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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Success - vistas of poolabala

In weaker economies people look at success as an outer accomplishment such as car, own house etc, in stronger economies   people look at success as inner fulfillment. LIFE minus satisfaction is ZERO. 

Am I satisfied with this life or this job? This is the most important question. It is foundation of LIFE.

Opportunity to give opportunities.

I teach foreign languages. There are various opportunities to build career in foreign languages. I get immense satisfaction when I give learners an opportunity. Satisfaction matters in any profession.  Money is the most important thing in life because money gives you all comforts. But name ( recognition) gives you satisfaction. How to create name?

Creating name through Creativity.

Attach your self to creative writing, designing, singing, dancing, acting or social service devote yourself. what your discover is satisfaction. Success is satisfaction. 

The role is more important than the remuneration. It is true. We know that in movies many starts accept a movie when the role is good. Remuneration though important should not stand in the way of progress or satisfaction. Finally satisfaction matters. 

It is easy to have ideals but difficult to practise them. Everybody who admits that satisfaction is very important in life gives top priority to money. The result is cheating. Cheating Self.  Self cheating gives depression. 

Lack of measurement for Satisfaction.

Studying for money, earning money, saving money, spending money and protecting money. When life goes around money where is the time to think of Satisfaction or happiness?  If you measure satisfaction and check your progress in satisfaction life becomes easy.                             

At the final junction of the life

Not money, but your contribution, not taking but giving gives you the pleasure. Very poor people have played big role and got more recognition and satisfaction than the neo-rich who died with sweltering dissatisfaction

Satisfaction is independent of recognition.

Recognition can be small but achieving objective is the ultimate goal. If your objective is to get freedom for your country you never think whether your name will be added to the list of freedom fighters whether you get pension or other benefits.