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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tell the truth straight - English Playlet

The Characters:  Ramya, Varsha  and Mother ( a middle aged house wife)

Ramya and varsha are firneds studying in different colleges .  They live in the same city.

Ramya visits Varsha's house to invite her to her brother's marriage. Varsha is studying for her supplymentary exams.  the play begins with Ramya entering Varsha's house.

Mother:  what a surprise!  Ramya,  come in, sit down
Ramya: How are you aunty? where is varsha ?
She has gone to watch a film?
You must be joking.
Ha..ha,,ha  she is studying seriously for her exams
I know how can she leave books during exams
Go into her room. 

(She enters Varsha’s room.)

Hai Ramya!
Hai, varsha, sorry for the disturbance. How are you?
Hai Ramya, come on sit down, don’t say that. Your visit is not a disturbance it is a pleasure
You must be working hard.  Is it not?
Stop talking about studies always. 
what happening?  what is new?
I came here to invite you for my brother’s marriage.
 When is the marriage?
Next week . I think that  by then, your exams will be finished
Yes,  I have not done well in  two subjects.   In fact I have not written the exams.
Study well. It is a shame on you to go for supplies.
No,  I cannot study well because studies are boring.
what is your brother doing?
He is a business man.
Is he a business man?
 How lovely!  You like business.
Yes. I love business much. 
That is nice. You can do it after your studies. Actually I want to stop studies but my father.
 If you stop studies how can you get knowledge? We can earn money by doing business or something else, but we don’t get knowledge by doing business.
Who wants knowledge? I want money.
You are crazy. If you don’t believe knowledge why are you studying?
My father says " Study and get B. Tech. Then you can get a job." He says business is risky. 
Why do you think that business is risky?
We invest money in business.
You think you are not investing money in studies?
of course we do, but we don’t invest money at a time.
You may not invest money at a time but certainly you invest huge amount in 16 years. What about time? Time means nothing to you? In business you lose 6 months or one year. In education you spend 16 years, the important part of your life.  Yet there is no guarantee to get a job. There are millions spending life in unemployment and despair. When you have no value for studies tell you parents straight away. Don’t think business is dangerous. Education is more dangerous than business


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