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Sunday, June 30, 2024

Strikingly different thinker

On 25th June 2024 Mr. Ashik came to Vijayawada from Nellore to meet me. He undertook a journey of 300 kilometers to meet and interact. I do have guests at home frequently but coming from hundreds of kilometers is rare. Mr. Ashiq lives in Nellore. He contacted me for German language learning. After talking to me he decided to meet me. He sounded differently when he wanted to meet me. I understood that there is something rare in him. I gew curious to know about him.  I gave him my house address. 

He reached  Vijayawada on 25th June Tuesday and informed me the same from City bus complex. My house is 20 km. from bus complex.  I wanted to recieve him but he wanted to come on his own. I never thought that he could come with so fast. In thirty minutes he is at my village home.  we had great deal of discussion in the classroom about German language. 


I explained all the important topics of  German grammar and sentence construction in the study room. Then we shifted to dining room. we had breakfast together. During breakfast he told me that he went to Bhavnagar ,  Gujarat to study Engineering. He wanted to live in a different culture and understand life from a different perspective. He told me how he tried to learn Hindi. He told me so many interesting things about Vadodara and Gujarat. 

I dropped him by car at the bus complex despite his requests to drop him at a near by autostand. I have plently of time for guests.  Guests are always welcome. This picture is a valuable memory. 

Millions of people think that they are different but in reality only a few people are different.  These few people only think differently. They don't  act differently.  When it comes to actions they act like all others. Ashiq is one of the few young men who not only think differently but also acts differently. 

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