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Monday, March 9, 2015

AVATAR - the movie I liked

The film begins with the camera sweeping across the tree-line of a lush, green world. It is a wonder land and abode of aliens in unimaginable light years distance.  Jake Sully, a crippled war veteran wakes up in a giant spaceship on its way to Pandora, a lush Earth-like moon orbiting Polyphemus, a blue planet similar to Jupiter. He is one of passengers, all waking up from zero gravity after almost six years of cryosleep en route to Pandora. Jake has a deceased twin brother -- Tom, a scientist.  Because Jake and his brother are an exact genetic match, he was presented with a unique opportunity: take over his brother's contract with a corporate-military entity and travel light years away to an outpost on the previously glimpsed world, Pandora. Hoping to have  a "fresh start," Jake agrees to the deal as his brother's body is cremated.

 Pandora, some 4.3 light years from Earth. We see immense mining machines digging up the soil in a large quarry as Jake ponders his new role. The passengers are all instructed to wear a full-face breathing mask since the atmosphere of the planet will not support human life; 20 seconds of exposure to the poisonous atmosphere of the planet causes unconsciousness, with death occurring about four minutes later. While the other passengers disembark and take their first steps onto the base, called "Hell's Gate.
Jake goes immediately to a military briefing where Colonel Miles is addressing the assembled soldiers and a few civilians who have come along. He tells them about Pandora's indigenous population, he warns that if they want to survive they should follow the rules of Avatar.
Jake goes to a science lab where Parker the commander and  Dr. Grace Augustine the program's science lead,  who awakens in a specially designed pod that links her to her avatar and flips open the top. Jake gets his first look at his own avatar, we learn about the program:  Avatar is a genetically-bred human-Na'vi hybrid, and function as if it were a Na'vi native. Avatar Program enables a human to link with their own avatar.  In the avatar bodies, Humans are unable to breathe Pandora's air. That means the Jake is able to walk again and breathe the atmosphere. Dr. Grace doubts Jake will be of any use to her botanical research. Parker says that they can use his military skills in an avatar body toward the overall objective of the operation -- mining the mineral unobtanium, a potent source of energy that sells for many millions a kilo, and can bring cheap power back to a dying Earth.
Back in the lab next morning, Jake and Norm are linked to their avatars for the first time. Jake, in his avatar, wakes up in a different room with other avatars and staff. Within a few moments, Jake is making his handlers nervous because, overjoyed with his ability to move his legs again, he is moving too quickly and trying to walk, the first time he has been able to do so since becoming a paraplegic. The human lab workers cannot stop him; a Na'vi is over 10 feet tall, sometimes closer to 12 feet, and far stronger than humans. When his long tail knocks over instruments, a staff member tells him to stop and lie down again. Jake ignores him and bursts out of the room and into the daylight. He finds himself in a recreation area where other avatars are playing sports and staff, in their protective gear, are performing various duties. Jake meets Grace's avatar, who, better-tempered than human Grace, accompanies Jake to the barracks where he is eventually encouraged to rest. Before he lies down to sleep, Jake inspects his neural queue, a long appendage that looks like a braid of hair. At the end of his queue is a cluster of hidden tendrils. When the avatar sleeps, the link is broken and Jake himself awakens.

The team lands in a forest, where Grace and Norm begin to take samples of the flora and make measurements. Jake is distracted by his surroundings and wanders into a field of helicoradian flowers, which are quite tall and shrink at Jake's touch. a heavily-armored dinosaur-like creature -- confronts Jake.  a larger creature, a thanator, Ultimately, the chase leads to a waterfall, where Jake jumps to safety, leaving the thanator alone above him.
we see Jake sharpening a long stick into a spear Jake is being watched from above, this time by a Na'vi. The Na'vi aims an arrow at Jake and is about to shoot, but decides against it when small, ethereal, luminescent creatures land on her bow. (Later we learn they are "very pure spirits," also known as the "seeds of Eywa", the Na'vis all-powerful god.) The archer retreats. Jake is surrounded  by a pack of viperwolves. He lights the end and uses it as a a torch against the viperwolves, The animals attack Jake; he fights back, kills some, and is taken down by others. Then the archer who was observing Jake joins the battle on his side. She kills some viperwolves and causes the rest to flee. She tenderly puts out of their misery some whimpering wounded animals and says prayers over them. When Jake  thank her for helping him fight off the attackers. She meets his thanks with scorn, tells him all this is his fault, that they did not need to die, and that he should "go back" to where he came from. Jake asks if she feels that way, why she helped him. "You have a strong heart.. "But stupid!"

Jake attends a Na'vi ceremony, where he learns the Na'vi believe that every person can be born twice. Neytiri leads Jake to a place of prayer, the "tree of voices," where they use their queues to bond with the tree. Neytiri tells Jake he can make a bow from the tree ... and that he can choose a woman. Jake tells Neytiri that he has already chosen her, and she says that she has chosen him. They sleep together under the tree and Jake wakes up back in the lab.

In the morning, Neytiri awakens to falling trees, then the presence of bulldozers. Soldiers are advancing as the forest falls around Neytiri, who is dragging and carrying Jake to safety. When he finally revives, Jake climbs onto one of the bulldozers and tries to stop it, eventually blinding its camera system and drawing some gunfire. Other Na'vi warriors arrive, while the Colonel, reviewing films back at the base, recognizes Jake in his avatar form as the person who tried to stop their mission. The bulldozers continue their operation, wiping out the sacred ground.

Before the Colonel has a chance to kill Neytiri as well, avatar Jake arrives. The two engage in combat, the Colonel in his AMP suit and Jake as his avatar, armed only with a piece of pipe. Jake smashes the suit's plastic canopy, the Colonel pops it off, dons a breathing mask, and, before he moves off toward the structures that house the pods, asks Jake how it feels to have betrayed his race. "You think you're one of them? Time to wake up," he taunts, as he smashes into the mobile lab, looking for Jake's. 

The battle resumes. Jake is grabbed by an arm of the AMP suit and hangs from his queue before the Colonel. Meanwhile, Neytiri has almost freed herself. the Colonel now moves Jake closer to him and reaches for his knife, intending to finish Jake by slitting his throat. Suddenly, Neytiri shoots an arrow at the Colonel that penetrates deeply into the center of his chest. The Colonel, reeling, is unable to continue his attack on Jake. Neytiri's second arrow lodges right next to the first. It brings the Colonel in the AMP suit to the ground. However, much damage has been done to the lab, which is leaking oxygen. Human Jake is awake but having difficulty both breathing and trying to get a mask on. Neytiri arrives and helps Jake on with his mask. Cradling human Jake, she says, "I see you." It's the first time they have seen each other face-to-face. Most of the remaining humans are being marched into a shuttle to be shipped back to Earth; however, a select few Earth people, such as Norm and Dr. Patel, are invited to stay on Pandora. Jake signs off in his final videolog, where we learn that he has chosen to transfer his consciousness to his avatar for good and wakes up in his avatar with Neytiri watching over him

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