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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Anveshana 2020 - Scene 7

The three boarded the jeep. Giri had hardly pushed the gear road into the neutral when the Jeep started gliding down the hillock. The engine was off. Silence reigns the forest. Regina's  zeal  could not wait to see her dream. She flew off her heart like a bird and darted down the village. When the slope ended,  the plain road began , when Giri saw her  out of her body he deliberately engaged the third gear and left the clutch forcefully. The engine started with a  jolt. . Regina's spirit came back to her body. It began to sound like wasp.  She said  " Stop the jeep" Giri pulled the jeep aside and stopped the jeep" Giri knew that she wanted to do move around in the beautiful serene milieu.  He said  "Ok , go ahead we have no hurry today. We have plenty of time. The village is at a stone's throw. We have to kill the time until lunch time and get back to the Bungalow for lunch" "Killing the time? Yes, we can, only if the Tiger won't kill us" Said Satya. "Shut up Satya " Regina shouted. As her words began to echo she jgot off the jeep and walked ahead gleefully. She looked like a caged bird or a fawn set free. Giri and Satya moved back. Giri lighted the cigarette and offered one to Satya. "Giri, did you observe what she said ?" "What?" Said Giri. "She said shut up., what do you think?" Giri said "That means our friendship developed" Said Giri. Satya pulled a long face.

 Like a machine among machines she dwelt in the concrete jungle, very few to befriend and none to love  now came the rare time to chase butterflies with a jocund spirit hang to the branches of the trees, pick up nuts under trees, walk barefooted on the lush grasslands, hide in the bowers,  shout Hooo haaa at the hills , merrily rejoice the resound. Giri and Satya stopped smoking and were watching her with bated breath when she started singing LKG rhymes . She was looking at the passing clouds. It looked like she borrowed the spirit from the white clouds. Giri felt it is quite natural to her . He said " This city girl has been longing to see the forest ever since she came." Satya said " Do you think she is a city girl?" I don't think so. She must be a job hunter, perhaps she has finished her graduation, I am not very sure. Who will come for such work?" Satya snapped. Ok may be you are right. Let us finish the fags, we are wasting them. Said Giri.A moment later they looked up Regina was not seen.

Ah..damn it ... she must have lost her way in the forest. It is our mistake we let her free. Mr. Jagapati was always warning us keep the weather eye open and watch her carefully. Satya and Giri decided to search in two directions. They left the jeep in the same place and started walking ahead. After a two hundred meters the road diverged in two ways. One road leads to the village the other road leads to the Cheeta water spot. The previous night the jeep came along that way. if one goes in that direction there are several foot paths and small roads that lead to deep forest. If she took one of the paths it is almost impossible to get back. Satya took the road towards the village and Giri took the road that leads to the Cheeta water spot. Giri's heart was beating fast, a kind of palpitation he never had. Just then he saw two bears. His heart skipped a beat. Oh the bears are moving around. What if they saw Regina , they would hurt her. Thankfully the bears did not see him nor came in his direction. But he could not relax. He started running. He could hear his footsteps. He started running faster and faster and he began to sweat. He saw a faint voice. He stopped there suddenly and looked around. He saw a shape on the hill yonder. It must be Regina. He ran near the hill and saw Regina on the top of the hill. " Madam , wait I am coming" He shouted. Regina shouted back. "Giri stay back I am climbing down." After climbing down she said " I lost the sight of the jeep and in spite of walking and walking I could not reach the jeep. Then I realized that I was not walking towards the jeep.  I changed the direction but God! there were several paths." " Why did you climb the hill?" said Giri. " because I had two options left one is to call you  but there is no network.  the other option I have is to locate the jeep. It is possible two get the sight of the jeep only from a height. She finished. They walked back to the jeep. " Madam there is no question of cell phone network here. Luckly your idea saved you." Said Giri. They boarded the jeep and rode into the village where Satya was waiting for them at the village centre. It was the Village blacksmith's place. A few bullock cart wheels were waiting for iron rimming. Giri told Satya what happened to Regina. They parked the jeep there and started walking on foot. "Satya, where are we going ?" First I take you to the head Man's house next we can visit .. They were walking and talking. Just then a villager on the bullock cart was staring at Regina. He had angst ( fear) in his eyes. Giri approached the old man and greeted him. The old man was not concerned about the greeting, he said to Regina, " Have you come to the Bungalow? you too came for the birds?" Regina did not fully understand what it meant but she was surprised. She could only reply in affirmative. 
They were walking , next they stopped at a tea stall. All the customers as well as  the tea stall owner Anjibabu looked aghast when they learned that Regina came for the birds. Regina  became more curious than surprised. She pressed Giri, " what is the matter? What is the meaning of the strange looks?" she asked. I don't know said Giri.   "I too " Satya immediately joined Giri. Look there! Here is the Head man's house. Said Giri. Regina turned her head to a beautiful rural jabled house with iron fence and large iron entrance gates. There is a bougainvillea canopying the entrance. The  spacious front yard lending a bungalow look to the ancient house. " It looks like a Portuguese  or British design. Regina said to herself. They flung open the gates and entered the house. The Head man and his wife came out to receive their guest. The head man was 40 year old man, dark complexioned with simpleton looks. He has the face of a stupid. " My name is Pattabhi and she is my wife Nemali.

Regina looked at Nemali. She is  30 year old. she has bright rotund face with large liquid eyes. She has firm curvaceous body with sizzling hot looks, Carnal desires are playing hide and seek in her eyes. Her voluptuous physical features  are downplayed by her sensual  stance. Regina thought she was an uneducated bimbo.  The headman is very vainglorious who often boasted his linage showing the portraits of his ancestors on the wall. regardless of the interest of the listeners. Breakfast was forced on the guest. Later hot coffee was served. Regina looked at the portraits on the wall, Giri and Satya were scared of her curious looks. They guessed the inevitable disaster. Hardly had she opened her mouth to inquire about the portraits both men ducked off from the chairs and slipped off.   Like a tiger that  pounces on its hapless prey the head man pounced on his family biography.  He was immersed in narrating the adventures of his forefathers unmindful of the predicament it causes to the guest. The head man's wife  was giggling secretly.  She knew that Regina was paying courteous attention to the head man.  When she saw local farmers at the gate she shouted " Look somebody is coming" At the fall of hat she took Regina's hand and dragged her into kitchen. They looked like agile Bofors gun that moves quickly after firing at the target. In the kitchen they dumped themselves on small stools. "One more coffee?" she asked Regina.  Regina said Sorry when Nemali gave her the cup , why asked Nemali. I thought you were a bimbo but you are sensitive and mercurial. Nemali laughed.  Nemali took Regina into the backyard. They went into the back yard.  "I like the back yard." She said. Nemali laughed.  "It seems like she has a special way of laughing." Regina thought.

" I like the house, the bougainvillea and I like you too. Said Regina. " Oh! thanks. but the house is very old.  what  what do you like in the house? " I like the boundary wall" said Regina. Nemali laughed again. "Boundary wall is a British import. In India we never had boundary walls. In ancient India all door used to open on the street. in cities and middle towns boundary walls render useful land useless and make the fire fighting difficult. ( when houses are close the fire fighters can not move freely) The British could not popularize the boundary wall even in America which was a past British colony. Boundary walls brings social distancing  than standing as the security against theft." What a lecture Nemali !!! She took leave of the couple and walked out of the Iron gates where the men were waiting with jeep. The jeep was moving.  "How are the made for each other couple? " said Giri. " They are poles apart. she is bright beautiful and Intelligent and he is...."  Regina stopped. " why did you stop ?" said Satya. It is evident on his face. In few minutes the jeep  reached the Bungalow.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Anveshana - 2020 - scene 6

Regina saw the village from atop. The first doubt that struck her mind was does it belong to the earth or perchance broken from the moon or some celestial body .She was stricken  by romantic, spiritual,  and mundane  thought.  If I were a bird I would fly into the village, she thought instantly. Soon  she remembered the long journey it took to reach the village. She felt that it was a journey into herself. She felt that the body is merely a wall hiding the soul. Her body dissolved in her soul. The  she remembered the poem  "I wish I was still drinking when nothing is too clear" by Colin Hay.  She felt that her heart is a double voiced bird. Her inner voice sang gleefully later playfully ventriloquized " It is a world a away from the world" She shouted "WUNDERBAR!!! and took a snap with her NIKON P 1000. "Can you capture the village from here?" said Satya.  She wanted to say that her camera has 125x Zoom but  she put it differently " No this Village can not be captured by camera, it can be best captured by a lyrical poem. 

The Village from atop appears like a miniature model. Most houses have slant roofs. They are either thatched or tiled roofing. All houses are small and similar. A rivulet flows alongside the village. Lucky people live in the village , she said. seeing that Regina was enamored with the village said "Madam if you stay in the village at night it offers you a gift too. said Giri. Regina raised her brows in a questioning manner." This village promises a clear sky at night and gifts you the stars." They moved towards the jeep. 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Anveshana 2020 Scene 5

Regina was driving steadily. She looked jolly. The gravel road was straight, broad and even without pot holes. The ride was thrilling. Forest does not always mean single straight road.   After a while there was a three roads junction. Regina could not decide which road to take. She slowed down. Giri from back said " Straight" The jeep went straight.  As she went ahead the gravel road ended. Here  the trees were thick and the road was narrow. Regina stuck her head out of the jeep and looked up to see the tree tops. The trees tops were too high to watch. She got neck pain. She brought her looks back to the ground. The jeep was going deeper and deeper into the jungle and it was getting darker and darker. "I don't see the bungalow. Giri, how far is the Bungalow?" She said. "Just 5 minutes" pat came the answer. Soon the jeep came to a place where there was a water flow across the way. " This is the same rivulet we crossed four miles ago. said Satya. "OMG!! It is such a long winding rivulet." said Regina. "This is called Cheeta water spot". said Giri.
The trees were taller and the branches of the trees intertwined with one another . The sky overhead is not visible here.  It resembles a huge umbrella over head. Regina turned on the headlights " Madam go ahead the water is shallow the jeep can go  In the headlights focus the stems of the trees look strange and eerie  "There is something uncanny here" said Satya. "What ?" Regina almost shouted. Giri said " Madam don't take Satya seriously he is a scaremonger, he propagates ghost stories. " for that matter you too are a scaremonger , you propagate tiger stories, don't you " Satya blamed Giri. It was amusing.  The jeep crossed the cheeta water spot. The road there after was tar road. It was up hill. The Bungalow came into sight. It was on a hillock. Satya took Regina's stroller suit case and moved faster to the door. hardly had he pressed the calling bell when the door opened. sweet chirping of birds is heard. Anasuya the cook stood with a friendly smile. "Welcome Madam " she said. What a pleasant sound, of the calling bell , must be that of a rare bird. said Regina. Yes madam the name of the rare bird is Anasuya. She is the cook cum ... before Giri finished Regina said " bird lover" No, bird teaser" corrected Satya. She started teasing the koel first and slowly started ... before satya finished Regina said imitating every bird. No, not imitating but irritating every bird. corrected Giri. Giri and satya shut up both of you. Madam hot water is ready, sit down on the sofa and relax, first take coffee. She sat on the sofa. Anasuya walked into the kitchen and fetched coffee.

The supper was served at 8.00 pm. The telephone rang. Anasuya picked up the receiver. She called Regina " call for you" she said. Jagapati is on the line. " Hello Regina, have you reached sage?  I am in Delhi. Tomorrow I will take the first flight and reach Andhra. We will have lunch in bungalow together. Bye the bye how are Giri and Satya? " Regina said , " I am safe just finished supper, Satya and Giri were quite courteous and helpful.  Anasuya is amazing! Jagapati laughed and said, " good night , see you tomorrow give the phone to Anasuya." She gave the phone to Anasuya. He was giving instructions to Anasuya. After the telephone conversation Regina began to feel better. She was shown room on the first floor. " Sir asked me to give you this room. The room was splendid  with a bed , cupboard  and a writing table. The large window is the main attraction to the room which welcomes cool breeze. "Good night Anasuya" said Regina and retired to bed. 

The view from the Bungalow

The next morning she woke up  and found herself in the lap of nature. The view of the hills from the window is rejuvenating her senses. Her heart was jumping out of the window. Her senses were craving to embrace the scenic beauty the window presents. She discovered new enthusiasm and adrenaline rush in her. The explorer in her woke up. She wanted to go, see the forest as soon as possible. just then she heard a sweet bird singing a marvelous tune. She looked through the window there was no bird at sight. Anasuya is standing at the door with coffee cup. Anasuya was amused but Regina was bemused. "We don't need alarm here." said Regina and laughed. Anasuya too laughed.

The Bungalow on the Hillock

When she got dressed up and came down into the hall Satya and Giri were waiting for her. "Madam today we are going to Village" said Giri. No Let us go to forest first I have to acquaint with the forest in order to start my work. Madam  the birds won't go away , you can start your work slowly.  Rose has beautiful petals and sharp thorns too. The forest has beautiful birds and the dangerous tiger too.  If there is a tiger in the forest I have a gun in my bag. Said Regina. Satya involved " you can shoot a tiger with the gun but can you shoot a ghost with the gun?" Satti , are you losing your mind? She has not taken breakfast yet, mind you! Satti alias Satya pulled a long face and went close to Anasuya " and whispered in her ear " Anu , don't call me Satti again before girls" He pleaded. Giri leaked the secret to Regina. She  laughed and said look my dear, my grandfather calls me Reggi, I don't mind. Be sportive Satti. Satya pounced on Giri for telling her the secret. After the quarrel ended the three had breakfast and left for the village. The station master said the forest is bordering on the village. but yesterday we could not see the village why? said Regina. " Because the forest has complex network of footpaths and roads, we took a road that leads to the bungalow directly. So, how far is the village from the bungalow? It is half kilometre from the Bungalow. Satya and Giri took her to the backyard of the Bungalow and showed her the village from atop. 

The back yard of the Bungalow

Friday, May 22, 2020

Anveshana 2020 - Scene 4

Regina leaned back in the back seat of the jeep. Giri and Satya sat in the front. Giri is behind the steering. The jeep is new and the engine is smooth. One could hardly the sound or feel the vibration. Near the station the road was wide and the trees were only side of the road. The trees were sparse and short.  The other side of the road there were small railway buildings.  As the jeep went ahead  tall trees on either side of the road came into sight. When the road took the first turn Regina had the panoramic view of the quaint landscape, such picturesque wilderness would certainly pull the cords of the heart of  the beholder only if he has one. Regina instantly pulled out the earphones and cried " Ooooooh! stop the car." Giri knew that she would cry because he brought many city dwellers to the forest. They were all overwhelmed by the beauty of the forest.  He had stopped the jeep before she cried with pleasure. Regina was nonplussed.  Saptagiri said " Madam you are confused  whether I stopped the car first or you had cried first. It is simple , they are concurrent."  I want to take a snap she said attempting to get down. Satya said " Madam, the forest is charming but many dangers are lurking charm of the forest."  The tranquility is deafening and the scenery is mind blowing." shouted Regina. "Sometimes it could be a siren's song." added Satya. 

Satya you are cowing me! said Regina. She wanted to drive " Give me the steering" she said to Giri. Giri looked at Satya and laughed naughtily. Then started satya " Madam these are not city roads you don't have the GPS to guide you." She understood that they were not intimidating her but playing with her. She insisted on driving but soon desisted.  She was hell bent on seeing through the game. The jeep was running smoothly.  The tortuous dust road looked awesome in the  lawless rocky terrain. The jeep was zooming past the graval road leading to hills. Hills.. hills and hills everywhere. Suddenly a bison was seen running towards the jeep. Giri pressed the accelerator and the jeep  sped up faster and faster until it escaped the bison. The bison chased the jeep for a while and stopped. Satya said " Look ! my heart is still throbbing. We are lucky , we averted a big danger. said Giri. Regina was silent and reticent. A while later the tree cover became thicker. The ubiquitous trees and rocks and the bewitching silence reigns Regina's fervid fascination.

Now it is calm. The cool breeze became cooler. Regina saw a man with a wild goat and a woman with a faggot walking barefooted on the dust road. A few moments later she had seen a child carrying sacs and utensils on the head. They got off the dust road and took the labyrinthine paths in the grass land that. " They are the tribals. They live on the hills." said Satya. Giri turned the jeep to a side road that is narrower then the graval road.  Don't worry madam  we can save two kilometers it is short cut.   Satya said "  madam there is no danger  Satya repeated.  What do you mean? Regina raised her voice. Giri turned his head back and said " some people heard and some people have seen tiger in this forest. Satya said" Madam are you afraid of tiger?"  Regina would have raise with anger had the faint sunlight in the back drop of the hills not placated her. It was soothing.

 Suddenly she heard a tiger growl. It was Satya who growled like a tiger, Giri knows it. The jeep was running through the vista of tall trees. Suddenly the jeep stopped. Regina asked  "Giri why did you stop the jeep?"  Giri said " Madam I did not stop  the jeep. Rather the jeep was stopped. The back wheels of the jeep are stuck in the slush. She knew that the jeep had fore wheel drive. She understood their game plan. Ok let us get down and push. she said and jumped off the jeep. They too got off the jeep. A winding rivulet was flowing through the forest. She stood in the water and observed that the back wheels were half sunk into the mud. The ground around was swampy there. The splendid tall trees around the jeep and the green hills behind them were pleasing the senses. what should have been a tragedy became a spectacular show. 

It was like watching National Geographic channel on muted giant LED television. The forest is charming she said. Suddenly Satya growled like a tiger.  She ran a little distance and threw her walk man player into the bushes. It was playing in the bushes. Giri said  amusingly" I hardly care tigers and lions" She pointed to the bushes and said " Look heroes the tiger's growl is heard in the bushes, let us go and see" she said.  " Yes There must be a tiger behind the bushes" said Satya.  we need not worry as long as Giri is here" said Regina. " Let us go and see" She insisted.  What go and see?!! Satya fainted and Giri was shit scared. He ran to the jeep but Regina had dragged him out by hand. she got in and started the fore wheel drive and got the jeep out of the slush. The two men came running and begging for place in the jeep. She then dragged  them to the bushes with much difficulty. She focused her phone torch into the bushed. The cassette was rolling slowly in the Walkman tape recorder. The tiger growl was only a playback. She pickup the gadget and stopped it. Their faces looked as pale as ghost.  "Satya said  you were a namby-pamby girl  I said you are swashbuckler.Giri divulged the challenge between them and both started apologizing her profusely following her until jeep. Needless to say that Regina is behind the ring.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Anveshana 2020 - Scene 3

The train sound was singing lullaby to the passengers with faint intermittent whistles sounding like soprano singer. Regina stuck her head out of the window gazing the sky. She was abstracted into the the sky. She felt that the train was hanging to the sky.  It was dusk and the vermilion sky looked like a charmer.The distant eastern ghats were enchanting.  Regina was watching the scenery with bated breath. She forgot to blink her eyelashes lest she should miss the big wonder. The hills and the nature were magnetic. The  purple patches on the vermilion sky are melting slowly. The sky turned grey as if to remind Regina that she was on train. Regina did not notice when the train reached the village station. She was jostled into the compartment by the unkind train. She was hardly able to move until the train whistled. Her senses felt like whipped cat and she felt like the big cat in the ring that heard the sound of the ring master's craking whip. She jolted herself out of the door.  

She was the lone passenger at the Arakametta Railway station. The station master looked at her with surprise. He looked at her with eyes googled, There was something strange perhaps a message that his lips could not deliver. " Can I get a wagon or cart to the forest?" She asked the station master. He looked bewildered. " Are you going alone into the forest?" He said.  Actually jagapathi commissioned the jeep , the driver has not turned up yet. She said. The station master added " It is all forest around here. The village is 5 miles from here and the forest is abutting (bordering) on the village. A few years ago there was another girl... his voice quivered  She too came to the forest alone."   Regina said, " bye, bye " to the station master and kept walking. Scarcely had she got out of the station when she saw Giri and Satya." Sorry for the late" Satya stammered.  He continued "I am Jagapati's persoanal secretary and he is Giri , he is only a jeep driver."  Giri took the suit case and put it in the jeep. When the jeep moved Giri was telling her the reason for the late by then she had already plugged in the earphones.  

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Anveshana 2020 - Scene 2

Music Concert at ITC Windsor 

Let us go jagapati said sitting in the back seat. Satya shut the door and sat in the front. The car moved. Giri is behild the wheel.   Satya looked at giri and said " Have you asked for the destination"No need, I know that Our Boss is going to his friend's house " said Giri. Satya looked back and said " You mean to Mr. Gajapati's House?"

 How do you now aksed Satya with a dazed face. Saptagiri laughed like a philosopher" and said " That is why you work at home and I go with Mr. Jagapati. My grasp is different and my range is different." A few minutes later the car stopped in front of a bungalow. The security saluted and opened the gates.  The car got in. Satya got down and opened the door. Gajapati came out shook jagapati's hand and took him in. Saptagiri and Satya remained at the car.  After a few minutes both Gajapati and jagapati came out.

"ITC windsor"  said Jagapati sitting in the back seat with his friend but instantly got off the car and took the steering wheel and sent Giri back" Gajapati wondered "would you like to drive up to bangalore he questioned with disbelief in his face. I have both energy and enthusiasm. said jagapati witha smile. Gajapati came to the front . 

 "If madam come to know of this I will lose my job. said Giri . You are worried about your job but about our boss? " Gajapati sided with Giri and persuaded his friend but Jagapati was stubborn.  Giri and Saty were sitting in the back seat. The car moved.

Rarely I get the driving seat . While I was in service I occasionally drove. Now I am free. At least now I should enjoy freedom.  The traffic is thin. Jagapati was rather fast. "  

You are crazy about music , you told me about the program at the eleventh hour. said jagapati with Gajapati. " The program is tonight. I thought of going by air. In that case we woill have plenty of time.  I never knew that you would go by road to Bangalore. replied Gajapati. Giri said to Satya in a whispering voice " look jagapati calls Gajapati crazy of music as if he were not crazy enough."

The fusion music concert is organised  by the International Music and Arts Society, to pay tribute to Maharaja  of Mysore late Jaya Chamendra Wadiyar   on the occasion of the birth anniversary.  great musicians from abroad are coming to participate . 

Raja, who took a fellowship from Trinity College, loves classical music. A good vocalist, he loved classical music and encouraged many artists. he also promoted her sister Rani Vijaya Devi  to start the International Music and Arts Society. 

From which countries are the artists coming? asked satya. "Artists are coming from Russia, Germany, Switzerland and many more countries."  Gajapati said.  After driving for four hours, Jagapathi parked his car near a small restaurant on the highway. Anyone who looks at Jagapathi's face will understand how much fun it is for celebrities to live like a commoner and turn into an unknown person. Giri took the steering wheel after the meal and Satya sat beside him Jagapathi and Gajapati fell asleep in the back seat.

When it is six in the evening the car reached ITC Windsor. 

Jagapati and Gajapathi entered the lobby of the ITC Windsor. The lobby lady greeted them, soon a young member of the International Music and Arts Society came to them and took them to the venue. It was a splendid auditorium that can accommodate 500 people. On the dais portraits of Sri Jayachamarajendra Wadiyar of Mysore , Sergei Rachmaninoff,   Nikolai medtner, Venkatagiriyappa and Mysore Vasudevachar were seen. 

The Raja of Mysore  visited Sergei Rachmaninoff, in Switzerland who introduced him to Nikolai medtner, ( Rachmaninov was a romantic Russian composer who was popular for sweeping melodies) Raja Wadiyar became admirer of Nikolai medtner who is a great pianist. 

 When Jagapati and Gajapathi sat in the third row the anchor on the stage was speaking in the mike  "Urmila Devi is the organising secretary of the International Music and Arts Society in Bangalore,India. Her mother,Rani Vijaya Devi founded the society forty years ago on the suggestion of her brother, the former and late Maharaja of Mysore, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, a great patron of music and the first President of the Philharmonia Concert Society, London in 1948 whose largesse included funding a series of concerts in the late 40s and early 50s called the Mysore Concerts in London.

 Out side the auditorium  Satya and Giri  were busy throwing looks at the banquet lady. we are really lucky said Satya. Luck is not about leering the banquet lady but going into the Spa. Then why don't we go said Satya. "Have you got the slightest idea that how much it costs?" Giri said glaring at Satya. Satya downed his looks.  They just walked towards opened the door of the auditorium and peeped in.

In side the auditorium the voice continues  Brian Kellogg Scottish Jazz pianist,  Urs B├╝hler swiss bass guitarist, Russian piano legend Lang Lang, Fastest and youngest Indian pianist from Milen Manoj ,  Veena players  Jayanthi and  Jyothi Hegde ,  Brazilian guitarist Lari Basilio ,  Japanese fuision guitarist Matsuoto and Toshiki, great Vocal Legends , Carnatic music legends from India were present here. 

This is not our cup of tea Giri shut the door. They both walked away.  Piano, Veena Vocals have taken the lion share in the concert. with solo and group performances, fusions the concert electrified the audience. The auditorium was filled with claps.  The finale of the event was Padmavibhushan  pandit Ravichandra  from Varanasi's Carnatic music vocal. The fusions of the instruments stirred the passions of the audience and created euphoria But the Carnatic Vocals successfully quelled down all the excitement with soothing Ragas that touched the souls of the audience. They all went into an ecstasy a near trance condition . Jagapati had not the slightest clue that the next few moments were going to change his life. Pandit Ravichandra gave the credit of the ecstasy to Samaveda as that is the origin of the music. This is followed by another an American Vocalist and researcher who opinied that music has its origins in birds cries. 

It all happened in just a minute. This ignited Jagapati mind to open the research on Birds' ragas he had left long ago.  The American professor continued " I am also an ornithologist who involved in the actual study of ragas in birds' cries. When the program ended jagapati shot like an arrow to the dais to meet the American professor who invited Jagapati to his room and shared  his research experience in different parts of India. The discussion was very lively with photos of birds and India map.  while watching the photos jagapati suddenly saw the photo of the girl. His glance stopped there. The American professor said , She is Indian, she is from Hyderabad. She is interested in adventures and bird watching, though she is a computer scientist. He gave Jagapati the Map dotted with red marks and the address and phone number of the girl. He said " Tomorrow I am going to Berlin, I have a program there. Thanks and Bon voyage said Jagapati and exited the room. 

Friday, May 8, 2020

Anveshana 2020 - Scene 1

                          Anveshana 2020


I like the 1985 film Anveshana. It is basically a Murder mystery.  A Murder Investigation and a  Research work go parallelly and simultaneously. The suspense thriller beyond doubt is a big entertainer. Any horror film needs a Romance track and a comedy track. unfortunately the comedy is poor  as it is limited to Satyanarayana's verbal abuse of his driver Rallapalli and the woman domestic help. The romance track is totally missing. However I am fascinated by the direction and the story. Therefore I have decided to rewrite the story scene by scene  but briefly.

Hot sizzling Regina Casandra in Bhanu Priya role with ample romantic scenes. Jagapatibabu plays the Role of Satyanarayana Ravi Prakash  plays the role of Sarat babu , Vennala Kishore appears in the role of Puliraju and Kausalya aunty in Vamp role. Madhurima acts in the role of Sumati, the first research assistant who was raped and killed in the forest. 

The story is upgraded with American Ornithologists to add more scientific temperament to the story. what more.... actors,  romance, comedy including locations everything is changed to renew your spirits. Come join the new saga. Leave your feedback in the blog. what do you think about the new actors selection ? what do you think about this novel attempt?

Some highlights of  ANVESHANA 2020 in comparison with the old story.

Satyanara was a contractor while Jagapati  is a retired IAS officer with a keen eye for music.

Satyanara was voluble who often cracks down on his assistants with abusive words.

Jagapati is silent and dignified. His driver Saptagiri is unable to understand Jagapati's philosophy. He fails  to understand  Jagapati's dedication and commitment to the research work and often laments that only if he had such a position he would never think of anything else than enjoying with girls. ( This produces laughter)

 His another assistant Satya is a B. Tech drop out. He is in love with the woman cook. His only ambition is to win her heart. He claims that he is a great engineer and agreed to work for Jagapati on his request.   He often boasts his adventures before his lady love (the cook)  just to impress her. Just then his boss asks him to go into forest. His legs tremble . Saptagiri  and Satya often deflats each other. Their conversations are amusing and funny. They have a heart touching story too.

This is the last working day of Jagapati IAS. Today the CM hosted the Farewell party at the secretariat. The hall at the Ground floor of secretariat was full. The Chief Secretary present there was seen preoccupied. He was accompanied by Additional Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries.  Ministers MLAs.  Several officials were present at the farewell. 

Jagapati looked quite relaxed. His grey hair and sharp eyes show his maturity and intelligence. There is occasional burst of laughter on his face during the CMs brief speech. After the CM finished the Chief Secretary began “joined the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) in 1983 and currently heading the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change. Prior to this, he was Secretary in-charge of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare he was Additional Secretary & Mission Director, National Health Mission. 

He led one of the largest public health programmes globally. In more than 30 years of public service, Shri Jagapati has served as an administrator, policy-maker and public health strategist holding a wide range of assignments in the fields of Health, Education, Industry, Forest and Invironment. Shri Jagapati  is recognised for his significant contributions that improved public health landscape. He finished with the phrase “I wish him all the best” A few speakers spoke more briefly than the C.S but they were emotional. The farewell meeting ended and the party began.

Jagapati IAS became retired IAS when he walked out of the hall. He refused to accept government vehicle to drop him back. Department of public enterprises secretary offered his vehicle Jagapati smiled and said “ No thanks , I have my car waiting” He walked to his car.