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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Daily Cartoons Poolabala

I never thought I would be a novelist but I became one. I wrote the world's longest novel in the shortest time and won world record. I never thought I would learn foreign languages Not only did I learn foreign languages but also I began teaching them. I made a life on foreign languages teaching. I never thought that I would be a voice over but I became one and lent my voice commercially. I went on broadcasting deals with AIR and DD and got paid. I wnet on CDs and advertisements. 

 Seminars and flicitation programs have demanded my time and attention. Andhrapradesh Media Academy has honoured my English poetry Indian Sonneteer. They released the Book Indian Sonneteer on 23rd June 2023. Similar  appointments kep me busy and away from cartoons. Still I am sure that I can fulfill my dream of Cartoon Exhibition. 

 Rahul always blames the nation whenever he goes abroad. The Vicepresident said that he is unable to digest the progress and absorb the great history of our country. He asked Rahul to look back into the past glory and present progress as rearview (mirror) is necessaty.  

Cinema is the monster that engulfs the values and traditions in the name of entertainment. 

In the last 3years Indian NGOs received a staggering 55,000 crores of foreign contributions. Those who are sending huge amounts can spend this money for their own country. Why is India so dear to them?  

Boldness is the most misunderstood thing in Andhrapradesh.  There are so many vulgar and mean creatures on the earth but the which is in the human form is certainly only one. It is Ramgopal varma. Ramgopal is described as a bold and Free man by bastards and lechers.  Such people may send their mother and daughters to him.   

Parents have sole obsession luxuries and children. The result of the first is EMIs and the result of the second is inexplicable sorrows. Both are covered in fake smiles. Our population has crossed 140 crores.

Films are family business. All members of the family are actors by default. Stardom is hereditary. Fans are ignorant mobs who admire anything. Finally Films have sent art to the grave. 

Telugu Film ? Does it really need a story? Heroism and casteism go hand in hand here. 

Anybody born in Andhra knows that the film industry is eclipsed by the so called heros for generations. As Anand Mahindra righly sais they are not heros but entertainers. 

Those who shine at nation's expense are pests. Unfortunately most politicians are leading a ultra luxurious life with public money. On one hand we have huge corruption and on the other hand open exploitation of public money. SM Krishna and Sashitharoor were staying in seve star hotels . Finance minister Chidambaram was paying huge rent to his wife for his Jorbagh residence. The New parliament building will save 1000 crores to the Central Govt. every year.

Most cinema actors and politicians have crossed the limit of selfishness and became inexcuasable criminals. They show themselves and their children as Gods in the reel world. They are not satisfied with that. They want to replace the God in the real world. Politicians turned democracy into family rule. They rob people when they are in power but they are not satisfied there. They want to rule people for ever.  fans are Goondas. If anybody criticizes actors they jump on them. 

The grand father says why today's youth are the most unlucky guys. Do you agree  with the grandfather? Or you agree with the youth who is blinded by the technology. I think technology disturbed man and nature equally. Just spare a little thouhgt to your own life..

3500 Engineering graduates and MBA graduates in Tamilnadu applied for sweeper posts. It is heartrending to see the sea of unemployment while it is heart breaking to see the ocean of ignorance that degrees get us jobs. This cartoon  shows the same.  

So many unexpected things happened in my life. If you write a list seems long and endless. Everything I began as a hobby changed my life for ever.  Much the same way now I am into arts and cartoons. 

I never thought that one day I would be a cartoonist but I became one. I began drawing cartoons on a daily basis for a Telgugu daily. 

cartoons on latest news will create a social consciousness of what is happening around us.

This cartoon works as an eye opener. When the supreme court justice says that in our country there are 5 crore legal cases are pending and it would take 323 years to resolve all the cases one must understand that the judiaciary is non functioning or in deep slumber. The judiciary is overpowered by the political leaders and mafia and money. 

 The public behaviour of celebrities and the rich is too nasty. The rich are not just just sex hungry but also perverts who exhibit their libido on stages and in TV  channels. 

The above cartoon is above software employes.  This cartoon reflects the situation prevailing in the software industry. Many companies are not offering full salaries to the employees. How can the wife serve full meal?

Sudha murthy was in news several times, sometimes for her acts of charity, sometimes for  emotional intelligence and sometimes for simplicity but now for her fancied remarks about Salmankhan. 

Recently a girl from Dharawi slums in Mumbai Maleesha Kharwa became a luxury brand ambassador. The 14 year old slum girl became a model and went viral on the internet.  Now she is also acting in films. A company called  Forest essentials has turned its head to a slum girl. Many companies are following it. 

This is the current situation in karnataka. The congress leaders made many electoral promises to win the elections. They promised free electricity. They won the elections and came into power. But people are not ready to pay the power bills. They are chasing the bill collectors.  Look at the cartoon below. Days have changed you knnow?

It is widely roumored that the Supreme court has said that the tax payers association will over see the freebies decided by the government. People jumped with joy and started celebrating the good news. But finally it is proved   "FAKE NEWS."  

It is a small beginning friends but I don't know where it will take me. Thank you.


  1. Simple but meaningful sir

  2. It will take to win another world record as a best cartoonist.

  3. పూలబాల గా మీరు మెరిసారు పూలజల్లు లో మేము తడిసాము 😍