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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Wild Saturday Night

colors  match your taste

colors  catch your eyes 

choose colors without haste

drive out dullness if you are wise

Colors give you  peace and ease

colors have the power  of  a  kind

they cast spells  that never cease

colors help unwind your mind

I burnt the whole Saturday night. I painted beautiful colors on walls. On Saturday night        I started painting  at 10.00 pm and painted through the night without a wink of sleep.            I painted all rooms of my house like professional painter. The next morning at 5.00 am         I finished my work.  Rich colors enrich my life.

I painted the living room dull yellow mixed with white. It looks like moonlight in the bright tube light. It is the height of awesome sight. 


Our kitchen cum dining room is big.  I painted the kitchen with splendid  violet color. 

I had a chair and a small stool to reach the top.   I had to climb up and down at least fifty times. The work was tiresome but the result was awesome. 

The study is a small room.   I burn my nights here. I teach and write and spend 8 hrs a day here. I painted it with two shades of green.

Finally the bed room. I painted my bedroom with milky light green. A shade that pleases the mind. 

I never thought I could paint my house so brightly and so beautifully. I never thought I could do it single handed, through out the night.  The light and easy to live with colors live in my eyes and dance in my heart. Colors are real inspiration. Colors help us sleep.


  1. Oh, my God. No words sir. You proved that nothing is tough to do if we do it wholeheartedly. Whatever task you take you will finish it sincerely.

  2. Thank you. If you hug your favorite color. It kisses you.