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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Training Program with VROs

The gentlemen in the picture are VROs. I trained them on Communication skills in G.Konduru near Ibrahimpatnam. The program was conducted with the  auspices of the MRO in his office on Saturday the 14th April. The training session was aimed at improving their communication skills. I began the program with Chinese whispers. It is a small game in which the trainer passes a small piece of information to the first member of the group. He passes it to the second member. The second member passes to the third member. The message is passed on till it reaches the last member. The last member passes it back to the trainer as he understood. The problem in any group is that the message gets distorted as it passes. I gave to the first member of the group a message. I wrote it on a piece of paper in Telugu and gave it to the first member.  the message is " రోడ్డు మీద తప్పు మార్గం లో వెళ్ళే వాళ్ళకంటే సరైన మార్గంలో వెళ్ళే వాళ్ళకే ఎక్కువ యాక్సిడెంట్స్ అవుతున్నాయి. Naturally I got the distorted message. The message I got from the last person was " You can avoid accidents if you go in the right route. That's how the cookie crumbles. I showed the slip to all members of the group. They all laughed. It was a hearty laugh. That's how the program began. I focused mainly on their day to day needs of reporting. The program is all about giving and taking information.
1. How to send brief messages using cell phone.
2. How to understand the messages sent by high officials.
3. Oral communication in Cell phone.
 What is the good of IT if we do not know how to communicate. Lunch was provided in the MRO's office. Mr. Bikshu is a courteous man. He is an exemplary officer who offered this program to all his VROs. with foresight and dynamism. That's why his team always stands first in reporting. I thank him through my blog for the opportunity he gave me. All the participants in the program paid utmost attention and really guided me well. They extracted what they wanted. It has given me immense satisfaction.  

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  1. a very good article. of course it not an article but it is a real experience. we all know that we learn from our experiences.