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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Poolabala in Social Service

I share my social work with profound faith in you and to find opportunities to serve. This post  shows how I put my belief into practice to help the poor children in Vijayawada. My work is not one day or one hour work. I worked for 21 days disturbing my work at my institution Eazy Foreign Languages.

Everybody likes social service. Many people want to watch while others do it.  I don't want to be by-stander or  a spectator so  I  decided  to do it myself. I must be one among those who serve the society. I think one day everybody has to start.  

Many people offer food and blankets to the poor.  Food and blankets and other material help offer relief. They not not permanent help. Education enables ennobles and empowers people for ever. 

Because I have nothing else to depend upon other than education. I teach English and other foreign languages in Vijayawada. My institute  Eazy foreign languages offers German,  French and other foreign languages in Vijayawada. when students from distant places come to Vijayawada, my home becomes a guest house for them and they become my guests.

                                    The best way to relate with people is to serve them.

Thought I have been doing it  since 2012.  I wanted to be modest and  I was unwilling to reveal or share the details of my social work and the hardships I had faced.  upon seeing many great people and Facebook friends like Katnam Balagangadhar Tilak ( The Doctor of Roads) I thought I could share my work too.  I respect the unselfish work done by anybody I share this with a view that some reader of this post will invite me to his place or offer me a chance to serve.

Today after four years I wanted to share a post with a view that one day it may inspire at least one person. I am sure many people are shifting from  materialistic view to social service due to the fact that " life is short" and also due to the increasing exposure to the philanthropic work done by many people including young children. I strong believe that one need not be rich in order to serve.

My current work spot is Sramika Bhavan. My task is to train the children in English Communication. I carry a Television a camera and other required equipment and cables from third floor of my residence put them in my car and reach Sramika bhavan.

Carrying Television to teach with audio  visuals

          Entering the class with television and video camera.

In front of the Sramika Bhavan with my English learners

                                              Teaching English through fun activities.
Children enjoy activities with bubbling joy and enthusiasm. They have time of their lives.

                        If I infuse a skill in people  I live in them in form of the skill.

              Our children are capable of learning if our teachers are capable of training.

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  1. from next time onwards count me in for social service . i love to be apart of it.

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  3. Nice sir,I am proud to be a student of you...

  4. Really a great work sir. What you said is really true that, our children are capable of learning if our teachers are capable of training.