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Saturday, November 10, 2012

A journey of thousand miles.

Début not Déjà vu

Success is not a destination. It is a journey.  On a journey on thousand miles Vibrations just took the first step.  journey is the purpose of Vibrations. Experiencing and Learning is the aim; inspiring the reader is the policy. Vibrations  is expected to  encounter great people use every opportunity  to learn and seek participation from young and old people.  The Launching Programme of Vibrations took place in Vijayawada on Oct the 26 20012. 

Deputy Superintendent of police Sri Surya Chandra Rao  has launched  the magazine. Cheif Editor poolabala Venkat,  the Associate editor Varalakshmi are (seen in the pic). The  team has been of great help at every stage.  The executive editor Vamsi Krishna (B. Tech) JNTU, KKD, has taken initiative to invite the chief guest and arrange every thing for launch. 

The team of Vibrations : young ambitious people willing to  travel, meet,  learn, inspire and be a part of the nation"s development.  

“Vibrations” is featured with 
1. Foreign Languages
       English, French, German 
2. Self awareness  
       Article on awareness such as emotional intelligence
3. Social awareness 
        National and International news
4. Educative articles
       Interviews with professionals and professors 
5. Entertaining write ups
      Book reviews, stories, poetry corner

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