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Thursday, July 11, 2024

Author Poolabala Visits Chukkapalli School

Today I went to Chukkkapalli School near Nunna as chief guest of English and foreign languages skills program. I have taken leave from my work to meet the big group of young learners located 40 kilometers from my house in Vanukuru.  

Kesarapalli to Adivinekkalam Via Mustabad.  

The astounding beauty of nature is eye catching. Many a pleasant scenery dance before your eyes.          I went to kesarapalli from Vanukuru and from there I took the road to Adivinekkalam where Chukkapalli School is located.  In the sprawling campus with  tall green trees I parked my car.  I took all my major books and  got down.  The school looked like a big ashram. 

The principal of the school Mr. Sharma  received me at the car. He welcomed me into a tatched canopy.  We sat under the canopy  with my books. He was pleased with the biggest Telugu novel Bharatavarsha. He asked it for his school library. He wanted to have copies of most of my works. 

 Meantime all the teachers and staff assembled in the auditorium. The principal has taken me into the auditorium. Two little girls offered me bouquet. while the projector was showing my Bharatavarsha program on ETV.  I spoke in six foreign languages and entertained and surprised the children. The children loved foreign languages. 

The focus was on How to learn English.

The most important secret behind English learning is  listening to the rhythm of English and enjoying its beauty. This requires learning the following. 

1. The 44 sounds of English

2. Word pronunciation

3. Word stress ( where the words is stressed) 

4. Pronunciation of phrases ( entirely new to us)

5. Voice Modulation or intonation. 

The program went on like a work shop. involving the students and the teachers. The program lasted two hours. the children enjoyed the program. I have received many rare honours . This is rarest of the rare. The sprit of the founders of such an institution and their munificience is a blessing for many generations. 

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