observed her and jumped down the wall. 

Just at the same time Bharatavarsha, came with Kesava and Armugam. They stood rock still at the gate and watched Nandini jumping the wall. Nandini saw only Malini and none else. She was mindful of how to escape from the cane. She ran towards the gate and Dashed Varsha. Malini got confused. She threw the cane and went in.  

Varsha was embarassed while  Kesava and Armugam chuckled.  Till now it was only a play for Nandini but now she got offended. She is hurt. "You did not see Parvathi and Ramya I think  look what they are doing on the wall" She said. 

Kesava's face turned plae. Parvathi looked at the three standing at the gate. Armugam's face bloomed like a flowe when he saw Parvathi. Parvathi's face contracted like touch me not leaf. She bent her head down and slowly climbed down the ladder. 


 9. Rameswaram - Kalambur

Rasamani  and Janaki couple were walking in the foot paths in the hilly area in the outskirts of Kalambur village. They kept looking at the undulating hills. The sun is setting in the western sky. The breeze is cool. "Where did this girl go?" asked Rasamani walking in the rocky area.  Janaki stepped on an uneven spot. She was about to fall but her husband caught her. She had her ankle sprained. "Ouch!" grumbled Janaki. Rasamani asked her rubbing her ankle" Is it paining ?"  "It is getting dark. I am getting tense. We haven't found her yet?" said Janaki. 

Hooooo!  Hoo! some body shouting. The shouts are approaching the couple.  tcha ... tcha..... the tongue clicking sounds were heard.  A goatherd was seen with his goats. He was going back to the village with his goats saw the couple. "Daiva pengal , malaiyil irikiral ( The God woman is oon the hill). He said with a smile and went away with his cattle. 

The couple walked towards the hill. There is dull light in the sky. Rasamani saw Vidisha on the hill. He shouted Vidisha... There was no response. "She looks in the same size of the setting sun in the sky."  said Janaki, " She is like prasadam in the leaf." He said to his wife.  Janaki glared at Rasamani and shouted "Hooo! " like the goatherd.  The sun set completely. The darkness enveloped the earth.  

Rasamani: Why did she do like that today. 

Janaki : She has been going out every day to search for Mahadev agora.

Rasamani:  Is Mahadev an Agora ? Isn't he a sidda? 

Janaki: Siddha or Agora who knows! Nobody has seen him for several years. 

She was asking me for his address for several days.  

She has been asking everybody, wandering all over the hills. Nobody could give.

What address this forest wanderer has ? How can she find?


10. Visakhapatnam - Nandini Nilayam 

The blue Hundai city car stopped in front of Nandini Nilayam. Bharatavarsha and Malini got down from the car.  Nandini Nilayam gates were flung open and Krishna Dasa and Paidamma  welcomed them. Nandini was in her room watching the lawn through the window of her bedroom. She saw Varsha and Malini walking in. It is her dream walking in. She could not contain her joy. Syamala shut the window pane to tease Nandini. Nandini jumped like a deer and went into the livingroom. "Nandi , you should stay inside , should not come out. You are going to be the bride." said Adinarayana.  "If we leave her she will run to the gate. Come into the bedroom. Syamala pulled Nandini into the bedroom. Nandini was resisting. "What type of bride is this? " Syamala said syamala. 

Despite all these arguments Penchalayya looked undisturbed. He sat like a rock in the sofa.  Adinarayana said " You have stopped smiling since last night, smile the guests are coming." Adi started clarinet music that marks the auspicious occasion. 

Bharatavarsha is climbing up the stairs said syamala. Nandini sat on the bed hugging her knees. She looked like a fresh rose bud.  She want to listen to the slightest sound in the livingroom but for the traditional music. Syamala understood her feelings and stopped the music. Malini laughed at Syamala. She understood her intention. "Call my daughter in law. No need of hiding." said Malini. Nandini came out and stood beside Malini. We came here to ask for your brother.." She said to Nandini. 

Paidamma was elated. She said "I loved to give my daughter to good family. In my mind it is Malini's family. " She told her husband. " I also loved to give my daughter to a good family. In my mind it is a wealthy family. " said Penchalayya.

Malini : We are talking about Manjusha. We came here to invite you to Ananda Nilayam to see Manjusha for your son Sandeep. 

Penchalayya : No problem , we will talk about Sandeep first. 

Malini : We are here to talk about our son's marriage also.

Penchalayya : What is your expectation to make my daughter your daughter in law?

Malini : I expect them to live together happily and  you to bless them whole-heartedly.

Penchalayya : I understand you have no expectations and I appreciate your high mindedness. But I have some expectations. He looked at Nandini and said " Go prepare coffee for the guests with your hands." Nandini went in with bubbling joy. 

Malini : please tell me we will try to meet your expectations. 

Paidamma : When they are noble minded we should match them.

Penchalayya : I can nnot match them. Don't interfere in dowry matter.

Adi and Das unsussessfully tried to explain to Penchalayya something.

Bharatavarsha : I will meet your requirement except converting my sister. 

Penchalayya : She will continue as Hindu. My son and daughter are also not converted.

Bharatavarsha : Tell me how much yu are expecting. What ever it is I will.

Penchalayya :  You know Simhachalam died and the post is vacant. Soon the election notification comes. You should participate in the election campaign on my behalf and promote me. I want to contest for MLA in Sabbavaram constituency. 

Bharatavarsha: I can not do that. 

Penchalayya: In that case you have to give me 50 lakhs. 

All Penchalayya's family objected to his demand. Nandini said " Are you Mad?"

Paidamma said " Who will give 50 lakhs to you? Be reasonable"

Penchalayya said to Malini "This is my decision, You may demand the same amount from us or drop our match. I will search for a match within my means. 

We will not do that. We want Nandini as our daughter in law.  I will not fix a price for my son. They loved each other.  Money is not more important than my children.

Nandini brought coffee in a tray and served coffee to all. " This Friday is a good day for the engagement ceremony. Come with Sandeep to Anandanilayam for a Bridal interview. 

Adi : Why, What is the need for the bridal interview when they loved each other?

Malini : It is just a formality, more than a formality it is a celebration.  

Paidamma : Then begin the formality with my daughter. 

Nandini looked at Varsha , Varsha looked at her but swiftly turned looks. 

Malini took Nandini near. Looking into her eyes she asked " will you marry my son?"

Nandini's eyelids became heavy. They are half shut with shy. Her cheeks blushed. Bharatavarsha and Malini folded their hands and silently walked towards the gate. 

Paidamma , Adi , Dasu, Syamala and Nandini none had any idea that they were leaving. Penchalayya who was well in senses said " invaluable moments with invaluable people." He folded his hands to the parting mother and son.  That is the mother. That is the son.


Monday, March 27, 2023

The ups and downs -41

1.Pavilion bar Magestic circle 

It is 9.00 PM Raghava  sat alone. He finished drinking beer and started thinking whether to go to the dance floor or go back home.  The girls he hired for dancing with him only danced like robots. There was no chemistry between them and Raghava. The chemistry should be natural. He remembered Sandeep and Saanvi. That is the chemistry. He was very jealous of Sandeep. He has a beautiful lover  too. He remembered Manjusha. He took the mobile from his pocket and started looking at Manjusha's pictures. Aktar was watching him from the other table. He never discurages he would rather give suggestions that help your tials. 

Your beauty makes anybody mad. What a figure! Good eyes , great thighs! What a breast  that arrest the beholder's eyes. Such a queen fell for Sandeep. How unlucky I am. If you are with me I won't come to dance bars. Where have you gone? Raghava was speaking to the image in his phone. The manager came to Raghava. " would you like to see the girls?" 

Raghava nodded his head squarely showing his disapproval. But when he saw the girl in jeans shorts he felt an electric shock. It was Manjusha. His body is still vibrating. His breath became heavy. He walked towards her. Manjusha smiled at Aktar. Raghava felt the earth under his feet is trembling. " I want to take her with me." He said to the manager. 

Manjusha was not willing to go with Raghava.  Aktar came and said to Manjusha" will you dance with me?"  Manjusha smiled. Raghava objected " I want her . I first came to her." said he. " But she won't go with you to your place." said the manager. Aktar said " You enjoy , I will go away." Aktar went out. " Raghava , come on let us dance."

Raghava could not move. His legs were locked. He collapsed in the chair at the table.

"Manjusha sat at the table. I know you like me. come on, dance with me."

"Manju, my heart is bleeding. I can not see you in this position. What happened to you? Where are you living? How much money you want? " Raghava asked emotionally.

"If you ask all these questions I will go. your dream is standing before you. You can dance. Don't hesitate. Sandeep won't feel bad if you dance." Manjusha persuaded Raghava. 

Manju, where are you? Are you in any trouble? Tell me I can help you.

Manjusha was irritated by Raghava's questions. "Raghava it is time I moved." Said Manju. "Ok, Manju, Don't tell me anything. just tell your mother that you are on your own." said Raghava.  We can not answer your family, your brother and mother." I will tell my mother tomorrow I promise."  "Tell me you don't want to dance with me?"

"I can not dance with you." said Raghava. Manjusha smiled and got off from the chair. 


2. Ananda Nilayam - Visitors

The traditional courtyard house Ananda Nilayam had unusual hustl and bustle.  Tens of visitors are comig to see the Bharatavarsha. But Varsha is not at home. Radhamanoharam flowers have brought more light with more smiles. The jasmine gaillardia and zinna flowers with soothing aroma attracted more butterflies.  The visitors are watching the Sahitya Akademy copper plaque placed under the portrait of Varsha's  father, the martyred soldier. The flowers are competing with the award in attracting new visitors. 

Parvathi is receiving guests and offering tea and coffee to the visitors. Nandini came in to the Manduva and saw the plaque. She felt it wa splaced correctly. "The placement brings beauty to things." She said to Parvathi. Nandini took the plaque  and hugged it to her heart. "When you are placed in Ananda Nilayam you will be more beautiful." said Parvathi gently taking the plaque from her embrace. Don't press him hard he will be suffocated. said Syamala. "Yes, yes treat my brother gently." said Parvathi. 

Nandini took Syamala and Parvathi by ears and said Rascals you are training me how to treat my man. She said to Syamala "How gently you are treating your husband? She then turned to Parvathi and said "Oh my God! I thought the village girl can not speak. You must be married without any delay ." Paravthi ran into the kitchen and brought two cups of tea and gave them to Nandini and Syamala.  Just then Ramya came in heard their conversation and said " Parvathi is not like Nandini she will treat Armugam more genty, Am I right? "  

As she came in she grasped the conversation and and gave a witty reply. It was a surprise to Parvathi but not to Ramya and Syamala. "Ramya youngest of all but quickest of all." said Nandini. " How to you know about Armugam?" said Parvathi. "Where did your brother go?" She asked Parvathi. Parvathi had no answer.  "Nandini, go see your aunt Malini in bedroom. We can discuss these things anytime?" said Ramya. 

They got into the bedroom. Malini was lying on the bed. Nandini touched her and felt her body hot. "She has fever." said Nandini. She travelled to Delhi. She participated in the Sahitya akademy Award cermony. I think she is tired. " 

Malini got up and began to feel uncomfortable. Tension was looming large on her face. All the girls became serious. Parvathi went in to bring tea. Nandini took balm and started applying it to her fore head and temples. Malini was unable to speak. Ramya said " Why should you feel small? You have n't done any mistake. You have worshipped several gods, done several good deeds. God will certainly help you. Don't worry." When Ramya finished Malini started crying aloud. 


3. Ananda Nilayam -  Matrimonial ties

The head of the house Malini on hearing the footsteps of Varsha became grave. When Varsha came to Ananda Nilayam there is a graveyard silence. All the girls have grave faces too. In spite of her son winning national honor she was not at all cheerful because her daughter ran away. She can't tell anybody about it. She can not blame anybody about it. She was humiliated and suffering silently. The girls did not know how to console her. 

Varsha was sitting in the livingroom. He didn't want to go into the bedroom. The telephone rang. Varsha picked up. It was mayor on the line. He congratulated Bharatavarsha on winning National Sahitya Akademy award. Varsha thanked him and came back to the sofa. Again the phone rang. It was the municipal commissioner who said congratulations to Varsha. 

Malini was quite tense. There was unrest in the house. Their golden moments were snatched. Who has snatched their golden moments? Who is responsible for it. Malini said " I am responsible for it. There is something wrong in the brought up. I must be blamed." said Malini. Varsha did not go into the bedroom to console Malini. None has the guts to joke or talk. Ramya said " What happened now?" Nandini was frightened at the question.

Malini:  The young girl of this age ran away, She has not returned yet. How shameful! 

Ramya: Do you feel shameful if she is in love with somebody?

Bharatavarsha went into the bedroom and looked into Ramya's face. She was fearless.

Ramya tell me the truth. whom did she love? said Varsha. " 

Ramya:Will you scold her if she is in love with somebody who doesn't belong to your caste?

Malini got some hope. She has signs of  life. She said to Ramya " Tell me if you know. Who did she love? Syamala " She knows everything but she is a thief . She won't tell anyone."

Bharatavarsha got into the bedroom and asked Ramya " Ramya,  you know where she is. whom she loved. Is it not your responsibility to tell when the entire house is in doldrums. Why are you dillidallying?" 

Nobody will scold her. I will marry Manju with the boy she has chosen. Tell me ramya who is the boy. Malini assured Ramya. Nandini  and Parvathi  were waiting with bated breath. 

"She is in love with Sandeep. I don't know where she is.  She must be in bangalore."

Malini became instantly relieved of tension. Her face is brightened up. She looked at Varsha. Varsha looked at Nandini. Nandini turned pale. What is this you are looking faces, tell me do you accept her love?" asked Ramya. Bharatavarsha smiled at his mother and went into his study. Malini silently went into the kitchen. Parvathi, Ramya and Syamala were tense.  Ramya said " They have accepted but giving us tension. They are teasing us. Be ready to listen to the good news. Your aunt has gone into the kitchen to bring us sweets." When Ramya finished Malini came to the girls with a tray full of sweets. Your aunt is too smart Ramya is correct." said Syamala.

"Except Nandini all take sweets" said Malini.  Ramya, Parvathi and Syamala took sweets.  

Nandini asked Ramya " What is this twist?"  Ramya " Your aunt is not only smart but also romantic." Whispered Ramya.  "what ? what??" asked Nandini eagerly again.

"Uff. tubelight!!! I can't explain everything."  said Ramya and ran away. Malini laughed heartily. She gave the sweet to Nandini's mouth. Nandini was surprised. Malini kissed Nandini. Tears of happiness rolled in Nadini's eyes. Don't you put a sweet in my mouth?" asked Malini. Nandini took a sweet and put it Malini's mouth. 

Malini: We both accepted Sandeep as the son in law of this house. I will go to Nandini Nilayam to meet the elders of the house to talk about Manjusha's marriage. 

Nandini : I never thought you would accept this alliiance. Thank you aunt. 

Malini :  Shut up! Ramya is correct you are a tubelight. 

Parvatia and Syamala chuckled. Ramya who ran out came in an joined them.

Malini was all smiles. She took Nandini near and said "When I accepted you as the daughter in law of this house why not I accept Sandeep? I don't know all about Sandeep. I trust you.  You are the Lakshmi of this house. Will you marry my son? 

Nandini's cheeks blushed like roses. Suddenly and involuntarily pearls in her mouth shined whiter than the light. She bent down and touched Malini's feet. Malini lifted her up and hugged.  Who will tell Varsha in his study this news? said Malini with a sly tone. 

Nandini cursed her dimwits. She understood that she was given full permission. She took a sweet and ran into the study. She shut the door behind. " Shutting door is only after the marriage, be mindful of unmarried girls in this house." shouted Ramya. You little devil, It is not me but wind shut the door." shouted Nandini after opening the door.

Varsha sat in the chir. He raised his brows that ask the question what is the matter. 

Nandini was disappointed with her own dullness. Nandini is always dynamic but why she is like that today? She asked herself. She directly sat in his lap. Her beautiful soft back touched Varsha. They got soldered in the heat of love" My mother ...." He muttered.  " Don't worry she gave this sweet and sent me." said Nandini. "your friends....' Said Varsha. uh! why should I think about others?  " But is it not dangerous to sit in the lap of unruly man?" asked Varsha. Do anything you like. I welcome it.  I am your wife now. Open your mouth. said Nandini and put a sweet at his lips. but Varsha did not open his lips. Nandini put the sweet in her mouth and brought it close to his lips. Varsha's lips opened automatically. 

They stated chewing the sweet for a few seconds, later varsha caught her lips. Nandini did not want to lose the time. She put her mouth in his mouth.  Varsha's hands were around her slender waist. The mouth to mouth kis continued until the phone rang


4. Ananda Nilayam - Varsha - Agastya conversation

Bharatavarsha went into the Manduva and picked the phone. It was writer's association president.  He showered congratulations in verses. Malini, Syamala, Ramya Parvathi came to the phone.  jubiliant mood has taken over everybody.  The writer who called  was singing verses.  He was loud and heard by all. When the phone conversation was over Malini called Nandini. "Why are you hiding there in the study? Come and stand beside my son." she said. They stood beside each other.  "My heart is full. Parvathi and Manju's marriage  should be performed along with my son's marriage." said Malini. 

Manju's marriage is a bit complicated. Sandeep is soft and educated but his father ... Bharatavarsha is unable to speak further. "My father honors my word."said Nandini. Ramya said " I know what your father honors. He honors money. The dowry expectation will be high since he raised his son with lot of hopes of dowry." Nandini was shocked at Ramya's directness. "Don't be rude Ramya, my father will not demand dowry." Said Nandini.

"Nandini we don't find fault with your father. We are ready to meet his demand.  Nothing is more than Manju for me." said Malini. "Manju's marriage is related with money but what about Parvathi's?" said Ramya. Nandini said " She too loved a man, try him." 

Syamala: Yes. we can try.  Who knows what kind of boy he is!

We village girls don't do love. Love is done by city girls like you. 

"Village girls are no less. More over no one can believe that you are innocent." Said Ramya. Parvathi looked and Ramya slantly from the corner of her eyes. Oh! My God Amma, Look at those eyes. They are whirl pools one can not come out if slipped in them." Shouted Ramya again. 

Malini laughed  and said  "What is wrong if she has wonderful eyes. That is God's gift to her. Don't delay still. Pursue the same match.  They liked each other. This dumb girl can not express. The boy is highly polished and determined.  He opened his heart to Paarvathi while serving. He is quick and clever. He knew that he would not be able to meet Parvathi else where. He did not waste time to tell his love. He has great time sense. He did not waste his time after expressing his love.  He is quite determined, find his details. " 

Varsha was looking at Parvathi. "What does Parvathi say?" He was not only teasing Parvathi but also trying to bring out her heart.  Parvathi was looking at all one after the other, into their faces.  

Varsha opened his lips  "Kesava told me that the boy ( Armugam) is young and smart. He also told me that he has a sharp mind. Agastya said that he is a Road Romeo. " he said.

Parvathi said something to Malini and went into the bedroom. All are surprised at the village girl's quickness. "She is sullen because we are temporizig."said Ramya. All laughed.

Malini said Patrvathi says "If anybody sees a girl while taking bath the girl should marry only him and none else." All girls began laughing. Malini too joined them. Mandva is tiled roofing is disturbed. Varsha could not hush the women. The phone rang agian. It was Agastya was on the line. Agastya was telling the news of Armugam joining medicine. He pushed the speaker button. The girls went into bedroom and pulled out unwilling Parvathi to the phone. 

Varsha :  So. Armugam still roming on the roads of Chennai?

Agastya : No, No, Now he has joined Medical college again. 

Varsha : Are you sure? How is it possible? He dropped out medicine two years ago.

Agastya : A dropout can rejoin MBBS but should complete it in 8.5 years. The drop out should show a compelling reason for dropping out.  I have seen his admission receipt. I have seen him going to college. 

Varsha : I believe your words because you have the experience in medical college.

Agastya cut the call. Varsha laughed and looked into Parvathi's face. 

Your husband is a doctor. You are going to be a doctor's wife. Parvathi'e eye lids became heavy. She could not see her brother and friends. She ran into her bedroom again. 


5. Ananda Nilayam  - Varsha Manjusha conversation

The phone rang again. It was Manjusha. Like the summer river is frozen in winter, the flowing laughter is frozen. "Congratulations on winning the National Sahitya akademy award. I have seen in newspapers" said Manju.  "Manju Good news to you. We are going to fix your marriage with Sandeep by tomorrow you should be here" said Bharatavarsha. 

"I have joined the job newly. It is difficult to take leave now." said Manjusha. On hearing her voice Malini ran to the phone and took phone from her son." "You are totally spoiled, spoiled beyond measure. Where are you? You don't have the sense to attend national award ceremony, no problem at least you have no time for your own marriag? What job are you doing? Is it more important than marriage? Why did you go away?" Malini couldn't control herself. 

Varsha took the phone and listened to what Manju was saying. " You are forcing me to marry the groom you liked. What should I do? " Varsha stopped her " Manju I am Varsha forget about all those things, you need not marry the boy we chose. You can marry whom you loved." said Varsha. " I will come home soon and tell you in person. Tell mother that her daughter will never do anything that brings shame to her and family." Manjusha cut the call.


6. Electronic city-  Bangalore

Sandeep was talking to the Inventory manager  who oversees the inventory levels of Raghava Electronics." What happened there are no new shipments for three months? The stocks are piling up in godowns! " Sandeep asked him.

Inventory Manager : Yes sir , but Marketing Manager should know it.

Sandeep "Call the Marketing Manager" Sandeep told the attender.

In two minutes the Marketing Manager has come. Raghava also came along with the marketing manager. They sat in Sandeep's room. Sandeep asked the MM to show the sales figures. The Marketing Manager spread out a sheet on the table. Sandeep was seriously observing the sales figures. They clearly show the dwindling sales. Sandeep showed concern at the performance of the company.  Raghava was very happy at Sandeep's involvement. 

 "Why are the sales going down?"  Sandeep asked the Marketing Manager

"When we entered the market we were the only company producing ambience lighting and other gadgets with artificial intelligence. Now they are a dozen companies. The competition is very high. They have their market share. We can not stop them." said the MM

Raghava : We need to reduce the price. We will discuss that in a seperate meeting. 

Sandeep : Then why the inventory is piling up ?

Inventory Manager showed the records  of daily deliveries, evaluated the pending shipments and said " Our  team is working on the old policy. We have not  received any instructions from the directors ( Raghava and Sandeep) 

Raghava : Will will hold a meeting soon with the production and marketing teams.

After the Marketig and Inventory managers have left Raghava said to Sandeep  " First we have to meet and discuss the company's situation. Where is time for you for this company.  you are always avoiding my company how can you think of this company. 

Sandeep: What do you mean? Did I ever discuss marketing strategies or pricing or inventory policy? You decide inventory and pricing. What is on your mind, tell me directly? 

Raghava : You are avoiding me or you isoloted yourself ever since Manjusha stepped in Bangalore. You are spending time for Saanvi. It is causing concern. 

Sandeep : I am spending time with her only during parties. I have neither desire nor physical intimacy with Saanvi. I never covet a friend's wife. I am not that type. She is a bit free type. She moves like that with everybody.

Raghava: Okay, leave those things. Bharatavarsha called me and enquired about his sister.  They want to get her married. Where does she live? Where does she work? 

Sandeep : I know as much as you know. 

Raghava:  You loved her and she loved you. She came out from her family for her love that means for you. How come you don't know about her. I can't believe. Nobody believes. 

Sandeep : It is true that we loved each other.  I agree that she left her family to escape matches brought by her mother. Perhaps she came here for her love but after coming here she sought independence - independence from me.  For her independence is more important than love. All things happened before you. You are a witness to all these things.

Raghava :   I haven't seen everything. I don't know what cold war is going on between you. So many things must have happened between you.  So don't make me a witness. 

Sandeep : Nothing has happened between us.  She hasn't met me after she left.   

Raghava: Bharatavarsha will surely come here. Tell him all these things. 


7. Elliot Beach - Chennai

Angayar was waiting for Tanya who said that she has a good news and promised  a prty. She was waiting at Besant Nagar Ashtalakshmi temple. It was 5.00 PM. There was no trace of her friend. She looked at the temple. It is the temple of 8 Lakshmis (Goddess of prosperity) denoting abundance of basics, wealth, children, courage, victory, food, animals and education.   It is not so big (65 ft  45 ft )but so popular because it is built very innovatively. One needs to climb up the stairs to see the eight goddesses. It looks like the petals of Lotus.  Angayar looked at the watch again. It is 5.20 PM. Tanya got off the auto and saw Angayar waiting near the cocounut stall. 

Tanya: Sorry for the late.

Angayar : I thought you would reach first and wait for me. Since you are free now.

Tanya : I too thought that I would be free after resigning the job. 

Angayar : But you became busier instead?

Tanya : I am free without freedom. 

Angayar : Tell me what is the good news?

Tanya : I don't tell. I will show you. She showed movie tickets. Angayar's face became dim. "Is it so important to go to cinema now? I came early by taking permission" asked Angayar. "You became a money earning machine. What will you do if you don't watch this movie  You want to go and enjoy at home? or go to your company and stitch clothes?

They started walking to Elliot's beach. Elliot's Beach is one of the cleanest and safest beaches in the city towards the south of Marina Beach. They reached  a prominent landmark on the beach, the Karl Schmidt Memorial and sat in the sand. 

Tanya: We watch the first show. We have time. Feel free, tell me anything you like. 

Angayar : Freedom comes with money. If I had money I would not live in a small house.      I too would  live in a big house like Kumkum and Meenakshi. 

Tanya : Kumkum has money, but what money Meenakshi has?

Angayar : Luck.  One must have luck or money to enjoy life. 

Tanya: Poor Angayar one must have passion or courage, not money or luck. Kumkum has money Meenakshi had luck but neither could enjoy the life. 

Angayar : Living in a rich house having money , Isn't it enjoying the life?

Tanya : When you can not get what you want you are not enjoying the life.  Kumkum's dream is not using a big car, not living in a big house. You know it. She has a problem with marriage. That's her basic need and dream. She is trying to fulfill it. 

Angayar : My dream is buying a rich house. Of course I have the same problem but

Tanya : Don't  say dream , say it is your first dream or first goal. After achieving the first goal you will pursue the second goal. The second is inevitable after the first. Kumkum's life is an example. 

Angayar : It is miserable her husband is impotent but never stops demanding for children. 

Tanya: You both have the same problem. 

 Angayar: It is unbelieavable but ture.

Tanya: One out of every 10 Indian men is impotent, the incidence could be higher in metros. Nearly 25 out of every 100 patients with Erectile Dysfunction are below 30 years.

Angayar : Come on Lets go to movie. They got up and reached the road. They took taxi and reached Safire theatre in Mount Road. Before the move began Angayar said "It is a kannada movie." 

Tanya: It is also a Tamil movie. what is more important is not the cinema but the titles.

Angayar was surprised. She was shocked when She saw Meenaks's name in Titles.  She was the  music director. Angayar clapped and clapped until several heads turned and several eyes stared."Why so?" asked Angayar. "Clapping for titles is unknown to audience" said Tanya. 


8.   Indira Gandhi Internatinal Airport - Delhi

A  tall white chap in black suit stood out side the Indira Gandhi Internatinal Airport.   A gold complexioned plum curvaceous beauty with swollen breast and bulged booty leaned on him like a creeper. She is in peach maxi and white round neck top. "It is 9.00 AM." said the Man looking at his watch.  A white ambassador came and stopped at a distance. A tall man in grey safari suit got out of the car.  " I am Sanjay batra from Central home affairs." said the man. 

"I'm Vivek. She is my junior Lakuma." said Vivek. "Get in sir" he said and  accompained them to the car.  Lakuma and vivek sat in the back. Sanjay sat beside the driver in the front seat. The car moved.  

Sanjay: You came by spice Jet , right?" 

Vivek: Yes, we started at 6.40 and landed at 9.00. right right, 2 hours 20 minutes.

Vivek: How far is India Habitat Centre from here?

Sanjay: 14 km, 30 minutes. 

 The car reached the India habitat centre at 9.30. IHC is a big convention centre.

"The conference begins by 11.00 AM. You can check into the suit and relax. India habitat has stunning infracture with great architecture, splendid nature , Visual art gallery, American diner, Lotus Pond you can watch its beauty until the conference starts." said Sanjay.

 Sanjay went away. The car went to parking leaving the couple. "We have to watch the cool beauty said Lakuma looking at the lotus pond.  Vivek ogled at Lakuma. Why should I watch the cool beauty. I want to watch the hot  burning beauty. Why don't we check into the suite? said Vivek.  Lakuma glared at him angrily. "That is why my mom asked me to sit at home.    I take the next flight and go home if you talk like that" said Lakuma.

 Soon I am going to knot the tie. So let me see and enjoy. 

Lakuma walked quickly to the lotus pond and sat there watching the red lotuses.

Vivek sat there watching her image in the water. Lakuma observed him and dropped a stone in the water that created ripples. Her image was disturbed. " Sadist! " said Vivek.

They walked to the restaurant to have breakfast. and spent until 11.00 AM


9.  Lodhi road -India Habitat Centre- New Delhi. 

Anti-human trafficking Conference.

The national leverl seminar on Human trafficking began at 11.00 AM in Joseph Stein Auditorium. It is regarded as one of the best auditoria in the whole country due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure.  Additonal secretary Ministry of Home affairs, Justice Mohal lal chairperson National Human rights, Minister of Home affairs ,  Shri Manoharlal Director of Labour welfare, Dr. Loveleen Kacker, Joint Secretary, Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India. Judicial and Prosecution Response Justice Usha Mehra, Former Judge, Delhi High Court were present on the dais. 

The conference began with an inaugural address of the Home affairs Minister. 

"The most burning and ethical problem faced by today's world  is human trafficking. This unjustified trade has become so profitable that it knows no borders. Trafficking takes place inside a nation, state or might involve movement across boundaries. Globally, after drugs and the arms, human trafficking is the third largest organized crime. Each year 700,000 people around the world are being trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation. Around 80% of the human trafficking across the world is done for sexual exploitation." The Home affairs minister explained initiatives taken by the Central Government to check Human trafficking.

National Human Rights Chairperson Aravind Ahluwalia briefly spoke about human rights violation in human trafficking and Director of Labour welfare  Mohanlal said that Human trafficking is also done for  engaging the bonded labour and organ selling. 

Dr. Loveleen Kacker, Joint Secretary, Department of Women and Child Development said that every country in the world is affected by human trafficking. Children make up almost a third of all human trafficking. women and girls comprise 71 per cent of human trafficking victims. Human trafficking is one of the most rampant crimes in a labour surplus and developing country like India. The United Nations has listed India under the Tier II list of countries which have failed to combat trafficking. Thousands of Indians are trafficked everyday to some destination or the other promising good jobs and are forced to lead lives of slavery. They survive in brothels, factories, guesthouses, dance bars, farms and even in the homes.

Home affair joint secretary said that the Ministry of Home Affairs under a Comprehensive Scheme strengthening law enforcement response in India against Trafficking in Persons through Training and Capacity Building has released fund for establishment of Anti Human Trafficking Units for 270 districts of the country. He also explained the other Initiatives by Government against Human Trafficking such as the launch of an anti-human trafficking web portal in February 2014 as an effective way to share information. 

The director Natinal Police Academy said 

India's Central Bureau of Investigation incorporated anti-trafficking training, by the Interpol Trafficking into its standard curriculum. When he is done with his speech  there was a pause. The stage became empty.  A 12 year old girl was brought on to the stage by Vivek. Vivek presented the surviour's tale. It was a blood chilling tale of protecting a minor girl from Himachal preadesh. Lakuma was absorbed into the tale. Everybody appreciated Vivek.  

The conference ended with a survivour's tale by working group member and Crime investigator Vivek.   "How is the conference?" said Vivek  flying back to Mumbai. 

I thought I have learned so much from your methods and style. I must learn still more. said Lakuma.  "You can implement my methods if you like." Said Vivek laying his hand on her thigh. "Shut up ! this is not our bedroom airplane " Lakuma pushed his hand. 

Ha hha ha till then you can implement my methods and save Meenakshi.

I have already saved Meenakshi from Arshad Bashir's brother. I checked his advances.

Lakuma slipped into sleep laying head on Vivek's shoulder. The flight lalnded in Mumbai.


10. Vile Parle - Meenakshi Agastya , Lakuma , Basava

When Lakuma reached Meenakshi's flat she was surprised to see Basava and Agastya. Meenakshi was serving them snaks. Agastya was basking in mother's love. Basava seemed tense. " Come on Lakuma, you came at the right time. Sitdown, eat pancakes with coconut chetni." She said. Lakuma refreshed herself in the bathroom and came to the table.

Meenakshi offered four pancakes in a plate. Lakuma started eating and said " How are you Agastya and Basava? We met after a long time. How is life? " 

Basava said " Life is a never ending run for men. I am a man"  

Lakuma : It is a run for woman too. Man or woman must ran after money. 

Basava : Man must run after money and woman too. 

Agastya : Like you are falling after Noor.

Basava : All are not as lucky as you for the lady to fall after. 

Lakuma : Which lady is falling after Agastya?

Agastya warned Basava with eyes that a disaster breaks loose if he tells. Basava remained silent. but Lakuma was insisting on Basava to tell. Meenakshi said "Children eat first."

Meenakshi served more pancakes to all. Basava is serving coconut chetni. Meenakshi said to Lakuma " Lakuma look at Basava and learn to serve. You are going to get married."

Lakuma Let men serve women Amma. For generations they danced on our heads. Now they are falling after women serving them. It is reasonable and fun if men fall after woman. 

Meenakshi understood that Lakuma has Arshad in mind who is falling after Meenakshi. "Lakuma if your man doen't fall after you if others fall after you that is not fun." Lakuma understood that Meenakshi was talking about her husband. "I am sorry Amma. We are going to teach Arshad a lesson. I have a plan. Do you have contacts with Noor?  Do you have phone contact with her. Can you call her?" said Lakuma  

Meenakshi: Yes, I spoke with her once. Basava also spoke with her without revealing his name but she understood by his voice. I will call her later. 

Basava : Hats off Amma you won  their confidence and established contact with her. 

Meenakshi : They are going to fix her Nikka ( marriage) soon.

Lakuma : No hurry , find out who the groom is. I will tackle him. I have plenty of time till my marriage. I will be here and assist you when you need me. 

Agastya: I have no time. I must go to Chennai. I have a job there.!!!