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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

German Language Training Center in Vijayawada

 The Logic behind learning German or French or any other foreign language.

People try trekking, bungee jumping, free fall, scuba diving but don't try a foreign language. why?
When It comes to learning a foreign language what do most people think? What do you think? Trekking, Bungee jumping , Free fall are no less challenging yet people go for them. Is learning foreign language more dangerous or more challenging than the above mentioned sports?

Is learning German or French difficult or complicated?  They are less complicated than many computer courses or Engineering subjects. Yet people are scared to get into foreign languages. The reasons are plenty. The first reason is their bad experience with English but what they don't know is knowledge of English is not an advantage to learn a foreign language. Most foreign languages are closer to Telugu and Hindi than English. So no need to compromise of learning a foreign language even if you don't know English. The second reason is language teaching methodology. Language teaching is either inadequate or faulty in India or sometimes both. Most English teachers are not clear about the basics of English grammar and their approach to teaching is unpractical. But the result is both convincing and compelling that most people have a deep set fear and jump to a conclusion " I can not learn French or I can not learn German" when they call me for French or German this is evident in their telephone talk with me.

What do they ask me?
Can I learn? How many days I take to learn French? How many day it takes to learn German? Can I learn completely? I know these questions spring out from low self confidence.

You teach each thing a hundred times , still it does not work because helps understanding but not memory. Teaching never works in Foreign languages. Listen to Mr. Phani's Experience in this video.

A teacher of foreign languages should teach the students how to remember the words and conjugation patterns. Teaching foreign languages without giving the student the power is waste of time. If you enter a semi dark room from bright day light naturally your eyes take time some 5 minutes, in foreign languages that 5 minutes time is equal to 1 year. If the student has to learn by himself this is the minimum time. This is my strong conviction and experience which I posted in FB on 15th Feb 2015.

Eazy foreign languages in Vijayawada at Benz circle beside supermarket, Khanna nagar  offers seven foreign languages under one roof. French, German, Spanish, Italian and English. Japanese and Korean are taught for beginners while German and French are taught quite professionally to advanced learners.

Eazy foreign languages in Vijayawada offers the best German language  training in Vijayawada. German classes with all fun and all practice. The German trainer is a language expert and a polyglot who speaks seven foreign languages. Finally each training the class fixes 50 to 100 German words in the minds of the learner. 

If you want to know how easy or how difficult is German language this information will certainly help you. Experience is the best teacher. Here you have the opportunity to learn from experiences of the successful German students from Vijayawada. Also learn from the most experienced German language expert, Resource person at National level seminars who has been in newspapers on radio, and Television .

Just click the link below to get complete information on German Training in Vijayawada.


On this link you find the reviews of dozens of students for years.  This will certainly help you understand more about German learning. You can decide which is the best German training center.

Thank you.


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