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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Add color to your language

 ... perhaps to your voice. It can be délicieux

 The sound of English bewitches my senses and the rhythm of English enchants my mind and the accent has stolen my heart.  I am growing a garden called "Eazy Foreign Languages" that offers 6 foreign languages in Vijayawada.   The garden is full of exotic flowers - French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. Japanese is still budding. I am the chief gardener garnering the fragrance of flowers to garnish my poems, stories, conversations songs and the like.  I am a drummer and fifer when I train people on English fluency and accent. very rarely people come to learn accent, until then I sit in the emptiness cursing the cold breeze. Then.. suddenly comes a sweet singing bird that trills new melodies into my heart. 

This is my recent educational video "Add color to your language."  I made this video cd for Spoorthi Videos. This CD  offers English conversations plenty of idioms and phrases with clear explanation of English idioms in Telugu.  The Cd is about speaking English fluently with good pronunciation and accent. I wrote 200 English conversations but only 50 conversations were selected for this 2 hour Cd. The Shooting is over and the editing work is in progress. Soon It will be available in the market. I am presently training people on English accent, French and German.  French conversations Cd is under way.  If you are interested to participate, here is my offer  please call  9700 877 409.  My doors are always open for you.



  1. hello sir! your approach towards teaching and the kind of commitment that you show towards a student really impressed me. And recently I read a book of yours the science friction, to be frank I have read only 3 stories and I'm looking forward to complete the book. What I really like in this book is the way you coin the characters and the vocabulary. I wish someday or the other I myself would like to write an eye-catching essay with rich vocabulary. thank you so much sir for giving me a hope that I can emulate English and of course Deutsch.

  2. Mr.(svahethu)Prasanth, thank you very much.

  3. Dear Poolabala it's so nice to see your comparison between languages and a garden of flowers! Your creativity and ability to imagine languages as flowesrs to blossom let us understand how much you care for people who want to improve their skills or want to learn new languages.... like a gardener that cares for his garden... I really appreciate the passion for your teaching work and the love for languages. All the best for your job my dear friend.

  4. Dear Maria, I know that you have lots of work. You are working restlessly I know that too. Although you are working on toes you always have time for friends. I see that your care and response are vying with each other. I can feel your love in every letter. Thank you.

  5. Good morning sir, we had a word how a poet beautifies his feelings when he feels. Sir your feelings made me to become an emotional writer, keep inspire me sir

  6. Only the great poets can explain their feelings by writing this type of articles.your Feeling about your subject and your profession you explained like a great poet. While reading your article I can feel that you compared the language with flowers in the garden we can understand how much you are care the people who want to improve their language. thank you sir!