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Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Cherry Blossoms - 10 sonnets

Cherry Blossom is the local wind of Karnataka that is helpful for the coffee plantation. Rains caused by thunderstorms during the hot weather ... Also known as 'Coffee Showers' These rains normally occur from March to April. 

1.The coffee showers

Oh what a lullaby on fast running wheel

What sweet slumber that passengers from world steel 

with your music's breath you give them mirth

Oh what a lovely experience the train on earth!

You gave me many a friend 

before the journey's  end

I can't see light at the tunnel bend

journey's joy always on you depend

NO tension to travel without reservation

we just see our growing population

I'd with many a friendly traveler relation

who live far and wide across the nation

If I lose them don't blame the train in vain

Because I travel  in train again and again

       2. The Comet 

With burning coal and smoke

Running on rails is not a simple joke

The pistons move stroke after stroke

carrying the luggage and the folk

While on the platform he looks like a giant

Across the  fields he is soft like a saint 

The whistling wind knows for sure 

that  he  always  whistles  de jure 

On the bridge he sounds hallow

many travelers his rhythm follow

During day when the track is straight 

He flies like a kite soon goes out of sight

At night he shines like a comet

and commands travels' respect

 3.The Cuckoo    - AA BB

koo kooo -  he passes while singing like a cuckoo

I sat by the window writing a haiku

While he dashes on the bridge over the river

I looked down and saw the river

That was shining like sheet of silver 

the cold breeze makes me shiver

I saw the young couple in the boat

Through my mind passed a musical note

Morning he pulled me through greenery

and showed me unforgettable scenery 

Bridges and houses and towns and shops

the cattle in the fields and lush green crops 

Moving like a museum on wheels

Beautiful sights he served like meals

          4. The Queen's Ride

 She crawls with wheels of steel  like a huge snake 

 on a bouncing track that  feels like a marshmallow cake

the passengers on board glide soft without any ache 

When she gathers speed the earth do shake

She is the queen without crown 

Hundreds wait for her in every town

She never waits more than her time

If anyone frowns she gives a dime

Rich or poor she doesn't care

Men or women at her stare

Hundreds of men guide her way

slight inconvenience they drive away

The cattle grazing near track are frightened

after her ride the track's bolts are tightened


     5. Bihu on Train

January is the colorful season of Bihu

people on train don't know who is who

men and women filled the compartment

colorful clothes show their involvement

Young  women versed in Bihu dances

filled the compartment with romantic glances

group of men and women delighting each other

have brought to the train beautiful Bihu weather


with romantic looks they delight each other

with looks  they are pleasure each other

watch and be watched is the pleasure

delight be delighted is the measure

Sometimes festivals are celebrated on train

whose fond memories form heart's sweet pain


6. Quarrels with Barrels 

when you must to the small town go

you have the passenger but no other go

The passenger is a train with no attractions

But it is a big hub of social interactions

While the train keeps moving at a slow pace

A child  sleeps in mother's embrace 

A vendor walks with basket in corridor

A man stands smoking at the door

 A woman comes with basket of flowers

 A soldier brings in  beautiful laurels

The man preaches so many  morals  

to the woman who brings barrels

off course  barrels bring quarrels

on passenger quarrels are as sweet as sorrels

*sorrels means Gongura in Telugu

      7.  Ivory chain


Oh! metro train, Are you an Ivory chain

You look soft like a plane you are as fast as rain 

Your ride is pride so people your norms abide

Everybody is ransacked before the ride


You look like Boeing in the air

For your arrival we stand and stare

Look at the floor what a beautiful decor 

All automatic, even the door


You make little noise 

and guide us with sweet voice

You are traveler's first choice

All passengers your icy feel rejoice


Oh! metro train, your interior is superior

Your exterior isn’t to plane’s fuselage inferior


         8. Masulipatam


Oh! Masulipatam, why are the dark circles still

showing up under your eyes like dreadful winter chill

The dab of gloom on your visage though the winter has gone

The mist is still hanging on your skies in the summer noon


Oh! Masulipatam the decks are cleared that brings the boon

of business I recount your past while the lustre comes soon

I met the travelers who tell the tales of small fish town

that dealt with diamonds I wonder how the time scaled down


Your prosperity of the European trade of 17th century

Diamonds and dyes, textiles and spices made you a treasury

Oh! the great demand melted down! what a time’s treachery

Silence rules your shore what a fate’s butchery!


Oh! Kind traveler, my glory never waned my glory is my crown

I still hear rich stories from mouth to mouth passed down

9. Vizianagaram Fort


In 1711 the king from Jeypore sought independence

and founded Vizianagaram where there wasn’t a fence

The foundation stone was laid to build the fort

in 1713 when there was no machine of any sort


With length and breadth 240 meters each

built of solid stone without a breach

The ten-meter-high mesmerizing and majestic fort

All around the walls runs a seamless moat


with two terrifying gates on the east and west

the impregnable walls foil any enemy quest

the east gate saddled the mighty drum tower

At a stone’s throw stands the victory tower


What a tower! what a power! Oh Vijaya Rama                                                  

Oh! the enormous fort what a mind-blowing panorama.

10. The Battle of Padmanabham


With rank and rifle moved colonel Pendargast

Across the hills his horse galloped fast

Towards the battle field of Padmanabham

For the British, there he sounds the drum


Colonel Pendargast provided the crucial command

Stood as the east India company’s right hand

As Vijaya Rama II refused the British demand

Of a huge tax that renders his army less manned


They ordered the king’s exile offering him pension

The king knows the British laws, and paid due attention

In the battle field with his sword -wielding troops

Who fought ferociously with British groups


The sun in the sky was red, the ground was full blood

The colonel’s gun fired a bullet that left the king dead.

Only God! None can the king command

None can the spirit of the king disband


The battle of Padmanabham thus ends

The king of Vizianagaram to heaven sends


Friday, April 22, 2022

Harp strings - 10 Sonnets

          1. Harp strings

Harp strings are heart strings

They bring out sharp things

You can hear when the lark sings

only if you reach lark's wings

when Harps strings gently vibrate

In the music flows feelings innate

The outside man looks effervescent 

but the inside man is indifferent

Harps strings touch not anatomy 

They fetch the hidden dichotomy 

Between the diverse personalities 

and the unseen abnormalities

They tell tales of heart

of insider's self beguiling art

 2. No one is  Lonely

Hey! lonely buddy

nobody is alone

trust me, everybody 

has somebody unknown

hidden inside his skin

don't ever think

that he is the twin

He is not as pink

as you might think

unless you honestly search

you can't reach, so just rethink

to have  a real research

Off course it is all mental

But it is the fundamental 

             3. The problems

 Unless you take problems as challenge

  They the beauty of life infringe

   But when the life itself is a problem 

   Don’t swing unsteadily like pendulum


  Don’t think of ending life 

   Using pistol or a knife

   Better change the life

   Move like a missile, go to a remote ile

   Or do something different for a while

   After all life is more precious than lifestyle

  Change the activity, believe in simplicity

  All you need is peace and tranquility

  Change is the biggest challenge

  That can all problems expunge

         4.The Average man

He thinks that he’s spiritual

For him the life is but a ritual

He thinks that he loves everybody

But the fact is that he loves nobody


except his body, he is so greedy

He is ready to buy Audi

To get famous like Modi

He wears clothes gaudy


He publicizes fake generosity

with banners showing verbosity

all over in the center of the city

Alas! It reveals his poor pomposity


He wants to be the talk of the town

He is ready to steal someone’s crown

           5.Thy Rapport

Thy rapport is fuel to my writ

Thy response I must frankly admit

Is grease to my verse's wheels

The cheese that goes well with meals

The bed sheet that gives in winter heat

The ice cream that stands as summer’s treat

It’s the color that nature in spring wears 

It is the culture that earth in fall bears

Like equatorial region that has no seasons

Literary harmony has no reasons

Thy response is thy rapport 

Thou art forms a big support 

Thou art the gentle breeze 

Thy touch my verses freeze

                6. The Insider

The outside man is strong and confident 

The inside man is weak and incompetent

The outer man looks  high and broad

The inner man looks  shy and sad

The outsider is  theist and a priest 

The insider is  atheist and  agnost

The outer man is  proud before the crowd

The inside man is  hidden coward 

 The outsider speaks like an optimist

The insider thinks like a pessimist

The outsider seeks heaven in marriage

The insider sees hell and mere bondage

The outsider praises life so high

The insider cries in pain to die

       7. Center of Sorrow

you're the center of your own sorrow 

 blame not the tiny sparrow

Oh look at your life's  heavy pains  

but you need not call the cranes 

just  recall what lies at the root

of your sorrow, it's your thought.

can you your thought thawart

or for ever suffer with the wart

you're the center of your own sorrow 

the fence isn't high your mind is narrow

your confidence is your own defense

with that you can jump off the fence 

when your mind is narrow you had better borrow 

and shoot a different arrow  for brighter tomorrow  14

8.Love is inwardly

Not fair tensions but false intentions 

can  breaches bring in love's attention

and trigger hatred and hypertension

outwardly arguments are better than pretensions

Verbal clashes are like skin rashes

Strong love winds can blow them off like ashes

When fair tensions cause verbal clashes

Don't worry they vanish like sky's flashes

Can verbal clashes love screw?

Can Knotted hearts hatred brew ? 

Can outwardly arguments make love askew ?

when inwardly sentiments the love renew 

Love is totally inwardly 

Arguments are only outwardly

  9.  Unshaken 

when deep desire the love's purity ditches  

when the vile world the pure love bitches 

Can love's course become ambivalent?

Can ardent love become a complaint ?

Love might fall in dark lurch 

But darkness can't love touch

Love is like a lighted torch

In whose light the lover's march

When suspicions love surround

don't hear sound of mind 

with heart's resound be aligned 

For love is the joy profound

To the mind love seems difficult 

but heart's feelings are different 

10. Heart and Mind

Mind can not shake heart

Love is heart's indelible art

Love is life's emotional part

It adds wheels to the life's cart

Ego is like fly in the phlegm 

Ego always the love condemn

Love is mind and heart game

Mind and heart are never the same

Both are not easily separable  

Mind is never invincible 

Heart is hardly convincible

Love is not reversible

When love wins the heart

Heart can win the love

Monday, April 18, 2022

Wild thoughts - 10 sonnets

Wild does not mean cruel or harmful. Wild means not domesticated or not cultivated. Generally people express their harsh feelings smoothly. They replace their harsh words with soft words. They use domesticated or cultivated language. Wild thoughts  represent the actual feelings using to punch on the truth. However  Wild thoughts are marked by decent and enjoyable language. 

1. Who am I ?

I am neither Petrarch nor Spenser

Believe or not my rhyme is denser

Like Collins I write not American Sonnet

I have my own brain under my bonnet 


I have my own country

My poesy needs no tenantry

I admire john Keats

but I wear my own boots


Oh! words worth!  my words are worth

My nature to my poems gives birth

I remember none but Homer 

because he helps me stay calmer   


I am as good as a seer

I am an Indian sonneteer


     2. Kick the Love  ( Sonnet)

When the time's unrelenting scythe  is looking at me to mow

Sitting in shadow of my misunderstood love

How long can I in love's chains remain?

How long can I this pain sustain?

To mend my aching heart's hole

Should  I forget my love's goal 

My heart seeks pleasure

at least in a small measure

My mind needs leisure 

That is my life's treasure

When the evil fate my life's length deplete

Can I my hope's strength replete?

when my love doesn't give me kick

I kick my love that makes me sick   14

    3.Queen Victoria

Your mom called you jasmine

She never knew that could be a sin

Your dad called you little princess

It was a lie, later he did confess

the school sang the same rhyme

but life did n't give you a dime

Your  mirror has showed the truth

but your eyes saw only the myth

when your parents perished

that cult has fast vanished 

why you with queen Victoria compare

when you know the truth, stop there

you don't know perhaps life in Syria 

is not sadder than that of Victoria

      4. Kind seductress     

A cold chill passes across their spine

when men see your beauty shine

A few steps that you everyday walk 

leaves leering men in profound shock

the path you walked becomes beauty's shrine

The men shocked drink your beauty's wine

you pass like a breeze and move like a wave

you appear like a sparkling lightning wave

You are a marble sculpture gilded in gold

very soon men might come into your fold

restaurants, gardens wherever you hang

your beauty's goes with  a loud bang 

 Many a kind seductress provokes the folks

 beauty's use is not to feed hungry men's looks


                5.Burn the Fern

     When the silver screens display vulgar filth

     when the small screens tell tales of hatred

     when crooked people in power run after wealth

     in dark but wear an angle's face in their day-trade

     Who on behalf of the cursed children discern

     who can show concern and fight for their defense 

     Enough of media's pretense and fake social concern 

     when the stray dogs command cinema making chance

     When the nasty celebrities shine at nation's expense

     and leave no chance to endorse in foreign defense

     in the din the entertainment stealing brains is no offence

     My poem's stand for the country's defense

     and inspire men of character to burn the fern 

     Be stern until the devils to the grave return


     6.My Birthplace

Vaddadi lies amid lawless hills 

that offers  raw forest thrills

My ancestral home was on the hillock 

A huge palace  gone into ill-luck

A hundred steps below lies the riverbed

on both east and west banks spread

the village with small houses similar

it's a primitive village scene familiar 

Once the river water was fresh 

the village had tree cover lush

once we heard the water's rush

After fifty years it became a drainage flush 

with no trace of grass, at dismal verge

the nature sings distressing dirge

            7.The witch

In the shanty town near the tank

where people usually drank

Beside the cinema there is a  hut

There sits a woman who looks like a slut

She is a rich witch with a terrible face

Strange beads like eyes body full of gold

In several weird ways she treats each case

People think " Is witchcraft a reality?"

They instantly think  of practicality 

A boy victimized by black magic was brought

by a group of people who the remedy sought

She stuck needles to the boy's body, began chanting

 Her gold chain was stolen  needles dropped down  the boy's pain fled 

Outside the hut the thief found dead in a pool of blood

              8.My wish 

I wish I had the qualities of a flower 

sweet fragrance even for an hour

I wish I had acquired the tree's power

 great strength to stand like a tower

I wish I had the qualities of a mountain

vastness to the edge of the doom maintain

why sh'd I ever be a flower, mountain and tree

while I am right now all the three

My poems are flowers 

let readers enjoy their fragrance

My works are as strong as trees

They stand strong with tall peaks

My fame should be like mountain vast

Till the end of the time it should last

9.The most beautiful flowers

Poems are the most beautiful flowers

They bloom on poet's imaginative powers

poets are the gardeners and growers 

But readers are their rightful owners

They steal the colors of vowels and consonants

They touch the hearts of readers across continents

Poems are the flowers that neither wilt nor die

Poems enrich reader's feelings with beautiful dye 

The tender flowers bring splendour to marriage

They also render the bride's royal personage

They decorate the path of the final journey 

And shower fragrance of peace in the ceremony 

They play readers by pulling their heart's cords

 And leave with them everlasting rewards.

                IF ( sonnet)

If you can love the tall fig and the tiny bug

If you love your coffee mug and woolen rug

If you can love the silver keg and crooked leg

If you can love pet dog and forest hog 

If you can forget your job's income

If you can forget your love's outcome

If you can forget thinking and start drinking

and don't care even when your life is stinking

If you can wait for your love to bloom

If you can wait until it removes your gloom

If you can wait until your doom

yet don't blame anybody and go to tomb

Yours is the real love, you loved so much

Even devils don't dare to touch  14

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Nevermore - 10 sonnets

Nevermore means that happens only once in life. It may never happen again in life. It is a kind of nostalgia ( regretful remembrance of the past). Nevermore is not a collection of poems. It is the collection of past experiences of the poet and common experience of all humans. 

   1. Summer evening walk

I walk'd with my friend Kishore on seashore

Listening to the sailors' sweet folklore

we stop at wakad stall on the beach

we walk hard and had a cup o' tea each

We watched the tides in the blue sea

 spilled on our clothes the boiling tea

the raging whirlwind howls in our ears

the sand particles stuck on our faces like spears

bits of papers and chocolate wrappers 

swirl  round and round like tiny choppers

the little girls thought it was a ghost

there was a commotion on the coast

A big turtle was washed to the shore

Such a turtle we haven't seen before

     2. O! Dynora!

How popular you were O! Dynora!

How sad it was we said Sayonara!

My father was your sole operator

You were house's chief decorator

You had on face shutters with key

Oh buddy ! how can I forget  thee

young and old , all  in the house

sat before you including the mouse

 Oh! the  new technology flow 

 came on your life as a death blow

you were once house hod name

the fame you won is still the same

from our eyes you are obsolete

but  you're still our heartbeat 

             3. O soul!

O soul!  This is thy last hour

Oh I could not believe

in  the spiritual power

I woke up when you're ready to leave

Only to sleep in the grave

You are the imperishable I

 to see you one must be brave

It's possible only with mind's eye

cuz, it's the immaterial part of humans

I lived with  material mind

and live like Roman among Romans

How can I you in my last hour find

In this last hour it is too late 

It is all written in my fate

         4.Love Stung

 Long ago when I was young

I went on a picnic during spring

A bevy of girls danced and sung

in the cool shade of trees near a spring

one of those,  a beautiful rose

in brilliant hues threw a look

Twisting her waist in a beautiful pose

That stuck my heart like a hook

I searched for her in every nook

Spending all my time like a bee

Wandering by the brook

I couldn’t tell my love, I agree

Oh! My juvenile fear failed me

I am now fifty a love stung bee.


           5. The House 

We always saw the house from distance

we never crossed it without assistance

Nobody has ever its door  knocked 

 for it's always with a padlock locked

The iron fence around is rusted 

the windows are broken and dusted

The garden is full of weeds over grown

the purple stemmed flowers often groan

The house was a terror 

the sight of it brought to mind horror 

It looked like an weird child crying

or some secret shadow spying

When I was young it looked paranormal

when I grew out of fears it looked normal

                6.   The Wind

O funnel ghost blowing from west to east

 Sweeping  the earth’s surface at the best 

your strong, jet speed waves create unrest 

oh uninvited guest, who can you arrest?

 Your jet streams often shift the course

  From north to south, what a gusty force

  You flow with across every town and city

   Destroying roofs and windows what a pity

   O funnel ghost you broke the glass window

   Of my house and followed me like a shadow

   When I sat in the garden you rattled the pages                                    

   of my books, tore them off,  turned outrageous

  Oh  hate your violent ways

  I want clam and ordinary days

       7. English poet 

O famed ancient English poet 

Writer of many a paragraph

Those who blew your trumpet

Haven’t read your paragraphs yet


Many a poem is a paragraph

Or a story without rhyme

The readers will certainly laugh

But people can’t spare time


To read everything you write

They don’t know how much you wrote

When the media declares outright

That you are great, all think it’s right

You might have written rubbish 

Poor Indians adore, cuz you are English

        8. R&B Yards

Forty years ago under leisure's rule

My childhood was celebrated

In  Pader primary school

which by tribal standards calibrated

postcards and telegrams life is primitive 

drama and cinema made it inquisitive

In those days machines were less

relatives and friends were countless

Sun or rain every evening we played

our faces our happiness displayed

we climbed hills brought the wood 

bough on bough  and  piled  good

In R& B Yards amid tar drums and piled wood

we rolled the drums of our childhood.  

         9. The Banyan Tree

 It is an amazing tree of gigantic size 

bigger than a hill that fills your  eyes

beside the playground its a lofty rise

Declared as Goddess by the old and wise

It spreads its branches to end of street

It sheds numerous leaves and ripen fruit 

All passers by certainly stop and greet 

the divine tree thriving with long hanging root

Over the tree I walked to school  everyday 

I picked the banyan bark when I have dismay

believed that the danger will be castaway

She sheltered me under her boughs on a rainy day 

It is the tree that I can not forget 

If I don't visit again I must regret

    10. The small town 

Should  I  visit the remote small town

Off course It symbolizes my childhood

One day I think I must go down

schools and shops sand, stone and wood

Every thing I see not the people sullen 

this is where my childhood steps had fallen

The rail track where I played

The paddy fields where I stayed

The house where we lived

The ground where I played

The office of  my father 

are so vague and me bother

If visit my memories nourish

They my childhood cherish 

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

The Argument 10

Lakuma slept but  late night. Aruna could not sleep at all that night. The flashes of her early marital life moved across her mind like pictures on the silver screen. Krishnan the handsome promising director in the film field was tying knot in her neck ... while the clarinet was singing sweet melodies .. another scene.. she rested her head on his shoulder while he was driving Maruti 1000 cc. In those days it was the latest, the biggest and the most prestigious. The clarinet was singing sweet melodies. Aruna's marriage was video graphed very poorly. The videographer  used clarinet as the background music. She likes clarinet. clarinet is next to dance to her. So she did not mind video. She recorded her marriage in her mind and stored in her heart. She recalls the clarinet music. It stands for her marriage and generates romantic feelings. For some people it is el passo perfume and for some people it is Rangoon creeper for some people it is the clarinet music strange though..  That music brings heavenly feelings too. 

Another scene  on her mind ... First time she went into a cafeteria with Krishnan. He was a Malayalee classical film director. She is Telugu dancer. She acted in two films in his direction. They both sat in a corner. Krishnan ordered coffee. He had admiration for dance. They was nothing else between them. But a newspaper wrote about the affair between Aruna and Krihanan. That newspaper was lying on the table. People were whispering. Tears were swelling in Aruna's eyes. Her hand were on the coffee table. There is hanky in her hands. She did not try to wipe her tears nor did she try to hide them.  Krishnan laid his hand on Aruna's hands. He gently took the hanky from hands and started wiping her tears. All the customers of the cafeteria turned their heads. She was staring at him quite dazed.  He was looking deep into her eyes. There was not a single word between them yet they communicated.   They did not have coffee. They forgot that it was brought and placed on the table. The boy even waved his hand on their faces but in vain. Suddenly the media swarmed around. They rose from the chairs. Krishnan took Aruna's hand into his " we are marrying" He said. 

Another scene .... Krishnan shouted cut... cut .. cut... "you spoiled my mood with your dance" He shouted again .. This is the sixth time she is doing the same dance steps in a temple premises. "The light was falling, my patience too. Pack up!!!" He shouted.  The unit moved from the location. Aruna fearfully sat beside Krishnan in the car.  They reached Oberai hotel. In the suite .. the man who looked upset suddenly pounced on Aruna and pushed her on to the bed, kissed her all over her waist. Aruna pushed him and got up. She stood in front of him. He sat on the bed  and looked amorously at her wait and breast. She was still in the dance apparel. She did not hide her charms. They were man and wife. The clarinet was singing sweet tunes in her ears. He demanded the same dance movements particularly the movements of the wait. Aruna shivered like a tender leaf.  Your moving waist's irresistible charm has spoiled my mood. He pulled her on to the bed.  The clarinet was singing sweetest  melodies ever during the bedroom marathon 

Another quick snap shot of audio release function moved across her mind. Later a movie release function. Aruna sighed How fast the time moved. Three consecutive hits. Aruna was pregnant.  The fourth movie was such a big flop that nobody came for his direction later. He became the producer. It was his fifth film as a director and the first film as a producer.  Oh... no. The film was declared failure the very next day of release. Pity is that it has worsened his reputation. Aruna was getting chances. she commanded good dance roles. She did only dance roles.  

Another hot scene I am acting as a heroine of the movie even a vamp role only to clear the debts. Please stop films and do some other business. said Aruna.. That night Krishnan did not come home. Aruna slept with her baby. The baby was crying for milk. Aruna got up to prepare milk for her baby. She came into this world from her reveries ( dreaming). She went into Lakuma's room and saw Lakuma sleeping. She gazed at her babygrown up into a nubile girl. She sighed deeply and went back to her room. She had wink of sleep in the wee hours.


Dawn broke in Dwaraka.  The light of heaven shattered into dyes. The sky looks like a canvas of mixed colors of purple and orange.   Dwaraka villa with a beautiful green garden shines like a gold girdle studded with  emerald stones. The zephyr whistles in the garden.

The brilliant stars at night 

started fading out of sight

The sun's warm rays slant

had night's stars supplant

In the blue velvet sky

A black bird sits high

is singing pure liberty

the wind blew naughty

the sun crawls up like turtle

the sky's no more red and purple.

The increasing white radiance is like  angels hosting peace in the sky.  God's spreading a white shawl on the shoulders of the noble mother-earth to honour her for her love and kindness. The rivers are curling and brooks are purling.  The early morning birds are chirping. The entire nature is overwhelmed in the joy.  It is the largest felicitation ceremony in the universe that happens everyday. 

 served a a wake up call to Aruna. She woke up too bath and got fresh. With a fresh smile she went into Lakuma's room with a cup of coffee. They both sat in the garden with cups of coffee. The nature is so beautiful and so graceful like mother's face.  A tiny humming bird was sucking nectar from red flowers. "Mom, why don't you buy this extraordinary villa ?"  Aruna smiled and said " It costs 10 crores! It is meant for the extra ordinary!" replied Aruna. " You are extraordinary, aren't you? " No, I am not. that is why I am paying fifty thousand towards rent." Don't you have ten crores!" exclaimed Aruna. 

It is good that you asked me, my income is three and five lakhs a month. 

Shame on you ! you are a film star!

Off course! I acted in films and made good money but your father made films with that money too. His films failed flat at the box office. I am paying some of his loans now.

That is why I decided to act in films and later make films. Good films!

I will never let that happen. don't even think of films.concentrate on studies get a good career. It is not necessary that everybody in family act in films. who will give you chances ?

Mr. Naidu gives me a chance. I am willing to act.

don't show your demi-wits. Naidu is a demon. This path is full of thorns and cobbles stones. 

Your morning preaching began! You are always like that

what about studies? You are in the final year. Concentrate on studies, 

I will quit studies. and join films. 

No.. I have told you that this path is full of thorns and cobbles stones. 

If that is true how  did you walk the path?

 This is not the time to argue. It is time to understand for the good of your own life. 

No chance , I have made up my mind and Naidu too. He will give me a chance. 

I had never dreamed that one day the acquaintance with Naidu will lead to your divorce from studies and down fall. Oh my head is breaking! where is Kesava? I want some tea. saying so Aruna walked into his bedroom. She saw the empty bed and a white letter lying on it. It was a handwritten letter. Aruna took the letter with surprise filled eyes and was shocked after reading. O God! Ah! Kesava ! where did you go away. she screamed in pain. 

Lakuma was annoyed at the screaming of her mother and said "  You shouting through the roof as if the hell broke down on Dwaraka. Let him go if he doesn't like. 

Aruna's face turned red and eyes were showing flames. 

Exactly at that time Lakuma said "Who cares the orphan fellow!"

Before Lakuma finished Aruna's hand hand landed on Lakuma's jaw. 

Poor orphan boy ! Where have you gone! with tears in her eyes her she called up the inspector and went into bath later Aruna finished her bath and dressing up at the mirror Lakuma was crying in the hall. Aruna knew well that it is an act of vindication. When Aruna refused to meet her demands she would often break down into tears, crying in sobs she will achieve her ends. " Very strategic girl!" said Aruna loudly and entered the hall. Lakuma stopped crying. The inspector was standing at the door. Aruna gave the inspector kesava's photo,  and said " The boy could have been deeply hurt by this girl,  inspector somehow fetch the poor boy please!"  " Don't worry ! I will get me in a few hours" the inspector  assured her and left. 

Lakuma " Is it my mistake if he left the house? You are blaming me for no fault of mine. I will not stay with you. I will go to my dad in Kerala" Lakuma showed a grave face!

Her face reminded Aruna of Lakuma's childhood days. She used to cry for everything like that. Lakuma once saw a monkey with a beggar. She liked the monkey so Aruna let her play with it. But fifteen minutes later she started crying for the monkey. The whole day She showed the same kind of face.  Aruna kept laughing and laughing.  Aruna came out of past. Lakuma looked like a child. Aruna showered smiles, with bland language and motherly love she took her into her bedroom. They both sat on Aruna's bed. 

You want to act in films, right ? why don't you try in other fields like dance and music? saying so she went to the cupboard opened it and took out a historical photo of the dancer.  This picture is handed down for generations , from children to children and children to children. My forefather s gave it to my great grand mother and she gave it to my grand mother and she gave it to my mother. Finally my mother gave it to me.  what do you think about this picture? said Aruna.

She is a beautiful dancer.  From the pose we can infer that it is Bharatanatyam. She must be regal whore! We can deduce it from the stone pillars in the background. said Lakuma.          "Stop feeling like Sherlock Holmes!  Court dancers aren't whores! They are artistes.  The pose and the attire shows that she is a kathak dancer.  Kathak a popular dance form in Akbar's time. Kathak has two forms, romantic and devotional. The former is exhibited in king's court and the latter in temples. She took a pause and threw an angry look at her daughter. Lakuma stood up, with a vexed face she turned side ways. Aruna looked at her slant and said " Hello, Sherlock Holmes! the stone pillars in the background are temple pillars. It is a long temple corridor like Rameswaram temple." taunted Aruna.

Okay! My deductions are wrong. You need not give me the title Sherlock Holmes! said Lakuma.  But have given  the title to your ancestor several generations behind. She is your great grand mother." said Aruna.   Lakuma  looked surprised.  She took the picture into her hands and passed her hand gently over the picture. It was a painting. " umh. umh. she adjusted her throat and said generally anybody gets carried away for the looks which form impressions" " Yes, that is the big mistake you are doing." said Aruna and continued " A white man is regarded as intellectual. Anyone who wears a suit is regarded as superior, a Film actor is a hero, film career is heaven. This is gross result of your deductions (assumptions)" replied Aruna. This is what the whole world thinks burst Lakuma.  Aruna broke into laughter.  The whole world never thinks so,  stupid people only can think like that. What you see with eyes must be checked with your intellect that comes from education and common sense. You have to end the movies craze and work towards a nobler goal of bringing back our traditions. " People are not thinking of traditions , they are following trends" said Lakuma coolly.  At least for our ancestors' sake you have to give it a trial." said Aruna. Mom, You learned dace you are popular in media for your dance. I am not, Off course I can learn  but is the use? asked Lakuma with questioning tone. " The traditions will survive." pat came the reply from Aruna.   What If I become a dancer like you will the traditions survive? Lakuma laughed. Aruna's face reddened she maintained her cool "  How difficult it is to talk to a fool" she said to herself and spoke out " when I ask you to follow the family traditions I am asking all the youngsters to follow the ancestors. If all young people learn the family traditions and trade the culture thrives on its own" 

Lakuma " Your lecture on culture has begun! give your lectures to uneducated people I am studying B. Tech. How can we do the same nasty thing those dancers have done with kings in those days. The courtesans were merely whores. 

Aruna " I have never seen you reading anything besides your textbooks, such dull head speaks in the same way. Everything looks green to a jaundiced eye. You think that courtesans are whores. Have you ever read about Rupmati, Hajrat Mahal , Guljar and Ranadil. They despite being court dancers , self motivated , courageous patriots with wit and wisdom. Above all they are self-respecting and never stooped to the level of whores. 

Rupmati was a world famous for her beauty. She was living with Malwa king. You can call that live together. But the court dancers  were quite dedicated to whom they live with. They loved them with all their heart. Rupmati was an example of such character. Akbar with a great lust for Rupmati wanted to have her. He declared war against Malwa and won. When Rupmati got the news Rupmati consumed poison and ended her life. She preferred death to wealth. Akbar was stronger and wealthier but it is Rupmati's selfrespect that has won. Akbar felt defeated by Rupmati. Aurangjeb killed his brother Dara and sent message for Dara's mistress Ranadil through a messenger who said the king was greatly attracted to her. Ranadil asked the messenger what in her is the  attraction to the king. The messenger said that it was her face. then without waiting a second Ranadil cut her face and gave the skin and blood to the messenger. Many hundreds of court dancers not only donated money to the freedom movement but also took to streets. They were beaten black and blue  by the British soldiers. They are the unsung heroines. Aruna was continuing ..

Lakuma : How do you know all these things ?

Aruna : because I am educated.. 

Lakuma felt very small for her ignorance but she covered it with her arrogance she said        " You mean I am not educated?" Her voice was loud but not strong, Her face was pale. 

Aruna "Only studying text books is not education but many people think like that. One who thinks like that stinks!!!You have least influence of education. I wonder If you have any common sense!

Well Mom, I understood. You don't  want me to act in films! I know will never help me. You are doing  everything to discourage me, I have no doubt that you will turn against me and foil my efforts using your influence  but I am going to act in films. Remember kites fly against the wind. 

You are already acting in life why in films?

I am acting in life!!??

What is that you have been doing for eighteen years?! What is all that you are doing in the name of college education? How many people really love education? Aruna asked the  million dollar question and walked out peevishly. She got into the car and left. 


Friday, April 8, 2022

Poems of life -22 sonnets

1. Poem

Things that are in life's rush concealed

or feelings in dullness of language buried 

are first by a poet clearly perceived

later by the reader's heart received

In poem's rare words they are poised

later in sweet rhythms they are voiced

Readers minds are by poems enlightened

Their hearts are by their motifs lightened 

In poem's light minds from darkness depart

poet's  thoughts fragrance to life impart 

( only a poet can explain the greatness of a poem)


When loneliness is life’s eternal complexity 

That leads to emptiness and perplexity

When future seems so dim and dreary

When the man in mirror makes self mockery

Death is a nose to soul 

to lose pain as a whole

Those who consider world a hell hole

Tend to look at death as a goal

if the world is so hellish

when man can't the world relish

When grief rules everyday life

When the life is filled with strife

Death is the exit to sufferance

A bold man's preference

3. The End  

The man who dies everyday 

with the fear of death, obeys

life and tells he's his part to play

If troubles with him play

If  life becomes so cold

The man gets  bold 

and goes for the gold

At new life's entrance 

comes chance of avoidance

when the deadly fear is stirred 

and the soul is deterred 

nothing on the earth 

is really worth. 


Don't say desire is base 

It is love's sweetest face

blame not the desire 

It's the fire you can't hire

without desire life is a brier 

It is the love's burning fire

that lasts until you're on bire 

Don’t ever think it is a mire

It plays your heart like a lyre

Making each nerve a burning wire

It dwells in youth's dreams

swells in love's streams

At the dusk of life it is low

without it life ends in sorrow


Lust is biggest human quest

it's the endless cellular thirst

A mortal's immortal quest

It is the restless inner thrust 

it pushes two bodies closer

with the power of a bulldozer

Even the darkness gets wet

with lust's labour's sweat 

Lust is like the earth's crust

without that love gathers rust

Lust is always wrapped in love

and lies hidden like knife in glove

Where is the platonic loe in flesh

Go tell foundlings in the creche


Absolute freedom is a mere illusion

when you are enslaved by daily needs

survival demands disgraceful deeds

when you can't check other's intrusion

Freedom comes from relaxation 

But when you are ruled by greed

you must everybody heed

You can never check exploitation

You don't need lakhs and lakhs 

to sit at ease and relax

the exploitation will never end

All you need is courage to defend

Freedom is purely the soul's need 

It doesn't depend on material feed

   7. The Castle 

The bird of freedom 

can't fly with fractured wings

All it needs is wisdom

First remove the mental slings

Tears and prayers

Can not freedom offer

cut through fears and despairs

like an experienced chauffeur

Fears and cares are the locks

they often your mind blocks

See the world from your eyes

Or you must pay the price

O! Freedom where can I find

It is a castle built in your mind


              8. Heaven

 Where is the Heaven of eternal mirth

 What avail is the heaven after death?

The twinkling stars in the sky's closet

fade at the sight of  your bedecked bonnet

The soft vernal wind that oft blossoms kiss 

My lady's warm bossom brings longer bliss 

Let Heavens piss I don't her bossom miss

What avail is the heaven's berth?

when the heaven is not on the earth

Who knows Heaven after death?

My ladies curves my nerves serves

who care if the heaven pearls hurls!

Who's the fool to miss the seamless joys

on earth and make a shameless choice


At the dead of night when crickets cease

Why singest thou in my tired ears

plaintive tunes that arouse funeral fears  

stop the maddening the sound of geese

 Yesterday you played western tunes

 disturbing the resting souls in graves

 Here's a poor poet who for peace craves

 who to the world gave his precious boons

 He walked bare foot so long on thorns

Tonight he is cheerfully drest again

Enough of you dark dragon with horns 

why singest thou another song of pain

Stop dancing in long black tunic 

 Don't make him sick with gristly music 

10. Hopes  ( sonnet)

When I was young and tender 

I traveled on swelling slopes

sporting  tinted wings of hopes

and wander'd on clouds drifting asunder

Rainbow was my hiding place 

The redness of the evening sky 

My lover's cheeks blushed in shy

I enjoyed all my youthful days

All the youth that I cherished 

with transitory time  perished

I am left in green meadows

haunted by  hopes' shadows

I hear murdered hopes' weird rhyme 

How cruel is the testing time   14 

11.  Prime  - (AA BB rhyme)

Oh!  lovely newborn rose

your tender petals froze

in winter snow, who knows 

How  the snow bite goes 4

Silently you bore the brunt

Of your sickly conjugal stunt

for long you clung to the cactus bush

And lived like a lifeless mush  8

You have seen many a season 

Now came your love season

But the cactus called it treason

that caused your heart a lesion 12

Love is a blithesome spring

no matter how old or young 14

12. Flower life

Oh look at the lovely spring 

All flowers in meadows sing 

and swing with graceful zing 

the angels of god that bring

His grace, and outshines the king

their beauty and colour the queens sting

their beauty shines supreme

on verdant lawns by the stream

Flowers  enjoy their prime

merrily singing nature's rhyme

Short is the life but so divine

Those who wear their virtues shine

His golden dew falls on your golden hue

That's makes you youthful primrose new 14


13. Delicate mirth  - Sonnet

How many bonds thou art set around my heart

No lady in my life is as cherished as though art

How many hopes thy words have brought

They shake my heart  in loneliness apart

Thou art angel to whom my hopes belong

Thine image rich n splendid my life prolong

To make thou art my bride is my pride

For which though dost cried like a child

Thy moon light promises in my mind linger

Oh!  the moonlight increases my hunger

Thou art the form of ever delicate mirth  

Thy company literally makes my life worth  

I see thy smiles in this moonlit lake

I travelled miles and miles for your sake 14

14. If it deserves ( Heroic Sonnet)

I loved. Yes, It's you I loved 

I am sorry  I can’t say it aloud

you too loved me. I am proud

but sorry people are so crude

Their mouths are hunter’s bows

Their words are poisonous arrows

Don't ever go near their shadows

They bring all sorts of sorrows

When two people love, all are judges

they come up with all sorts of hedges

holding in mind persistent grudges

Their mind from tradition never budges

Once I the people questioned

they shot at me arrows thousand 

They shot arrows and arrows  

until they brought us sorrows

God in heavens reserves 

your bride if your love deserves. 18

15. Hitler's Heaven ( blank verse)

Hitler told Himmler 

Jews must not die simply 

they must die in agony. 

Load them in freight cars

Coat the floors with quicklime

which gives excruciating burns. 

said Himmler to Hitler. 

Freight cars came onto tracks 

They called freight cars final solution

but disguised it as mass deportation 

to the east. Deportation means death.

A top secret known to Hitler and a few.

The rest think that it is resettlement

The windowless cattle wagons 

the freight cars are frightening cars

were awaiting  the innocent jews

who knew not it was their last journey

Mass shootings , sending to ghettos

Forcing to concentration camps

All are synonymous to slow death 

The fastest being slowest freight train

No windows, they  move  slowly 

No food and no water literally 

Suffocation and body burns kill

It is a slow journey into hell 

when the train arrived at the camp

everyone was  already dead. 

16.  Eternal Hatred - (Heroic Sonnet)

No one knows why he hated jews 

No one knows the origin of his views

Historians too seldom have clues

But like venom he hated the jews

As an artist in his early life was a ditcher

He had drawn many a beautiful picture 

But turned himself into a gristly butcher

his Humanism was on stretcher 

He was committed to antisemitism

That turned out to be bloody vampirism 

With his oratory skills he spread it like fire

He was as crooked as general Dyer 12


When he was soldier Germany lost the war

It’s believed one lac Jews were false in war

They fought for their father land – Poland

He later got into politics in Deutschland  16

In the Second World War he realized his dream

of exterminating Jews with his holocaust scheme  18

17. Whore ( Heroic sonnet)

The public called me public woman

they publicly blame and defame

but privately covet my body for a game

They are secretly envious of my fame

I am the mother so helpless and dumb  

could not save the girl child in womb

I am the failed mother who killed son

without giving him timely medicine 

I am the woman who never weeps for the stars

I might have slept with a man who deals in stars

for my husband who wants a chance in films

not enough love and sleep, I quench master's whims 12

They call me with names whore bore and more

They love sex, demand woman do it as chore

In the game of man I am simply a pan

 I don't need a beautiful villa and a sedan  16

 All I need is a life without strife

I just  want to be a housewife.  18

18. Enlightened  (Heroic sonnet)

Hindu Christians Christian Hindus

and Indian Muslims are Friendly enemies

Each sect has its own constitution

that leads to eternal constipation

They live closely apart

They are partly together

wholly exist in their holes

and try to prove others fools

Each want others to be enlightened

They can't their own mind understand

Alas! mother tongue and mother land

don't appeal to them but they appeal

 to each other to love and learn

what they neither learned nor loved.

They can't themselves at least change

but  hope the entire world to change.

They all need a code uniform 

That can be the biggest reform  18

19. The Tigress and the rain drop  ( blank verse)

At the break of the day the hunter party 

began with drums and snares to catch

birds , boars  rabbits and weasels

They usually travel in labyrinthine paths

In the equatorial evergreen forest 

They move like ants in narrow paths

playing  the mystic rhythm of drums

The hunter party reached the riverside

The most crafty of all  laid the jaw trap 

with a hunk of bleeding flesh with strap

A naive tigress  the jungle resident

Unsuspecting of dangerous precedent

stepped  on the jaw trap and caught 

The tigress grasped her folly

The hunter caught her jolly

The party netted the tigress

It was neither a boar nor a rabbit

Catching a tigress is not their habit

The tigress was bleeding in the trap

But she has not lost all her hope

The played violent. the drums blared

The tigress is confused and stared

They poked her with sharp spikes 

Chocked her in net until sun set 

The clouds moved over head

The first rain drop fell on her head

The tigress  at once her fears shed

She growled with all her strength

And struggled her way out, at length

The hunters have lost their strength

The tigress escaped into the green forest   

But she still has the trap in the leg

Prodigious injuries austere tragedies 

villainous captivity and nasty calamity

Is all over. The hunter party has gone!!!

The tigress has the clear hope

One day she can throw the trap

She fondly remembers the rain drop

20.  Fairies hunt   ( slant rhyme )

Since long my senses insist

to find if fairies really exist

I set out on the witch hunt 

On dark and frightening night

The serpentine belt squealed

The lusterless olive jeep moved

The tyres are young and strong 

The yellow lights cut through fog

I have neither permission nor privilege

Perhaps searching for fairy is sacrilege 

I passed the brook, drove towards east 

The jeep was cutting through thick mist

There is neither house nor farmland 

 I reached wilderness, it is a waste land

The  veil of woods afar seems grand

In the headlights appears like a fairyland 

 I drove straight in the freakish weather

Of the frightening night I saw the crooked 

Wooden house with a rocky fountain in front

In fraction of second a creepy feeling crossed 

my mind that many a time I avoided the castle

I dreaded to enter when I visited last winter

Something eerie glows in the dreary castle

A mellifluous soprano voice! is it a throstle!

Is it my beloved friend Farrago Francesca ?

Pity!  I couldn’t my lips open and ask her!

Why Fernando do you deserve a fairy?

 My questioning conscience looked scary 

I kicked open the creaking wooden doors 

I wandered fearlessly in the empty rooms

Sweet Francesca my heart your hand woos

I have n't found fairies but vanquished fears

If you ask me to wait for you I say cheers

I have the eternal hope I can wait for years

21. Her memories  ( AA BB rhyme)

I was walking  the vista

remembering the fiesta 

amid the charming blue hills

watching the nature's thrills

I was climbing uphill 

Down there I see a windmill 

The foot paths are winding

The trees are spellbinding

Slowly the sun lowered 

The heavens rumbled 

The clouds gently poured

The rain I always adored

Up in the sky the clouds brewed

Her sweet  memories rained 

Her memories are sweet first time 

They are sweeter every time

Her touch still feels and fills thrills

22. Eternal  (slant rhyme)

I close my eyes and wonder

What if my eyes close for ever

And  never see the dawn

What if I am forever gone

My bones turn into dust

That flies in the air falls in the river

On the peepal tree under people’s feet

Where is my presence what is the essence

Of my verses do you give me curses

Who am I ? a crumpled picture of shattered dreams?

How long can I stick to your fading memory?

How long can you my verses admire

when your dreams drown in quagmire

 you and I strolled in the cool amber

full moon night in yellow splendor

There the wind my songs chant

 the stars your memories haunt

I am monumental, verbal and eternal

In the blowing air and flowing river

Far away from the loathsome world