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Saturday, September 12, 2015

IELTS - Vijayawada

Association is Temporary Relation is Permanent
It is simply not possible to forget students. Teaching is  learning . Teaching is not a profession but duty. Profession is a paid responsibility but duty is a moral responsibility. Mother gives birth but teacher gives life. Life demands knowledge. Teaching is not so simple as it looks. A teacher should first motivate the students to work honestly and be open to new knowledge. The teacher should relate to the students honestly lest the student should not maintain relation with the teacher. Without student teacher relation learning doesn't happen. 

Knowledge is the best gift and it is inexhaustible treasure. The knowledge given by the teacher will be useful not only to you but to people around you provided you have the right attitude. I love what  Vivekananda said " As long I teach so long do I learn." I want to  say "  As long as I teach so long do I love the students. 

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