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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Subliminal power - Improve faster

 Have you ever heard the word Subliminal? I guess you haven't. Those who haven't heard are disadvantaged. This disadvantage comes naturally when you are born in Andhrapradesh. It is true. Language defeciency is acquired by birth in Andhrapradesh.  In case you have heard of the word subliminal, you are in the micrscopic minority of somewhat learned or educated people. How many of those who heard it have known the meaning of it completely?


The answer is very very few actually know the meaning completely.  Just read the meaning. It is explained  differently by different dictionaries. It may not be possible to understand clearly if you follow only one dictionary.  Here is what Webster dictionary says about subliminal 

Now let us see Oxford dictionary

How many of those who know the meaning can really interpret read further about it.  The answer is known to you. Think of yourself. It is individual. Have you read something about it? 

How many people have the habit of reading? Many people say that they have no time to read and escape. That is only a lame excuse. They don't know that they are escaping from their life, living in the darkness and ignorance. Ignorance is like slum. People are scared of poverty not slavery to money.  Actually they must be scared of slavery or lack of freedom. People hate slums. Actually they must hate ignorance.  If you analyse you can clearly understand and feel your subconscious mind. 

Have you gone deeper into reading?  An unwilling man answers " If only I had time I would read."  But person who has quest for knowledge will always find time to read. This is what researchers think 

If it pleases you try to know more about subliminal that is nothing but knowing yourself. What did Karl Marx say about consciousness of freedom?  How can you apply it to knowledge? Wite a feedback.

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