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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Indira Gandhi

Indira is innocent compared to leaders of this generation. How are the leaders these days? Read till the end.

కానీ ఆమె చేసిన ఒక చిన్న తప్పువలన ఎమర్జెన్సీ వచ్చిందని తెలుసా ? చిన్న తప్పా?  అవును .  ఆ తప్పు ఏంటో తెలిస్తే ఆశ్చర్య పోతారు.  

In 1971 Indira Gandhi won from the Rae Bareli constituency in Uttar Pradesh defeating her nearest rival Raj Narain of the Samyukta Socialist Party 

1971లో ఉత్తరప్రదేశ్‌లోని రాయ్‌బరేలీ నియోజకవర్గం నుంచి ఇందిరా గాంధీ తన సమీప ప్రత్యర్థి సంయుక్త సోషలిస్ట్ పార్టీకి చెందిన రాజ్ నారాయణ్‌పై విజయం సాధించారు.

ఎన్నికల నిబంధనలను ఉల్లంఘించినందుకు ఎన్నికల పిటిషన్‌ను దాఖలు చేయడం ద్వారా నారాయణ్ గాంధీ ఎన్నికలను అలహాబాద్ హైకోర్టులో సవాలు చేశారు.

Narain challenged Gandhi’s election before the Allahabad High Court by filing an election petition for violating election rules. 

ఉల్లంఘనలు ఏమిటి?  What are the violations?

1. Use of gazetted officer as an election agent

 గెజిటెడ్ అధికారిని ఎన్నికల ఏజెంట్‌గా ఉపయోగించడం. (Is it also a mistake?) 

Yashpal Kapur was the gazetted officer  in the secretariat. Indira Gandhi appointed him as her election agent. Kapur under Gandhi’s instructions delivered election speeches and worked so much for her victory. 

సచివాలయంలో గెజిటెడ్ అధికారిగా యశ్‌పాల్ కపూర్ ఉన్నారు. ఇందిరా గాంధీ ఆయనను తన ఎన్నికల ఏజెంట్‌గా నియమించుకున్నారు. గాంధీ ఆదేశాల మేరకు కపూర్ ఎన్నికల ప్రసంగాలు చేసి ఆమె గెలుపు కోసం ఎంతగానో కృషి చేశారు.

 2. Use of Armed Forces for campaigning

 ప్రచారానికి సాయుధ బలగాలను ఉపయోగించడం. Can not the Govt use forces? is it a mistake?

 Air Force planes and helicopters for Gandhi, flown by members of the Armed Forces, to enable her to address election meetings.

గాంధీ ఎన్నికల సమావేశాల్లో ప్రసంగించేందుకు వీలుగా సాయుధ బలగాల సభ్యులు గాంధీ కోసం ఎయిర్ ఫోర్స్ విమానాలు మరియు హెలికాప్టర్లు పంపారు.

తీర్పు మరియు అనర్హత   Judgement and disqualification

అలహాబాద్ హైకోర్టు అప్పటి ప్రధాని ఇందిరాగాంధీ ఎన్నికల అవకతవకలకు పాల్పడిందని, 6 సంవత్సరాల పాటు ప్రభుత్వ పదవిలో కొనసాగడానికి అనర్హురాలిగా పేర్కొంటూ తీర్పునిచ్చింది.

The Allahabad High Court passed a judgment holding that Indira Gandhi was guilty of electoral malpractices, and disqualified her from holding public office for 6 years.

Indira appealed against the High Court verdict in the Supreme Court

హైకోర్టు తీర్పుపై ఇందిర సుప్రీంకోర్టులో అప్పీలు చేశారు

The Supreme Court allowed a partial stay of the judgment after Gandhi. That did not satisfy AMMA.  She wanted a blanket stay on the Allahabad High Court judgment. Since the Supreme Court did not grant her that. 

గాంధీజీ తర్వాత సుప్రీంకోర్టు తీర్పుపై పాక్షిక స్టే విధించింది. అది అమ్మకు సంతృప్తినివ్వలేదు. అలహాబాద్ హైకోర్టు తీర్పుపై స్టే విధించాలని ఆమె కోరింది. సుప్రీం కోర్టు ఆమెకు అనుమతి ఇవ్వలేదు 

అమ్మకి కాలింది. Amma was hurted ( 😉)

National Emergency was proclaimed the very next day

మరుసటి రోజే జాతీయ అత్యవసర పరిస్థితిని ప్రకటించారు.

ఇంతకీ ఆవిడ చేసిన తప్పేంటంటే ముందుచూపు లేకపోవడం  కోర్టులలో  వివిధ ప్రభుత్వ సంస్థలలో  మన వాళ్ళని జొప్పించక పోవడం.  చంద్రబాబు మీద కేసులు లేవా ?  ఆయన ఎలా మేనేజ్ చేస్తారు కోర్టులని ? జగన్ మీద లేవా ? 

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

War and Romance - 33

Ananda Sevasadan : 

The king of the sky, the heaven's eye shines relentlessly emitting bright light since he started his run in the eastern sky. It is afternoon he turned hotter and began scorching the earth. It was the third day Nandini was carrying out her wood bridge work. She had laboriously planted twenty wooden posts in a pair of ten, one opposite the other in the left and right margin of the 3 meter deep gorge (trench) yesterday and the day before.  Now she is fixing rafters painstakingly on the wooden pillars across the gorge. 

The old men and women stood in the shade of the tree watching Nandini. “Look how patiently she is driving nails in the rafters.”  Said an old man. Yesterday and day before we helped her a little bit. Today she did not let us interfere. She is doing it by herself.” Said the other man. 

“we are in the shade but she is working under the hot sun. we must do something about it.” They discussed. Sanyasi Raju took water and umbrella and went to Nandini. The other two men followed him.  The three men stood before Nandini and said “Take this umbrella. It is hot. We want to help you in your work. The others cannot they are not healthy but we can.”

You are offering me help? I came here to help you.  You deserve rest, go back immediately.” Said Nandini 

Don’t be obstinate take this umbrella said Sanyasi

Nandini : have you seen any worker working under umbrella? Workers work under sun not under umbrella. Said Nandini and took the water bottle and sent them away. 

Savitri came to Nandini and said “ Nandini today you have to eat with us. We are waiting for you” Nandini smiled at her. You can not eat in your car. said Savitri. 

Nandini said " How do you know that I take lunch in my car?

Savitri  took the hammer from her hands and said “ come on I will show you she said. They all walked to the tree. Savitri pointed to  Joseph Venkateswarulu under the tree. 

“Why did you come here? Without waiting at the car?” Nandini asked Venaktewarulu.

She brought me here Venkateswarulu pointed to Savatri. 

Nandini said "In fact I have ordered lunch for all of you." She looked at Venkateswarulu and said " Where is the lunch?"  It is on the way. The van will be here in another half an hour. 

Nandini said to savitri  We both will eat here . She took the hammer from Savitri's hands resumed her work. Joseph Venkateswarulu followed her with a saw in his hands. He enthusiastically helped her.  Her bridge work is completed by the time the lunch van came. 

The lunch was served in one of the hexagonal rooms  by the hotel staff who brought the lunch. Four people are living in large hexagonal room. but we forty people eat together in one room. said Sanyasi. After the lunch Savatri asked Jospeh venkateswarulu  "Are you working for Bharatavasha or for Nandini?”

Nandini said " He is working for Bharavarsha on my guidance. All the people came to up to the gorge and sent her off.  The sun is over looking Ananda Sevasadan Valley from the western sky. 


Ramya Chandana entered Nandi's house with a group of girls and women.  Joseph Venkateswarulu guided them to Nanadini Nilayam. While they were in the lawn he went in. Nandini was eating breakfast at the dining table. Her mother Paidamma was offering the breakfast to her mouth. Joseph Venkateswarulu was nonplussed to see Paidamma still feeding her grown up daughter. Your daughter is of marriageable age he said.  Nandini was blushed  and showed her hands. They were bruised by rough digging work she did in the gorge.  

Look at this rough girl, venkateswarulu , if she wants to help the old age home she can donate money. If she wants to build a bridge she can engage workers. Finally she has to keep her limps in tact then only we can get her married. we are trying for her marriage. 

She is also trying for her marriage.  said Jospeh Venkateswarulu. 

Paidamma did not understand what he meant. She was confused and looked dazed. Joseph venkateswarulu laughed and said " A marriage party has come to see your daughter. They are waiting he said. Paidamma went out to see. 

Venkateswarulu A woman organization member visited Anandasevasadan when I was there. She saw the wood bridge and asked me about it. She was moved by your work. She has come to see you with her friends.  Nandini finished eating and said " I will be waiting for them. Go get them in." Venateswarulu went out and brought them.

Sit down all of you. said Nandini. Venkateswarulu served water. 

We belong to Visakha Mahila Mandili. said a middle aged lady of fifty. They introduced themselves one after the other. Finally Ramya Chandana Introduced herself

I am Basava's sister Ramya Chandana. 

Who is Basava? 

Leave it I have come here to thank your for the amazing act of kindness and bravery. Actually I was supposed to visit the Valley but I had final exams and my brother Basava went to Chennai for an interview and returned only last night. 

Oh ! I don't understand a single word you speak.

Leave it! The wood bridge you have built across the gorge is amazing. It shows your extraordinary courage and will power. Your heart is filled with love for the fellow human beings. Take this bouquet. 

"Ramaya is Bharatavarsha's close friend Basava's sister. She has access to Anandanilayam" Whispered Venakteswarulu. It heard like "here is your luck  knocking at the door" Nandini's face was lighted up. " Oh! you are Basava's sister! It is a pleasure to meet you.  I am happy to see you here." said Nandini taking the bouquet. The women's organization members appreciated Nandini and her mother.  When all the women have left Nandini urged her to stay back. Ramya acquiesced to her request but a little bit surprised. 

Nandini took Ramya into her garden. They both sat amid flowers on small wooden stools. Ramya still has surprise in he face. Nandini read Ramya's mind in her facial feelings. 

"Face is the index of mind I know what you are thinking of me. I have something important to tell you , I know  I would appear like a fool but I will be left behind by the run away love." said Nandini and looked into Ramya's face. Ramya guessed that there is a deeper meaning and intent.

Nandini looked like a mystery, an enigma  "what we see when we look at the world seems to be fundamentally different from what actually is." She thought. Finally Ramya opened her lips  and said " You are such a strong girl !  "I don't know that but  I am weakened by my father. I was the student of Bharatavarsha. I was attracted to his intellectuality.  I love him for not for his face but for his heart. For his political reasons my father used me as a pan to expel him from the college. I did not have the chance to tell him that I was only a scapegoat but not a part of his wicked machinations. I am waiting to express apology and love." 

Love needs no apology. Varsha is my brother I know well about him. He believed in destiny  Did care what people say Just followed his way. His mind is broader and heart is deeper.      I like your innocence. Everybody likes innocence.  Perhaps he loves it too. 

His heart is deeper. How to know that? asked Nandini

You peep into his heart. said Ramya. 

I have the passage to his house I am a member of his family and I will make you another mother for my brother's sake. I can't see him becoming a sage. That social servant should become your servant. Tell me if you are sure.  Nandini's eyes glowed with hope. I have no doubt. She said. 


" I haven't seen a girl of your age working for old age people."  said Malini  and hugged Nandini at the entrance of the Anandanilayam. Radhamanohar flowers took clear notice of the new girl and smiled at her. Nandini noticed the spectacular flowers showering colourful radiance.  Ramya and Basava were watching the affection that Malini was showering on her.

Malini took her into the Manduva with great care. The first thing Nandini saw was Varsha's room. I must get into the room. She thought. Then she turned her head to the six large rooms around the Manduva. "This is called Manduva house. sit down on the sofa" Said Malini. 

what a beautiful house. said Nandini and sat on the sofa. Malini went into the kitchen  and brought traditional food(Arisalu, sunnundalu) in a plate. She brought a glass of water and placed it on the low glass table. "Where is Manju you are doing all things by yourself.?" asked Ramya. She went to her friend's marriage in Simhachalam." said Malini. 

Where is Varsha ? asked Basava. He went to Chennai to meet an Author. ever since he became the editor his trips increased." said Malini. " Oh!  you missed a good chance" said Ramya looking at Nandini. Nandini was a little bit disappointed. 

When is he coming back ? asked Ramya. 

He has come back and taking bath. Nandini's face was delighted. Ramya saw that clearly.

Malini said " Eat , they are home made." Nandini started eating and said " so sweet and delicious. Please teach me how to prepare these things." "Sure" replied Malini.

"How clever you are Nandini you made the passage clear to you"  said Ramya 

How can I come without Ramya. I think she is busy all the time. Luckily I go her today. said Nandini. Malini laughed and said "why should you come with her every time. You can come on your won. Any way her exams are over. She is free now. " 

Just then Varsha came in dhoti and Kurta. Nandini stood up and greeted him folding her hands. " Sit down !" He said. The same lovely face. The same lovely smile. Nandi was fascinated.  Nandini sat kept staring at Varsha. He took Basava into his study and was talking to him. Malini said " Nandini , you haven't eaten. They are waiting for you!" 

Nandini started eating. "Haa!" she cried with pain. Malini then saw the bruises on her hands. Ramya knew she was playing a game. Malini took a small piece and gave it to her mouth. Nandini opened her mouth.  "How you endured so much of pain! my darling. God must give you all the wealth on earth and health."  Ramya said OMG ! She has built only a wood bridge There are contractors who build kilometre long bridges. They don't get all the wealth on the earth. So think before you bless. said Ramya deliberately.

Malini was annoyed by Ramya's comments. "You little rascal. What do you know about love and affection? You bring that ointment and apply on the hands." she said. Ramya brought the ointment tube and squeezed out some cream on the hurts and started rubbing hard. Haa.. haaa cried Nandini in pain. Malini cursed Ramya for being rough. She sat beside her on the sofa and started dabbing the cream gently on the hurts. Nandini  lay her head on Malini. Ramya took a few snaps with her mobile camera. 

Suddenly the telephone rang. Malini called Varsha , answer the call. Varsha stopped talking to Basava and came out of his study. He took the receiver and said , " Amma Aruna on the line she wants to talk to you." Malini took the receiver and gave him the ointment tube to Varsha. Ramya said to Nandini " Look Nandini, Now they are busy. Amma got busy with her friend and Varsha with his.  Take the eatables and go."  Ramya's comments irked Varsha but seemed cool to Nandini.  Ramya! Shouted Varsha. He put the ointment tube on the glass table and looked at Ramya angrily. 

Ramya shivered like a leaf. She thought that he would take a verse. That is what he does during emotional out burst. " I came to Kakinada to attend the funerals of her father. How can I leave Sundari? I have decided to take her with me. What do you say?" said Aruna on the phone. "Nobody should leave an innocent girl like that. That is what butcher do"  Malini's words directly hit Varsha.  Varsha sat beside Nandini and took her hands into his hands. Basava was coming out of Varsha's study. Ramya went hurriedly towards Basava. She almost pushed him in and blocked the way. " How did your interview go? Will leave us and you go to Chennai ?" she said to Basava. Basava laughed as he understood the meaning of the words ( Let her speak her heart. She will not get this chance again.")  Ramya pushed him in. 

Varsha held her beautiful hands and kept looking at her delicate fingers. Nandini felt electric current passing in her spine. " I am not a wrong girl. It is my father.. I feel very sorry" She was stammering apologies. Varsha put his finger on her pink lips " I know that you are innocent. Nandini's heart beat fast. Her Blood pressure shot up.  Varsha started applying the ointment 

"Haa!" Nandini uttered a cry and landed her head on Varsha's chest that seemed as wide as a foot ball court,  as soft as Dunlop mattress , as warm  as the early morning sun. She felt like a fish swimming in the pond of love. She was suddenly aware of the rare opportunity in a split second she raised her head and kissed him on his Adam's apple. As there was no resistance she kissed on his cheeks and then on lips. First time Varsha felt the touch of a girl. The touch of her soft breast on his chest and hot lips locked his lips. The lip lock lasted for a few seconds. I want to see your books. Her beauty and her breath worked like a charm and her voice like a command. He moved into his study. seated her on his chair and asked her to take that books she wanted. 


What a surprise ! Sandeep you are here so suddenly. Said Raghava looking at Sandeep. 

Sandeep got into the apartment and saw desks spread across the hall. people are  busy working at desks. Raghava was testing the products at his desk.  Sandeep tip toed across the hall went to Raghava's desk and stood behind him. Raghava has a small black box smaller than a match box. He fitted it in a lamp. Sandeep saw several lamps, remotes and circuit boards all over his desk.  Raghava was totally absorbed in his work. He did not notice Sandeep. "BOW -  Sandeep shouted in his ear. Raghava was startled. He dropped the lamp from his hands and fell over circuit boards and remotes and small black boxes. They all dropped from the table and scattered around.  

Raghava turned back angrily  and saw Sandeep smiling at him. What a pleasant surprise! exclaimed Raghava. "How are you?" said Sandeep first they shook their hand later they hugged each other. Raghava tried to  explain the success but was overwhelmed by emotions. "Your progress is visible, don't bother to explain." Said Sandeep. Raghava said " It is our progress. The credit goes to you. You have trusted my ideas and invested lakhs." That's alright. Are you happy? asked Sandeep

More than happy. The commercial production has gone beyond our expectations, the market response is incredible. everything is a big surprise like your visit." said Raghava. Sandeep laughed and said " The real surprise is yet to come -  hanging in the air." Oh is it? Today is a great day."  Let me show the office and introduce the people here. We have three bedrooms and a hall. Each bedroom has four desks. Four engineers work at each desk. Each bedroom has 16 engineers. totally we have 48 people in three bed rooms. In the hall we have four desks but we have one person at each desk.  Testing,  labelling , Packing , accounts, Marketing. 

He is Aravind . He tests the gadgets and devices.

He is Srikanth and his wife Radha , labelling and packing

Vinod and his wife Kavya marketing 

and Finally Raghava for testing and designing.

Raghava finished introducing everybody in the hall and said " Friends he is Sandeep my partner from Visakhapatnam.  All people greeted Sandeep. Sandeep greeted them back. Raghava then took him into three bedrooms one after the other and showed the engineers building circuits, fixing into gadgets. When they were in the third room the clock struck 5.00 PM. Raghava and Sandeep came out of the apartment.  "Many are leaving the office. They are local people said Raghava. The outsiders live in the apartment." said Raghava.

Sandeep : Where do you live?

Raghava: I am living with them here. 

Sandeep: Very sorry to see that you are adjusting in a small well working like hell.

Raghava: Off course, but we have surpassed our expectations in just six months. We haven't dreamt of such a market response. We are expecting to touch 1.25 crores turn over by the end of this year. 

Sandeep: You are a great manager. Running a big company in a small apartment. 

Raghava: 50 thousand rent is not small 

Sandeep: This is White field , the real estate hotspot of Bangalore. You are very lucky to have an apartment of this size for 50k. 

Raghava: Yes, it is much bigger than the previous apartment.

Sandeep: But you must think of shifting into a bigger building. You can work comfortably.

Raghava: Yes, not for the comfort but for the business we must shift to a bigger building.

I have already done it. I have taken a separate building in Electronic city with one lakh rent. 

Rascal why did you not tell me so far?  Sandeep punched in Raghava's stomach.

Did you tell me whom you loved so far ? Raghava punched into Sandeep's stomach.

Sandeep caught Raghava's hand and took him to the white car on the opposite side of the road where a white Desire was standing. When they went near Sandeep asked Raghava to open the car door. Raghava opened the back door hesitantly and was shocked to see the girl in the car.  Raghava couldn't believe his eyes. She was Manjusha. Raghava felt an earth quake under his feet. " I told you that I am going to show you my lover, you didn't believe." Said Sandeep. 

Raghava stood motionless and kept staring at her. "Get in" Said Sandeep. Raghava sat in the front beside the driver Manjusha and Sandeep sat in the back.  We shall go to nearest hotel. said Sandeep. "Not necessary , driver go to electronic city phase three" Said Raghava. The car started from White fields to Hosur road where the Electronic city is situated. 

The car was going steadily. Manjusha unconsciously lay her head on Sandeep's chest but suddenly sprang apart. Raghava watched and smiled. Sandeep laughed at Raghava He said "Thank God you came out of the tension and smiled wholeheartedly." Raghava did not know how to interact with Manjusha or ask Sandeep what is on his mid.  "Have you thought of the possible consequences?" He said in a low voice. Sandeep laughed and said " I can understand your fears. She has not eloped. She came here on the pretext of marriage. We will take the first flight to Vaisakha tomorrow"

Oh! my God! Her mother .. will she  I mean her brother .. 

Don't worry Raghava, Varsha is not at home. Her close friend's marriage she has forced her to stay So Manju had to stay.. 

"But Sandeep ... Malini is wise."   

Ah! come out of  fear of interrogation. She will tell some other story. I am going to marry.

But how come you think of her like that ? You know Bharatavarsha's personality his social status  and above all his family back ground.  You know your family background too. 

Raghava don't be afraid of my brother and mother I will manage them.  said Manjusha.  

Sandeep said please change the topic.  you are going to kill us with your fears before we see our office building. Raghava laughed and looked relaxed. The car reached Silk board junction. "Here we have 10 kilometres elevated express highway. Manju, you can have fantastic view enjoy your journey. " said Raghava. 

10 km fly over! It is a wonder.  Look at the clouds. We are floating on the clouds. 


Manjusha slept on Sandeep's chest and whispered " It the sweetest dream that comes to the luckiest." Sandeep hugged her passionately. 

What is electronic city? How big is it?  asked Manjusha

Electronic City is an information technology hub It is one of India's largest electronic/IT industrial parks, spread over 800 acres between Konappana Agrahara and Doddathogur villages. Electronic City was established  in 1978  It consists of four phases – Phase I, Phase II, Phase III and Phase IV. There are approximately 200 IT company campuses including the main campuses of Infosys, Wipro, TCS, HCL, Tech Mahindra.

Manjusha was listening while watching the sky. While Raghava was telling many interesting things about electronic city the sky became dark.  The sodium vapour lights turned on changing the scene to total yellow. 


When the car stopped before the Office building Raghava got off the car and opened padlock of the huge entrance gate. He pushed the gates open and walked in. The car entered. Sandeep paid for the car and walked behind Raghava. Manjusha followed them. 

Raghava opened the lock of the huge wooden doors. The three entered the office. Manjusha and Sandeep stood agape looking at the spacious office building. There are a dozen cubicles. and reception area with sofas.  A conference hall and four big halls with office furniture. Manjusha and Sandeep were transfixed to the beauty of interiors. After they recovered from the amazement " What a fantastic office!" Said Sandeep. 

In a couple of years we are going to buy one. said Raghava unlocking  a big door. When he flung it open. The room looked like a piece of sky with blue colour. sweet music started playing from the ceiling speakers. When they entered the ambience colour changed to pink. Manjusha understood that it was the hall with sofas. The pink colour slowly and transmuted into green. The music changed to low tweeting sounds. Raghava walked in. Manju and Sandeep followed. The white light spread across the room revealed the bed with cream white sheets. Sandeep touched the wall. They were glass. He saw water drops trickling on the outer glass wall. The music changed to plucking strings. It was Sitar strings. 

Is it raining out side. asked  Manjusha looking at the water drops.

It is not water drops. They are just electronic imitation. Manjusha was stunned  to see the trickling water drops. She stood like a statue. 

It is  all my design work. There are many more you can experience. 

Hats off to your creativity! said Sandeep with a deep voice. 

We are going to shift in the next month. There is an inauguration ceremony.  I am thinking of  inviting celebrities for the inauguration.  You are the owners of this company. Who else I need. You have already inaugurated. The registration of the company will be completed soon.  Now listen ..  There is fridge but it is empty. There is kitchen but there is no food. I will get the food but you have to wait. Raghava left in a hurry.  

Sandeep looked at Manjusha. She had a rush of blood into her cheeks and peaks. 

I have seen Raghava's creativity. I want to see God's creativity. In this ambience lighting your beauty is snapping my nerves . The fire of  the desire turned into a blaze. 


The sun is rising in the eastern sky. His  rays are s piercing through cluster of black clouds and gushing up like water in the fountain. The streams of light spectrum is delighting the beholders. Ramya Chandana was in Ananda Nilayam garden waiting for Malini. Kesava's Mrudanga is heard  in the garden. The gentle rhythms of Mrudanga in the morning hours are feasting ears. Malini came out with Manjusha. " Serving the cows is a very good idea Ramya. We must serve the cows. Manjusha will also come with us" Said Malini. " We must keep cows at home and worship them." Said Ramya. 

Vidisha used to have a cow when she was in Sabbavaram. Said Manjusha.

 In city people don't keep cows. said Malini to Manju. 

 In city four people are sharing a room, where can they keep the cows? " Replied Manjusha.

That is why A cow shed has been set up here.  It is a wonderful opportunity of serving the cows at the newly se up cow shed in Hanumanthavaka. said Ramya Chandana. 

Good that you informed me said Malini. They started walking. 

Somebody has done this righteous deed. He will go to heaven after death." said Malini. "So he will die soon." joked Manjusha. You have to learn from Ramya. Though she is younger she is inspiring. She is doing righteous things." said Malini 

We must remember Nandini not me. Look how generous and noble she is!

Don't talk about Nandini. She is inexcusable. said Manjusha.

Don't you know it is her father who made those false allegations. He has been pressed by Nagaraju. But Nandini is  innocent. Last week she met Varsha at home and told everything. We believe that she is innocent.  More over she has built a 10 meters wood bridge across the gorge herself. 

She has released Varsha's books with popular publishers. said Chandana.

What interest she has in Bharatavarsha?  asked Manjusha.

They reached entrance arch of Vidisha Mata Cow shed. They crossed the the arch gate.  The sight was pleasant. In the open fields there are many cows. There are people watching them graze in the fields. The open space surrounded by trees.  They long cow sheds as they walked in.   They found people offering straw an green grass. Some people are cleaning the floor. Ramya , Malini and Manjusha cleaned the cowsheds. Malini saw a  separate cowshed in a distance. Malini went near and saw the cow. "It is Laxmi. Vidisha's cow." She exclaimed. "Where is the baby?" Manjusha asked. "It has grown it is not a baby any more" said Seshachalam.  

"Every day Amma comes here on foot to serve her mother ( the cow) in the early hours. After she has gone the gates will be open for the public." Said a retired policeman. 

 "Amma coming on foot? She has saved my son's life." said a Bank officer.  "It is only 2 km She can walk."   said Seshachalam. "Mata is very simple " Said the retired Mayor.  Mata is simple but her position is very high. We should not take it lightly" said the Bank officer. Malini thought " Is she the same girl who played with Varsha and Manju has grown to be a figure of reverence?"  Seshachalam invited Malini to pay a visit to Mata Nilayam. Malini nodded  her head and moved towards the gate.  

When they reached the entrance gate they saw more people coming in. They heard people talking. An old man said to a middle aged man " Seshachalam is doing a very good job . They are giving thousands of people around the opportunity to serve cows. Many people can not keep cows but they  believe that it is good to serve cows."  The middle aged man was angry at his remarks. He said " It is a shrewd business strategy to start cowsheds. It helps gain quick popularity." said the middle aged man.  " stop your dirty analysis, They are getting good money but they are not eating all the money, last week they spent  all the money they received and distributed tricycles to the physically challenged. They are also establishing cowsheds in other parts of the city. We must not criticize charity." The old man flew off the handle.  The middle aged man laughed his ass off.  

What we saw inside the campus is entirely different from what we heard outside." said Manjusha and Chandana. They were confused and looked at Malini for her counsel  "Lokulu Kakulu" She said and walked silently. Wise people can understand that she expressed wisely that people say anything they like. We should not judge a person by public comments. without seeing till the end  we can not judge a person or a film. 


When the bullock cart reached Veerayya tea stall it has automatically stopped. Ramulu who was lying on the cart opened his eyes and saw Veerayya  closing his shop. Ramulu  jumped off the cart. "Aye, Veerayya" He said.  "Hi Ramulu" Replied Veerayya. 

Ramulu: It is not  6.00 yet you are closing the shop for tonight? I cam here for your tea. Where are you going ? Don't you give me tea?

Veerayya: There is no tea for you here. I am going to a very place on an important job. 

Ramulu: I know where you are going but give me tea and go. 

Veerayya: I have sent ten glasses of tea as usual to Kailasam Cloth store. I am going there. Come with me, we can drink there.

They both climbed the cart " Drrrrrr .. Said Ramulu and patted the oxen on the tails. They moved on. "Your second shift will end at 9.00 PM? How will you manage your wife?" asked Ramulu. Veerayya laughed. Ramulu laughed too. Their laughter mingled with the jangling sound of ox bells. After 100 meters the oxen stopped automatically when they reached the Kailasam Cloth store. 

Veerayya was surprised. He said " I wonder how you trained them" 

"After delivering the goods in the near by village even when I am sleeping on the cart they take me home. They even stop at your shop like that. They are my family members and our friends." said Ramulu. They saw a brand new red Honda City  car in front of the shop.  Kailasam came out of the shop seeing the cart.  They jumped off the cart and asked " Are you marrying again? I think some bridal party has come by car!" 

Yes, I am looking for matches for both of you. He gave them a repartee.  Kailasam, Ramulu and Verayya entered the shop. Seshachalam  and the Venkatadri (Village's richest Land lord ) were taking tea. The tea boy also served to Kailasam , Ramulu and Veerayya. 

Veerayya.  Seshu, it is a wonder that you still remember Sabbavaram!

Just then Lakshamanna entered the shop. "I came to know that Seshu is here." He said. 

How did you know ? Asked Kailasam. " "I smelled it!" said Lakshmanna jokingly

He then said to Seshu "After a long time! Seshu how are you? You have stopped coming to this village after shifting to the city" Seshachalam laughed broadly. They all finished tea. 

Ramulu said " Mr. Venkatadri congratulations on buying a Honda City car. 

Venkatadri did not speak. He sat silently. His grimace caused confusion to Ramulu. 

What happened Mr. Venkatadri? asked Lakshmanna. 

The car is gifted to Seshu by the Bank Manager who was devotee of Amma.  said Kailasam

That is an awesome gift. Amma should have a car. Said Ramulu.

Lakshmanna said " Congratualations  Seshu , You have come to show us the car?"

"He came with AMMA to his field house. He wants to visit the Kanaka Durga temple in Viajayawada as he wants the car to go to a temple but Amma wanted to see her house first.  That is her temple. Seshu left her at the field house. Since Amma wants to spend some time alone Seshu is here." said Kailasam.

We're happy at this occasion but why Venkatadri is not, I don't understand Said Lakshmanna

This car doesn't suit to her image. ( It costs 9.50 Lakhs). In other words she doesn't fit in to the car. said Venkatadri who was sitting grumpily. Ox cart Ramulu and Potter Lakshmanna were shocked at first. They looked at each other with blank faces and laughed " Ramulu said "Oh! Is it a problem?  She can buy  a more expensive car till then she can use this car." 

Seshu: Yes, Amma said that soon somebody will gift her another car, till then we will ...

No, She can not use this car from tomorrow onwards.  The bank manager is a stupid who donated her such a low priced car. Remember Seshu, we are donating lakhs for many religious and social programs we can not use a car that is not not worth a single donation. Next week I will send the car suitable to her image. Said Venkatadri and left.

All friends found fault with Venkatadri after he had left. But Seshachalam did not. He said," Look Venkatadri is a very wealthy man. He has been promoting AMMA image very carefully.  He knows the importance of image.  The friends agreed but they did not understand why she needed a more expensive car.  

Look , Today Buildings and cars tell people our image. Aruna Tara has bought an old  building  Kapadia chambers, near Metro Cinema. She has pulled it down and building a Dance school.   She is also  planning the inauguration in a big way. Everything needs a big show! They were all surprised. They have no words. 

 Seshachalam took the car and drove towards his village house. 


Meenakshi aqua exports private limited is soon going to be public limited. said John

"Hundred and one." said Grace. "What is 101?" said John

This you have already told me 100 times. It is hundred first time you are telling now.

Timpani laughed and appreciated the sense of humour of her sister. John's face turned red.

He said " This is the problem with un educated people. They don't understand anything.

Grace felt humiliated. What is the difference between false friends like Adya and Alekhya and family members like you.  John cut a sorry figure for his tongue slippery. 

John ! You loose tongue. Shouted Timpani. 

I am sorry. I am not a loose tongue. Loose tongue is a permanent character. It is tongue slippery. Tongue slippery is accidental. 

Months are passing you are telling the same thing. I am signing on every paper you showed me. How painful it is to wait, do you know? said Grace.

So, your trust is weakening ? said John

It is not a matter of trust on you. It is a matter of hope. My hope is weakening. 

Three months ago you came to my house in Dabagardens. 

"It is not three months, it is four months" corrected Timpani. 

"Is it not enough?" said Grace.

"The IPO process is complex and the amount of time it takes depends on many factors. If the team managing the IPO is well organized, then it will typically take six to nine months for the company to complete its public issue." John elaborated. 

"But you said 4 to 6 weeks?" Grace questioned

John: After getting the SEBI approval, it takes around 4 to 6 weeks to bring the IPO to the market. We have to keep our fingers crossed. There is no way to expedite the process.

Grace: Have you got SEBI approval? when are we going to get?

John: SEBI takes around 4 to 6 weeks to approve a DRHP when no major changes required.

Grace and Timpani looked confused when john finished. John understood their feelings and said in a cool manner with a soft voice. I have submitted RHP. After RHP is submitted, it takes one week to get SEBI approval." explained John. Timpani and Grace looked more confused with the jargon ( technical language) used by john. 

Just at that time Daskhina murthi came into Grace's room. Grace smiled at him. He smiled at Timpani. He looked at john and said " John, have you submitted the RHP ? "

Yes sir , I am expecting SEBI approval this week. " said John

"I think ROC filing with exchanges will take around a week?" Said Dakshinamurthi.

Exactly sir, that is the last thing before Meenakshi exports will be open for investors. 

In two weeks our shares will be in the market. That 's fine!!! said Dakshinamurthi. He was proceeding into his cabin, stopped suddenly and looked at Grace, " The packing section in charge is unable to handle the packaging. The heads of the shrimp are often breaking. Settle his account and send him. Appoint a suitable man giving a newspaper ad. You must check around all the things. What for are you the director?" He said and walked away. 


The compelling looks of the Kapadia chambers near Metro Cinema in Mumbai is arresting the passers by. The vehicles and pedestrians slow down and fight hard against the attraction of  the two storied 50 feet building that stands tall as a reminder of classical architecture and works as the engine of classical dance of India but fail swarm around the around the gilded entrance and fall on the lofty steps like moths.  

The façade with the piano noble architecture like the Villa Martha in Dresdene, the Doric colonnade(row of columns) like the Lincoln memorial sports in Washington and perron stair case  like Girona cathedral in Spain is an admixture of Roman, Gothic, Doric styles a collection of architecture,  imported from different countries, cultures and time periods but all the beholders not conscious about what they see , they live in the world of nascence. They are either not connected or concerned about  what they see because they are ignoramus. 

"Has it stolen the major building style of the past hundred years?  Wow! what magic hand had turned the once ruined Kapadia chambers into a stunningly elegant palace whose beauty is challenging the Tajmahal. said the City Mayor who got down from his chauffer and went in with his men. 

Bharatavarsha, Malini, Kesava, Manjusha,  Damini, Nandini, Ramya, Basava  who have already arrived at the Iconic  Andhra dance Academy building engaged themselves in wondering at the beauty of the breath taking structure.  Bharatavarsha instantly said

"This classical architecture is so lofty 

It pleases the eyes and speaks so softly

like classical literature has a noble goal

the classical dance eases your soul

and sends vibrations into generation

of men and women of our nation." 

The area was filled  with stalls vending food, toys, and sweets.  There were hawkers all over selling balloons, bangles and other ornaments.  Malini was watching colourful bangles. Kesava  has fixed his gaze on the 6 year old boy selling cotton candy. Nobody bought cotton Candy from him. The boy looked miserable. Kesava called the boy and bought all the cotton candies from the boy. His eyes are filled with light.  Bharatavarsha watched Kesava. "His heart is intimately related with orphans and spirit was intricately related with the rhythm of Mrudanga." Varsha thought to himself.

Nandini was watching the crowds wearing multi coloured dresses, blue, red and green. She looked at Bharatavasrsha in white Dhoti and Kurta. "He is the tallest and the most handsome guy. He has the brilliance of the sun and the kindness of the moon." Nandini thought to herself.    

Several cars have been parked  out side the building and the Vehicles are moving slowly. The traffic police have acquired drones to manage the traffic and have deployed additional cops to manage the traffic.  The traffic commissioner himself present there shows the size and importance of the program.  

"What is this unusual hustle and bustle here?" A journalist asked a TV reporter who has been recording the out side atmosphere of the Andhra Dance Academy.  

Central ministers, Members of the parliament and High ranking dignitaries are attending the inauguration of the Andhra Dance Academy." said the TV reporter. 

"The CM is on the way clear this place immediately." The police commissioner shouted at the cops. They ran towards Live TV camera vans. The Vans moved. 

A white  Car of Maharashtra Government  stopped there. A police officer saluted and two men in black safari suits darted like hawks and opened the car door. Aruna Tara,  Sundari, Lakuma and Tulasi got down from the car. 

The very next moment two black cars  zapped there and stopped. The Maharashtra Chief Minister and the Central Cultural minister have got down from the cars. Aruna welcomed them with bouquets. They went in to the huge hall filled with chairs, gallery and balcony.  There was a  huge wooden stage. On both sides of  the wooden stage there are  miniature statues on raised wooden pedestal. On the right of the stage there is the statue of Bharatamuni and on the left of the stage there is the miniature statue of Krishnamurthy.

Bharatamuni Statue

The Chief Minister garlanded the Bharatamuni statue. The cultural minister. The mayor lighted the lamp. Sundari garlanded her father Krishnamurthy's statue. Tulasi stood beside her daughter had goose bumps. She controlled the emotional out burst. Sundari was no different.  She had the same emotional state of mind. Tara noticed both mother and daughter and moved close to them. Lakuma followed her mother.  Aruna hugged Tulasi and Sundari hugged Lakuma.  The hall is filled with people. TV Cameras and reporters kept standing at the stage. Local dignitaries, Mayor, MPs , Ministers and other local VIPs and Maratha films artists are in the first row.  Bharatavarsha and the Vaisakha guests filled the second row. All the other rows are filled with the families of 20 dancers and  other spectators. The balcony is filled with women. 

The curtains were pulled and the lighting was dimmed. The stage was light brightly. There was a giant electronic display on the wall behind the stage. "I always wonder what screens are used as backgrounds during most of the stage performances?" Manjusha asked the man with a camera. 

"They are Barco videos walls as huge as 50ft high and around 100's of feet wide.  Barco's RGB laser rear-projection video walls delivers huge projection with vibrant colours"   said the man. 

 When Manjusha turned her head the stage she saw Aruna and Sundari in classical dance dresses on standing side by side with lamps in their hands.  Aruna the politician turned actress was herself a renowned dancer. Sundari was also won fame and acclaim in recent times. The screen behind them was showing a temple. A male base male voice is heard. It was not only ear pleasing but also mesmerizing. 

ki - tha - ka - janu -  Tha/     dheem ;    ki - tha - ka - janu - tha  dhi  /

Aruna and Sundari began dancing with  similar foot work and hand movements

Dhim - thhaa -/  dhi -  kidatakha jum - tha

Doom - tha na -  na na na na  ;  Doom - tha na -   na na na na - dhoom , dhoom - ma-ga-pa

Dhoom  - dhoom - dhana - nana - dira - na na -  Dhoom - dhoom - ma - ga - sa 

thakitatha dhom - dara - deerara - raaaa- rara - rara - Aaaaaa

tha - thakitatha dom  - tha tha;     tha - thakitatha dom  - tha tha

tha - thakitatha dom - thana - tha - thakitatha dom - thana;   dhom dhom thana- nana

deera - dhana - nana  dhom ---------------------------

The vocalist was stirring the hearts and touching of emotions. Lakuma was enthralled by the  magical voice while all others are watching the young and middle aged beauty performing their best - people started saying the best dancers of the country are performing their best - Lakuma was searching for the man who was singing the vocal rhythms called swara jhatulu. Her desire increased minute by minute. 

After Aruna and Sundari 18 other dancers performed different classical dances of India. Each dance lasted only five minutes. The program ended with a great applause.  The sound of claps and snaps continued for half an hour. When all the sounds quelled down , after all the audience have left the hall there were still some family members and  friends.  Sundari gave an emotional tribute before her father's statue invoking him to come and see her dance. She started crying before the statue.  Tulasi flung herself and hugged her daughter " come see what the Goddess Arunatara has done, bless your daughter. " She started crying louder than her daughter. Lakuma was and Nandini went to Sundari. Sundari hugged Lakuma and said " I have indebted my life to you. Who am I to you? Why did you do all these things to me? How can I pay back this debt." Lakuma looked at Bharatavarsha and Malini. 

Bharatavarsha said " All audience felt the spirit of Nataraj in this dance hall. He is the father of Dance and the universe. Jagatat pitarau Vande parvathi parameswaram." 

Nandini said " I am fortunate to learn dance from you." 

I am very unfortunate that I could not learn from you. but I am thankful to Srimathi Arunatara by whose blessings I am able to dance on the stage with Dancer like you." Said Bhonsle.  " Ay Tapan don't be too formal." scolded Aruna and Introduced Bhonsle to Sundari and Tulasi. 

" He is the youngest Marathi film Actor just 24 years. He entered the films as child artist and became popular .." While Aruna was speaking about him Bhonsle fell on Aruna's feet and said " Maaji I am your fan. please bless me don't praise me."  Malini said " What a polite boy he is just like Kesava." Bhonsle touched Malini's feet and took her blessings. 

Then came there a smart looking muscular man in Dhoti and Kurta , just as tall as Bharatavarsha. He folded his hands to Aruna " I take leave of you madam. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity." Lakuma on hearing his metalic voice said " Are you the singer of today's program"  Yes, He said. Aruna said " He is Vivek Pandit. A private detective who helped the government several times." All are surprised to know that a detective can sing so sweetly.  He said the same thing loudly. Lakuma said " What a wonderful voice. It has mesmerized me. " She said  to her mother" Amma please introduce me to him." Aruna Introduced Lakuma to Vivek as her daughter.  Lakuma preferred to shake his hand. Her heart began dancing when the program is all over. Perhaps It is coup de foudre or love at first sight.  


The sun has not risen yet but the eastern sky has faint light. The western sky is still dark. Vidisha started from her Bungalow on foot. Vidisha is wearing a black full skirt, black blouse and an orange half saree. Her face is not calm. Earlier she heard about Nandini trying to get close to Varsha but two days ago she saw pictures of Nandini with Varsha. She hated Malini for allowing Nandini into Anandanilayam.  The next moment she pitied her own life. " oh! I am a caged bird! Nandini is a free bird!"  She was walking barefooted in the street.

 Two middle aged men walking in the street stopped at her and touched her feet. " Amma bless my son. Today he has operation." Vidisha did not say anything.  Her mind is pre occupied. She started walking.  They two men followed her.

The first man said  "Amma's predictions are always amazing. She has Divya Drishti. She is very powerful." "But she has not blessed my son."  said the other.  Vidisaha walked ahead and stopped at a tall building called Amma Inn at the end of the street and looked back. She saw the Honda City car following her. Mean time a group of 20 devotees came out of the building. They were all wearing traditional dresses and appeared as if they were going to temple. 

Vidisha called the car driver. He got down from the car and walked to her.  She asked him not to follow her. " Amma , your father" The driver tried to convince but Vidisha but she frowned at him and sent him back.  She quickened her pace. The twenty devotees started The middle aged men joined the group. They told the Amma followers that Amma did not bless them. Sometimes blessings are not that easy " We are living here in the Amma Inn for weeks serving for weeks." The two men were hesitating  "If you really wants her blessings stay there, serve Amma donate something to Amma charities" Said a devotee.

Vidisha hit the highway Hanumantha vaka is 1 kilometre from there.  Her mind is busy the thoughts are running giz jag in her mind.  Nandini's pictures with Varsha flashed on her mind. She remembered the TV program (Inauguration of Dance Academy) she saw previous night. Nandini was sitting close to Malini and moving close with Varsha. " Ramya! Rascal you are the culprit. I will give you the correct treatment!" She thought. 

She came out of the circle of thought as there was a panic sound on the road. A truck was coming at a high speed. A Gold  Mercedes car was going at a good speed in the opposite direction.  The truck rammed into the car in the blink of an eyes.  The car was dragged off in the reverse direction ( in the direction of the truck) for 100 meters. The people on the  started shouting and running towards the car. There was a big hullaballoo and panic. It was a disaster. Nobody believed that the people in the car are alive. 

Vidisha walked towards the car much against the protesting devotees. She opened the car door . The door got fixed or locked. The front of the car became a pulp. Some people pulled the other door but it is of no use. Vidisha picked up a big stone from the road and smashed the broken windshield of the car and pulled them up. She was pulling bleeding  people out. Seshachalam came there running while Vidisha was pulling the bodies. " This is not our job leave it!" He tried to stop her.  But Vidisha did not listen to him. She has sent the blood smeared bodies to the hospital and walked to Cowshed. 



Nandini lay on the bed and was reading a novel in her bedroom when Syamala came to Nandini Nilayam. She opened the gate and walked straight to Nandini's bedroom. She stood at the bedroom door and kept watching Nandini.   There were a dozen dirty romance novels scattered around on the bed. Crooked hearts , Beyond Shame were prominent among them.

Shyamala sat on the bed and said " Trying to learn how to fix your lover in the net?
Nandini was shocked to hear Syamala's words " fixing in the net?"
Syamala : Fixing in the love net!  
On hearing Syamala's words Nandini smiled and said " I have already fixed him."
Syamala took the novels and started reading the summary on the back cover page. She read the whole thing with a hand pressed to her mouth in shock. 
Nandini looked at Syamala and smiled. "Why are you so shocked ?" she asked
These novels are full of  lust. They are truly raw with multiple partners
Yes, they are truly raw but lovely. Isn't it wrong to have such relations?  In these novels there is a place where women are admired for deep, dark sexuality as much as the men are.

Nandini: There was a time in Indian history when such relations were legal, public and socially accepted. Polyandry and polygamy were accepted in Hindu culture.

Syamala : Romance is never nasty but see how they are naming the novel Nasty Romance and Dirty Romance. Even today we have polygamy in our society. Most rich people and film stars have two or more marriages. 

Nandini: That is why Oscar Wilde rightly said in his short story Model Millionaire.

Nandini: What did he say?

Syamala:  What is romance for the poor? The romance is for the rich. So stop your Romance with Bharatavarsha. He is not a rich man. 

Nandini: Bharatavarsha is helping the society with his money. It shows that he is not in life struggle. He did not care to save his ancestral house, he cared to save the lives of the old.  It shows his noble mind.  In his sonnet Death he writes

My death

My last days are drawing near
I have neither regrets nor fear
I had  my sinews deeply grilled
I had my mind thoroughly tilled
About pain I never complained 
with it unconscious intimacy I gained
I had all my promises fulfilled
And I had already all my life lived
Death's unknown intricacy
doesn't go beyond literacy
If death comes I never decline
In death's hands I can recline
before I die I wish to see who fondly  stands 
with all my books in his hands

Syamala: I agree that he is noble but that is not enough

Nandini: He is not only noble but also rich. 

Syamala: What when has he been rich and how?

Nandini: His English books are widely sold in Amazon. His "Reincarnation woman " has sold over a million copies. It may  reach the recent bestselling Novel position on Amazon.
Syamala: Amazing! Then he is not just rich. He is very rich. He suddenly turned rich.

Nandini: Suddenly turned rich happens in political and spiritual fields. Politicians can become rich suddenly like KCR family. God men and women - Babas like Satyasai, and Matas Radhe ma, and Vidisha, Pastors like Paul Dinakaran can become rich suddenly for nothing.

Syamala: Good analysis! Why don’t you include your father when you included Vidisha?
Nandini: My father is losing his assets. He is retrogressing.

Syamala: Tell me the story of your success. We have deviated! 

Nandini: It is a long story I will put it short. I released his books with local publishers I have spent so much of money on them.

Syamala: You paying publishers? I think they pay you, don’t they

Nandini: Those days are gone. Like people are making their own films authors are publishing their own books. 

Syamala: I didn’t want to discourage you so I did not tell you but I wondered when you began releasing the books. Who will read books?  You're rubbing on the wrong side. 

Nandini:  Yes, you are right it is like selling a BMW car in the slums. When you previously launched his books, they were all failures. Almost no sales.  

Syamala: How did you succeed?

Have you heard the word literary agents?

Syamala: I hear the word literary agents for the first time. Who are they? More importantly  I want to know how rich is Varsha?

Nandini: I will show you literary agents practically. It is a long story. Bharatavarsha is not rich. He will never get rich because he needs money for the homeless and the needy. 
Syamala: Alas!  Bharatavarsha cannot enjoy his life?

Nandini: When politicians become thieves and rob people you feel sorry. But when poets become social workers why should you feel sorry!

Syamala: Because we all love genuine hearts. We wish that they should enjoy their life too.
Nandini: Genuine hearts are always behind serving hands. Their happiness or joy lie in serving others. As for pleasures I am there to look after it. Because I'm going to marry him. 

Syamala: Oh My God! 
Nandini: Tell me first how the God woman got rich. 

Vidisha has done nothing more than transferring the bleeding bodies to hospital. But they are the bodies of a very rich jeweller. The media told that Amma's magical hands saved the dying accident victims. They showed the visuals of Vidisha pulling them out of the car and carrying to the ambulance. All people believed that Amma's hands lent them life. When the billionaire Bulchand Tribhuvandas believed it has made all the difference.  He poured riches on her. She is literally very wealthy now with many assets that include a beach resort, a palace in the city centre and a Jaguar V8 Convertible car worth 2.61 Crores.


Saturday, December 24, 2022

Plethora of twists -32

I have a party at Kashya's place, I take taxi and go. said Sundari. "I know he lives in Film nagar just 3 kilometres from Jubilee hills. I will drop you."  said Lakuma.  After dropping Sundari  in filmnagar.   " I have some personal work. I will stay in a hotel in Jubilee hills." Said Agastya. Lakuma and Agastya reached hotel Viera Just a few meters from Jubilee Hills Apollo. They stood in the car parking area. There are are several other cars parked parallelly. Lakuma leaned to the car. Agastya stood in front of her. He said " Your flat and the hospital are just walkable distance from this hotel."  

Lakuma: How long you are going to stay in Hyderabad? 

Agastya: I have a mission. It takes time. How long you are going to stay in Hyderabad? 

Lakuma : I had a mission but it is aborted 

Agastya:  What is your mission why was Aborted? 

Lakuma : If you tell me about your mission I will tell you about mine.

Agastya: I am feeling shy but I will try. Can you take me to your flat?

Lakuma: I am alone in the flat Nandini has gone to Visakha, Tulasi has gone to Kakinada

Sundari has gone to Kashyap's party ..

Agastya: Can I check in to the hotel? we sit in the hotel room. 

Lakuma : No, I can not sit in the hotel room with you. 

Agastya: This is the result of your stay in Anandanilayam. I will come to the point.  The exams are over,  the college life and hostel life are over. There is only emptiness.

Lakuma: I feel the same way. I thought Damini was commanding but now I understood that she was caring. I missed many things when I came out of Anandanilayam. It was a family. Family is necessary, elders are necessary. Do you know why Varsha doesn't leave the family?  As the son he takes such responsibility of father. He plays the role of brother and son. Father is very important. You have father and mother you are not empty. You are lucky. 

Agastya: My father is just like Raghava's father Navya arts Naidu. Their fields are different their personalities are same. I find it difficult to live with him. I can only stay. 

Lakuma : You have a mother, go and stay with her. 

Agastya: I went to Chennai. I am coming from Chennai but my mother is missing

Lakuma  I can't believe Mother missing?  What happened?

Agastya: She was working in jasmine International School. The circumstances in the school  dramatically changed with the financial breakdown of Vikram estates. Vikraman the famous multi- millionaire realtor was the financial strength of the school who held my mother in high esteem.  There are rumours that he committed suicide 

Lakuma: Once the real estate boom has changed the lives of realtors now it is claiming their lives Perhaps she deliberately went into exile. I am sorry you are missing the only relation you have. 

Agastya: Why don't you go to your mother? Tell me now why is your mission aborted?

Lakuma : Sundari chose to go to Kashyap's private party. Maybe she is ready  lose her virginity  to save her father's life. Though I don't like much I will go to Baramati to stay with my mother but unfortunately she spends much time on touring and public service. 

Agastya: All are not demons in politics there are angels too. Your mother is an angel treading on the earth. We are fortunate to have such politicians in our country. 

Lakuma: You said that you came to Hyderabad on a mission. Is it your mission ? 

Agastya : I have come to Hyderabad to tell you something

Lukama: Are you feeling shy to tell these words? 

Agastya : NO , not these words. I could not say 

Lakuma: Why?

You are a Rowdy girl! For aught I know would kick me like you did to Bairreddy.

Lakuma : You are my classmate. Why would I kick you like that. I am giving you a word that I will not kick you. Now come on tell me don't delay. It is getting late.

Agastya : I have crush on you since long. I have confirmed that it is love. 

I like your approach but sorry Agastya , I don't think I have the same feelings. Now my mood is very bad. We are unable to help Sundari. I don't know whether I can ask my mother for help or not? The party must have begun. said Lakuma and sighed deeply. 

I have two lakhs with me but they are not enough. We must think of alternative plan.

You think. I am leaving for Baramati tomorrow. Good night and Good bye.


In Apollo special ward.

"Doctor how is the patient? He is the film director. The film is coming to an end when this accident happened. asked Naidu anxiously." said Navya Arts Naidu

"It is no an accident. somebody has kicked him on the testicle. Due to a terrible kick on the testicles he has lost consciousness. A kick on testicles results in nausea, swelling and fever. There will be substantial pain in the scrotum. 

The urologist said " I have fixed plastic tube in the scrotum  to drain blood and other fluids. He is now in coma.  We must wait until 24 hours. Right now we can't say anything. The doctor and the urologist have gone. Naidu and production manager were at Kashyap's bed.

Production manager : Nothing will happen to him don't worry.

Naidu : Who is worried about him? I am worried about my movie. 

Production manager : Ha hha hha. The total shooting is over except the last scene.

Naidu: Don't be foolish. The last  scene is called the climax scene.  It is the most important scene in the film that decides the success of the film. 


When Agastya entered Krishnamurty's room it was 10.00 AM. Sundari was standing at the his bed talking to the nurse.  She looked sleepless and tired. Her face was pathetic.  She was bewildered to see Agastya. "How is your father?" asked Agastya. She did not answer. The nurse said' He still needs radiation therapy. Typically, people have treatment sessions 5 times per week, Monday through Friday. This schedule usually continues for 3 to 9 weeks. Next week payment .." before she finished Sundari said "we pay tomorrow."  The nurse went away. 

Has Lakuma gone?  Is she still there? asked Agastya. 

Sundari did not reply. She had fear in her eyes. 

Did she go away? asked Sundari

Agastya was confused. "Did you not go to your room last night? You slept with the director?

I am sorry I mean you slept in his flat? " Agastya looked at her apologetically. 

I could not sleep last night but not due to party. There was no party. 

No party?! Then what happened ?

Sundari started crying when she recollected the scene. Agastya took her shoulders and seated her in the chair. Sundari felt breathless. After much persuasion by Agastya She started "When I went to Kashyap's flat. I saw a girl going away in a black car.  I went in and found Kashyap screaming in pain. I heard him saying Keerthi. A few minutes later he became unconscious. I was so scared. I did not return to my flat last night. I slept in Sindhu's (junior artist) house. 

I can understand your fears. The police may suspect you as the murderer. somebody must have used Keerthi as a weapon. She must have poisoned his drink. When he was twisting in pain she sneaked away. But how can we be sure that the girl who came there is Keerthi? How can you say that she came to Kashyap's flat? Maybe she came to some other flat. 

It is a three storied group house. Kashyap uses all the three floors. 

Then the can can be keerthi. have you seen her face? Can you identify her? No problem there are CC cameras in every apartment or group house now a days. 

But all the lights are turned off. It was dark all over. 

Was there nobody ? Are you the only one there at that time?

Yes, Only you saw her no CC footage. Then it is difficult to identify the murderer.

Yes. Off course. said Sundari. 

wow! Nobody has seen your either. Am I right? asked Agastya. "Yes" answered Sundari.

Did you tell her Sindhu about what happened last  night?

No I did not. Said Sundari. 

I am sure he has not died If he died the news would be viral. I saw the news this morning.    Go to my room and sleep. You badly need a sleep. Said Agastya. 

She kept staring at him. "I look after your father. Don't worry. Come on it is three minutes walk from this hospital."  Agastya almost pulled her out of chair. They walk out. 


Indigo 6E247 took off at 11.10 AM as scheduled at Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. Lakuma watched the ground from the window. Her thoughts are filled with her mother. She Imagined playing with her mother as in Hyderabad. At that time she was only a party women wing President. But I used to command everybody.  I was so stubborn to Damini. For sometime I was Devilish rider. I was into stunt biking. What happened to that Lakuma? She had the glimpses of her own life. She remembered her life at Anandanilayam. She rememberd the sonnets of Varsha and the smiles of Radhamanohar flowers.   Sweet flowers beautiful house, small family great relations.  Anandanilayam -It has the gates of love are open for all. It could be Kesava or Lakuma or anyone.  Lakuma's thoughts broke when she heard the flight captain's voice. 

"Good afternoon passengers. This is your captain speaking. Warm welcome on  86A. We are currently cruising at an altitude of 33,000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour. The time is 12: 15 pm. The weather looks good and with the tailwind on our side we are expecting to land in mumbai in 10 minutes. we are 5 min  ahead of schedule. The weather in Mumbai is clear and sunny, 30 degrees for this afternoon."

"How soon we are reaching Mumbai from Hyderabad. I  feel that I just started at Hyderabad." Mother, you are so highly placed that you arranged the journey with just a phone call.  She felt so great about her mother.  Yes she is flying free. She remembered her mother's warning to be in the airport before the scheduled time.  Mother you are such a disciplinarian. She felt proud of her mother.  She was dropped at the airport in  Hyderabad MP Anasuya's Vehicle. Mother you follows up things so well.   

When the flight landed Lakuma saw somebody carrying a placard LAKUMA DEVI. She was wondering who was having a similar name. By her looks Mr. Pachaco sensed that the girl is Lakuma. He went near  and said I am MP secretary, We are wating for you. He said showing the placard. The man with placard smiled and came near.  " I am not LAKUMA DEVI"  The man holding the placard said " I added Devi for respect."  Later pachaco and Lakuma took coffee in the Airport.  How to go to Baramati from here? she asked. It is 200 kilometers distance. We can go by car. It takes 5 hours. There is a flight in two hours we can go in 40 minutes. " said Pachaco. "Oh! should we wait for two hours for the flight?" She said. Come one let's move He said. Lakuma followed her. He was going back to the airfield.

Mr. Pachaco where are  you taking me? shouted Lakuma  in the noise of the flight turbines. To Baramati shouted back Pachaco. "You Old man!" She said. Why mom employees such people. She told herself. Lakuma was quite disgusted. but all her disgust has flown away when she saw the chopper rotors turning on.  Pachaco went near and opened the back door of the helicopter. He was waiting for Lakuma to sit in the back. But Lakuma preferred to sit beside the pilot. Hardly had Lakuma entered the chopper the rotors turned faster. With in no time the chopper is in the clouds zone. Mumbai airport looked like a match box. 

It was 1.20 When Lakuma reached Baramati home. When she finished bath the lunch was served hot on the table. Lakuma asked the house maid " Does mom come for the lunch?" She called Pachaco who said "Madam is on the way and she asked you to eat." Lakuma left the dining table angrily. He waited until 2.00 PM in the living room looking at the wall clock.  Then she went into her room and banged shut the door. She slipped into sleep.  

Aruna Tara came at 3.00 PM. She knocked the door. There was no response. She opened the door and tip toed to the bed.  She went back and prepared the curry mixed rice in a bowl and woke up her daughter by touching on her shoulders. Lakuma was surprised. She looked at the watch it was showing 3.00 PM. "My lovely daughter, My burning golden, my bouncing river" Aruna was cajoling Lakuma. Lakuma moved away and turned her face sideways.  Aruna felt small and bent her head down. Lakuma jumped on the mother and hugged. They hugged each other. Later like  the mother bird gives food to baby bird, Aruna served food in Lakuma's mouth.  While Lakuma was eating tears were flowing down the cheeks of Arunatara. Lakuma wiped out the tears. Aruna kissed them. 

When Lakuma finished eating. Pachaco came in " Madam " He said.  Aruna put the bowl on the dining table and washed her hands.  Lakuma dear, now sleep comfortably. A textile park is built by women in Baramati. Today is the inauguration. I came in between." She kissed on Lakuma's fore head and walked out. Lakuma came out and saw in the car waving her hand.   Amma you did not eat, You came to serve me food.  tears were flowing down Lakuma's cheeks. Lakuma kept looking at her mother's beautiful face.  Aruna was smiling. In her charming smile Lakuma saw the billowing of the national flag. 


When Sundari woke up it was 1.00 PM. She was hungry.  She wanted to take bath but where are the clothes? I must go to the flat and get my clothes. How long can I spend without a bath? She thought. When the thought of flat came her she remembered Kashyap and the police. "Are police searching for me?"  Her spine shivered. She remembered her father in the hospital her heart skipped a beat. Just then her phone rang. He mother is on the line " Sundari , I haven't got a new buyer yet. The old buyer has withdrawn the deal. Can you manage two days? Sundari had a volcano eruption in her head. She did not know how to maintain the cool. Her stomach was burning. suddenly the door bell rang. Sundari said " somebody is coming in. I will call you later." she said and disconnected the call. 

The house keeping lady came with a suitcase of clothes.  She is wearing a pleasing smile on her face. "Your husband has sent this suitcase. He is in the restaurant waiting for you." She said and left. Sundari was in mood to be angry or any emotions. She opened the  suitcase. There were punjabi dresses, sarees and full skirt and half sarees. One of her problemsis solved. She went into the bath room. The big bathing tub and the fragrance animated her spirits. She had a refreshing bath and took the hotel towel. It was fresh. She dried herself and wore black full skirt and black bouse and chose a golden half saree.  She walked to the restaurant Agastya had already ordered meals when she entered the restaurant. Agastya did not utter a single word while eating.  When they finished lunch Agastya said " Kashyap was in the Same Apollo Hospital. He did not die. No police, nothing. 

How soon the scene has changed! The hot desert turned into ever green forest. The dry sapling got the life. Moonlight filled the dark sky. Agastya looked like God's messenger. Don't worry about your father. He is sleeping. said Agastya. " My mother phoned me" said Sundari. " Agastya was listening keenly. "Sundari was afraid of saying that The money was not arranged. There is delay in arranging the money." She thought that he would dump her in the dust bin and go. If I were in his position would I help him? She questioned herself.

Agastya pressed her to tell the news. Sundari said hesitantly what her mother told. He did not speak further. I have some money please keep it. He gave the money and even before she understood what is happening he vanished. 



In the green lawn of the Nandini Nilayam Nandini was playing with yellow Chrysanthemums, pink Asters and Marigold. Paidamma has come out to call Nandini for breakfast.  Nandini looked like flower among flowers.

Paidamma kept gazing at Nandini. She saw Nandini chasing the butterflies. Mother knew the daughter’s heart. Ever since Nandini came back from Hyderabad She is helping the Anand seva sadan to be in good books of Bharatavarsha.

Nandini stopped playing with flowers The beautiful white lawn furniture invited her. She sat in the white chair and kept watching the impressive Terracotta army - the 1000-year-old art. The twenty terrific red soldiers, with steel swords in their hands and black horses. Paidamma came near Nandini stood by her side “You cannot catch butterflies stop chasing them.” She said to her daughter. Well said Paid Penchalayya came and stood beside Paidamma. Nandi understood what it means. How I spend my time is more important than what I get. I am spending my time in pursuit of beauty and peace.

Go join in college. Get busy with studies and change your mind.

Nanna I cannot chase money like you. My life has a different purpose. Elders like you always encourage children to chase money. They don’t teach values.

Oh come on what all we pastor do in Church!  We teach values in Church.

At home what do you teach? You teach money earning spoil children

No Christians are not spoiled.

I'm talking about humans. You're talking about Christians. Please look at people as humans   survey shows that 60 per cent of elderly people living with their families face abuse and harassment, 66 per cent are either 'very poor' or below the povertyline and 39 per cent have been either abandoned or live alone. These surveys are not about Christians or Hindus they are about humans.

Penchalayya had no words. He kept quiet.

Do you know how many senior citizens are abandoned in India? India is home to nearly 138 million elderly people of which 18 million senior citizens are homeless.

What did you do to them you have done nothing. When the old age home was closed you were busy making money.

Baby you are telling National statistics. I am serving millions of people with my churches in Andhra.

Pastors like you and KA Paul boast themselves of rendering great service.  You tell your stories before uneducated people 

In southern states such as Andhra Pradesh (87 per cent), Telangana (68 per cent) and Tamil Nadu (69 per cent) old age people experience more neglect. If someone like Bharatavarsha is serving them people like try to kick on their base and batter their ideals.

Just then entered Syamala her classmate. She said “ Oh can you call Guru by name?”

He is disturbing my business. He is my enemy. Don’t use his name again in my house.

Look Amma, I am here as your guest. I told you on the day of my return. I will be here as long as you can love me and honour my views. Now I am going.

Paidamma “I never thought I would get you back. Lord Krishna's boon. Please live in this mother’s heart. This house is yours.” She then turned to her husband and said “This house is Nandini Nilayam named after her. It is also registered in her name. By all means this house belongs to her. Go to forest bungalow church, rest place church or kommadi church. Go anywhere. Don’t come here to disturb my daughter.

Don’t think she is only your daughter. She is also my daughter. We are earning only for you you darling. Said Penchalayya and kissed Nandini on her fore head.

Nanna, what is your age? Asked Nandini/ Penchalayya was shocked at that question.

Paidamma said “He is 62. I am 55.” She felt very shy for having said their ages. The couple started ogling at each other. Nandini flew off the handle. “Amma don’t twist like a new bride.  Nanna in India only 6.78 percent people were over 65 years of age. Penchalayya was dumb stricken. Paidamma took Nandi and Syamala in for the breakfast. 


Jayanagar east RK Apartments : Raghava stood in the second floor balcony looking at the morning sun. For the past three months he occasionally came out of his living room into balcony. "Hello Raghava what is so special today you are standing out in the balcony? said the house owner's son, who lives in the first floor. Today my friend is coming from  ... before he answered the question a taxi came and stopped in front of the apartment. 

Sandeep got out of taxi and waved at Raghava. He paid the taxi and climbed up the stairs and reached Raghava. " Raghava took Sandeep in, and showed the products he has made.

So you took three months for you to develop these products?!" said Sandeep

No, It took nearly a year. Even when I was in Vizag all these products were there but in my mind  in the form of ideas. Today they are products. said Raghava proudly and began showing the products. This is the hardware— that helps control air conditioners, fans, temperature, CCTV, room lighting intensity and colours to suit moods, among other things, through a mobile app.

Congratulations ! It is amazing  to see how you developing the technology and later into  products.  Sandeep looked at Raghava with admiration. "But we have to start the commercial production." said Raghava. 

Now I am thinking of marketing the products, their installation, and offering after-sales support. “Now I am planning to shift into a three bedroom apartment. I have to hire some people. I contacted nine people who agreed to work. If you come there will be ten people.  

"Soon I will come and join you. I told you that I have some obligation in Visakha. For now  I have brought the money you needed. Here is the money." Said Sandeep

Raghava: What is that obligation. tell me now.

Sandeep: Soon You will come to know about it.

Rascal You are a great escapist. Every time you repeat the same words. 

Next time you will suddenly see her. You should not upset or discourage.


Nandini and Syamala  finished the breakfast and Nandini and Syamala sat in the sofa in living room.  Paidamma was in kitchen. joseph Venkateswarrulu came in. Nandini asked him to sit in the opposite sofa. Your facts and figures about old age people are wonderful. Your conversation is thought provoking. How did you learn all these things? You don't like that kind of deep studies, right?  asked Syamala. 

Our likes and dislike depend on the people we like. What do you think?

I know that are working for Anand Sevasadan but I don't know that you are reading. 

Yes, doing all these things to please one.

I know who he is. I never called him by name. Is it good to call Guru by name?

joseph Venkateswarulu : Is it good that you marry Guru? 

Nandini was surprised. She looked in the faces of Syamala and joseph Venkatewsarulu several times turning her face one from the other. 

Joseph Venkateswarulu : She married Parameswarrao. 

Nandini : Is it true?

Syamala: First I married , later I was married. 

Nandini : I did not get you both aren't the same.

Syamala: NO, because we got married in a temple. We could not kept it as a secret for a long time. When my parents came to know of that they celebrated our marriage. 

Nandini : Damn you! why did you not tell me?

Syamala : How can I tell you when you ran away from house?

Nanadini: That means you are married recently. Do they know it in the college?

Joseph Venkateswarralu : Everybody in the college knows it. Now she is going to college as a married woman.  All lecturers are her friends.

Nandini : Anyway Congratulations!!!

Your father has gone to court against the other group trying to get the church. 

Your brother went to Bangalore and Bharatavarsha is not in town for two days.

Syamala : Is he your agent ? I had a doubt when he was following me. 

Nandini laughed. You can call him so. I treat him as help saying so she gave him a packet 

Syamala understood that It was money. She said. "Do you know where he has gone?" 

He has gone to Chennai her has to meet authors because he is working as commissioning editor. Nobody knows that he recently joined it. Most people still think that he is jobless. 

Nandini: What does the job involve? 

Generally, an acquisitions or commissioning editor evaluates solicited and unsolicited manuscripts from authors, conceptualizes profitable book ideas, negotiates author contracts, and strategizes and plans for the production of new and revised titles. 

Nandini : How do you know? I haven't heard of it before?

Syamala: He came to our house a week ago. He was telling him.

Nandini : Oh! Who was HE and who was HIM.

He is Varsha him is Parameswarrao. She is shy to tell her husband's name. 

Syamala:  Venkateswarulu , I will kill you.

Joseph Venkateswarulu got off the sofa and ran into the garden. 

Nandini and Syamala came out. Nandini shouted why don't you tell such important things?

Joseph Venkateswarulu : His home could be his office. I have no entry into his house. please leave me I can not spy on Bharatavarsha." He ran out of gate.

How are you  nights Syamala? Are you sleeping enough?

Oh! My God people ask how is your married life? 

I am too intelligent. I don't think or talk like the ordinary.

Oh Miss Intelligent!  you couldn't get access to his office room. You have sent Venkateswarulu ha hha hha that fellow ..... ha  hha hha  ran away! How can you get into his heart?

Shut up Syamala , by next week I will not only get into his house but also ... I don't tell.       I will show. Nandini left in a huff. Syamala kept laughing and laughing. 


It is 12.00 noon. The sun is shining brightly in the sky. Dakshinamurty  and John were walking in the Meenakshi aqua exports. From the glass window of the director's cabin Grace and Timpani were sitting on either side of the desk watching them walk. Finally your dream is fulfilled. You became the director of Meenakshi aqua exports. said Timpani. Grace laughed lavishly and revolved in the director's chair. After turning three rounds she stopped the chair and said " I could do it with my sister's help. She affectionately pressed Timpani's hands on the desk. Grace stood from the chair and came to her sister. She gently lifted her and placed her in the director's chair. Timpani resisted and wanted to get up saying that it is director's chair. Ha hha hha ha ! Forget about that foolish loyalty of poor servants. she said and pressed Timpani in to the chair. 

Grace sat in the opposite chair and said " Look how the father is supporting the son. I thought he would be shaken by news of his son selling his BMW car. Damnit! Agastya sold 30 lakh car simply for 10 lakhs. If I do such thing, there will be several wars. 

Timpani: That is why the proverb, "blood is thicker than water." came into use.

Grace : yes, I can understand that but what I can not understand is that how you blocked his affairs for weeks. That kept him hungry, helped me seduce him and bring him to my way. What is the treatment ?  

Timpani : It is not a treatment but a trick that can work a few times. Your husband goes to hotels with girls. I gathered their telephone numbers and used to send AIDS warning against your husband. "Oh! you told them that DM has AIDs?" said Grace and stood agape. She was pleasantly surprised  "what a strategy !" 

Mine is not a strategy. It is only a trick. You should have strategy to bring the company into your hands. Said Timpani and admonished her sister Grace. 

That part must be managed by john , your husband. Off course he explained so much but so little had gone into my head. Said Grace and dropped a file about Stock Market and IPO application procedure. She said " These rules and clauses are endless. Even after reading for hours you go nowhere.  This is the SEBI has mandated  criteria.  I will tell you what I can remember without the help of  paper.

The company should have at least Rs 3 crore in net tangible assets in each of the previous three years. Out of this 3 crore amount, not more than 50% should be cash or cash equivalent like money in an account, cash receivable or investment accounts. 

The company should have a net worth of at least one crore rupees in each of the previous three years. 

The company should have an average operating profit of at least fifteen crore rupees in each of any three years among the previous 5 years.  There is much more to say.

Timpani: Stop stop stop. I can not digest all the information. I understood that the company should have 3 crores tangible assets and 15 crores net profit in the last five years. Do you have that?

Grace : I don't know Dakshinamurti was showing john his personal files. The auditors showed 20 to 25 crores each year. Whether it is genuine or cooked up I don't know. only your husband a financial expert can understand. 


Sundari was looking at the door sitting in the chair beside krishnamurthi. Krishnamurti opened his eyes and looked at Sundari. He called his daughter but his voice was inaudible . He raised his voice and waved it slowly. Sundari looked at her father and bent over him. "Your mother has come back from Kakinada?" the words came like mosquito buzzing. With great difficulty she understood what he asked. But she did not know how to answer the question. She was silent. " who are you waiting for?" Krishnamurthi asked again. 

Yes, who Am I waiting for? Why should I wait for him? What relation he has with me?

Her mind shot arrows in to her self respect. unless of Hope of saving father has acted like a shield she would have dead. " It is not the question of self respect" Her heart suggested. Then what? asked her consciousness. If the land is sold off .. We don't want  anybody's help.. while she was thinking the police inspector came to her room and stood outside. 

Are you Sundari? He asked. Sundari did not answer but went out. We came here for enquiry. said the police Inspector standing in the corridor. My father .. She was trying to say something.  The police man walked a few steps in the corridor. Sundari followed him. Producer Naidu was there. " Kashyap died " He said. 

Inspector: You had a party with him three days ago? 

Sundari : NO!

Inspector : Give me your mobile 

Sundari was going back into the room and dashed Agastya coming from the room. When did you come? She asked " Just now when you are looking at the inspector and walking.

He walked up to the inspector and gave the mobile. 

Inspector : You said you have not gone to the party. Here is the invitation.

Agastya: He invited but she did not go.

Inspector: Then why did she say NO. 

Agastya: Because she did not go she said NO.

Inspector: Who are you? 

Agastya: We are in relationship. She spent the night with me.

Inspector : Where and when?  

Just then the nurse came and said " I want to take the patient to the radiation therapy. He wants to tell you something." "Inspector we will come to station at 6.00 in the evening." said Agastya. The inspector understood the patient's position. He said " Okay no problem, take care of your father" He said and went away. 

Sundari and Agastya walked into the room. Sundari saw a suitcase on her chair. Agastya took it and gave it to Sundari. " This is 10 lakhs. I could have brought a cheque but that is troublesome. I brought liquid cash. So it took some time." said Agastya. Sundari was speechless. Krishnamurti saw Sundari and Agastya together. 

Are you the hero of the film?  Krishnamurti asked Agastya

Agastya smiled and stood still. Sundari said " He is the real hero, not reel hero nanna." 

 My daughter never admired a man openly before me. I can say how close you became to her heart.  Krishnamurti smiled and blessed him. Sundari said " Ayyo nanna!" 

 He said to Sundari " My worry is over. If anything happens you don't worry but don't forget to take this body to KKD." Sundari helplessly cried Nanna!! "Is it justified to talk to an innocent girl ?" said Agastya.  Krishnamurti was filled with smiles. 

That evening nothing happened as Sundari was afraid. Agastya booked a call taxi from dot cabs at 5.30  A white Innova car came and stopped before him at 5.45 Agastya opened the back door. Sundari thought that he would sit beside her but he sat beside the driver the car moved. At 6.00 PM The car dropped them at the police station. Two high court advocates were waiting for Agastya. He greeted them. "Is this the girl you talked about in the afternoon?" One of them asked. "Yes"  said Agastya.  They spoke with the inspector. There is no room for suspicion on Sundari. The result was NO case was registered on her. 

All is well that ends well said Agastya coming out of the jubilee hills police station. Sundari opened the door and asked him to sit in the back seat. She sat comfortably beside him. Agastya saw cheerfulness in her. He looked into her eyes. She too looked into his eyes. He then looked at her lips. They are like tender leaves. The taxi moved. She watched him ogling at her secretly as the car was cutting through the traffic. She slipped into sleep unexpectedly. Agastya thought that she was dam tired. Go to train restaurant  via necklace road. The taxi was shooting like an arrow. Sundari slipped on to Agastya's shoulder. 


I never thought Venkatadri has such a beautiful palace in Visakhapatnam. said Veerayya.  Yes it looks like very expensive. said Kaliasam.  It was used as officer's club but Venkatadri got them vacated and gave it to Seshachalam. said Ramulu. "Can we ever imagine to live in such palaces ?" said Lakshmanna.  They all climbed up the stairs. 

Seshachalam received his friends and  showed them inside the house. They were pleased with the interiors of the house and the furniture. "I can never dream of living in such a big house." Said Seshachalam.  Where is you daughter? asked Ramulu. She is in pooja. She spends most of the time either in pooja room or alone. Now and then she comes into balcony but doesn't stay long because the people in the neighbourhood are curious. They stand and stare at her. 

No , we should not allow that to happen. said Kailasam. 

"I don't even let her go out.  Her predictions are bringing her good reputations. very high ranking officers are coming here to meet her.  At this moment if she goes out like ordinary people It might hurt her reputation." said Seshachalam. There was a moment's silence. 

He started saying again " yesterday a couple who lost their child in the bus stand a week ago complained to the police but no avail. They came here yesterday. Her prediction came true. She was found in the same address given by AMMA.  

Are you taking money from the visitors? Said Lakshmanna.

No, I am not asking anyone for anything. Some people are giving. The parents who lost and found their child gave nothing but it was reported in the news.  That reinforced my confidence. 

The visitors are coming to seek favours. So don't hesitate to ask. If you can not ask directly suggest them indirectly to donate for a cause. said Veerayya. 

All friends laughed at his intelligence. Seshachalam too laughed. 


It 4.00 PM in the evening the sun is still bright in the sky. It was barren land surrounded by hills, far away from the city. One has to cross  a 3 meter deep  and 10 meter wide gorge to enter the barren landscape called Anandseva sadan or has to take a long route via a village called Mudasarlova. Two white coats came into that landscape by a black scooter.  They saw ten large hallow brick rooms with thatched roofs on them and a large open space in between.  "The hexagonal rooms have no plastering. There are windows without doors. A polythene sheet is fixed with nails on the window frames to prevent the cold air from entering the rooms. This place is meant for abandoned parents." said one white coat to the other. " This place is also abandoned like the parents." said the other white coat and laughed. They started walking to the first shelter (room). 

Just then a water tanker was returning after filling fresh water in a tank fitted with taps.  "Look at the tractor water is transported everyday how do they live like this? It is far away the city.   There isn't a single powerline. There is no power too." said the first one.

"I agree that there is no power and water but it is not far away from the city. It is just 5km from Isukathota but because of the 10 meter wide gorge we took a round and came via three villages." said the second one. 

They reached a tree. Under the tree there is a string bed. There are four plastic chairs around the cot. An old man was lying on the string bed. And another old man was sitting on the chair. He stood up and said " Namste doctor, please sit down. The two doctors sat in the chairs. One of them took the hand of the man lying on the bed and checked his pulse. He took a syringe from his kit and a vial and gave him injection. He was checking the patient's eyes and asking some general questions.

Doctor: What is your name?

Patient: Sanyasirao

Doctor: You don't have children?

Sanyasi: I have two sons. 

Why don't you go and live with them. There is no power,  no water. 

Sanyasi: No power no water but this 8 acre land is bound by calmness, which means peace.  What we have her is Love and peace are more important than facilities at this age. 



In the Hospital canteen 

Agastya and Sundari are at the breakfast table. There are only a few customers in the hotel as it is every early in the morning. Sundari was eating Idlies rather in a hurry. Agastya looked at her. Miss Sundari , Do you know what  you are eating? asked Agastya.

Sundari stopped eating looked at Agastya and smiled. 

Miss Sundari don't finish your breakfast in a hurry. Eat well to your satisfaction. said Agastya and served sambar into her plate. Sundari remembered her mother's love. Who is he showering so much of love? What relation can work like this? These questions lingered in her mind.  "What should I call this relation?" asked Sundari emotionally.

Idly sambar relation said Agastya amusingly. 

Don't call me Miss Sundari, call me Sundari it is enough. 

Agastya smiled. Sundari started eating slowly. 

Sundari: It is a week since I have been asking you how you got so much of money but you did not answer. At least now you tell me. Ten lakhs is not a small amount.

Agastya: I have told you everything about my family my mother, father and his business.

Sundari: You have told me everything but not how you got the money. You are helping me.  I am grateful to it  but I should not receive the money without knowing how you got it because you are not working. 

Agastya remained silent. Sundari said " I have heard your father scolding you on phone. what did you do?" " I assure you that it is not illegal money. I can not tell you more. Fathers can scold sons without assigning any reason. My father is unbeatable and the best in this regard. " Sundari laughed. Agastya laughed too.

Agastya: Sundari I have only one lakh , yesterday I met a boy whose father is taking cancer treatment in this hospital. He told me that he is taking his father to Adayar Cancer hospital. He told me that the treatment is free there. 

Sundari : Let us consult a few doctors. I will inform my mother about our decision. 

Agastya paid the bill and was leaving the counter. Sundari was following him.

She called "Agastya!" Agastya stopped and looked back. 

"How can I ever repay your debt?" said Sundari. Agastya smiled. 


How is your Malegaon sugar factory visit ? asked Lakuma

A group of MPs visited the factory to observe the technology, productivity and labour force.

India is the world's biggest producer of sugar and the second biggest exporter. Do you know Sugar factories produce power they generate their own heat and power. Many sugar factories, use of high pressure boilers. They make such power projects highly profitable. National level potential of power generation through Bagasse co-generation as per MNRE, GoI study is about 3500 MW, whereas the potential in Maharashtra is 1250 MW.   We can make sugar factories produce extra power. Maharastra potential should increase. 

Well done Arunatara, well done Maharastra people are very fortunate to have such an MP.    I am very unfortunate to have such a mother. 

Lakuma, you are my life. 

Stop the drama amma, I can not bear to see you lying. that too before me. You are born for people you serve them. I will go t Kerala. I will ask him if he really loves me. 

I am very sorry Lakuma , Pelase tell me what mistake I have done. How can I rectify it.

Lakuma started crying. Aruna hugged her and cajoled her. tell me coolly Any problem has a solution. Don't cry. said Aruna.

But mommy this problem has no solution. Death has no solution. Sundari's father died in Ambulance while on the way to Chennai. I was proud to have a powerful mother, but I realised you are only powerful but  not useful. 

I am not hurt , you are in an emotional stage. You can blame me. Go on Lakuma.

I  blame myself not you. You are MP how can I blame you . you are beyond law. I looked down upon Agastya. He may be thief or wastrel only if one has character one can help others at the time of need. People like me are fair weather friends. 

I can not bring back her father's life but I will give life to his daughter. This is my promoise.

I am proud of you Lakuma. I will cancel all my work until this is done.

Lakuma hugged her mother dumbly. The time is frozen.