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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Vignettes around Vijayawada

At least there are a few people who don't always work on economic grounds.  A few people are not entirely in buck-hunt(money hunt)  because they have the service motives. I am one among those who love social work. As a  Foreign languages expert I know the advantages of learning a foreign language such as French or German. I know the fate of our rural children.  Our urban children as well are in no better position than the rural children when it comes to English language. ( leave alone Foreign languages like French and German.  I am always fascinated  and haunted by the idea of training  the rural children and never missed the slightest opportunity of training the Children in small villages. I exhorted many school heads to introduce Foreign Languages in Vijayawada. I am willing  to teach in  many rural schools French or German or Spanish or Italian  FREE OF COST.  But schools generally don't  think beyond exams.

The glimpses of my journey into villages near and far bring to mind feelings of great joy.

The program that took place in a small village near Ibrabhimpatnam dates back to March 2012.

Teachers ignorance and unwillingness to learn chokes the knowledge in rural schools. We can not blame the teachers entirely because the managements are not willing to pay bring experts. They spend on school decoration and school bus or van to bring more children. The managements blame the parents. However this should not be a blame game. Somebody has to work. I decided to work.

                              Traveling in hot sun and working under trees never left me tired

                      My work at Darsi a small village near Addanki  dates back to 2013

                    Speaking to students at Darsi school about the advantages of French 

   My work at Sai Srinivasa  Peddaavutupalli is  in progress. It ends on 20th May 2015.
                 Distributing the books free for the children. The smiles of children are unforgettable.

Students doing a role play during communication skills training program

The classes at Sai Srinivasa Peddaavutupalli  are scheduled between 3 pm and 5 pm. I used to start at 2 pm immediately after finishing my German Classes at Vijayawada. It is quite hot and difficult to drive 25 kilometers to reach Pedda avutupalli but the joy of training the children inspires me. I am passionate to teach the young children Foreign languages. Fortunately these children are ( all children for that matter) interested in learning a Foreign language. It is in the hands of the elders, parents and school managements to encourage them. If a school or a parent shows interest I will certainly work for them. 

Let us be the trailblazers to turn a new leaf and encourage children to learn Foreign languages in VijayawadaEazy foreign languages in Vijayawada offers the best French training in Vijayawada. I highly recommend French to children for fun and for adults for a career. French classes with all fun and all practice. I  am a polyglot and I speak six foreign languages. I am a prolific foreign languages author and the first ever French novelist from Andhrapradesh and also from India. Type Eazy foreign languages Vijayawada in google and you will find many more interesting things. Please type German classes in Vijayawada or French classes Vijayawada in Youtube you will find interesting videos of students speaking and singing in many foreign languages. If you like please don't forget to share.


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